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> > > > Golmaal Paratha

Golmaal Paratha

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 42085757, 9036207568
  • 474, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 200

52 Reviews / 52 Ratings

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Golmaal Paratha Reviews






Yummy Parathas

A meal at Golmaal Paratha can leave you feeling full for an entire day! Although the ambience is average, the food at this joint is delicious. The size of the paratha is intimidating, but they are the yummiest ones you can eat!


Ankit Patel - Burrp User

Ankit Patel

1 Reviews

December 31,2012


Can try once not more than this

Aaloo paratha is not good at all that is one of the most famous paratha in Paratha's menu. You can try Punjabi Mix paratha.One paratha is more than enough for one person.


Value for money

Good place to eat for those week-nights you want to eat out but nothing fancy. No frills, fair enough price.

It is a budget eatery, and you don't get much in terms of service or ambience. But that's no problem for me here.

The menu is pretty vast indeed. A whole lot of different combinations of parantha stuffings.. All possible veggies and then some cheese and chocolate paranthas as well.
I recommend the achari paneer parantha. pretty good that.
The size of the paranthas itself is huge yes. You just cannot eat more than one - if at all you do get around to eating one whole.
Overall, while they paranthas are surely good enough - for the punjus out there who've grown up on paranthas - they're nothing amazing. I eat better paranthas at home.

I am always disappointed with the condiments/sides. While so to say they serve curd, chutneys and chole - the portions are painfully tiny. Quite a contradiction to the size of paranthas. They might as well not serve any condiments in my opinion - such a sham. The quality and taste of the sides too is nothing great.. below average infact. Runny curds and watery chutneys with the mass-manufactured pickles. Nothing great about the chole too.

I'm also not too happy with the actual dishes they serve the food in - they're your sectioned plates.. I don't know what you call them. I won't say they're not clean - I guess they are - But they just feel like you're eating at someone's home in their ages old steelware.

I'd say average at best. But value for money.



Dont even step your foot in!

Being stone's throw away from our place, me and my roomie occassionally stop by at Golmaal Paratha for a quick bite. Our usual experience with the place was standard although not lip smacking parathas but considerably authentic ones in Bangalore. One fated evening recently, we decided to visit our not so frequent haunt. We excitedly ordered a paneer tikka paratha and mushroom veg paratha. Both the parathas were hard, dripping with oil and tasteless. We had a hard time figuring out whether it lacked salt or masala or was just plain dough with some stuffing. The mushroom tasted stale and the panner looked as if it had been coloured with red powder. The accomplaints like chutney, pickle and curd were our only hope of satisfying our hunger. Probably the masala chhas that we gulped down helped camouflarge the aweful taste in our mouth.


Chicken Tikka Paratha

Many verity to choose from. But I liked the cheeze, panjabi mix veg & Chicken Tikka parathas.... Awesome.



A promising screw up

Visited Golmaal paratha at Koramangala with a couple of friends. The parathas were good. The sad part was that I had a stomach upset, the next morning.
Blamed my digestive system, only to realize later that my friends too had the same experience.
Will never visit this place again. Its better to serve not-so-much-tasty food than to serve something promising, which ends up screwing up your digestive system.


Sagarika  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 29,2012


Zimply Awsome......

I have been here many times.......its an awsome place......the varieties of parathaas aserved with pickle, chutney, curd and so on......are jus too good

Had ordered for lassi which was jus ok.....not that great as expected

Great place for paratha lovers...


hrmanju1 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 26,2011


Stumbled Here

Christmas Day. Craving for some Hot Dogs, ended up in Koramangala to hog @ Hungry Hogs. Closed for christmas. Thanks to "burrp", reviewed nearby places on my phone and decided for Golmaal Paratha.

We were the only people @1pm on Christmas day. Waiters/Managers were few "oriental" looking guys. I was apprehensive initially and thought "Gosh, is this another Chinese paratha place? I was too tired to search for another place. Was this the "Golmaal" in the name?

