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JayanagarSouth Bangalore  


43 Reviews / 43 Ratings

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Flamenco Reviews





Food Makes you Dance!!!

With my unending appetite and in search of wonderful food around Bangalore, Flamenco was my restaurant find of the month....Loved the cosy feel of this place as soon as you walk in.....

Very friendly service and they take personal care to make sure you leave happy and so does your tummy!!!!

One down side is that they don't have everything on the menu all the time....But the food here just blows you away....It has a homely feel to the pasta and it just makes your taste buds dance to flamenco.....Love their pasta.....

For just a side kick you should definitely try their pancakes and waffles.....And you should try their drinks too....They give quite a good quantity too....Should take you through the whole meal easily......

By the way don't get fooled by the small cafe.....As the saying goes GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES holds true to this little cafe....They have Mexican, Italian, English, Spanish with a whole array of burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, sizzlers.....Everything a nice dreamy cafe should have.....Don't you think.....

Will visit again SOON!!!!




Been there on many occasions and have never been disappointed! Abhijeet takes personal interest in the diners and his involvement is visible in the quality of food served. Understand that he wants to expand and best wishes for this entrepreneurial zeal!



Perfect Pasta!

This is best place to get yourself some pasta with the home-made touch! I recommend all of them - white sauce, red sauce - they even have pink! A delightful mix of both!

The starters are pretty decent. Don't forget to try their pancakes and waffles! It is probably one of the only places in south bangalore to serve both.

The ambience is ok. So-so. But I guess they've done what they can with the place. I am deducting the one star because they don't have everything on the menu all the time!

Anyway, a must-visit. A cozy little place with good food, decent service. Reasonable prices!


neela1203 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 05,2013


Best place in jayangar to hang out

I had been to this place yesterday with my friend . It is one of the best places to visit in Jayanagar. The food was good ! and the place is well decorated even though its small.. must visit !


AlphaSu - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 04,2012



Flamenco is our find of the month! It is a small, eclectic looking place, with a three-seater Vespa marking the spot :)
The food is delicious, the service is prompt an it is just one of those places that make you feel warm and fuzzy with happiness. The drinks are yummy, and the serving size is also substantial. It's not expensive, has a few board games and books lying about, and the general atmosphere of laid back fun. One thing that struck as odd was that they don't accept cards, payment is by cash only. (The other, far stranger one, being that it took us two years to run into this place!)



Best Food Ever

Love this place , been here like a lot of times. Awesome place



Finally a taste of Heaven

I have been to Flamenco about 7 times in the past year as I had heard they had amazing food but found it to be closed every time. This time I made it! And let me say, it was worth the wait. The little cafe has a very inviting atmosphere with Abhijeet whose service is outstanding. The food is brilliant. We had waffles and spaghetti, both of which were absolutely delicious. The best thing about this place is the variety in their menu. They have Mexican, Italian, English, Spanish with a whole range of burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, sizzlers - Everything that one would like contemporary cafe to have. As a vegetarian, I liked the menu. Meatlovers would fall in love with it. The prices are quite affordable. The food, ambiance, and the service - Excellent! Planning to return to Flamenco soon!


Foodie92 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

October 13,2012


Hidden find!

After visiting the place at least 5-6 times , I can finally confirm ,that it definitely leaves a good impression.
Try the spaghetti meatballs and the burgers , you'll love it!
Service varies depending on how crowded it gets,first time I went, took an hour or so to get the food out, but its improved soo
much more lately.Real quick.Perfect place for conversations.


nonbeing - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 02,2012


Real Hospitality

Took my wife to Flamenco last night for dinner. We're vegetarian and the menu didn't seem too inviting, but Abhijeet (who runs the place) quickly brushed away all our worries. We had some of the yummiest food that a veggie can get in Bangalore (risotto, burger, pasta), alongside a relaxed game of chess. Abhijeet is passionate about his food and guests and it shows - keep it up, dude!

A great place to hang out. Holding back the last star only coz I wish there were more veg options to explore. Next time I'm going to have the famous coffee and another helping of the superb cottage-cheese burger.



A fantastic find

There aren't many places in Jayanagar to find nice food, but this one came as a saviour.
I really really liked the steaks.
The pastas - not so much, but that's because I found it spicy.
The burgers were really good too.

This would have been a 4 on 5.. but with the price they charge, its a definite 5 on 5

Will definitely go again in the next 48 hours!



