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KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 08041104104
  • 20-21, 7th Block, Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 300

69 Reviews / 73 Ratings

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Gramin Reviews






Great Veg Stuff

Almost all of us have this romanticized notion of a Dhaba - rustic, earthy, no-frills and most importantly, serving lip-smacking food. Now imagine a dhaba in the midst of a bustling city, but not in its earthy entirety, rather one which wants to be modern yet retain its connections to the countryside. What you get as a result is a place like Gramin . Interestingly decorated, with bright colours and an intentionally created rustic ambience which gets "heightened" by, of all the things, the lack of air conditioning !!!

Gramin is small and crowded on most occasions, especially during lunch hours on weekdays. You would have to invariably wait for a table. But the food is worth the wait and you need no further evidence of that than by the fact that so many hard-core non-vegetarians patiently wait in line at this pure-veg restaurant !!!

Unless it's some team lunch or celebration, lunch is usually a quick one in which case Thalis are the preferred choice. Thalis are fairly sized with a Bowl of Rice, 2 Rotis, 3 Curries & Sabzis, a papad & of course, Raita, followed by a Sweet and more often than not, this would be a filling meal. Everything is served fresh and hot and taste-wise, they rate pretty high.

At other times, we'd usually opt for Roti Baskets along with individual curries. Pretty much every curry that we've ordered till date has not disappointed us, including the Dals, which sadly are neglected at most places. They also have a pretty good but small collection of beverages such as Jaljeera, Shikanji, Chaas, Lassi etc- the Kesar Lassi and Anjeer Milk Shake are my favourites.

Verdict :- Gramin is a place that will not disappoint you either for the food or for the VFM, which is very high !! The long wait might be the only disappointing factor.


Mixed Experience

I have been here many times. Sometimes their service is very good and sometimes it is average. Their quantity of food for a thali has also reduced a lot and rarely you will be tummy full. The ambiance is actually nice and food quality and taste is average.


Big Foody  - Burrp User

Big Foody

38 Reviews

February 12,2013


Great food!

One of the best vegetarian restaurants I have been to in Bangalore.Its a small place, but nice and comfortable. Menu is simple. Food is really very tasty. Quantity is also good. Real Value for Money! Service is prompt.
Have been there twice and totally enjoyed both experiences.
Sure to be back many more times!


sndpks - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 26,2013


Tasty food. Reasonable price.

Very tasty food. Booking a table in advance is a big advantage or waiting time will be a pain. Quick service too!!!



Delight for vegetarians

Went there for the first time with my fiance and must tell u, u should try the hara mirch soda! The meals are filling as hell and light on your pockets! Usually a huge waiting time around lunch time but doesnt matter. The thali is the best part here where they serve u Roti and rice once u are done eating one. So u are ensure they are really hot! Only con here is that there no thali on the weekends. A meal for two would cost you around 300-400 max and its worth it


Mixed Reviews

The first time I went there to have my dinner, everything was good.service, food and they did not keep me waiting for long. But the second time the service wasn't great, and the waiter was rude, food also did not taste that gr8. Worth a try once at aleast


Best Vegetarian Restaurant

This place can be described as one of the best in B'lore to serve veg food. Taste, service and ambiance are good. Price is moderate. On weekend you can end up waiting for more than an hour but then it will be worth it.



Gramin sucks in all aspects

This place sucks big time, lemme start:

To start with this place is designed by some dumb guy or its for bonsai people. A avg 5'10" guy cant sit comfortably at any table of the restaurant coz its so damn cramped or the management was busy making it look funky that they forgot the most basic point that a person needs a comfortable seat while eating food.

Now comes the waiting staff, they have attitude!!! neither will they serve water after 10 reminders nor do they have time while taking orders. I am very sure that they have never suggested/recommended any dish on menu to any customer coz they are so busy pretending being busy.

There is more to this, now to find a table in this stuffy,cramped and stupid place which serves avg food you have to wait for some 2 hrs.

Guys believe me you can find a better dining experience at random darshini's than this Gramin!!!!!!


cosmo - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 28,2012


Decent enough

I'd been here for lunch with 5 of my friends. The food is good, not overpriced too. We had to our fill without having to think of the damage it would have on our wallets.
The only downside though would be the lack of space. Tables are cuddled together too close so you may end up feeling a bit claustrophobic!
But overall a decent restaurant with good food.