Ambience: Did not have much expectation. Did not have great ambience. We were 4 of us. (3 adults + 1 kid).

Menu: 99 varieties of parathas. Whew, took me 15 minutes to go over the menu. I ordered a "pepper" based paratha. (Hey, i can easily eat Andhra food. What is "spicier" than Andhra food? Bring it on.) Beverage menu was not as big as food menu but it was sufficient. I ordered a "Salt" lassi to go along with the paratha.
Note: When i looked at the pricing, it was like 85 Rs for a paratha. I thought for myself "Hey, is one paratha enough for me? I usually have 2 parathas @ Bobby da dhaba". Wifey coreced me to order only one as i am on a diet. ;-)

Serving Time: Took them 20 minutes and my order came in the last. Just looking at the size of the paratha, my stomach was happy.

Content: Along with the paratha, accompaniments which came like "Pickle", "Yogurt","Green Chutney","Choley", "Onions", "Salted Green Chilley" was bang for the buck. I jumped into the paratha and it was hot in both the senses. Pepper paratha is not for the foodies averse to spicy food. It was kickass. Lassi is a must have with the food. Stuffing was very good.Usually, some hotels go easy (miserly) on the stuffing front but this was good. Halfway, i started sweating but enjoying. Other 3 folks who had come with me were also enjoying the food. I could clear the paratha easily. Wifey and son could not finish theirs. I was eyeing theirs too but...

Verdict: Good place to eat. No points for cutlery/ambience. Family friendly. Zombie waiters. Tasty food.

I will defnitely go there again.


bush  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 06,2011


Huge Parathas and value for money!!!

Awesome parathas!!! The parathas as so huge that we cant finish one :) lot of varities need to try some more. Must try- muglai parathas,paneer n pepper paratha and lassi. Value for money..


Chaitania - Burrp User


58 Reviews

December 04,2011


Huge Gol Paratha

Had been to this place on a weekday. The menu had a huge variety. Ordered Chicken Tikka Paratha and sweet lassi. Paratha was amazing with good amount of stuffing. The chutney complemented the paratha really well. Lassi was thick and quite unique.

Good ambiance. Clean and tidy place. The order took 20 minutes to arrive. Paratha was Rs.150 and lassi Rs.40.

Definitely, a must try.


sush_abc - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 24,2011


Loved it

I found the paranthas tasty and the filling was present right till the end. the best part for that the tawa fried paranthas were not dipping oil. I tried the palak paneer combo and the paneer and pepper parantha. they took time to serve but we werent disappointed. A meal for 2 costs 250 along with a litchi milkshake


Paratha Paradise !!!

If you are a die hard fan of Parathas then this is the place that you need to frequent on a regular basis. The menu is endless. Chicken paratha is something which is out of the world. Jaljeeea/Lassi is a top up. You should definitely give it a try.



Bakwas paratha

We have read some great reviews about this place so I decided to take my family to this paratha joint last week, we were looking forward for the food because not many places in banagalore serves good north indian food, but we were wrong, the parathas served to us were burnt and had very very less stuffing, the water glasses were dirty and noone changed them even after asking, the person just disappeared with the glasses.The drinks were ok and priced fine. the teekha corn paratha was anything but teekha.


terrible parathas , service sucks

I ve been seeing this green house kinda eat out from long many times when i passed that road and have been thinking to stop by sometime.
went there this sunday with some friends for dinner, I must say the menu is huge and they have probably just added so many names for namesake. we ordered some simple aallo/paneer like parathas since we had already waited for quite long to place the order, the waiter had to be shouted thrice for the same and then for the water :(
The paratha toom around 25 mins and when we started to eat we realised it was not what we ordered, there was hardly any paneer in paneer paratha and hardly any pudina in pudina paratha , the spicy sign has lost its significance as they were bland completely the chole served were worse than road side chole in delhi ,and by the time we were struggling to finish we realised that 1/4rth of paratha was kachcha, only saving grace was fresh dahi which was probably taken as it is from amul so no point to them on this as well.
The waiters were chatting nicely among each other and hardly bothered about us ( or anyone there)
all in all nice concept but baaaad implementation!!



