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> > > > Geoffrey's, Hotel Royal Orchid

Geoffrey's, Hotel Royal Orchid

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  


13 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Rock a Roller Wednesdays Aug 05

  • Geoffrey's at Hotel Royal Orchid presents Rock a Roller Wednesdays. Catch the legends of classic rock, retro & country music and sooth your soul all week long. Also enjoy buy one get one on all beverages.

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Geoffrey's, Hotel Royal Orchid Reviews

Blatant cheating!!

Dear Geoffrey’s,

I came to you on a Saturday night for which there was a cover charge of Rs 1000 and an additional entry of Rs500 for stags. At first it seems the entry to be somewhat reasonable because you have some well-known (apparently) DJ playing, but then I was extremely shocked when the waiter told us, that because there is a DJ playing, you will be charging extra 100, 200, 300 (or whatever you feel like) on anything I order. Well, what the hell was that extra 500 bucks I paid for entry then??. These increased prices are also not mentioned on the menu and it just seems you are out to blatantly cheat your customers.
The food and drinks you offered were below abysmal quality let alone the exorbitant price you charged for them. A small plate of nachos (off-the-shelf) variety with a salsa dip is 300 bucks and a 330ml pint of draught beer is 300 bucks. This is a complete rip off, because I can get 500ml pint of brewed beer for under that price in any of the microbreweries in Bangalore. I don’t understand what premium you are charging for?
Last but not the least, the waiters are polite and courteous but they asked for my credit card the moment I sat down. As this seems to be your management’s decision, let me enlighten you with the fact that when customers come to a 3 star hotel, they don’t expect to be treated like a bunch of shop lifters who need to provide their credit cards as guarantee!! If other larger and more crowded places can manage without credit cards, why can’t you? The waiters were ill informed about the dishes and prices and when all of this just crossed my level of patience, I was denied a talk with the manager, saying that managers here don’t talk to the customer directly. What sort of a place are you trying to be Geoffrey’s?
I and my friends had the worst experience here and would never come back. But I would also make sure that I’m able to prevent as many people as possible from making the same mistake. My advice, please rethink your so called management decisions, because they are seriously not well managed.



CSAMRITHA - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 25,2012


Geoffrey's @ B'lore

When I visited my family in Bangalore, my sister and cousins decided to take me to this “fantabulous” place called Geoffrey’s. It was a football match night and my husband was kicked up seeing the large screen on the lower deck! My sister mentioned that the rates were a 5% over the regular prices on the menu during event nights. The ambience is simply awesome with an upper and lower deck. As I mentioned earlier, the lower deck boasts of a huge screen where all the football, tennis and cricket matches are played. So, the lower deck is always crowded. We settled for the table in the lower deck, the upper deck being seemingly quiet. We ordered a couple of starters (quantity not that great and expensive) and a few drinks. However, the music makes you feel nostalgic and the service is very prompt. And I wouldn’t complain about the food, because the crowd is hip and the music is great and the ambience is English! That calls for a great night to me!

Known for its night life, Bangalore city boasts of upteen number of discothèques, clubs, lounges and pubs. Populated with collegians and mid aged working class, this city is home to some of the most popular lounges of the country. Dj Rohit Barker and Dj Nikhil Chinappa hailing from this very city, clearly signifies how passionately Bangalorians follow the club culture. Among the many popular clubs I’ve visited, my vote would go to Geoffrey’s at the Royal Orchid Hotel. Stationed at Domlur en route the Old Airport road, the 5 star royal orchid hotel houses this pub. With its typical European theme and ambience, Geoffrey’s is no less than its European counterpart. The typical wooden interiors centered with the circular bar counter, comfortable seating arrangement space and dim lights define the exact nature of a European Pub. After a tiring, bone cracking day at work ones who don’t have the energy to deck up, can plainly grab 2 pints of beer and relax without stressing on what people think what I’m wearing. Geoffrey’s gives me the choice to barge in with my formal clothing or casual clothes for any day during the week. Also it’s easy to spot your favorite bar stool, with minimal numbers making entries during the week. The place however undergoes an amazing transformation over the weekends. With popular DJs jamming through the wee hours of the night, the pub is infested with crowd in their late 20s and early 40s..! An absolutely relaxing experience to grove to some House, trance and the best international club tunes. Two drinks done when your stomach begins to rumble for some titbits – the pita bread and assorted dips is the safest bet. The crisp pita with the mouth watering humus, egg plant dip and fresh salad gives the perfect feel to your taste buds. It would be right to say that everything listed on the menu is served giving extreme attention to details. With no charges for entering the club, the amount shelled out for the drinks and food together is appropriately priced. If 2 people were to visit Geoffrey’s, have 2 drinks each accompanied with light eats and main course, it would cost no more than Rs. 1500 (29 USD approximately) per person. For a young working girl like me, to escape from the cities cramped roads and veteran hang outs, Geoffrey’s would be an apt choice for any Saturday night. The pub has live music and DJ and a large screen for screening matches.

Address: Geoffrey’s, No. 1, Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560008
Transit: Domlur Flyover
Phone: (080) 25205566
Timings: 12:00 PM to Midnight
Dress code: Anything hip and stylish (in my opinion)
Music: Rock, Hip Hop, DJ
Menu:Average Meal for Two: Rs.1500/-
Foreign Liquor, Indian Liquor, Beer, Cocktails, Juice, Mocktails, Sodas, Wine etc.

Please visit my blog on party destinations around the globe:



Dumb Cheating

Ok, let me start off by saying that I totally love this place on a regular day. I have been here more than a couple of times and love the authenticity of this place.

