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> > > > Ganesh Darshan

Ganesh Darshan

JayanagarSouth Bangalore  

  • 41505554
  • 244, 27th Cross, 9th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • South Indian

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Ganesh Darshan Reviews


Crisp Dosas at its best!

Ganesh Darshan, an average hotel in the busy shopping area of Jayanagar, opened up a counter beside its restaurant and named it 'Dosa Camp' and sold HOT, CRISPY Dosas with a free coffee for Rs. 5. Well don't drop your jaws down... This was around 16-17 years ago. Since then, this 'average hotel' has never turned back. Today, it is the BEST Dosa Joint of the city. The joint was very rightly voted as the "BEST PLACE FOR DOSA & COFFEE" by the readers of Times of India couple of years ago.

Apart from serving 8 different Dosas, this 'double door shop' specializes in Akki Rotti, Holige & no need to mention again that its Coffee... the best in Bangalore.

The beauty is to watch the 'Dosa Specialist' convert some 21 batter spills into Crispy and Yummy dosas in under 3 min. & serve them to perfection. Not just the dosas are crispy, but the masala and the chutney are lip smacking. One would end up at the serving window atleast for one extra serving of the chutney. Its that tasty!

Not just taste, the hotel is very cleanly maintained. One could witness the hygiene standards followed by this little hotel by asking for an extra, empty coffee glass. You may find it difficult holding and empty glass, as these are washed in HOT WATER & are quite hot even when empty.

This amazing joint which provides such awesome food does have a few drawbacks though. The place over crowded during evenings, in the week ends and one may have to wait for close to 20 min. before tasting their favorite dosa & the place is too small and some time the customers acquire the footpath in front of the hotel.


Now thats what i call Masala Dosa!!!

Have been to this place a million times n i shall go another million times... :) the one n only reason for me to visit this place is their masala dosa..mmmmm i must say its one of the best masala dosa .. crispy dosa with yummy potato curry accompanied with chutney!! what more can you ask for... after that yummy masala dosa, half a cup of strong filter coffee can give you the high.. :) cheers to GD...!!!


anietha - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2010


Amazing masala dose and akki roti

he makes quick 21 masala dose's in a single hot tawa.. within minutes u get a sizzling hot dose along with the chutney.. on the other hand u have akki roti with tat chutney pudi and a diffrnt chutney.. this makes worth living in this world.. wow..!! wat fud thr.. GOD bless thm



Mood spoiler.Pathetic service.... not for humans

Dont ever opt this place if you want to remain in good mood for rest of that day. Can never believe that this place dont respect humans.
I asked for a dosa and the irritation started at the coupon counter itself, he literally throws money and coupon to you. On dosa counter the guy gave me less chutney, on asking more he said u cannot eat more :) funny enough. later he said "I know how much u eat (as if he is my guardian)."
On reporting this to the senior guy on coupon counter he didnt even bother to ask sorry instead ignored as if nothing happened.
But another customer standing there felt sorry and said to forget. But the restaurant head was not at all concerned. Guess they depress many customers daily.
Dont know of late i have seen many south indian fast food centres to be arrogant as if they serve people for free.



It was a busy evening shopping at Jayanagar and we had to catch up for a movie that night. We had 30 minutes to finish of with your dinner and the stomach was passing very brawny signals to do so! At the signal there were mesmeric pictures of Dosas and quite obviously welcoming for two hungry souls...
We quickly walked to find this aromatic self service counter.
A look at the menu and you'll know the variety they provide, as usual like the other eat-outs, they have the Dosa of the day which has very distinctive combinations such as panner, palak, pineapple dosa and the likes. All this very simply makes mouths water.

There was a very courteous man at the counter and he quickly took our order and gave is the coupons.
We had no time to waste and quickly chose to have an Akki rotti, Masala Dasa and Sabbakki Dosa, This was coincidentally special dosa for that day. I have always relished dishes with Sabakki, be it Payasam, sandige or more.
This place is known for its coffee but my husband and I are never coffee people and so we didn't sip. But most coffee lovers will sure feel energized!
The Akki Rotti is delicious with the right ingredients mixed in it?s soft dough and roasted perfectly. This came with a chutney powder that was absolutely yum! I didn?t mind going for a second helping. The Sabbakki dosa rocked, I relished every bite and I am sure I would go back to have more. The masala dosa there all perfect with the ever yum potato curry, butter, ghee, masala and the perfect roasted reddish brown surface.
The holige also called obbattu is delicious too. Sweet lovers will melt over this irresistible dish.

The provide some neat high tables where you can conveniently place you plates and relish bite by bite. The prices are reasonable.
This place is crowded, however they have enough staff to keep the wait short. A place worth a many visits!


one of those gems of a dosa place

if ur a dosa lover then this is a place to go n u have the assurance by another fellow dosa lover...its 6 inches of buttery delight..i absolutely love their bread dosa,croutons in the dosa batter..the eternal favourite, masala dosa and onion dosa..they have the daily specials like moon dal dosa n pine apple dosa although i stick with my regulars..go on n sink ur teeth in those bites of buttery heaven..ull levitate


Best Filter Coffee in Bangalore

I have had the dosa, akki rotti, ragi rotti and bele obbattu here and always loved it. Especially the bele obbattu which is made fresh, served hot with ghee!
For whatever reasons, I had never sipped the coffee here. I still wonder why???!!!
Being voted as the best coffee makers in Bangalore in the Times Dosa and Coffee Contest, I dint want to miss it this time.

Last week, headed there straight after office and tried only coffee!!! Wow!! What an aroma it was. It was strong filter coffee - Its flavor hits your face and you would completely love the aroma…. It costs you Rs.7 per coffee

We, as Bangaloreans feel the coffee should be the last thing we should have as we love the flavor and the taste and we want that to remain in our taste buds for a long time. For that effect, filter coffee @ Ganesh Darshan is a must try!!
I am gonna go there again… may be this evening!! Or should I go now?? Ah.. well, cant wait any longer :)