That's a big one!

Ambiance :2.5/5 - Clean but too small. Voices carry over tables making the whole place a sumphony of murmurs

Service: 4/5 - Waiters try valiantly to fend of hungry customers and do this job least till this review was penned

Food: 5/5 - Big....very BIG paranthas. Very tasty and not oily. This is good stuff. Choice of menu is also quite excellent

VFM: 4.5/5 - Two paranthas, one lassi, one litchi soda - 280 bucks. Budget mein hai bhai


Excellent Place for Parathas

The taste, the presentation, service - in all its an excellent place for parathas. Mint and Lemon Jaljeera is another thing you might want to taste. There are so many types of parathas on their menu, though Aloo Paratha continues to be my favorite.



All about parathas

The first thing you notice about this place is the GREEN-ness. Everything from the walls to the waiters to the tables to the menu is GREEN.
But in a way its good.

The parathas are of course delicious. Keep in mind one paratha will happily suffice for even a glutton. Although they do have a large variety, my favorite is still the onion paratha. The green chutney is simply yummy.


pratibha31 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 13,2011


Nice dining experience

Went to Golmal Parathas this weekend, friday eveing, at around 8 pm. Crowd was just gathering. Menu is full of parathas... went with rose lussi nice to have ... nawabi dahi bhalla was awesome... veg cheese paratha was delicious and paneer tikka was little bit spicy.. overall nice dinning experience... starters came up within 10 minutes ana main dish took around 15 minutes time... fast service...




I went with two other friends to this place this evening. We ordered a Jaipuri mix Paratha(for myself), some paneer capsicum type paratha and a mushroom cheese paratha. I had also planned to pack up a non-vegetarian paratha for "dinner" (since we landed up at this place at 6 in the evening).

When the parathas turned up....well, they were more like UFOs rather than parathas. The Jaipur mix veg thing was delicious if a bit too spicy ( but my fault, because the red chilli sign was present on the menu). The filling consisted of a mixture of cauliflowers, capsicum and some other vegetables. The paneer paratha was ok (but I think, it's just that I am NOT a big fan of paneer). The BIG winner was the mushroom and cheese paratha ( but of course , you really can't go very wrong with mushroom and cheese, but you can go VERY VERY right with it :)

Of course, given that we three women had to consume a flying saucer each, ( and two of us managed to finish our parathas, simply because we hadn't eaten anything else all day; the third person who had decently eaten lunch at a proper time, just couldn't finish hers ) it left us no space for desert.
Now for the suggestions:
They should introduce home delivery. Such a concept simply cries out for leisurely Sunday lunches in one's home...
They should reduce the size and correspondingly the prices of the parathas, or introduce half-portions
Of course, after this, I had no space to try out a non-veg paratha, so I suppose I'll go alone sometime and try it out:)


zelle86 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 14,2011


Bad Customer Service

The place and the food is real good here no doubt about that. But the service was terrible. We had to wait for a full 10 mins to get the menu cards inspite of asking the waiters for it twice. For a glass of water ... well that took ages... And the place wasnt packed so it really got us dismayed. Please do talk it out with your staff... If there is a problem or a delay, it would be better if they let us know.


filltummy - Burrp User


27 Reviews

December 15,2010


For people with huge appetites!!!

Went to Golmaal Parathas after reading reviews here. Agreed to the huge size of the parathas. I am a heavy eater and after ordering for the second paratha (service a little slow) I realised I may not manage to finish it. I could gulp down just about half the second one. Ingredients used are fresh and I could taste good ghee being used. Total taste I would say was above average.
My wife loved the lassi, even though I have had better stuff. One the whole if you want to spend less but want to fill your tummy, this place is worth a visit.


shweta27 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 30,2010



I had a really nice experience there..the best place to go if you want parathas...also the butter milk was really good..surely worth a visit once!!


Paratha and Rose Lassi was Yummy...

