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> > > > Gelato Pazzo

Gelato Pazzo

BTM LayoutSouth Bangalore  

  • 65676444
  • 10th Main, BTM II Stage, BTM Layout, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Gelato Pazzo Reviews

Best Ice Cream Joint

Variety of flavors will tempt you. Multiple options to have the ice cream. But do check the price before ordering, some flavors are exorbitantly expensive and you can end up paying more than you expected. Overall best ice cream joint in BTM


sagups20 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 02,2012


Run of the mill place..

This place is not something which you would regret missing. Poor quality ice-cream and rude staff, charcaterizes this place. Avoid it if you can.


Yummy S'cream

Gelato Pazzo is a humble place where you get appetizing ice-cream! The parlor faces the main road and has an eye catching board with a unique name.
The white background and some painting on them form the interiors. There is a menu displaying the variety of ice creams and shakes they make here.
I am a frequent-goer to this place as it’s close to my house.... There are times our family has gone to this place at 11 in the night!
The tables with black granite and the wooden seat chairs match those in corner house.
The ice cream tastes and names are similar to the ones available at corner house. I guess the head of this place worked at corner house for some time.
I personally feel that Gelato Pazzo is more generous with the quantity, cheaper in prize and high on quality.

My favorites here are the brownie fudge and cake fudge! This would also include the Boss - DBC (Death by chocolate) but it’s just too much to bite on.
My sister relishes one completely and she claims and boasts she could eat more!!
Let me key out a few details on the cake fudge. The bowl with this dessert contains a whole cake building a thick and fluffy boundary. Then comes the white beauty, Vanilla with two large scoops, hot and sexy chocolate sauce melting beauty and nuts and more nuts. A bite of this for ice-cream/chocolate lovers and you’ll just be gratified.

Not too crowded making it quite and pleasing. The service is quick and polite. A place worth a visit (and many to follow)


Not so cool

I dint like anything about this place .. I went there with high hopes and ended up in complete dissatisfaction. The ice cream is not even close to Baskin Robbins ..leave alone Gelato .. We ordered double chocolate which was too sweet .. unlike chocolate ..

The place is also cramped up .. Price wise its just about ok.. Wouldnt not go there again though,