Awesome Place

A great Cozy Place where you can sit for hours,rate list can be revised,nice staff
i have just been there once but would like to again :-) !!!



Food, Passionately yours :)

Its just next to my house :) So its an easy place to get into. My all time favorite is the chicken steak with barbeque sauce and mashed potatoes. Really awesome. Have tried other things too like sandwiches and pastas, and must tell it was really yumm. More importantly the passion with which the food is cooked interests me more. Its about the love of food, nothing more. To give a perfect last minute touch you should try a Flamenco coffee(don't try if you are not a fan of black coffee). It is a black coffee with ice cream. Its just perfect.


shashank123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 11,2012



Its very hard to find a place which is combination of awesome food and value for money, Flamenco is just that.
Its a small cozy place with nice ambiance and just lovely food. To add to to all this you will get a very warm and smiling service :))



Super Mama!

This place has become a regular Adda now. Great ambience and an awesome host. As one other person has mentioned below you really don have to look thru the menu to order food instead jus mention your likes and Abhi will recommend the dish for you. I have enjoyed almost all of the food i have eaten here, some of them i repeat cos it jus tastes so good.

ll jus list out a few: (must-try ones)

1. Cilantro and tomato soup: the slightly roasted tomatoes and the garlic is a great combo.
2. Broccoli and potato soup: new addition in the changed menu.
3. Cilantro pasta/Spinach pasta:: a very diff tangy flavor, really good.
4. Chicken steak burger: cripsy meat with a nice layer of mayo in between the slices. This one is my instant remedy for hunger.
5. Classic chicken steak with mushroom sauce: melts in your mouth.
6. Arrabbiata pasta: it leaves a wonderful flavor in your mouth and you jus wont want to eat anything after to let the taste remain.
7. Waffles: really tasty with the choco syrup and ice cream.

But the best part here is the option of having the specials for the day and the best i have had here (more than once) is the stuffed chicken with lemon and butter sauce. It is jus too good and you have to try it once atleast! What defines this dish is
"Chicken: Love at first bite"

And to add to this you, while you wait for your food (or after you ve your food) you have the choice to play Uno or Scrabble or read a few books on Cookery.

There are a few classic pics, mostly of bikes, hung on the walls, there is a tv, nice music playing in the background. It is the perfect Cafe!


mohit_bitts - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 20,2011



I just love this place and the food that Abhi serves. The Pastas are one of the best that I have eaten. The best thing that is available here are the WAFFLes, they are soooooo tasty. Even the smoothies and Enter the Dragon are soo amazingly tasty. Just go there and tell ur likes and Abhi will serve u something special everytime.

Even the ambience for a small place like this is very nice with all the paintings/photos which have a meaning explained by Abhi.

I would go to this place anyday and everyday if possible and I would want more ppl to go to Flamenco and try out the food themselves.

Good going Abhi and ALL the Best :-) !!!!!!


y2k1_nisha - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 11,2011



Went to this place today and was pleasantly surprised!

Ambience - Just the ri8 size! Neatly well spaced seating arrangements. Nice music playing in the background. Classy paintings fill up the walls and the attractive yellow scooter makes sure you notice the place.
P.S: Its about 25-30 seater joint so dont be crib if you may need to wait for a while.

Food - Looks Gr8, Smells Heavenly, Tastes AWSUM!. A delightful unique menu with equal choices for veg and non-veg. We tried about 5 dishes and all were amazing!
P.S: U can blindly trust and order whatever they recommend :)

Price - Reasonalbe and totally worth what you pay.

Service - As the size of this joint not that big therefore the service is pretty fast :). We got our desserts and coffee's in 3 min time and the main course arrived in 10 min :)

Customer Friendly - Oh yes! Totally love the way every1 is welcomed to the restaurant and the manager is a friendly guy who ensures every customer feels comfortable :) N he even let us stay as long as we wanted n even let us play our guitar and sing along :P
P.S: If he's cliking a pic for u, U cant say the traditional 'CHEESE' instead he'd click only if u say FLAMINCoooo ... LoL :))

Over all had a fun n relaxed experience at this joint. :)
Gr8 Food, Music, n a cosy place to hang out(WITHIN city limts :D).

I would defn recommed this place to all my friends. :)


Thumbs Up!

This is a cozy joint in Jayanagar - dolling out fantastic dishes. I'm usually used to driving into the city (Lavelle road, MG road, etc.) to enjoy similar dishes. But I was pleasantly surprised to stop by at Flamenco, Jayanagar 4th Block.