Golmaal paratha, not so difficult to get this place in expectation was really high from this place as i heard a lot good things about it.well my experience was not so bad but not up to the mark.i had chicken tikka paratha n rose lassi..paratha was a little bit of salty side but rose lassi was simply WOW...the quality as well as the quantity of the side items like chutney n sabji was not so good,that actually made me lil bit upset.service wise they have to be lil fast. and price wise they sud go lil less..


Zonged - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 13,2010


Golmaal hai Bhai !!!!!

Just ran out of options and ended up being in this nice little place and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the ambience....i guess its quiet a new resturant..coz couldnt sight it last time when i was in bangalore... Not willing to take much risk ...went for the basic Aloo Parata and a sweet Lassi....The big thali in which the parata was nicely parked with all the accomplices landed up on the table giving me intimidating stares....Crispy hot and colourful....It took me eternity to handle the task...supported by the freshly churned Lassi....Eating paratas could just be addictive...beware !!!!!
Service needs finetune....Thumps up for the rest...
Just paid 80 Bucks for the amazing experience !!!!
Yeh Desi Hai!!!!!!


October 15, 2010response from management at Golmaal Paratha:

Hello everyone

We would like to sincerely thank each and every burper who came forward and presented his/her views about their experience at Golmaal Parathas. It is really a rewarding and a huge learning experience going through your reviews. For those you liked our outlet and the parathas, we can't thank you enough and could not be happier for giving you a pleasant experience. After all, thats what we work hard for and strive for day-in and day-out.

@ronmi: We apologize that you found our parathas to be on the spicier side.

foodcraze - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 13,2010


First hand experience....

I was there last weekend on my friends invitation for a get together...i have always had a bad feeling about paratas for some reason...looking at the buzzing palce ...i could sense that the place had already caught the imagination of every possible soul in the vicinity..i was surprised to see a wide range of paratas....quiet confusing at times ... we sought help for the choice and were well attended .... ended up ordering the Golmaal special took a bit time to be there...i would just say one thing about the parata...Heavenly !!!!
I guess i had never ever had a jaljeera in my lifetime...but the one that i had here was refreshing....
Its a welcome break from all the junk that i had been having for quiet some time....
I Guess PIZZAS & BURGERS would soon go extinct....Great job guys.


sanya - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 13,2010


No dip in quality!

I had visited this place long time back when it was newly opened. Even though I am not a paratha lover I thought of checking out this place since I stay in Kormangala and it is walking distance from my place. I didn't have very high expectations when I went here the first time. But to be honest I was really amazed with the taste and the size of the parathas. I had ordered mushroom cheese paratha and it was just awesome. Then few days back I read the review of this place in BM and thought to try it again. After looking at the crowd at the place I thought the quality would have definitely gone down. Anyways I ordered same mushroom cheese paratha as I could not forget the taste last time. I had to wait longer this time but I could understand it seeing the crowd. Then finally I got my paratha and I had my first bite and you won't believe the taste was just same as when I had my first paratha. Frankly I was so impressed with the level of quality this place has maintained.



Chili powder in abundance

After reading about the place at TOI one morning, we decided to try it out one weekend. Seeing the place crowded with just one table available, we assumed the parathas here would be as tasty as the paper claimed. It would not be be an overstatement to say that i had to have over four glasses of water simultaneously with my methi paratha. My fiance ordered a mutton paratha which was equally spicy. So as to say, our parathas had more stuffings of red chili powder and less mutton and potato. Definitely our first and last visit to this place!


October 15, 2010response from management at Golmaal Paratha:

We apologize that you found our parathas to be on the spicier side..however, most customers are satisfied and demand the same quality to be maintained. Having said that, we don't want to dissappoint you either. You are equally important to us. A humble request is the next time you visit us, feel free to specify that your parathas should be less spicy. We'll make sure they are :-)

abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

October 12,2010


Quantity Yes...Quality????