Sagarika  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 29,2012


Good experience

A small, simple, cozy, lovely place with good pure veg food.....
Good ambience & service.


nrooz - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 20,2012


Almost authentic North Indian food

Long queues awaits always on weekends, though kind-of almost there authentic North Indian food, in South Bangalore. Food is good for a pure-veggie like me.
Service is good, at-least me and my group has always been greeted with a smile.


Dg Gowda - Burrp User

Dg Gowda

1 Reviews

February 10,2012


its just an average place for lunch

most of the dishes are tasteless... you'll hav to wait for a long time after your order...the service is not good...except for the place nothin's good... not worth givin a try...we had come all over from hebbal to this place so first timers please don't go by the review of few...i felt only best part was the curd rice. cost is within budget but not a good try... giv it a miss.


Good Place for Veggies

The place is good for vegetarian food.
Been there with Non-vegetarian friends & we still keep going back for more.
Curries made extra spicy on request.
The service is slow. The waiters are nice & courteous.
No place to park your vehicles.
They take your order when you are waiting & yet it takes long for them to get your order even after you get your table.



Nothing Special xcept Name

I've been 6-7 times visited here and almost tried all main dishes & starters but at last i would say that only Ambiance & Jal Jeera is good. All dishes are simple & tasteless(Nothing special). Service is pathetic and if want to say than a little bit 2-3 items are good like Bhindi & Dum Aloo, rest all is waste. Prices are a little bit high which are not right as compared to taste.In short just good for once a try.



Doesn't live up to the Hype!

I have definitely had much better food at similar/less prices in Bangalore. Nothing noteworthy. Tomato soup is thick but the taste is not at all good. Everything is extremely spicey. When asked the head waiter about what sabzi would be good, got a blunt reply that everything is good. Just order. Finally ordered a paneer dish, baingan bharta, daal afghani, rotis and rice. Curries were extremely spicey. There was no taste of baingan in the bharta. Daal seemed to be a day old. Rice was undercooked. Rotis were okay.
Definitely not worth the money!


therealale - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 18,2011



Gramin is a fantastic place - awesome food and your wallet will like it too! A little crowded....but the service was excellent... so who's complaining? :) try their karela starters when you are there - even the hardcore we- hate- karela folks will be converts. I loved their cutlery - kind of added to the place's authenticity.


Good Food......

Visited this place on the 14th Dec.
Pro- Good food, Tasty, Pleasing Interiors,something different for your taste buds.
Cons- Waiting for it, No parking, Not for the people who want to go a restaurant mainly for the ambiance.
In short, it was worth the visit. Good suggestions with respect to their specialties, and definitely worth the wait for food. In fact I traveled 10km just to eat here.


carolyn013 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 13,2011



I went here today with a few of my friends.
We had the Veg Kholpuri,it was tooo spicy and we also ordered the Navaratna Kurma,this was too sweet and contained tooo much pineapple.But the rotis were soft.with a splatter of rich desi gheee.


Wouldnt even want to rate it

I shall keep it as short as possible so putting it down as points.
1. Ambiance is horrible. For people who like a good ambiance, this is definitely not the place. There aren't even enough fans! The tables are small and the place is all crammed up.
2. Service is bad. It took them almost 15mins to get us 3 forks! None of the employees at the restaurant have any idea of what is going on around.
3. Highly unprofessional approach. Got a blunt reply when I asked the waiter which starter would be good.
4. Food isn't up-to the mark. Had ordered a "Paneer dhuandar" and had high expectations from the way it was presented but taste was nothing so different. Seek-kebabs are definitely not something to be tried out here.

Overall a good place to visit if you want your mood to be spoiled, your taste buds ill-treated and your money wasted.


Its the Location more than the food

Went to Gramin with couple of my friends , The staff there is uncourteous . The sitting is not at all comfortable on a sat eve they didn't have most of the starters on the menu.
Service it so pathetic that they got one of our starters just before the desserts.

Although there is a huge range of dishes but most of the gravies taste very similar.
The only highlight about the place is its location and a claim to be serving authentic indian cuisine which its not.

If you are around forum and cant think of a place to eat out and wanna spoil your rest of the day the you should definitely go to Gramin.


namushna - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 18,2011


Eating here is incidental. Don't plan & come here

In case you don't feel like cooking back home, and want to eat a veg meal outside, which comes at economical price, Gramin is a decent bet. But yeah, you don't want to be coming here from a radius beyond 3Km of Gramin to eat. Better to check this restaurant when coming to Forum Mall. Car parking is difficult, so Forum works well. About food, there isn't anything worth mentioning. It's more of legacy that is carrying the restaurant on. Six years back in Bangalore it was good place to get decent north Indian veg food. Then and even now, waiting time is an issue. Cramped seating doesn't help either. There are loads of other options to check. Check out Bayleaf which is adjacent to it.


