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> > > Food Street

Food Street

Sajjan Rao Circle  


18 Reviews / 27 Ratings

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Food Street Reviews

rajsraman - Burrp User


31 Reviews

February 26,2013


Burrrpppp here for sure!

If you are around this area, don't forget to visit to pamper your taste buds with variety of food which are available in this street. Always crowded place, but you have lot of options and foods to try even though some shops are full. Awesome dosas, idly, akki roti, ragi rotti, chats etc., are available on this street. Don't forget to try the hot badam milk in a sweet shop out there. Also, juices too. A caution: Try to carry water bottles if you are afraid to drink water outside as the water which they serve are not quality ones. Or better buy bottled water.


PJBurrps - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 07,2013


I go mad when i come to this street!

I am basically a foodie and this street offers me all my favorite dishes at low rates and they are tasty and i have a food orgasm whenever we come here for me its a party place!



Not the best

Not the best food you can get, the obviously bad hygiene doesn't lift your mood either. But its a nice place to get quick, reasonably tasty food.



Great original mysore food!!!!!

Avarebele Dosa(Hyacinth Beans), Onion Dosa and Mysore Masala Dosa are must try at OM SAI RAM restaurant just at the beginning of the street. Each one of them is baked to perfection with right spice mixture and chutney. A shop just opposite to it serves capsicum bajji, balekai(Raw banana) bajji and curd bajji which is really great. I dont know the exact name but there's a cart that serves sweet corn masala along with raw mango and pineapple....people who have a liking for sour food should not miss his cuisine. People with sweet tooth must not miss obbattu(made of both dal and coconut) available at Om Sai as well as many other shops.......
Bangloreans must go here to try the original recipes of idli, dosa, bajji, etc giving a break to cheap knock offs served at various darshinis.
Bengaluru's techies must visit this place atleast once..... u will come to know that bengaluru is much more than IT capital, Pub City and the shiny buildings that line the streets!!!!


satvian - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 13,2011


Thindi Beedi (Kannada for Snack Food Street)

Been there recently
1) VB Bakery - the best honey cake and biscuits
2) The Bhaji and Vada stall right at the end of the street is amazing
3) Dosa and Idli is tasty
Good points
Vendors are clean and serve hygienic food
Low cost good food
Drawbacks - the street is unclean and stinks while walking or standing and eating on the street. Lot of cats walk by you while you eat

Overall good food but a very dirty street and not maintained


i luv dis place

this place has hell lot of options for foodies like me... u ve dosa,idly,chats,sweets,chinese,pav bhaji phew..!!! many to pen.. and the rates are affordable... i fact ... enjoy food in a very less price comparitive to malls n other places... a must go... i very often visit this place... dont miss it..



Not to miss

Why did i miss this place for a so long time??? This place has all Indian fast food items whether its North/South Indian .Starting from Pav Bhaji,Dhabeli,.Wada Pav, Bhel puri,Chaat , Panipuri, Butter Dosa,Open Dosa and so on ... . I wanted to taste all items but i convinced myslelf to cming back again . Prices are cheap and most of the food items are prepared at that time . i will recommend to go for Corn Counter,it was prepared in a new style and was great ... You will see that everyone in that place is going for 1 or another food item and that itself speaks all..

Traffic is the only prob in that street as vehicles are allowed to pass...go enjoy your evening and have a wonderful experience if you had missed all these things in bangalore



South Indian Cuisine at its very Best !

this is the best place to have authentic south indian tiffin varieties, it doesnt stop there they have best ( different and tasty ) snacks out there in the whole of bangalore


VVS Puram

Everyone knows what VVS Laxman does for the team, when we need a savior. VV Puram is probably the heartbeat of Bangalore which virtually has everything possible a chat freak wants, wide variety, South Indian cuisine, ice creams, excellent Paan's, a sweet shop at the end of the lane to fill it all up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


filltummy - Burrp User


27 Reviews

December 15,2010


Wonderful Fare and Cheap!!!

Fantastic street for all foodies. You have so much of choice that it gets confusing. I love this place and so does my family.
Must visit for every Bangalorean who loves food.
People from other places of India may not like this place because this is more of South Indian fare with a few chats thrown in.


gomeg - Burrp User


19 Reviews

December 01,2010


good enough

The thing about food street is that there is a lot of stalls and you get lots of varities of food. The food you get here is not excellent but certainly good enough and cheap. My recommendation is the bhajji shop near the far side of the street where you get varities of bhajjis and bondas. My personal favorite is the capsicum bhajji.


Bhookha - Burrp User


10 Reviews

October 30,2010



Went there with great expectations after reading the reviews here. Must say it was a great letdown. There is a fair bit of variety on offer, but the taste is all extremely passable. Dont know if it was better in the past, but I think this place is way past its prime. Pretty much stopped at all the stalls from the VB Bakery end till the other end. cant really say there was anything outstanding or worth revisiting. The congress bun at VB was ok, the honey cake there was good. The akki roti at one of the stalls sucked big time. The pav bhaji and dabeli at one of the chat joints was very ordinary. The holige at another place was piping hot, but again tasted ordinary. The gulkand with ice cream at shivannas was the finale and am afraid, sucked big time. I have definitely eaten at much better places for all of these items in bangalore. And as far as food streets go, again it is an apology of a place, a small stretch, with plates littering the road all over because not all the vendors have provisioned dust bins, and then occassionally cars zipping through the narrow and already crowded street....sorry this is no food street. If you have eaten at any of the food hubs in other cities like bombay, delhi etc, you can happily give this a pass and save yourself disappointment.