After reading so many reading so many reviews about Golmaal Paratha, i ventured to try this place.
The ambience is average and not so clean!!! I told myself to wait until i taste the Parathas. 2 of us ordered Jaljeera, Lassi and 2 Parathas.
After 2 reminders the Lassi arrives and it is so-so, i still said "wait for the Paraths" and finally after waiting for 15-20 mins the Parathas arrive. 3 things in the Paratha i could notice was salt and chilli powder and the size, the size of the paratha is huge!! but whats the use having a huge "TASTELESS" paratha. To put it very mildly my paratha venture@Golmaal was a disaster :(..oh BTW, the Jaljeera never arrived and interestingly it made its way into the bill!! when i mentioned this I was asked "do you want the Jaljeera now"..i was like YEAH..BLAH :(.


October 15, 2010response from management at Golmaal Paratha:

We have taken your feedback positively and rest assured that we are working to improve towards the best. Thanks!

October 18, 2010response from management at Golmaal Paratha:

Thank you very much!!! If and When I visit next, i hope the quality would be improved.


No great shakes.

I had read reviews and tried to "check this place out" this weekend and was hoping to be impressed with food. Being a family from Delhi, we keep looking out for places where we can get nostalgic for North Indian food and so our foray into this unknown joint.

Once we reached this place, I was happy to see that we had to wait (15min) for our table which meant this place is good and well frequented (hindsight: its next to a college OF COURSE it will be well frequented, no matter what the food quality is).

We ordered 3 paratha's but the wait we had to go through was as if we had ordered food for a dozen ppl. They served our Lassi 15 mins before the food arrived! so what's the point of this drink if we don't have Paratha's to go along with it.

The Paratha's are nothing like what we call Paratha in North India (too big, not crisp the way it should be, taste is full of Atta, too hard at the ends, I can go on...). How come this place is getting such good reviews? who is eating these Paratha's? Its okay on its own but to call it one of "the" places for Paratha is totally bogus and wrong.

Prices are decent so you won't mind trying this place but frankly, I didn't find it that great.



October 15, 2010response from management at Golmaal Paratha:

We are working on improving the drinks/shakes too. You shouldn't have complains the next time you visit us :-)


How could I miss it....

I have been living in krmngla for like 7 years now and i love eating out.Seen Golmaal Parantha several times but never stepped in.Yesterday evening dying out of hunger i stepped in here and then :-
1.Saw huge varieties of Paranthas.
2.Clean and friendly Decor.
3.Had to wait a little for a mushroom Parantha but it was worth it.
4. The size of thr Parantha is nothing less than a Family size Pizza.
5.Not like regular servings,its served with a range of side dishes which are equally YUMMY.

After my yummy meal I had a casual chat with the owner and wished him luck for the good job.
so all you out there,Do not wait for 6 months like i did. Must visit for yummy Paranthas,...


NTG0511 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 24,2010


Paratha joint with a difference

This is the first time that I am reviewing anything on net :) so please pardon me if I happen to go on and on....

My elder bro chose this place for dinner for my younger bro's birthday. The menu posted on burrp itself tempted us to go there once atleast.

So landed there around 9. Quite pleasant ambiance. Courteous service. And was good atmosphere for a conversation - thanks to the not-so-heavy-on-the-ears music.

But the problem came in when we had to chose.. God they have so many varieties !!!! In the end went if for the Mughalai parantha - good, spicy and rich taste, Punjabi parantha - with loads of Paneer ofcourse, Mix Veg Methi - was awesome and Aloo Green Chutney Parantha - pretty much the usual aloo parantha, and mooli parantha - was also so-so. They serve it with a green chilly , and for which my husband fell head over heels :)

So with all that and some jaljeeras and juices cost us around 700 bucks.. so good food for avg of 100 bucks per head ... sounds like a good option...

But the only problem is that since they serve pipping hot, the service is slow.. and they don't have a proper restroom too... also I hope that the standard remains the same in the later days also and its not of those hotels which at opening are best and then go downwards...