Vinay  - Burrp User


9 Reviews

September 11,2011


No frills good food

Its a good option for pure vegetarians. The place is done up with the gramin theme although the waiting period can be an issue if you are in a bigger group. The service is pretty fast and the price is economical.


worth the visit

the food is simple yet tasty and not too strong on the flavors. price is also affordable. overall good :)



Very different kinda food

Liked this place a lot. Though a bit crammed up in seating, the food is very good. Its spicy though. Their menu is very well chosen and dishes are not very commonly served elsewhere. They are very well priced and its certainly worth visiting again.


Avg Place

I am a veggie and love to go to Pure Veg restaurant. but didn't like the food at all here. Have been to this place 4 times always hoping better luck next time but always disappointed.
I am not sure why people have rated it 4/5 star. There are other better places than this



Nice place

Good for veggies.

Nice ambiance, give you a good feel of village. Quick service.

Good to try:- Kesar Lassi along with main course..

Overall experience:- 9 on 10.


Good One

Its a great place for punjabi food. I liked the service and the ambiance as well. The wait kills, but it is worth it.


Veggie Heaven

It is one among the best veggie punjabi food place in this part of town. Have visited this place at least 10 times . Quick service , awesome food, the best gravies. Hate the wait at most times.


Vegetarian's Paradise on earth! No Parking though!

One of the best (if not The best) north indian pure vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore! The food is mouth watering and wakes up your taste buds... I still can't forget the yummy Veg Kohlapuri, fluffy Aloo Parathas with Malai Kofta! The best we've ever had so far! The service also has been pretty quick (thanks to facility to place order while waiting for the table!) The prices are very reasonable and a good meal for 2 with drinks would cost about 550 (with tips!).

The only flip side, there is no parking and have to roam around adjacent street to find one!


Good place to eat

Gramin is one of the best veggie places in Bangalore it offers u a wide variety of veggie food this place this very cheap compared to the food it offers.. However the only flaw in this place is the seating as it is not very good and u have to compromise with the space a little. Overal this place is a mandatory visit for all the veggies. Nd don't forget to try channa masala.



Never going there again

As a person who loves north Indian food i know when it’s not good...and not even close to ok... I went there since my friends told me it’s a good place...first of all the place seemed so cramped I had to bend in order to navigate through the room...the chairs were too low and very uncomfortable...some of us do have good height may be they didn't realize that when they were making this restaurant for the 7 dwarfs

They do have a lot of variety and the price is very very economic...but the food had stones in it...and I could not take it so I settled one roti and decided to later enjoy food at some place which though expensive doesn't cost me my teeth, because when i got out to eat it’s not really money I care about after all how often does one eat outside, may be every weekend...but I rather eat at a good place than spoil my entire weekend mojo

We tried the chaurasi dal and paneer tikka masala and roti, out of which I only liked the paneer tikka masala since it did not have any adulterations like the daal neither any hard or burnt rims like the roti...

I'd say unless u r not on a tight budget and don't intend to wait to get crammed into what seems like a place not suitable for people with some real height...even when sitting, don't go there


blrkhana - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 24,2011


a place to go for Veggies

check out Gramin on weekends eve and u will find atleast 20-30 people waiting to get in. Lot of options to try with food available in Jain style . place to go for if you are near by kormangala,i am giving 3 * bcoz the quality is gone which i used to have months before. We ordered garlic Naan and it was cold, the gravy in kaju masala was having only tomatoes with no taste of other spices and in Malai kofta, kofta was not fresh and so was onions .

Napkins are too small,can be used only once .Caution: No Indo-Chinese available



Place for simple, quick and tasty dinner

Went there for a Sunday dinner with my family, we had to wait for about 3o min at 8:30 but the best part was the order was already placed and when we finally reached the table at 9 the food started coming up one by one. It was quite delicious and price is moderate.
I suggest ppl must try the Gulkand milk shake, was nice! will love to visit this place sometime again


pknai123 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

January 07,2011



Had been here couple of times a year back. The food is homely. i like the thali preparation, some lasuni paneer starter & lassi- jal jeera drink here .
Ambience is good 'Village style concept' but i found the chairs lil uncomfortable to sit for a longer time. Food was good, need more variety. Service was bad.


isha12 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 30,2010


Eat, Curse, Run !!!

