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> > > > Fuga


Richmond TownCentral Bangalore  


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Fuga Reviews

what a bore

I went back to fuga after years recently and it was such a disappointment. The staff was rude and inefficient, the music was just terrible, the food was average and the drinks weren't that bad. The crowd was a bit creepy, which made me and my friends leave in 1 hour.

How the mighty have fallen.


housemafia - Burrp User


15 Reviews

December 16,2009


Best in Town

This club has the best Sound System in Bangalore!!

Dont miss the Submerge Sundays. For best of EDM.


Shake Your Boody !

The Crowd Was Great , Check Which DJ Is Performing The Night Your Planning To Go , Coz Ours Was Sick , 2 Floors To Shake Your Boody , Drinks Were Great !


once in a while !!

mmmm.. F-Bar F-bar... heard hella lotta things bout this place, so thought it was worth checking this out !

so here comes the entry fees 1000/- for a couple and absolutely free for gals !!! the fuck is that ??? u can hardly buy like 4 drinks max (4 beers) with that 1000 cz 700 is the cover charge and 300 for the crap entry !

but the moment u enter this place u shall c red floors, red ceilings , red ppl.. everything in red .. !! lol

gotta say this has got a very good bar,one of the best of Blore with all sorts of drinks from the cheapest like Old Monk to the expensive ones like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels .. but not much of Beer collection though :(

Nice couches but u shall hardly find a place to sit if you are there at around 08:30pm. Musicaa is just fantastic, not much of hip-hop, more of Trance and House which is always good to hear ;) Didn't like the dance flloor though since its compact and nothing great about it . The crowd..vooah, richest,coolest n d best dressed ppl of Blore r here every freaking sat ... The only thing i hate about this place is : waiters and bartenders who act too smart, u get a chance pls pls wack one of them !! thks.. lol


Worth visiting

Well .. even though its in the expensive side... it worth visit. The ambiance is very nice with a good mixer of lounge and dance floor. The music is superb and the drinks specially the cocktails worth tasting. The employees need to be more friendly though. Also need a proper smoking zone ...



Good place to shake your leg !!!

Fuga is a stand alone nightclub at wood street.The ambiance is ok.The staff in not very friendly though.The food and the liquor are good to go with.The music is excellent.Do visit the place if you want to shake a leg.


Shom  - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 06,2009



One of the places I will always remember Bangalore people,awesome environ...agreed, quite a pinch is felt in the pocket but then definitely worth it!!!



I find this place to be the best disco in Bangalore until now! Its has a perfect mix of lounge and dance floor to it and once you enter its no less than an European Club! One more thing i love about this place is the fact that they make good cocktails which i don't see many Discos doing!