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> > > > Gourmet Foodworld

Gourmet Foodworld

MG RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 41474789, 41474689, 32466586
  • 88 Shariff Bhatia Towers, MG Road, Bangalore
  • Indian, Chinese

1 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Gourmet Foodworld Reviews

deepo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 08,2010



I want to make all the people who live in Bengaluru ( their home ) aware of this UNBELIEVABLE EXPERIENCE I had in the GOURMET STORE on MG ROAD , Branch of food world ( apparently, I am not very sure though)
This must be hard to believe because it was hard for me to believe too until I faced it myself.
I have found expired products on the rack for sale in this store 4 times today !!!

I was finally pissed the 4th time when I found milk dairy products that were expired way before last year !!!!!! and asked for a manager to talk to about this and he spoke to me in such a manner that I was shocked and he actually DARED ME to complain to whoever I wanted and that he does not care!!! ( These were his words ) !!! This Manager, the first one I spoke to; Her name is Sheela and guys, she DID NOT understand our holy language KANNADA and then I tried to talk to her in english and she DID NOT understand that either!!! I actually felt that she was medically dumb and could only make noises with her mouth ) So, I got the AREA MANAGER'S NUMBER ; He introduced himself as ANURAG and when I spoke to him about the products that were on the rack for sale, he actually started to laugh and challenged me to complain !!!! This triggerred me off more and so, I had to make this a public message and want to keep everyone aware of it! ( I was aware of his high designation and actually wanted to have a polite conversation which went totally otherwise - This was shocking considering his profile!!)

There are soo many people who are not educated enough to make sure and check the expiry date before buying the product; they buy stuff and shop for groceries and if an old person or a frail sick person consumes an expired dairy product, he/she can even lose their life!!!
THIS IS NOT A JOKE!! The products I found were expired way over the last year and you can imagine how many people would have bought that product and consumed that whole year!!!

And by the way, this store holds imported and local products; and as the international brands you get here are not available so easily in Bangalore, many people end up here but what they do not really see is they ARE buying expired products and this store does NOT give a damn!! Many foreigners buy food from this store, and I strongly urge them to take a look at the product before buying it, at the expiry dates!!!
And if you do end up buying an expired product by mistake , you can NOT return it back even with the bill and thats how co operative the staff is!!
BEWARE -- I figured I would at least post messages on the internet because if I placed a complaint with the authorities, no one there is going to bother ; hell - customer service in our country is the last priority (if it has any at all ) ; so people, we can do this ourselves by posting reviews everywhere so that we can get all of us to be aware of every place we visit and what we can expect and what places to visit and what places not to ! And if everyone starts to follow this, the customer service is going to take a whole new turn in our country and that will in turn benefit us!
Besides, the bottom line is that these stores are open for all of us and we have to be aware and alert about what we are spending our hard earned money on and if its worth it!!
I hope everybody agrees with this!