Will definitely go there again... atleast to try out all the options in the menu once ;)


Rupesh Ravi - Burrp User

Rupesh Ravi

16 Reviews

September 23,2010


Good Parathas but very slow service

I have been to this place quite a few times. It serves good Parathas. Should try the ginger paratha section, I didn't find the paneer parathas to be that great.

But having said that I would also want place on record that if you are ever going there make sure you have extra time with you, 'cause the service is rather slow.

And hey they accept Sodexhos.


vishwas25 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

September 19,2010


Lacks consistency

The first time we had lunch, the parathas were good. But the second and third time, it was bad. Fourth time, it was average. It felt a little discouraging. I wish there was consistency. A little expensive for what you get. Especially when the food apparently isn't great.

I would recommend it if you have consistent good luck! :P


Awesome Place

I am not a big fan of paraanthas, but this place i must say has left me craving for more n more paraanthas...

Had been to this place last Sunday after enjoying the movie Dabaang. After reading good reviews about this place in Burrp i pestered my husband to try this place.. Reluctantly he accepted and we 2 along with our brothers ended up in this place by 1 in the noon. The place was already almost full. We made ourselves comfy on the sofa and took a look into the menu..i was shocked at the varieties o paraanthas they have. We ordered sweet lassi, Masala buttermilk and Mist lemon jaljeera for quenching our thirst. the lassi and Buttermilk were brilliant. The jaljeera was a lil disappointing as it was too sweet. the masala factor o the jaljeera was missing and it tasted more like lemonade. we ordered Gobi, Aloo methi, aloo green chutney and aloo mirchi,punjabi mix paraanthas. All the paraanthas come with chole,green chutney,imli chutney, thick curd, pickle, pickled onions and a fried green chilly. All the items which we ordered were tasting heavenly. The paraanthas are so big that even my husband who has a good appetite was full with one paraantha. I was high after eating my lunch.:) :) we decided that we wud surely come back to this place and try other varieties available. Thumbs up to this place!!!!


Golmaal Paratha now open at Jaynagar 4th Block

Now enjoy great parathas at Jaynagar 4th block also. Better interior and the same awesome parathas.


grubby - Burrp User


6 Reviews

August 24,2010


Great parathas, good value for money

Looking at the menu at Golmaal Paratha; you are swamped with the choice & variety of parathas on offer. There is an extensive variety of parathas available in both vegetarian & non vegetarian. I tried the standard Alu Paratha and it was well worth the price for a completely fulfilling meal! The paratha is quite large in size and is served with accompaniments of channa masala, pickled onion, curd, a green (mint) chutney, a red (date, I think) chutney & pickle. I also tried the Masala Buttermilk which was refreshing and went well with the paratha. The staff are friendly and the service is efficient. The ambience is okay; but the place is clean. Will definitely go back and try out the other variety of parathas that they have to offer.


Good Variety of Parathas

I tried this place after a colleague of mine insisted that the entire team should go to Golmaal Paratha for lunch... One thing tat surprised me is the variety of parathas they serve... and its of reasonable price and wat more, one paratha is sufficient for an individual... I liked the interiors, but the music can improve... Hmmm deserts are ok and same with the drinks... But honestly the parathas are good... its my team's opinion... cheers...


gaytri - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 02,2010


My fav Place.. Yummmyyy Parathasss...

I love this place.. Nice parathas... very friendly staff... I love kabuli chana paratha, alu methi paratha,paneer one with green chutney.... n also sweet lassi... ice creams are also ok, not bad :).. i like the ambiance also... nice place overall...



Parathas are good but drinks are Bad!

I must say your Parathas are good, but your drinks are Super bad. Please taste the thing you call Mint Lemon Jaljeera and reconsider having that on your menu !



Very clean & tasty parathas at a reasonable price

We found this place by accident as we were looking for a parking space on the busy JN College Road. The ambience is very green & clean, the waiters very attentive & service oriented and finally the food which is really great. We just had Alu & mixed-veg paratha which were pretty big sized ones and served with 3-4 sides – chana, curd & pickle!! The parathas were really fresh & my daughter almost had one whole paratha on her own which does testify its taste!! Had fresh lime water out here which had indeed a homely touch!!