They have an exhaustive menu to choose from. Till date, I've visited them twice (within a span of one week), and I've tried out two dishes. Their Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich - which by the way, you can exactly specify the way you like it - grilled well, no veggies, chicken nicely done, extra mayonnaise etc. All your requests will be noted appropriately & the dish you receive is exactly what you might have had in mind when you ordered. The other dish I tried was the Classic Chicken Steak in Pepper Sauce. Another fantastically prepared dish. Loved it to the hilt.

How can I not talk about the friendly & talkative owner that runs the place. He ensures he shares a few words with you & personally ensures you get what you asked for. He is very passionate about running Flamenco & is self-driven. He has a bunch of good staff that supports him well. In fact, the second time I visited Flamenco, he suggested that I do not go for the Garlic Cheese Bread (which I thoroughly enjoyed during my first visit). He wanted me to wait till he received fresh stock of bread for that day (which he receives everyday, around 2 PM).

I love the food at this place & will definitely go there as often as I can.


August 17, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a ton .... com

August 17, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Come back for more



Great place, great food, great owner!!

for a first timer, i have a lot of memories to your little place there!! cheers mate!


Dhruv  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 09,2011


people friendly place

i happened to enter flamenco accidentally, as i decided to goto amma's pastries that day to which obviously i didnot goto in the end.
i had heard of the place but had no clue where it was located....finally i entered this mythical place about which everyone had written so many reviews in this site.
And yes it was just what i imagined...i have had the oppurtunity to try many dishes...
which include -arabiata,alfredo,neopolitan [pastas],stroganoff,thai-green[curry rice],vegetable lasagne,masala omlette,capuccino
i personally didnt like thai-green, but the others were a treat to the foodie in me...the pasta i ordered were in penne :)
me and my bro visit the place whenever we wanna hav something hot and amazing
thanks abhi :)




Excellent food

My taste buds were aroused after a really long time. I really enjoyed the food. Very tasty. The ambience also was really nice, pretty neat like an Italian cafe. Like everyone else has put here, the host is really great - with attention to detail, the overall experience was very excellent. I would like to recommend this place to everyone, and I myself am going to visit the place everytime I am in the locality :-)


makes it to the "MUST TRY " list

lovely food .gr8 host..........reasonable pricing especially for college students like me............had ordered a vegetable lasagne.evn though it took 20 mins ,it was totally worth the wait........has this nice zing in d air .passion for food is written all over the place.
p.s: the yellow scooter in the cafe reminds u of italy :)


July 14, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a lot come back again for more ...

Bad Food...doesnt deserve any star

Pathetic food. All four of us agreed that we were not sure, the last time we tasted such bad food.
It’s like ordering Chinese in Andhra restaurant or Pasta in a Punjabi Dhaba. We ordered both and couldn’t differentiate the taste. It is an awfully cramped place with most of tables occupied by owner's family and friends. They don’t even serve plates or silverware to eat from. You need to dig into the service plates/bowls.


July 11, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

We aren't too sure if you have your facts right here cause ofcourse we give a good plate full of great food. So if you felt it is sub standard we apologise and offer you to come back for a on the house meal . In the mean time check out the crockery .

N J - Burrp User


2 Reviews

July 11,2011


It Stands Out!

A very great host. I was put at ease immediately after entering. Abhi, who is also the owner is a great host. The jibe in the place goes well along with his ability to keep his guests entertained. The food is incredible and so is the ambiance with jazz music and the food which is so well presented.

I would recommend this place to anyone who wishes to see how a true Bangalorean is. They took off a few drinks on the house when they saw us not liking it. The attention to detail that they have in serving their customers is quite commendable.

PS: This is my first review on the internet. And I believe Flamenco deserved it. Kudos to you and all the best.

I would rate the following on 5:
Ambience: 4.5/5
Food: 4.2/5
Ambience: 3.9/5
Hospitality: 6/5!!


July 11, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Awesome come back for more . Thanks a ton .



We (four adults and a pack of toddlers) had lunch on a sunday at Flamenco.

From outside, it didnt appear to be a kid friendly place. But a friend recommended Flamenco for their food. So, we did go in. It was a good decision!

The host ensured that the kids were kept occupied with crayons and stories etc. Basically he entertained them for the entire time. Bottomline a great host.