Visit this street before you DIE!!!

Well... the first time i entered this street was like 10 years ago and its the same... You have 50 Rs in your Pocket you can have a meal of your life.. From Corn to Dosas to Curd Kodibeles, Gulab Jamoons, Obbatu, Bangalore Noodles and Gobi, Idlys and to top it.. Congress Bun of VB Bakery... and you will still have 1 Rs lfet for a super mint.. its an amazing place to be and the air there is just food.



Street food at its best

Many think that bangalore does not have good street food. But one visit to this place & ur opinion will change. Amazing mouth watering hot fresh food. Very good value for money & tasty treat.



The most important place to visit

I am a proud Bangalorean. There are a lot of things that make a proud Bangalorean and one of them is Food Street in VV Puram. It is Legendary and yet known to only few. To know South Indian Street food is to experience food street for yourself. It is crowded and filled with the beautiful sights of Dosas, colorful chutneys and smell of poddu and sounds of people ordering more. Yes this is a street to heaven and it is one of the very few places of Bangalore culture left unchanged.

To start of you have to go to VB Bakery. Here you have to have only 2 things- Honey cake and Congress Bun. Reason- These are things you will never get anywhere in the world except bangalore. Then you get out and walk up the street until you reach a shop on your left that makes paddu (fried idlys is the best way to describe it.)Have that along with akki roti, ragi roti, jola roti. This place is clean i promise you cause I have eaten there many times. Then next to him is a small chat shop and you should have congress masala and nipat masala. Again only in Bangalore will you get this. Then cross the street and have cold badam milk so sink it in. You can have the dosas and idlys but you should have the bhajjis or the left side. Once you are full, go to the last shop on the top left side. Have gulkan ice cream and finish your meal. Price less than a 100 rs. Value a million.

This is how you experience food street. For first timers and seasoned alike. If you are a true Bangalorean you would have eaten here once in your life. If not well you are just another nobody who lives in Bangalore.

About hygene well I have travelled all over the world and trust me its cleaner than the fallafel or hot dog stands of new york and definitely cleaner than the vada pav places of mumbai or the shops of chandni chowk new delhi or the street food of kolkata cause all the places are shops and not on the street and everything here is cooked or streamed in front of you and not raw so therefore more safe so dont say it is bad cause for street food it is way too clean. And no this place does not stink at all.

And yes it is a sin to go there alone not because it is not safe but because you have a group to split all the food and you can sample more things. This is probably the proudest review I will ever write simply because I love this street too much. Every visitor of mine is taken here to see what Bangalore is about. A must visit.



You shouldn't miss this!!

If you are a foodie and enjoy street food, this is the place to be. This place serves only vegetarian street food, although I am a non-vegetarian, I would strongly recommend this place to everyone.

As the name suggests, this place is filled with mobile shops and small enclosures serving the tastiest street food. The must try list goes...
1. Obattu - The hot ones are to die for and what better way than to start on a sweet note.
2. Pakodas and Bhajjis - The stall next to the obattu place serves this and he adds his own masala to spice things up.
3. Dosa - Dont look at the amount of oil being used as this would give anyone a heart attack on the plate. But then again, you dont eat this everyday (I presume)!
4. Cold badam milk and/or basundi
5. Kara bun butter congress at V B Bakery
6. Gulkand with banana, butter and butter scotch ice-cream
7. Masala pepsi (at the gulkand stall) to clear your stomach!!

Trying everything in a single visit is impossible and after many visits I am yet to complete the circuit.

Once you have tried all these, you can venture into the parallel lane where there is a small stall serving some very interesting chaat. The one to try there is the nipput burger and the floating pani puri!!!

Now that your mouth is watering, shut down your computer and head to VV Puram!


If Only....

If only they gave more attention to the hygine, this is the best place on earth which can offer Value for Money.

The whole place stinks and the cleanliness - 'the less said the better'.

I wonder when we Indians will ever start paying more attention to hygenic eating habbits.


Delight for street food lovers!

A walk down the Khao Galli or the Food Street is a fun experience. Go to this place on an evening with a bunch of good friends and an empty stomach.

We went there on 1 May. The Bakery was shut so we started out with this snacks shop which served different kinds of savouries. We were taken aback when we were told that the mixtures were priced at Rs 20 per kg. The gullible and greedy lot that we are, we ended up buying 1/2kg of various mixtures. Imagine our shock at the cash counter when we realised that the price is Rs 120 per kg!! :)

After this minor mishap, we began our gastronomic journey with a masala papad priced at Rs 8. The papad was huge and 5 of us shared two.

We then headed straight for the Bombay street food corner. We had vada pav, dabeli and pav bhaji. All of them were excellent and came quite close in taste to what one gets on the streets of Bombay.

After having our fill, we decided to appease our sweet cravings. This was a first for me - gulkhand with butter-scotch icecream and fresh fruits. It was super yum!

Having heard a lot about the raw banana bhajjis and capsicum bhajjis, we packed some for later.

I was told that there is usually a sweet corn seller who offers 150 flavours of corn. He had, however, packed by the time we reached the end of the street and we decided that we'd have to return to sample this another day.

All in all, we had a wonderful evening with our tummys full and hearts overjoyed with the discovery of this little street that offers so many delectable delights.