Plan to visit this place again & try out other fancy parathas which are listed on the menu!!


Awesome!!! Yummy!!!!

Had been to This place yesterday and it was By Chance as it was raining and just went in to check out .
The Ambiance of the restaurant was Good ..
and you got lots and lots of choices for parathas .. i have never seen so much options in any other place ... we went for mutter paneer and Methi Paratha .. Both of them we Awesome and was big .. so one Paratha would fill up your tummy .. and then Matka Kufi we ordered and that was also Good ...... Prices are normal .. it costed 240 Rs for 2 ....... The waiters take time to understand the order ... Apart from that would say Must Go Place for Paratha Lovers .... :)


Nothing better can be more than this

Very unique theme of food, great taste, tons of choice, nice to pocket and if you feed yourself a paratha here no need to think of food for next couple of hours. It stays.
Recommend to everyone. Just try once



Awesome parathas!!!

We went to this place last Saturday on a friend's recommendation and believe me it actually serves awesome HUGE parthas!!! They have more than 50 types of parathas including non veg parthas which are served with different kind of chutneys and chole. My boyfriend really relished the mutton keema paratha and has become a die hard fan of this place. The ambience is also super cool and place is very clean. I ordered mushroom cheese paratha along with lassi. The taste was just amazing and you hardly get these kind of parathas in bangalore at such a reasonable price.

Overall its a real value for money and would recommend to all those who want to have real taste of truly north indian parathas!!!!


Green concept & Huuuuuge parathas

Golmaal parathas restaurant is a green concept all the way, green walls, green lights. It gives u a cool heavenly feeling as u enter. The interiors r very good as I mentioned, the chairs r straight n so r the sofas, yet everything is different here. The menu consists of more than 30 varieties of parathas. The varieties r spice, desi, veggie, cheese,etc each category consisting of 7 and more than 7 parathas. They take 20 mins to serve and u r shocked to see a gigantic paratha on ur table and 4 to 5 side dishes to relish the paratha with, like a sweet plain sabzi, curds, pickle, chole masala, green chutney etc. All d side dishes r excellent. We took a lassi and black grape juice. Lassi cost us Rs.20;Its reasonable as the glass was large n the taste was also upto the mark. The parathas r very filling n it costs Rs.120 and more than Rs.120. Very nice soft parathas with adequate fillings. I'd surely go there again.

Value for money-5/5



HUGE parathas!

We went there one sunday morning at around 11. The place was still being cleened up, so we thought we are the first customers. But later came to know that the restaurant opens up at around 9 in the morning.

Saw the menu. Lots of options! We went for one Mutton Kheema paratha and one chilly cheese paratha.
What came out were two huge parathas. They were really huge. With accompaniments like dal, chhole, curd, chutney, salad, achaar. The taste was good. Service was a bit slow.

Also had lassis. Were good. The rose lassi was thinner than the regular sweet lassi.

Price - moderate. We could finish a heavy meal for around Rs. 240. Didn't feel the need to have lunch!

Suggestion: Parathas could be made half the size, and give options of one/two. Also they could be make more crispier.



Below Par(athas)!

Last time I visited this place and penned a review here, it was new and great experience. That was not to be repeated when I had been here today. Parathas are excellent, one of the best deal you can get in this part of Bangalore. However the drinks, juices etc. and the service did play spoilsport. First we were given a juice that we did not order for. Second, one of the drinks came very late, almost half-time ( :-) ). I still would recommend this place for the excellent and tasty parathas that are served!



Refreshingly new Concept

This place is hard to miss with its green exteriors and interiors.... Its a place with all kinds of parathas.
Even the menu is green in color. It deceives you into thinking its a pure veg place.. But Non vegetarians don't despair they have a few yummy non veg parathas as well. I went here with two of my friends and we had baby corn ,paneer tikki and aloo methi parathas. Parathas are served with pudina chutney,ketchup,curd,onion,pickle and channa curry. The portion is extremely filling cause all 3 of us were unable to finish our respective paratha. We also had mango lassi and salted lassi (which was nice) and masala buttermilk (that was not so good).
The manager was very gracious and concerned and checked with us if we liked the food. He also offered to replace the buttermilk but we politely refused cause we were so full. Overall a nice place for lunch for office goers in koramangala. Will surely visit again.



