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> > > > Ginseng, Hotel Royal Orchid

Ginseng, Hotel Royal Orchid

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 09902000037, 08041783000
  • C Floor,Hotel Royal Orchid,1, Golf Avenue,Airport Road, Bangalore
  • Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Ginseng, Hotel Royal Orchid Reviews

Best Pan-Asian Spread!

Quite possibly the best authentic Pan-Asian spread in Bangalore. The weekend lunch buffet is what we tried, and we were fed delicious dishes after dishes until we were gasping for breath!



Didn't find food to justify the price. Ambiance too is a little different on a dark side and could have added to either side if servings were interesting. Would not prefer to go again.


Sumo-sized Surprise

Appetite and her family visit Japan

Shiro had been Appetite’s favourite place for dining on every birthday, as she loved Japanese food, especially where you could get a lot of it. However, a need for change was felt by the food veteran, so this September, she dragged her family to Ginseng at the Royale Orchid, where a Japanese lunch buffet was the target , and Rs. 800 was the price to pay per head.
Not wanting to be completely in the dark, Appetite had previously checked the reviews that had been dealt out by this website, and ‘average food, with a boring décor’ had been the verdict. However, Appetite had always wanted to expand her Japanese restaurant coverage, and the trio flew to the restaurant, or to be more precise, were dragged to it (Appetite’s folks didn’t like Japanese food).
They were greeted, and offered the complimentary drink, which consisted of either wine, beer or a soft drink. Appetite, who hated beer, was leaning towards the soft drink, but her mother convinced her that wine was the better option. There was a vast array of delectable dishes, not only from Japan much to the other twos’ delight)

They first headed towards the Cow suey, or what is better known as ‘coconut soup’ counter, where the mentioned soup could be customized according to taste with various meats and vegetables. Appetite had tried this once before, and had not been impressed. However, this soup was delicious, and she ate two bowls of it, before realizing that there were several other things that would require trying.
The other things that appeared on their table was Prawn Tempura, which the three must have ordered five plates of. The delicious sauce and the crispy tempura soon put them in a good mood. There were other things; like Chinese-style Pepper Chicken, two kinds of fish, one with a barbeque sauce, and one more salty and dry, sushi, which Appetite must have had 3 plates of. There was much more awesome food in the main course counter, but the influence of time, memory loss and food-induced drowsiness had made them slip through the fingers of Appetite’s mind like water.

The dessert counter beckoned next, and the three tried mango soufflé, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, black forest and a fruit tart. Everything was delicious, and Appetite, having a tooth for sweet food, had several helpings until she was sure she couldn’t stand, all the while thinking that everything was too good to be true.

She was right, if only to a small degree- there was a two hundred rupee tax on every person, making the estimated bill of Rs. 2400 into Rs. 3000. But nothing could put a damper on Appetite’s spirits, and she fell asleep dreamily in the car.
Two months later, the building itch was satisfied in her, when coupled with some free time, she could finally write down the experience in her now- favourite Japanese restaurant, an experience she had safely stored in the hard drive of her brain.



Doesn't justify the price

Been here but see no reason to go back again. This place is so dead that u will always find urself alone here. The overall package doesn't justify the price.


Great Buffet Spread

Quite possibly the best authentic Pan-Asian spread in Bangalore. The weekend lunch buffet is what we tried, and we were fed delicious dishes after dishes until we were gasping for breath!


manhar80 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

August 28,2011


Great spread in a great ambience

The pricing is what you would expect in this kind of a high-end place, so no complains on that(about 800 bucks a plate). The food quality too was good, but once you order they get you the dishes on the table, and with the wide array of dishes available (and huge quantities) you can't help but letting a lot of it go wasted. I feel that can be avoided if they have a self service kind of a system so that one doesn't feel guilty of ordering something and then wasting it.
Other than that, it's an excellent place worth visiting for special occasions.


teju666 - Burrp User


36 Reviews

January 16,2011


Search for Pad Thai ends here

Visited Ginseng after a few years. The food quality has definitely gone down except for Pad Thai.

We ordered a Honey Sesame chicken and Prawn Satay for starters. The prawn was overcooked and the peanut sauce could have been better. The chicken was deep fried and could have been had in any avg Chinese joint in the city. I ordered draught beer to go with it. A watered down pint at Rs 200/- was a waste of money. Is this what they serve in Geoffrey's?? Shame!!

For main course we just ordered a Chicken Pad Thai and that really made up for an avg evening. Right qty of peanuts. Sprouts and lemon to go with it and the right amount of sweetness.

I could go to this place just for the Pad Thai.

Service is good. But I continue to be confounded by the insistence of even the star hotels to keep used cutlery at the table between courses. I am sure we pay them enough to get a washed fork for the next course.