1) AMBIENCE :- This is a pure veg 'Indian village' theme restaurant with two floors. The place is very congested with hardly any space between the tables. It feels kind of dark 'coz of poor lighting. As the place is small it eventually becomes too noisy when it is crowded.

2) CROWD :- Mediocre.

3) TABLEWARE :- It matched with the 'Indian Village' restaurant theme. The copper glasses were looking clean but they had some bad smell and the water tasted little different.
Plates and spoons were comparatively clean, but the napkins(OMG) were looking old and were having the odour of food in them as if they were not washed properly.

4) HYGIENE :- Poor as the glasses and napkins had some bad odour.

5) SERVICE :- On weekends the place is generally crowded so the food order is taken while waiting itself. But still when you are given the table it takes lots of time for the food to arrive. The waiters seemed not bothered types. There was no sense of attending the customers properly by the waiters.

6) FOOD PRESENTATION :- I would say there was no presentation sense at all. Food was just kept on the table as if people there were really some gramins sitting in a roadside dhabha. I think they took the theme a bit too seriously here.

7) FOOD QUALITY & TASTE :- The starter was served with no chutney or any other complimentary item. It was really dry and hard to swallow. On top of that it was totally bland and non spicy.

The main course was bland as well, even though we ordered the most spicy items on the menu. While ordering food we even told the waiter to make it spicier and tasty but I guess he couldn't convey this to the chef 'coz of some mysterious reasons.

7) VALUE FOR MONEY :- The food price is average but compared to the overall experience it is not worth it.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE :- While sitting there it was hard to hear or talk to my friend as it was too noisy. One can always listen to the conversation on the nearby tables which is a mood spoiler. I could not finish my main course because of the bad taste even though I was very hungry. The food had no taste or flavour so it had nothing to do with North Indian food or any other cuisine whatsoever.
I wonder how can that place be so crowded.

FRIENDLY OPINION :- If you are fond of good and tasty food then you won't forgive yourself for eating there.


romi123 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

December 29,2010


Pathetic Preparations and Unprofessional Attitude

After reading the reviews on burrp I decided to visit Gramin on a Saturday evening. There were people waiting who came before us so I opted for a take away.

Before ordering I clearly asked as to how long will it take and I was told, nothing more than 20 mins.
My order included Paneer Vindaloo (Spicy) ,Methi Mutter Malai (Sweet white Gravy) ,Firki Paratha, Rotis and Jeera Rice.

The moment I finished the order, the gentleman asked me to hand over some advance and I gave him a 100 Rupee note, but I didn't realize that he was peeping inside my wallet and asked me to give the 500 note instead.
Now this was something I never expected.

Finally after agonizing 40 mins and 2 reminders I got my parcel.

Now comes the nighmare;

Paneer Vindaloo: Rubbery Paneer in tomato gravy. Same as butter paneer masala. Guess they dont know what a vindaloo preparation is.

Methi Mutter malai: I dont know whether this is categorized as a curry or dessert.
I guess the chef added the sugar twice instead of salt.
We just could not bear it and had to throw it away.

For obvious reasons the breads and jeera rice were no exception.

I wonder how this place has been chosen as best North Indian veg restaurant.

For me this is the biggest disappointment in the name of North Indian food.

Never to visit again.


sakshi1234 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 29,2010


the best north indian food in bangalore

the ambiance here is pretty subtle and reminds you of the villages in our country, the tamba glasses, the old songs playing, and the AMAZING food makes it a place worth a visit....and one cannot miss the amazing lassi in gramin..... my remarks, full on paisa vasool.....!!


gogulsbm - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 18,2010


Good Food

We enjoy a lot in gramin.Very nice taste and feels like a homely mouth-watering food.We have been many times to gramin and we keep going.Especially i love to eat harabhara kababs....


Rupesh Ravi - Burrp User

Rupesh Ravi

16 Reviews

September 24,2010


Good place for veggies..

I am a strict non-vegetarian, So if I am writing this review then it means this place is good.

The food is good, the place is always crowded you need to wait for at least 10 mins to get in any given day. Its a village theme restaurant with food being served in copper vessels and all.

Food is good, The chairs are small its not a place where you are sit comfortably. The waiter here are more inclined to make you eat their thali (may be maximum margin)

I found their thali to be a bit spicy. The Biryanis are really good there.