Directions to Golmaal Paratha


If you are on the road from Sukh Sagar (near Koramangala BDA complex) towards Jyoti Nivas College, watch to your right until you find Barista or Coconut Groove. Golmaal Paratha is on the same side as these places and just separated by a lane!

Another landmark is "Tundays Kebab".

Happy parathaING!



Where is the address ?

Hi Guys,

Sorry to interrupt this feedback thread.

I need the exact address & landmark of this place (possibly phone number) in Koramangala.

Those who had gone there already can help...:-)



Loved the Parathas!

I am a frequent visitor of Golmaal Parathas, and I can confidently say that it is one one of those few places which provides authentic north-indian parathas. I've tried both veg and non-veg parathas, and found them mind-blowing. In veg, I simply loved the Muglai Paratha and Punjabi Mix Paratha. In non veg, I can never get tired of having the Chicken Tikka Paratha, though my husband loves the Mutton Keema Paratha. You have so many options to choose from. The ambience is also cool with good music playing. I hope they maintain the good quality of parathas being served now. One more thing: I love the sweet chutney that is served along with the paratha..I wonder how they make it..It's so YUM :)

So all you paratha-lovers who wish to have some great parathas in namma bengalooru (without actually travelling to the north), this is the place to go!! FINALLY!!



golmaal paratha

had been to this place today 20-4-10 and had a great time... the food was great and priced well i had the chicken paratha, i would definitely like to ask the owner the concept behind the green theme as well :) :)

last but not the least looks like the comment posted by csshaastry was taken seriously and the card machines are now in place... so go out and enjoy this place.



Above Par(athas)!

Visited this outlet yesterday (18th April). Reasons: close to my home and I have been wondering what gol maal can one do with parathas!

What's good?
I should admit that I have never seen such vast a variety in paratha menu anywhere! I even wondered whether paratha can be prepared with so many different ingredients and combinations. The menu is clearly divided into different sections "We Two", "Corn based", "Chinese" etc. Being a veggie, I did not delve into the non-veg options (In my opinion, paratha tastes best if it is vegeterian). After scanning the menu, we placed an order for a "Veg n Paneer" and "Manchrian Mix" Parathas (being great follower of veg indo-chinese food), along with "Lime jaljeera" and "Mint & Lime Jaljeera".

When the parathas arrived, I clearly understood that I had underestimated the size of it! The paratha was huge and accompanied by the following: 1 sweet chutney, 1 hot chutney, chole sabzi, curd, pickle and onion. All these were placed in their own little compartments and the arrangement was neat! The "veg n paneer" paratha was awesome and the "machurian mix" paratha was OK (a little too spicy). The stuffing inside the paratha was spread evenly around and every bite had the taste of the ordered flavour. The chutneys were tasty and curd could not have been better.

Service is quick and excellent, I must say! I thought that the person roaming around and ensuring every single person is having a nice time is the owner, if I am not mistaken. The waiters are very very cordial and ensure that "customers feel like king"! Since this is a pretty new outlet we need to wait and watch how long this service is maintained. I was a little irritated when parathas were served even before jaljeera, but that is OK considering everything else.

Neither too less nor too much. Economical pricing for a sumptuous paratha. Two parathas and two drinks cost around 300 bucks and was worth every penny!

What's not-so good
Green-lit lights and green theme welcome you. It did not appeal to me at all (not sure what this theme is based on!), however my wife liked this but felt it is a little over-done. The tone could have been more whitish for a better visual experience.

No Cards, Only cash:
This outlet accepts only cash, yes, you read it right. No cards! In an age when plastic money is fast replacing, these people should start accepting cards pretty quickly, for their own benefits!


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