The food was even better. Each item had the right flavors. And we did order a wide variety off the menu. Excellent Food. Not the usual masalaas! thank god.

I highly recommend Flamenco.


July 11, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Come back for more you folks are what fuels us thank you.

Fake reviews ...made me land up in this place

Please investigate the reviews written earlier most of them have just joined to write one review for Flamenco - such in the charm of the place..Huh. I was fooled by the excellent ratings and landed up in this desi European restaurant. To my sorrow, I drove across the busy roads of Bangalore to finally reach a dark alley of Jayanagar.
The ambience is more for college crowds. Hardly 4/5 tables in a small cramped up place. But the owner has tried his best to look as chic as possible in a minimalistic budget. The worst part is the Food; we ordered Chicken steak, Roast Lamb in Red Wine, Chicken Chilly and Waffles. Chicken Chilly was spicy and quite nice for my taste. The biggest let down was Chicken Steak in mushroom sauce and Roast lamb. These dishes came with wrinkled few pieces of bell peppers and 1 small piece of carrot. The meat was swimming in a sea of oil. The chef was highly confused whether he was creating something American, Indian or Far Eastern. The mashed potato was more boiled potato without any herbs or cheese neither butter. There were no fancy vegetables like broccoli, asparagus or even colorful peppers.
The positives, owner was enthusiastic and spoke to us at least five times during our 30 minutes meal. The other waiters don’t speak English so don’t even try to get their attention. The rates are extremely reasonable. The waffle was crisp and nicely done but was served with diluted honey instead of Maple Syrup as mentioned in the menu card.
Overall verdict is a place to avoid. There are ample good European and continental eateries in town; we do not need places with clumsy and confused culinary effort.


July 7, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

We apologise for your troubles, but it would not be fair on your part to judge the opinions others have about us . You have had your say so that should do it . Like we tell everyone we don't argue about the quality of the food . To end it CRITICS we need IDIOTS we DON'T so alfa mike foxtrot ......


Flamenco it eeiss!!!!

A warm cosy place, hidden in the side roads of bustling complex of Jayanagar. This place stands out for its food, the variety and the taste. The ambiance has a mix a retro and present day Cafe. A very cool and nice place to hang out with a small group of friends or just with your partner. The occasional chat with the friendly owner (Abhijeet) gives a very warm and cordial feel to the place. Will surely go back again!!!


July 11, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a lot love to have you back


I have tasted Italian and Continental at various places and it will not be an exaggeration to tag the food at Flamenco the most unique! Spicy food also is enjoyable. Abhi (owner) keeps trying new preparations and you will often find him with a smile suggesting you something new. You can very well spend you Saturday evenings enjoying food and discussions with your friends and/or Abhi (he has many interesting things to share) or play Uno and read with perfect Music! I just love the food and hence I frequent this place.

P.S pls dnt miss on the Hot Wings on ur visit..just lip smacking!


July 11, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a lot come back for more ....

Funtastic little place to hang out!!!

I wanted to visit this place once I started reading good reviews about this place. Once I visited this cozy little place, I got hooked.

The place is placed very near to commercial hot spot of Jaynagar Shopping complex. Near Jayanagar 4th Block Police Station, you will have to find the Sweet chariot cafe and you will see the 6th 'C' Main. the restaurant is located on this bylane.

The place is small but you will feel very cozy there. I guess being small makes it easy to service.

Menu is more of Italian-Continental cuisine. It aligned more towards being a cafe and quick wholesome bites. But nonetheless, it has a good amount of choice and you will find something you want to try for many times you will visit.

This is something that will hook you to this place. Everything is very delicious at the place. Especially Hazelnut coffee is my favorite. Quality of the preparation is also top class. Taste just remains with you.

Not too costly.

A must visit place and nice hangout.



Cool lil spot

Visited Flamenco this past friday with my family. The place is small, but it an a cosy kind of way. We ended up having Bruschetta, BBQ Wings, Neapolitan Pasta and Chicken steak sizzler.

The wings really tated good, it a was a bit spicy but I like the heat. The Chicken sizzler was good the Pepper sauce was truly amazing. My wife liked the pasta, it was a little spicy but good.

Had a good time and would definitely go back to try thier tacos, waffles and thier burgers.



Excellent Italian food

We had Neapolitan pasta, lasagna and chilly cheese bruschetto. Food was amazing. Loved the ambience, music and the service. All these at moderate price.. Must-visit place for Italian!



you gotta drop in here!