On 30 May (a wednesday) I ended up here again. They told me that there was some event in the pub therefore the prices will be slightly higher. I asked them how much. They said about 5% over the regular prices on the menu. I was there with a lady friend. In total we ended up having 2 Indian liquors (225 each), nachos (200), a coke for mixing and a cocktail (350).

I was shocked to see the bill amount to 1500+! I saw the individual items. The cocktail was billed for a whopping 600 bucks!! I asked the waiter to check if they made a mistake and he only kept saying one thing - I told u that the prices were higher today. I told him that u also told me that they were higher by 5% - not double! He was fine tuned to repeat only a single sentence. I sucked up into being a sucker (1500 bucks for 3 drinks on a wednesday) and left the place disgusted.

I have zero issues paying that much money. My issue is that the policy of the restaurant is extremely unfair. At no point do they disclose the actual prices of the drinks on the event night and then they charge me anything they feel like. That is just lame and amounts to cheating if their staff provides misinformation (that the prices are up by only 5%). I had half a mind to take it up with the management but I didn't want to do that in front of my guest.

Shame Geoffreys.


tintin19 - Burrp User


16 Reviews

January 02,2012


Fab Place in and around Koramangala

Beautiful setting makes this a place to spend with best friends. What this lacks is the energy though.



Good place to chill out.

This joint is a nice cosy n classy watering hole. Although it's a pain reaching the place (then again which place in Bangalore is not), it's definitely worth a trip or two.

Ambience is great, cosy sitting (upper n lower deck), has a smoking area in the pub, music is for everyone, food is great (in a hotel after all), service is very prompt & consistently good. Drinks are expensive but u get what u pay for.

I would easily recommend this pub.



Used to like the place!!

Was a regular here...then found better places...they need to grab crowds with some freebies...Way too expensive...Service has always been good for is OK...



A class act...

A few days back, I was getting bored in office & just wanted to get out. But had some work to be completed on a priority basis.. That was when I thought of going to some place which could offer me 1) some peace to sit and work & 2) some "beverages" to keep me charged up!!

Straight I went to Geoffrey's. My previous experience suggested that at 5 in the evening, this place would be pretty empty and I could have all the peace I could handle!!

And I was not disappointed. The inner section, where there are seats which offers complete privacy, was totally empty. Rested in one of them and promptly ordered a pint of my fav poison...opened my laptop and started pounding on the keyboard..

The first pint got over and it was time for the second one... and it was then I was told that these were happy hours in Geoffrey's and whatever we order, we would get the second one on the house!!!

So after about 4 pints & some fried thai chicken yummies, I left the place as a happy soul...

Happy to have got out of the office...

Happy to have come to Geoffrey's...

Happy to have completed my work in peace...

Happy to have got some "Happy hour" offers...

Now my mind is thinking of finding new excuses to get bored in the office.....



I went there with a friend recently who’s majorly into pub hopping most of the times. The moment I entered, the expression on my face was so obvious and evident; I fell in love with the place immediately!

A well lit reception area with a beautiful chandelier, leads you towards the lime light (24/7 coffee shop) and to the Geoffrey’s. the lower level has a nice seating. If you wanna stay away from the crowd and prefer the upper deck, please wait till the ground floor completely gets filled. This one has a huge screen and people would gather up to enjoy the sports. Specially during cricket, football and tennis matches.

One of the most hip crowds that you could find in Bangalore would be here! There’s a bartender trying to impress his customers by making different kinds of amazing cocktails and ofcourse he really does impress by his drinks mixing skills :)
Talk about the music – this gets you nostalgic. All the 70’s and 80’s amazing collection of music is played to enthrall you completely.

The food and drinks are expensive but the ambience and the service is what kicks off the mood and I bet, one would enjoy the experience thoroughly!
This would definitely get added into the favorite list of mine. Highly recommended.


Ready for a stiff upper lip experience?

So, after getting bored of visiting the same old hang out places, some friends and I decided to visit Geoffrey's at the Royal Orchid hotel.

While the ambience and the setting was very comfy, the dark interiors didn't really help to lighten up the mood.

Quite expensive, no happy hours and food that can be best described ad 'tolerable.' Having visited this place on a weekday, it was quite a bummer considering that most people around us were clad in business suits deeply engrossed in their talks. Balding heads, huge paunches.. just the kinds you wish weren't around if you want to have a good time.

The music isn't quite appealing either. This is a place that is best for for a one time visit.


nidhik - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 16,2007


Too much for too little

An english style pub with the same ambiance as there is any other Geoffrey's. It even tries to keep the stiff collar look by charging cover charges for couple and stag entry.

If good music and service (that one is rarity in Bangalore) is what you are looking this is the place. But it will burn a hole in your pocket if you intend to drink....

I would definitely prefer some other pub when choices are in plenty at B'lore.


Shruti  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 16,2007


not exactly value for money

I went to Geoffrey's with 2 friends.. the ambience, decor, service are all fairly good.. however the portions of food are too little for the kind of prices they carry. We ordered thai pak chicken for 325rs, it was tasty.. however it barely had 10-12 small pieces of chicken. Guess i won't go there again unless somebody's treating me!
The other funny things is that they have a cover charge for couples for 800 bucks (dunno if thats just a saturday night thing though) Why in the world does a place like geoffrey's have cover charges?


Love English Pubs - Excuse the Bias!

I have a fascination with English style pubs, so please excuse my bias. This place has fantastic, homey atmosphere, great, friendly bartenders, and good bar food. Highly recommended for a relaxing hangout with good, old friends.



Cool Pub

Popular with the young working crowd, Geoffreys has the atmosphere of an English pub. Lower level has nice seating, upper deck is a bit smoky. Good Long Island iced tea pitchers, undiluted shots, some good pub grub! Their South East Asian influenced seafood is awesome.