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> > > > Firangi Paani

Firangi Paani

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Happy Hours Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Firangi Paani presents to you Happy Hours. Avail 30% off on drinks. Be there early with your friends!

    Days: Monday to Friday

Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Firangi Paani presents to you Happy Hours. Avail 30% off on drinks. Be there early with your friends!

    Days: Monday to Friday

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Firangi Paani Reviews






Overhyped and Overpriced

Had been here for drinks some time back. Ambience is fine, they have a good selection of drinks, though all of them taste watery :) Prices are quite high for such watery drinks, food is okay.
Maybe the place was great once upon a time, but now it needs major improvement.
Must mention the music, which was really bad.


Shrowell - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 24,2013


Poor beer and expensive

The ambience is okay, though dark and heavily carpeted which is a little claustrophobic. The beer selection is abysmal - only one beer on tap and it is a no-name watery substance. The bill was way too high - the bill for 5 so-called pints (actually closer to half pints) was INR 1,673 - including tax and non-optional 10% service fee. The lack of on-premise restroom just added to the money grabbing atmosphere of the place. I will not be returning to this place under any circumstances, of course.



Nice Ambiance

Good food with awesome ambiance what else we need.. not forget location.. all good


best thing is the convenient location!

love the ambiance and music (on most days). Service is good, food is great and pairs up well with alcohol. only let down is the soggy popcorn (every single time!)


roofcat - Burrp User


17 Reviews

November 25,2011


waiting to be rediscovered

After a few years of packed house, Firangi Pani suddenly seems to have emptied and the effect is obvious - lacklustre service and music. Whatever may be the cause and effect, this pub is still well located (because of the parking avbl at Forum) and still serves tasty, well proportioned food and drinks. All it needs is for the old regulars to return there and insist on playing good retro music, which used to be its USP! Here's hoping :)



Not All That Great!!!

I recently visited this highly publicized place and didn't find it great. Talk about the ambiance, food or service - everything seemed very ordinary. Starters were OK but not worth the price at which they were served. The overall feel good factor was missing as the choice of music was bad. The only attribute managed to keep the name of the place was the bill. The money that we shelled out for the mediocre experience was huge. It would be wise to choose this place when you are left with no other option.


sri00 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 28,2010


Ok place

Why people talk about this place so much is a mystery to me.
Service was good, the food was Ok. Just a handful of overpriced beer.
But the bill was impressively big, considering everything about this is average!


afalak - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 09,2010


not that great

Too expensive. Most probably for tourist or $ paying people. Indian food is not prepared well, well food is not that great. I dont drink so not sure about that.


hmm82 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 06,2010


Miserable experience

Terrible service, absolutely rude waiters, No collection of beer at all. Hardly chilled beer.

Terrible time. A waste of 1 hour of my life. Would recommend someone who I totally hate.


pnune - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 12,2010


Never visit again

No worthy place. expensive and on top of that they have served spoiled salsa. it was stinking. i do not recommend. steward's were rude as well. they do not pay attention and just loiter around. starters were not good and also all starters are provided with potato widgets, which is never asked for.



Nothing Great

It is a neat bar.The bar seemed well stocked. The service is ok.I had beer, thus no element of the barman's prowess. Overall, the place is fine if you are out of choice.


hareeshv - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 19,2010


Awful service coupled with expensive Drinks

Yesterday we visited this place during the happy hours. the service was awful . It took them almost 15 min to refill your peg even though we were sitting very near to the bar counter. The waiters were turning deaf ears to our calls and never cared to attend the table.

The starters were good though we again felt the delay in getting them to our desk.

Overall it is not worth the huge rates they change on your drinks as you expect the service quality to be way better.


Sharath - Burrp User


6 Reviews

January 28,2009


Good place but costly

The place is pretty good. Nice place to try for a change. Not enough seats so have to wait for a while but serves well & has decent crowd. Quality of liquor is good but the fares are pretty high!!


Fun place

Been there while waiting for a movie.. liked the ambience and would like to go back for a lil longer.. Of the 20 mins spent there it was fun..



OK, but where else are you going to go?

If you're waiting for a movie, or meeting some friends in Forum mall, there aren't too many places.

In fact there is one: Firangi Paani.

It's a decent imitation of a British pub. Stools at the bar, nice cushy seating on the outsides. Plenty of open space in the middle if you just want to stand at a tall table.

Cold draft beer, but only one choice. Disappointing to say the least.

Drinks are expensive, but that's Bangalore.

You get a free bag-o-crisps with a drink.

The worst part is that it is SO incredibly smoke-filled. Worse than most any other bar in Bangalore I have been to. There is just NO ventilation. They need to get something to move the air around.



English Fry Fest

Fancy a drink in a colonial setting? Firangi Paani (or The English Spirit), with its polished mahogany woodwork, gleaming mirrors, old-fashioned lamps, beer barrels that double up as tables, and leather upholstery, is a comfortable hangout.

The elaborate drinks menu with names like Old Smith, Hyde Park Magic and Flaming Thames will make you feel like a pucca English sahib. The pub-grub menu is extensive, a mixture of Anglo-Indian, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern cuisine, but not in the same league as the adjoining Sahib, Sindh, Sultan restaurant and tends to be oily. Starters include miniature vegetarian kebabs, the cheddar and chilli toast, croquettes, satay sticks, momos and falafel. For the main course, the best choice would be the fish and chips, fresh, crisp and tasty. Other options, including the paneer kathi rolls and the grilled chicken in a pita pocket, are just passable.

The clientele is a mixture of techies from Koramangala, college-goers and visiting foreigners, and the DJ usually plays rock hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s. At peak hours, the pub can be quite loud. Firangi Paani is open from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm. Paid parking is available at the Forum mall parking lot. Cost for a meal for two, including a drink each, is approximately Rs.900.


Nice place

This place has a nice English-style ambience. I can't quite place it, but its nice with its round tables in the center shaped like barrels and a bunch of props behind the bartenders. Sometimes, this place has a bit of a rush and the service tends to taper off a little. But if you're the kind that's expecting it and are ok with it, this place is just great.
Its a good feeling to have a cold beer before heading upstairs for a movie. :-)


Good english style pub

Firangi Paani pub is located on the 2nd floor in the Forum-mall. It is an "english style" pub and is situated next to the Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant. It's a decently priced pub, not too expensive for the drinks. Shop at the mall in the afternoon, sit down for a couple drinks at this pub. Plus, it is a welcome place to be to escape the crowds in the mall ;)