Let me make it short and sweet. Its a wonderful place with very delicious food and the prices are reasonable too.. I'd love to keep going back there!


June 23, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a lot bud ... love to have you back

Simply good food

Just got back from dinner at Flamenco with a colleague. I highly recommend the garden salad with honey lime dressing and the old school chicken steak burger - one of the best burgers I've eaten, period.

We also tried the American diner sizzler, waffles with maple/chocolate syrup, Jamaican jerk chicken, passionfruit ice tea and a chocolate frappe. Food here is pretty good. Portions aren't huge, but it's not pricey either. The ambience and decor still feels a little startup-ish and could use some ideas.

Overall I think a 4 would be a bit harsh, a 4.5 it deserves, but a 5 it gets thanks to's limitations and two happy customers. :)


June 24, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a ton pal .......


Whenever someone tells me lets meet up or we'll go out for dinner only this place comes into my mind, firstly for the fact that its close to my house hehe and also the food is so good it makes you wanna go back again!! The place is addictive.

Let me talk about the ambience- good music, well lit, spacious. Also the elements of the place does not come too strong but all unique.

Then comes the important thing food ;)
To start with the coffee's and smoothies are superb! (although I didn't like the cold coffee there)
Hazelnut Coffee= GREAT, MUST TRY!! i also like the green apple and kiwi smoothie a lot!
The garlic bread had gr8 flavor and love the french toast. I also liked the taco.
My recent favorites happen to be the American cream and cheese pasta ( its that good!) and the lasagna. I haven't really tried the desserts but i'm sure they are nothing less than good.
And the owner is just so sweet ,warm and friendly. This is a place where you can just even go by yourself and enjoy.

P.s- If you haven't been there yet, visit the place ASAP!!


:):) surprisingly warm

me and huby went last month there.......

green apple granita ..
latte and bangers and mashers (or the other way round)

pro :

The space management is well done with three different seating arrangements
The one who took the order was patience enough to explain us the menu and said that they are gonna rewamp the menu and we ordered a green apple granita off the menu

so do ask for items off the menu and they are happy to help!

the coffee was awsome, jus the way i like it, piping hot and perfect mix of milk and coffee, (many places get the ratio wrong and end up giving more milk and barely there coffee for latte)

bangers and mashers for my carnivorous huby - i tasted the mashed potato, jus right with crushed pepper and hot sauce .....

cons :

granita was lil disappointing, the base for the green apple granita was not that good,
we informed the waiter (forgot to ask his name ) and he said will try other brands and imrpove the base...... kuddoes ,,,,,,,,

overall it was worth a visit and planing to hit there for more coffee : ):)

gave 4/5 , since there is still scope for improv ement !!!


May 30, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

thanks come aagain ...

The Place!!!

Surprising how I ended up in Flamenco the first time !!
Birthday treat, My usual restaturant/hangout closed and getting late in a city which shuts down at 11 !! ... well u get the idea !
One of my friends suggested Flamenco as alternative and boy I dont regret taking his advice !
Awesome food , relaxing ambience, fantastic owner !! Had one of my best birthday blasts there ! Will always remember it !!
Think flamenco has dislodged my previous fav as one of the best in the city ! ;D

The Steaks and Sizzlers are particularly awsome followed by Waffles with mapel syrup ! Nice combo the set you sweet tooth going at the end of a surprisingly fantastic meal !

And the best part ?? It doesnt even burn a hole through the pocket whenever you have to take ur friends out for a treat ;p


Something which jayanagar did miss for long

A no frills cafe/ bistro, characterized by very tasty food and personal attention.
the menu is fairly concise,some meats ,a good choice of pastas,burgers, sandwiches , coffee etc.English breakfast is served ,which is another first in Jayanagar.

Our orders spread over a couple of visits had been the following:

a)Chicken steak with mushroom souse - The chicken is nice and tender ,but the real stunner is the mushroom sauce ,it absolutely rocks.
b) Spaghetti with meatballs - they did get the spaghetti sauce right but the meatballs needed more meat :-).it did not seem to be the hand rolled ,freshly made type.- The overall rating of the dish would still be good.
c)Chicken steak burger : This was again great as the chicken was tender ,and rightly moist. Rating Excellent

The prices are moderate and the seating is cool and casual.Good place to chill out with friends or family alike.


