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> > > > F Bar & Kitchen

F Bar & Kitchen

Cunningham RoadNorth Bangalore  

  • 9900045800
  • 18, Ali Askar Road, Cunningham Road, Bangalore
  • Continental
  • Meal for 2 - 2800

14 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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F Bar & Kitchen Reviews

horrible place for parties

Horrible food. Too crowded. Improper arrangement for large crowd. considering many points overall horrible place.


Too big to get crowded

the good...
-enterance...a big walkway leading to the place..
-its huge...two floors with seperate dining area and bar
-huge dance floor...
-good ambience.

the bad...
-that night the dj was too boring..he was busy dancing on his own tunes and was forgetting to change the songs...
-crowd was ok...
-not too crowded...may b'coz its big...
-the biggest miss is the lightning effects...its nill...just dance in dim lights coming from the bar... can be amazing by just putting on some laser lights...and a good dj...



Nice Ambiance and crowd

Crowd and Ambience is posh and nice. But food is pathetic and menu is overpriced.


neha_45 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 08,2012


Good ambience but a scam!

I came here with some friends on a tuesday and they had this party going on "F Bar n Kitchen in association with Blue Umbrella presents Unlimited Tuesdays at F-Bar featuring DJs Ravi, Panic and MC Shanky spinning all the Chick tunes. Unlimited free drinks for Ladies all night & open bar for men too at Rs. 1000. Free drinks served like Teachers, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Kingfisher Beer, Wine, Shooters & More".... And guess what we got?... Vodka+orange juice/sprite/coke... Thats it!.. If we girls wanted that we could have mixed them up at home itself.. why come here for that! And I thought it was "LADIES NIGHT"... When we asked them what about the shooters and wine that they mentioned on websites like this and facebook etc they responded that there is no such offer.. what a scam!... fine its no charge for ladies so I am not complaining.. But what about the boys? They have to pay to enter and settle for mere vodkas+ orange juice.. Like seriously??? Why give false information to the public? Just be straight forward and say that you are offering a base drink with sprite or coke.. thats it.. I had heard that this is one of the best ones in Bangalore but its just the same like every other mediocre pubs..

Anyways its a good place to hang out and dance.. Good ambience and good music too.. come here to shake a leg.. That is if your looking for some sober dancing...


Great Dancing Experience - Food was what?

I was invited to this place by a couple of friends who wanted mostly a place to party, and this place did not disappoint. You'll need to book before hand, and then prepare to be quite impressed at the atmosphere itself, climbing up the stairs to the dance floor.

The DJ was simply brilliant, dishing out numbers that never got us bored (but quite dehydrated), so that experience was worth it.

The drinks are quite high priced (over priced? Perhaps), and there are a limited number of finger food as far as we could see (and high quite here too), but you are paying for the experience, not the food.

We were told as we were leaving, that on Tuesdays, its ladies night, free unlimited drinks, and for gents its 1K, same offer. (This is on Indian drinks).

Expense aside (docked a point), great experience.



Go for letting your hair loose, pricy on the drink

We went there yesterday during Desigroove event from Radio City crew. Thumps up for the team, they rocked the donce floor like hell:) drinks are pricy and they use the lowest alcohol in thier cocktails. Nibblers are so-so. Finally when we are done, bartender came up with a total amount to be paid and refused to show/give the receipt.

Next time, i would go here for just the Dance floor and don't bother too much n the drinks/nibblers



Very nice!!

Been here on saturday night 24-mar straight from saturday work. We went in by 8-30pm and there were hardly any ppl. Ambience is very nice, staff is very attentive, helpful and courteous. Once people started pouring in by 9, the atmosphere was rocking with great dance numbers, popular remixes and some hollywood remixes too. Hep crowd, we had a great time, all my week's stress got blown away, supportive staff. We are gonna be a frequent visitor here. I will give this place 5 stars. way to go!!!!!!!



Awesome is the word!

I was here during a fashion show event.. had an awesome evening, a very different experience than you would get in Bangalore elsewhere..!! One of its kind definitely..


sachimimt - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 24,2011


Great Place

Visited F Bar for the first time and was pleasantly surprised... the ambiance was awesome.. the staff was great!! It was 'Lady's night' and DJ played some good English numbers!
The only thing I missed was inclusion of any Hindi song in the music played by the DJ. The place is not too expensive and is a must see for anyone who wants to let his/her hair down for a nice evening... A couple can have a good time in about 3k... including drinks and snacks...



Deserves a 5 star rating.

Our group of 4 had so much fun at this place. One more hangout spot in Namma Bengaluru! Nice ambiance inside and wonderful outdoors. Would definitely recommend this place to people who don't mind spending few bucks for a classy place. This place is definitely not for people who keep tabs on every penny they spend. It is a high end place, pricey, but completely worth the bucks!

Would definitely come back when I have a chance.


Sanj_R - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 17,2011


Excellent place!!

This is the best place I have been to in Bangalore so far. I am a person who is very choosy when I step outside. But this place got my attention because of its excellent ambiance. I have been to this place with a couple of friends of mine when one of them suggested it. Totally loved the variety of drinks and the unfaltering service over there. The highlights of the place are the huge waterfalls and the wall pics everywhere including the restrooms. The interiors are very good with it's B&W picture decorating the walls. Also we guys had lotsa fun taking pictures over the unconventional ramp they have surrounding the place. It was totally fun to party over there and I am looking fwd to do it again. Also heard their Fine dining is gonna open shortly. Looking fwd with very high expectations for this world class dine!!


Tina_187 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 08,2011


The best place to hangout

This place definitely deserves a 5 star rating. The mere fact that I registered for a Burrp account to review this place speaks for itself. My husband and I visited this place on Thursday for celebrating my husband's birthday along with his friends and colleagues from office. I was little doubtful of F Bar & Kitchen since it's been only a couple of weeks since the place was opened. I did not want our celebration to be ruined by bad service. But, I went ahead with the plan of celebrating at this place, on a friends suggestion who attended the launch part of F bar and Kitchen.

The moment I stepped in my doubts were blown away. The ambiance of the place and the service oozed of decadence and class, I have been to many famous restaurants around the world and I can proudly say that Namma Bengaluru now has a hangout spot in par with the world class restaurants and lounges. The food that we ordered was simply delicious and we could not get enough of it. The wine list and the wide assortment of cocktails that they have, according to me is the largest variety that any bar in bangalore is carrying right now.

I used to complaint about the service offered here in famous restaurants in Bangalore. Even though at high end places the service members were courteous, most of the times they were not presentable. F Bar & Kitchen present a stark difference with the normal norm. Each and every service member was thoroughly professional without feeling intrusive, which is a very difficult task to achieve. They addressed and exceeded every desire with timed perfection, allowing for the ultimate fine dining experience for our group.

I would definitely go back to visit this place as soon as possible.


roofcat - Burrp User


17 Reviews

August 07,2011



Now that Olive, Shiro, Skyye and the like have become part of the Bangalore experience, one would hope that F bar would re-open with some fizz to differentiate itself. Well, the cocktails were great! But other than, it was all downhill. Inconsistent interiors and seating make it difficult to get comfortable. The lighting is unflattering. The food indifferent. And the contrast between the TV shows and the reality around is just laughable. I for one, am going back to my regular haunts.


The Best Place I Can Go in Bangalore

This is the best and the most happening place in Bangalore. Best ambiance and classy management loved it.