They accept Sodexhos.


chemnitr - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 05,2010


Gramin: Must go for veggies

Taste: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Scores down just because of congestion)
Service: 4/5 (went twice, was satisfied with service)
Value for money: 4/5
Overall: Must for Veggies and for Northies especially. A perfect stop for family.



So and so and so

Tiny place ...tiny chairs... feels like have somehow adjusted into some train compartment. Food is not pure north Indian a little kolhapuri blend of taste. I had ordered Mirch ka Salan. It was listed too hot but lacked the zing I had also ordered methi paneer this was also average, nicely cooked but lacked any taste or aroma.
Roti was a bit too coarse and lacked the softness,
Worth a try if you like experimenting may be you like some items in the menu, Kadhi Pakoda was good though.



Veg so so

Ordered a starter but it never arrived...The second one was gud though...Roti was not good enough with more like rubber...The gulab jamun was good....Decently priced for the quality and service offered....The waiting time can be killing at times...


Oh dear... this what passes for "good food from north of India"? Really? Just because it does not have rai and kadi patta in the items?

We ordered a starter that had paneer and baby corn, and a masala papad, along with masala buttermilk and shikanji. Then, we had kadhai channa and Gramin kofta with plain naan and missi roti.

Mistake no. 1 - paneer in South India is rare; leathery mass of white that could be construed to be paneer is common, and present in Gramin.

Mistake no. 2 - did not ask for "hot"ness level of the vegetable dishes, and the innocuous single mirchi on the menu against the names cannot alert the average North Indian customer to the inordinate amount of chillies/chilly powder clearly being used.

At least the drinks were not a write-off.

And there was a crowd waiting to get in! Really? I mean, really.



Legend of Gramin

This is one place that is always crowded. I should reiterate ALWAYS and CROWDED! They even offer a flat12% discount on take aways - thats how crowded it gets. Now the question does this place live up to its legendary status? Here's the answer:

I have been here a plenty of times, the last and most recent was for a friend's b'day get-together. We dropped in rather early for dinner right after a cake munching session. There isn't much to write home about the ambiance of the place. It's not bad but its nothing great nor significant. just bare minimum i should say - the chairs are tiny and marginally uncomfortable for relatively large people! But anyway Gramin was never about the ambiance its the just the splendid food. Of all times i have been there always walked out content (except for an additional "omg this place is so congested!" ) .

The last time we had a Gobi chatpata for starters and that was fantastic, a paneer gravy - cant quite recollect the name a tangy tomato base one - which too was great! The malai kofta was perfect (especially for an anti-spice friend of mine!) The Rotis n breads were good, as was expected.

Now i had this drink - mirchi lime soda! and oh god! it was killer spicy! something unique i hadn't tired before and i think its worth the try if u can manage that killer green chilli burning your esophagus for awhile!

Walking out i realize Gramin delivers what it promises - good north indian food, relatively good pricing , and a legendary queue!

P.S - Their Lunch thaali good value for money. limited but quite satisfying!


kallis - Burrp User


4 Reviews

March 04,2010


One of the best places to have pure Vegggie stuffs

Amazing variety of veg starters and dishes.. i have not seen such a variety of pure veggies on any menu.. the wait outside is worth the food served..
one place u can just drop by when nothin comes to ur mind and ur really hungry... :)


SSK  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 22,2010


Place for Veggie lovers!!

Small place set in a big complex, not much seating space in the waiting area. Waiting time on weekends can be as unbelievable as 45mins -1 hour!! In fact the waiters insist on taking your orders while you're in the waiting area itself, the result, you may not always be blessed with piping hot food.

Starters were good; do try the Hara-Bhara kebab, paneer dishes& jal jeera. Main course was pretty average, nothing that exotic which one couldn't get in any other place.

The most annoying part was the loud music which made it impossible to hear what the person sitting across to you was saying. We had keep requesting the staff to turn down the volume which had little effect on them.

All in all, if you happen to visit this place, I suggest you do it on a weekday and if you don't happen to visit then believe me there's nothing that you would have missed.


Veg Cannot be better

I dont know where to start about this place.

small place in Raheja Archade, streaming with people getting their names written to book a table for a vegetarian menu. I did not beleive any of it till I was inside after 45 mins of waiting.
Lip smacking delicious food.unforgetable jaljeera and a great menu.
From any corner of bangalore if its vegetarian, its got to be gramin.



