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> > > > F&B (Friends & Bacchus)

F&B (Friends & Bacchus)

St. Marks RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 40333888, 9632229088
  • No. 8, Excellency, Ground Floor, Papanna Street, St. Marks Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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F&B (Friends & Bacchus) Reviews

Continental food rocks!

This is quite a good restaurant. Love the variety. And the ambiance. Want to go there again soooon!



F&B or F&Rats - Be prepared to dine with RODENTS

If you wish to have food with rats running around, this is the right place for you. I'm not sure if the rat is the chef or the sous chef a la 'Ratatouille', but we had one rat (almost the size of a bandicoot) run towards the bar FROM THE KITCHEN when we dined there on June 2. We promptly changed our table towards the rear near the glass. In a while, our rodent friend followed us, climbed up the wall near the glass and made its exit or so we thought.
The serving staff had a look on their face that said - 'what's the big fuss about a rat, I'm sure you have them in your home too'. The place boasts of a great ambience but clearly doesn't pay any attention on hygiene and food is ordinary -- not bad, but nothing great either. There are places that charge much less which have much less hype that dish out better food.
The serving staff is not very sure about what the dishes are or at least cannot explain what they are.
When we spoke to the person seating us about the rat, first he didn't believe us although the entire serving staff and I am sure the entire kitchen staff saw our beloved rat running around. And then said he will look into it and gave us a rather cursory apology.
Overall a place best avoided.


Yet again....

Back for lunch after god kno's when and they still haven't disappointed me..!!! The Non-veg platter was as good as ever...Biriyani yummy too.........!! Though i wish the weekend brunch was still on....maybe the only disappointment i had....BRING BACK WEEKEND BRUNCH...!!!

Phew hope that doesn't start a revolution..!!



very bad service

I had lunch with my family at this restaurant on Saturday, the 27th of Feb. Though i've dined at this restaurant plenty of times before, this was the worst experience i have ever had.

It all started right from the time the order was taken. The order taken down by the waiter named 'Robert' was wrong, and unfortunately he continued serving my table. The time taken to serve the food was unimaginable. I had entered the restaurant at 1pm and was finishing my lunch till almost 4pm. Not only did Robert delay our service, and bring us the wrong order, but when i politely asked him to serve us the food, he rudely replied "Please help yourselves".

He missed out on many of the entrees, sandwiches, and the maincourse we had ordered, and had to re-order it since he had "forgotten". And finally even after re-ordering, he ended up bringing the wrong dish. When i tried to explain it to him that it what not what i had asked for he again, in a much ruder voice said "PLEASE DONT WASTE MY TIME!!".

That is when i lost my cool, and asked him to call the manager to which he declined saying that the manager will be somewhere around and he cant call him. I had to physically search for the manager, Mr. Xavier, and managed to complain the matter to him. Since he too was not very helpful and responsive i had to take the matter in my own hands and after a lot of persuasion managed to get the contact of the M.D, Mr. Shrikant. After voicing out the matter to him, he finally said he would see to it that the matter is looked into, and advised the manager not to accept my bill charges as an apology on the arrogant waiters behalf. But this is when i put my foot down and made the entire payment of the bill, so that i never have the obligation to return back to this AWFUL restaurant where they DONT CARE FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS.

My personal advice to all of you is, in case u wish to dine in a place where you pay through your nose and end up being INSULTED by a mere waiter who acts like he's doing a favor to you by taking the pains and serving you wrong dishes and then pointing fingers at you and accusing you of wasting his time, DONT EVEN DARE TO GO TO THIS PLACE. Much better food and most importantly much courteous waiters and staff are within a 2 min vicinity around this restaurant. the only reson i have given this 1 star is coz there was no option of choosing a 0 star.



malpilu - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 25,2010



Great place. We took the open air side of the lounge. Use the happy hours to the fullest. Enjoyed the ambience and the music too. Had some indian food which was pretty good. It did not disappoint me in any respect, hence a 5 start rating.


prajna - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 02,2009


fine dining at its best

Hi folks,
F & B is a fine dining place off st.marks road...
It was previously called Food and Beverages i guess.. but by the time i went it was changed to "Friends and bacchus" which is a cool name for a restaurant.