May 30, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a ton .... you guys rock ...



when i went here for the first time, i had a chicken steak...this is the best chicken steak i have ever had in my life....just mindblowing...and the burgers they r just so juicy and just melts in ur mouth...great place to hang out...good music good food....wat more....a place u must visit...and then u cant stop urself coming here again and agian...


May 30, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a ton be back for more .....


Awesome food !!

Agree with all the reviews on this place so far. Went on a Sunday and had a lovely meal. We ordered some pancakes, american chesse pasta, masala omelet and a couple of mango smoothies....just loved everything that we had. Had a quick talk with the friendly owner and was told that he would be adding quite a few interesting items on the menu in the coming months....can't wait to try them all !!!


March 21, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a lot for coming and the review , glad we could meet your expectations. Hope to see you soon ......

Good Ambience, location and great food!

I chanced upon Flamenco a month back. Jaynagar has been missing a good bistro so far and Flamenco steps in to cover the gap. Through a fairly exhaustive menu with well known dishes and a fairly decent collection of coffee, Flamenco takes on the big boys like Cafe Pastucchi and beats them down hard with it's moderate pricing and excellent taste and quality of food. Quality is never compromised and you can always and always expect the best at Flamenco.

With a super friendly owner, who is always available for advise on the food or for a quick chat and an attractive interior design, Flamenco is sure is all set for a cult following. Tucked away in a by lane of Jayanagar 4th block, away from the hustle and bustle, this is the place where I drop in when I am hit by a pancake craving or when I am desperately in the mood for a coffee uplift.

The only drawback is that plastic money is not yet accepted but the owner has promised to get that done asap. Highly recommend the place!!!


March 13, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a lot you folks are our inspiration .. hope to see you soon


The real CAFE

This place has a unique ambience which suits a person of every age and type , Coziness is the best part of this place and perfect for any good occasion .

American cheese pasta veg or non-veg & Classic chicken steak with pepper sauce are my fav . waffle and pan cake are very tasty too .

If u have not had a bite in this place yet then do it ASAP , then ur first visit wil not be the last and ur last visit will never come into existence.


March 12, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a lot Sugan ....Hope to see you soon ...

Siri Rao - Burrp User

Siri Rao

1 Reviews

February 19,2011



relatively new.. but on its way to become one of the best cafes in bangalore!! yummiest food.. great ambience... super friendly owners.. see it to believe it.. for tht best food tht u hve been lookin for.. this is the place to be!!

must try: arrabiata pasta, garlic bread, mango smoothie, burgers, sizzlers, waffles.. well yes.. jus bout everything on the menu card!!

one place for jus bout everyone to chill out... wid great food and music! oh yeah... don miss the pancakes and the coffee!!


March 12, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a ton Siri ... Keep coming ...

shar.siri - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 13,2011



wana go to a place tat absolutely chills yu out?? a place with a romantic ambience and one which is class..? a place with musik tat yu love, tat soothes yu???
cm folks... to flamenco!! a hot new place fo yu to chill in... be it with frends, family or a loved one... its jus the rt place....
evrytime i step in, i hope the time never passes!!! wen its time to get out, im in a hurry to get bac in..... with the delicious food at affordable prices nd the excrutiatingly lovely ambience it's gonna be the time of yur life to enjoy this valentine's day here.....!


March 12, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks for the PR Shar.siri Hope you will be back soon


cafe that gets u high!

watching out for a kickass hangout? Wana sip on some “like never before’ coffee? Relish some ‘out of the world’ pastries n waffles? Chill out wit some really unique flavoured drinks ? Great pastas n steaks? wana sizzle wit some yumm sizzlers? Time to introduce ur taste buds to some great delicacies! Folks! …it ought to be flamenco!! one of the town’s most authentic cafes.. absolutely kickin!!
Everytime I enter this café, it surely does feel like am always right with my decisions!! Place perfect! Caters to those who care for class, breathtaking ambience, extremely great stuff to eat , best service ever , and “COFFEE THAT JUS DOES’N FAIL TO GET U HIGH” and to top it all soothing music!…..and guess what??.....all this at such affordable prices!!
I will call it a perfect blend of great ambience and awesome food!! Ur in and u feel highly exultant and mesmerized! Eleven to eleven superrr fun!!! U surely will feel miserable when its time to get out!! It’s absolutely worth your time!
Guys don regret the time u waste!! GET GOIN!! Really tragic if you miss out on this!
Can’t wait to get there now…


March 12, 2011response from management at Flamenco:

Thanks a Lot We love you come back again