OK ish

Stomachs got mothered after eating here a couple of times!
Otherwise, the fare is pretty much the same (typical N.Indian Stuff)

Not planning to re visit the place


epicure007 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

December 13,2009


Average if I am being charitable

I have always held this notion that when it comes to the eating- out scene in India, there is a pretty high acceptance of low food quality. Gramin ( and its popularity) stands testimony to that.

There are quite a few out there who will recommend this place. Indeed, the reviewers here stand proof of that. But really, there must be some value assigned to food quality, especially when there are a good amount of better choices for Indian food in the vicinity.

My three stars are really for what I feel is good - the first is for the speed of service and for being merciful in taking an order while one is waiting in the queue, the second is for the low pricing ( one would not want to pay too much for sub-standard food and thank God for that here) and the last is for utilsing the available space to the hilt ( even if that means bad seating in general)

So, what is there to speak about the food? Nothing much. Take any dish - I am sure the gravy will taste the same. The Thalis are an embarassment - generally Thalis are known for huge quantities. Not so here - where while the quantities are less, thanks to the richness ( sodaness?) you cant eat much

Overall, not a place to go to unless your sense of Punjabi is what I have described above


veggie heaven!

used to frequent this place with a colleague who was a strict vegetarian (no mushrooms etc). Absolutely loved the food each time, despite the long queues at lunch time


bhansalisid - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 05,2009


Great food, modest decor

One thing that hits you on seeing Gramin is the cramped place it has selected. Definitely not a good choice for a restraunt. However that is the only negative place about this place. If you are a vegetarian in the city, this is one of the few places which are has excellent food and good service too. The management is courteous and manages the waiting quite well(you ought to get on the waiting list almost every time).
Food is excellent, would definitely recommend the Thandai. Prices are normal.

Overall a good place for a veggie to be given the price range and the location where it is situated. definitely a place to visit.


Good N.I Food...

A north indian restaurant in bangalore which is not that expensive and one on which i can rely that i will get good food is gramin...this is a restaurant i have been around 5-6 times with different ppl and i never had complain regarding its food...on weekends this place is usually crowded and its better that one books a table prior to going but still one will have to wait for sometime...
The must orders are paneer makhni,dal makhni and sweet lassi...
The restaurant will not make a big hole in your pocket...a meal for 4 ppl will cost u around some 500-600 bugs...


Decent Food

Food is fairly tasty and not too heavy. Ambience is different but not very comfortable. Service could be a bit faster.


Just another North indian wannabe

Looking out for some North Indian food in Bangalore, I landed up here with a Burrp reference. Turned out to be not worth the reference for the first time of the manyi have picked Burrp referenes

The food is regular, very ordinary and the crowd, all of it which waits out for an hour or more here, seems to be all attracted by the hype. The staff was courteous and I have to give it to them for their impeccable Hindi diction. They'd make you wait outside, because the place is full inside, and average waiting time was at least 60 minutes. you can have a look at the menu around at that point of time and then place your order

interiors had warli art and bricks lined up and dim lighting. and you get to eat in peetal ka thaali. however, the food was passe and i wouldnt get back here another time! If you want a north indian experience, come to north india. And this place does not have gujarati food as listed here!


saurabh_t - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 01,2008


Not Sure!!

I have mixed feeling about this place. Food is ok with all regular dishes. Service is very bad with rude people, u can't take table of 6 with 5 people even you have done the reservation, if u not like it they wil tel u to go as other people are waiting. Also serves very little quantity.



used to be good

everything we tasted had the same taste, same base gravy.

this really used to be good, wondeirng what happend? Chef ran away?

in any case I will still give it another chance...being a vegetarian.



The food is amazing and tastes very authentic. The ambience is rustic, located in the heart of Koramangala. They serve really fast and take your order when you are waiting for the table, thus ensuring that your recieve the order almost as soon as you sit down.

It isn't very expensive and makes for a good outing. Try it for sure!


nishaprasad - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 10,2008


Paisa Vasool

The look is authentic, the food is mouth-watering, service is fast and courteous and ambience is beautiful.
A small joint in Raheja Arcade which serves great north indian food at modest prices.
The range includes all popular northindian dishes with rotis, kulcha etc...
the food and water is served in copper vessels.
An average meal for 2 people complete with soup and starters will be around 350-400 bucks.
Try the thali available for lunch (except on public holidays and sundays).
It has 2 bhajis (one panner and one ordinary), one dal/ dal fry, raita, sweet, 2 tandoori rotis and jeera rice. It is filling and tasty too.. All for around Rs. 75 per plate.