I am not spending that much in the near future for avg Oriental food unless I am in the mood for Pad Thai.



Good Lunch Buffet at 800 per person

Opted for the lunch buffet on Saturday. Good variety - really liked the coconut soup, dim-sums; was pleasantly surprised with the sushi! The staff could be more attentive on the basics like water re-filling. Also with a buffet that is served on the table it would help if they could give you the menu upfront so you can pace yourself or turn down items instead of having them come to the table and then being wasted.


Good Food, Reasonable Prising

Although the restaurant has a very odd entrance once inside the décor was good. We ordered Manchow Soup, Corn Starter, Fried Rice and Noodles everything was well presented and tasted good. The bill was also quite resonable for a place of this standard.


For a Sober Ying and Yang

When it comes to eating out with wifey on special occasions, we somehow end up in a place owned by the BJN or the Royal Orchid Group. Like some inevitable truth, we find ourselves looking at some classy decor, great ambience, detailed menus with vivid descriptions under fancy titles. [It's about time they took us on board now :)]

Last week was no different. We headed out to Ginseng Oriental Restaurant, a family favorite, but one I'd never been to. After all the “wow, what food!!” stories I'd heard, I'd almost imagined a piece of China in there. It turned out to be, let’s say, more sober than I thought. The runway-like waiting lounge had a smiling hostess who ushered us in.

The decor didn’t do justice to my 'oriental' imagination. But that’s okay; I wasn't planning to eat the decor anyway. The tables had the required cutlery in addition to the dreaded chopsticks. Thanks to some earlier in-house practice I could at least pick up cucumber slices from the salad (me know no technical names of thees item) without causing much commotion.

We ordered mocktails which went by the names 'Shades of Blue' and 'Sober Ying & Yang'. The former was some regular blue stuff which I’m sick of seeing in Cafés and Bars, but the sober ‘thing’ had fresh green chili in it. Weird as the description sounded, it turned out to be quite an interesting drink with a cut, upturned chili piece emitting chili odour right into one’s nose.

I then ordered my favorite 'oriental' soup, the Manchow. It did not disappoint me. Its subtle flavours distinguished itself from the many regular Chinese joints in the 5 km radius. Unfortunately, an earlier heavy office lunch and my tight pants were becoming a hindrance to a wholesome meal and we ended up keeping our orders minimal.

One of us was off meat so we had to do with a largely vegetarian meal. The vegetable satay was quite ordinary and I wasted no time in calling it a con job. Single roasted pieces of Onion, Paneer, Tomato and Carrot on a stick smothered with some sauce (or whatever!) costing 45/- apiece will always be a joke as far as I’m concerned. This dish had 4 such sets and cost 175/-

We had hardly room for more so we decided on some simple fare. ‘Burned Garlic Fried Rice’ and ‘Vegetables in Fiery Manchurian Sauce’. (Burnt garlic sticks to the teeth like caramel but tastes a little krazzy4 consumption ;) so don’t try this at home). Each dish was flavourful and done to perfection. I polished what was served. Given the tight pants, it was an achievement.

This was easily one of my best eating-out experiences in recent times. The calm, smiling and concerned waiters asked us to comment on the food and suggested ideal accompaniments when required and kept away otherwise.

Dinner for two with a non-alcoholic beverage each is easily INR 1000 (provided you do not touch the Evian bottle at the table.) which is not too much considering the service and the simple-but-classy-ambiance which was way above average.

The last thing I expected here was Indian music. Well I was more shocked than surprised when I heard some Punjabi tracks from the Hindi movie ‘Boom’. I looked around nobody seemed to bother. I shouldn’t have too.

Verdict: Well, I'd love to go here again. But this time I'll be trying out anything but sober.



The best place for SE Asian food

located in the 1st floor of the royal orchid hotel - next to the KGA. parking is not a problem - they have valet parking. ambience is awesome - you might even believe that you've been transported to some upmarket restaurant in Singapore / HK. lots of space, very quiet - the place to goto if you just want to catch up over an excellent dinner. they even have a family area which is slightly secluded and you may want to make reservations for it - seats about 10 / 12 i think.

the best SE food i've had in Blore (other than the 5 stars). great dumplings - they just melt in your mouth. the sea food is unbelieveably good and the portions are generous. most of the lamb dishes i've tried have passsed with flying colors. although they do have a lunch buffet, haven't tried that out as yet.

the sushi bar could have had a better menu and that's probably the only bad thing i can say about this place and also the fact that it's slightly on the expensive side.

service is good and ubiquitous.

no wonder they got the Times Food award for the best SE Asian restaurant!