Had been there for my 1st year wedding ann celeb with my hubby..... and it was a great choice ... (my choice :) ).

It was a truly great fine dining experience as the drinks and food were awesome with cuisine from around the world.
My husband even felt it was the best food v ever had. Not only the food, the service and also the ambience was perfect..

For the 2 of us v spent 2400 bucks and was worth every pie...


Gnocchi good!!!

we landed up here for a friends treat on a weekday evening.
Parking was no problem - the valet was very effecient. Looking inside, we were the only ones there at 7.30 in the evening.
A complimentary sugarcane juice was offered which was very different from the cane-o-la's around. Different taste with a hint of ginger.
I can talk a lot about the food, but I'll stick to the gnocchi. I luvvv Italian food-not the sauce dripping stuff, but just pasta with the right kind of cheese. On a whim, I ordered the gnocchi with asparagus spears. It was unbelievably good. Just the right amount of flour made the pasta literally melt in your mouth. The side of slivers of parmeggiano romano was heavenly along with the perfectly cooked asparagus.
I complemented the chef who was only too willing to share his recipe. Now if I could only actually see him make it, that would have been great.

All in all, a very good place to eat - just that it may not be the greatest place for Indian food. I tried some of the standard xxxmakhani and roti's. They were ok, nothing to write home about.



A flavoursome bouquet indeed!

I had been to 'Bouquet' at F & B with a couple of friends for lunch on a weekday, so most of the tables were empty. One of my friends had her young son with her - and he had a really great time! There is a play area with toys and games for children which he thoroughly enjoyed, and the waiters were all very kind in entertaining him every now and then!

The cocktails, starters and main courses were very good - I especially loved my Blue Bayou and Vegetable Fricasee, and my friends liked their Lemon-n-Thyme Chicken and Peking Duck too. The only disappointment was that the restaurant did not have its signature dessert whose description was really interesting (sorry ma'am, Monday afternoon an' all that...) so we settled for a strawberry and lemon trifle that was....nice.

I wish they had a larger selection for vegetarians in the Italian food menu and of course, better desserts. I also wonder how the 'non-smoking' area works, as it is not in a separate room like in Little Italy or Sunny's. No point really, if the smoke wafts from one side of the room to the other - we were lucky none of the other guests were smoking that day.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant highly - provided one doesn't mind shelling out a really meaty amount. I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to my next trip to 'Bouquet'.



No 1/2 soup, but they'll give you an extra spoon!! The food tastes good, though


My Favourite Restaurant in Bangalore!

Firstly, a little clarification, 'F & B' is the group of eating places that exist in this building just off St. Marks Road. There is a restaurant called 'Bouquet', a lounge / pub called 'Madira', a completely exclusive extreme fine dining place called 'The Jacket Room' and a pastry shop called 'La Pastrie' or something like that ... these French spellings always put me in a fix.

My review is for the restaurant 'Bouquet' that belongs to this group.

The place is quite refreshingly different from any other I have seen around here. It is big and airy and there is a lot of natural light which immediately makes you very comfortable.

The seating is well spaced out and the service is excellent! The waiters are knowledgeable and very often their recommendations are the best thing to go by because of the variety in the menu. I did that for the first few visits and was not disappointed at all!

I am a big fan of the Mediterranean cuisine and love the 'Tapas' that these guys make. Tapas being an assorted collection of breads and cheese and dips along with olives and pickled peppers.

I cannot pick one particular dish that I loved because there were so many and all of them done excellently!

This has become my favourite restaurant in Bangalore by far and everyone who I have taken there seem to agree.

It is an excellent choice if you want to make someone feel special at a dinner or a lunch. The entire dining experience is just perfect. This is the definition of fine dining!

And if this was not enough, they have 3 other eateries in the same building and the 'Jacket Room' is supposed to take fine dining to the extreme.

An average meal for two with drinks and dessert will be about Rs. 1500/- but it will be worth every rupee spent.