I have been to this place atleast half a dozen times and till now have not found a bad dish on the menu.
The only spoiler is the waiting time, given that it is a small place. But you can always call and place orders and then take their take aways home......with 10% discount tooo....haina full paisa vasool


My dil goes ummmm…

I’ve been goin’ to this place for 3 years now and fallen in love with the food everytime!

Generally, this place is too crowded and one has to book the table and wait in front of the restaurant. They also expect you to place the order right there so that the food is served without delay when you occupy the table.
The interiors are decorated with colorful clothes with mirror work. There are 2 kinds of tables. The special ones are low rise tables with low rise chairs with cushions. Though I prefer this one, it depends on the crowd and the number of whom I go with.
I love the jal jeera and aam shikhanji here. One of the best I have ever tasted. The cutlery used is all made of heavy metal and are copper plated.
They claim, the vegetables and the ingredients used here are carefully handpicked and are taken utmost care while cooking!

Well, well.. the quantity served is apt and the food tastes yummy! I have tasted almost everything here and each of those is finger licking!!

One negative point here is, the waiters are in such a hurry, looks like they just want to serve and shoo you away asap so that they could accommodate more customers. Once, one of my uncles hadn’t finished eating, the waiter did not even bother to check if he could clear it up but just picked the plate to clear the table.
This could be a better place if the hurrying up in the service reduces to some extent.



I'm a non-vegetarian, though I do enjoy good vegetarian food.
Gramin is not one of the best I've eaten.
It's inexpensive, crowded and cramped.
The food is standard, average fare, and definitely not worth the plaudits that some of my colleagues gave it.
Like the name suggests, it's standard village fare, with standard, low-quantity masalas, standard variety and standard quantity.
Multiple visits to the place (not by choice!) have left me with the same sensation... "Ehhh... so what?"


Please go there only if you're an ardent fan of

north Indian food! Ambience is cute though! Slightly expensive and you have to wait forever to get a seat!



Book and enjoy a meal

A really good place for Vegetarians be it from the North or Southern parts of the country.
Dont attempt to go to Gramin without a booking else u end up needlessly waiting for quite a while and end up doing some mindless shopping in Raheja arcade as well. Talking abt the food, try the Aam ka panna (my personal favorite here), Babycorn palak and the Methi rotis. U will defn leave the place wanting to go back very soon


s_murli - Burrp User


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January 02,2008


On the top of my list always

Very tasty food and good varieties.

Most of the time its crowded and have to wait for some time. Price is on the higher side. Even then I feel the food is definitely worth it.

This place is always on top of my list whenever I plan for a eating out.


Wholesome meal

Gramin's USP is that they cook with carefully selected ingredients and that they do not use preservatives or artificial colour in their food. The end result is that the food is delicious. This vegetarian restaurant has the best jal jeera ever,and very very good Rajasthani and Gujrathi food. The ambiance is ethnic with low seating and colourful mats and paintings on the wall. Definitely worth visiting!


"Look Ma, Bhindi Masala!"

I'm the last person around to sing paeans to an institution that thrives on its reputation as the place for the best vegetarian food in town. But credit needs to be given where it's due and Grameen (why am I always tempted to finish every utterance of that with a 'Swasthya Seva Mission'?) honestly does a good job of dishing out some genuinely tasty veggie fare.

If you're a first-time visitor and want to check out how well they do across the ‘roti-dal-subzi-chawal’ quadrant, then it'd do you well to try their ‘thali’ which is made up of a couple of tandoori rotis, a dal, 2 vegetable preparations, raita, papad and a sweet (anyone wanting to start a signature campaign that would urge Indian restaurants to think beyond the done-to-death gulab jamun, let me know). Which reminds me, I'd really like to see one of these places surprise me with their ‘thali’ one of these days. If not in terms of taste, then in terms of variety atleast, all these darned vegetarian thalis that I've been trying at different places (Aangan, Dal Roti to name a couple) have started to blur into one another. But I guess the familiarity of the standard North Indian vegetarian thali is, after all, its biggest selling point.

If you like the way the thali tastes and find yourself drawn to the place a second time, then dive into the a la carte menu this time around and get a little adventurous. My mum would be doing cartwheels in the living room if she ever heard that I, her most carnivorous of offspring, actually ordered a 'bhindi' dish at a restaurant, but that it in itself is a tribute to the men (Ladies, I looked...the cooks are all male) in the aprons here. They make the 'bhindi masala' taste wickedly good - bite-sized pieces of ladies finger are tossed around in a thick brown gravy of roasted spices with just the right bit of tang and salt.

[Did I just spend more than two lines in praise of a dish that didn't have any meat in it? Sigh, the state things have come to. Someone please point me in the direction of Bangalore's first all-you-can-eat steakhouse!]

Moving on, on multiple visits here, I've sampled stuff from the offbeat to the tried-and-tested, from the Sukki Sabzi to the Dal Fry, from the stuffed kulcha to the tandoori roti. And have had very little to complain about. Their (soft) drinks menu is exhaustive as well. I second, third and fourth every other endorsement here of their 'shikanji' and have also been told that their 'gulkand' milkshake is a must-try. I'm pretty sure there will be a next time, so I guess I know what I'm having for dessert when I'm there again.

Never really had to wait or fight to be seated or served, but I guess since these last few reviews here were written, they have extended the restaurant to include a mezzanine kind of place inside. Service is quick and unobtrusive. The decor is simple and earthy - with the rough edges intentionally left in to give you that genuinely 'grameen' feel. The place is not air conditioned but is situated just off a breezy corridor in a high-roofed commercial complex, so cross ventilation is aplenty and keeps you cool.

Definitely give this joint a shot if you're a vegetarian by choice. And even if you aren't, stop by this place on your occasional ‘no-meat’ day and you should walk away pleasantly surprised.


Good Food Difficult to Get

I like the food. The ambience is OK. But if you thought you could go there at your wish, you will get disappointed like me. Its a very small place, and always puts you to 30 to 90mins of wait.


Grameen is Good

Limited Space, long waiting time on weekends and a staff which always seems in a hurry to get you out of the place. Move over all this and if you like good food and you are somewhere around Forum then Grameen is the place to be.
Food is quite good here, the tambe ke bartan , woven mats on the table and overall decor give it quite the grameen look and feel. The food is quite good, although fultu vegetarian.
The regular Paneer, Kofta and Curry dishes are quite tasty. Move over to Aloo-Gobhi which was extremely delicious. Although I should mention that Makke ki Roti and Soup were quite a big time disappointment. Also a Paneer Platter which we ordered as starter was not that good. My reco, its better to stick to vegetables here than Paneer.
After meal (or have it between meals or before it) drinks are quite simply GREAT!!! Try out the Aam Panha, Shikanji and the Jaljeera ( I had 1/3rd glass of each, followed by another half glass of Aam Panha). Simply Awesome!
There is thali option too, which I have heard is quite OK(taste wise and cost wise).
The staff could be a bit more responsive and friendly though, will do a lot to make this place a big time hit.
Prices are quite in the not so high range, considering Koramangala its not too much.



Best North Indian Veg Food

I discovered Grameen thru the office bachelor boys, who always raved about this place, and tried it out once with my wife and kid, and we got hooked forever!!

This place is my 7yr old's favourite restaurant. She just loves their Aalo Capsicum Subzi - so much that she asks her mom to make the 'Grameen Subzi' all the time.

Their Aam Panna and Nimbu Shikanji are the best coolers you'll get. My favourite starter is the 'Tawa Arbi' - Slender slices of Arbi roasted crisp to a golden brown and spiced just right.

Every vegetable on their menu is worth a try. I've yet to complete the list.

Wait time is high, but it helps if you call ahead. Service is super efficient. Do a takeaway rather than miss eating here.


Small joint. ***** food!

That was not an expletive. Those were 5 stars :)

I am proud to say that I was among the first set of customers when this joint opened in Raheja Arcade (a jinxed place then, where no enterprise seemed to succeed and was always in a neglected state.)

Then Grameen happened. As embodied in their logo, a diya, their glow brought good luck to the place and to all foodies in Koramangla. (too poetic eh!)

Vegetarian food hardly comes alive in the hundreds of joints around. However Grameen is an exception. The food is super-delicious. As a college student and bachelor I used to belt the meals here regularly. Later on, the entire spread one at a time. The Bhindi, the aalo subji, rock!

The biggest dampener about this place is the wait. Once I've waited for as much as 1.5 hours to get in here. They have very limited space, but it's worth it. Just shows that if managed well, anything works.

Meal for two works out to Rs3oo.
Don't forget the Shikanji before you start the meal, it's a killer chiller.



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