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> > > > Grasshopper


Bannerghatta Main RoadSouth Bangalore  

  • 26593999
  • 45, Kalena Agrahara, Bannerghatta Road, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore
  • European
  • Meal for 2 - 4500

16 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Grasshopper Reviews

Baggie - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 28,2012


A get away from city's hustle bustle.

- 7 course meal to suit your taste and needs.
- The place can be maintained a lil better however I have no complaints with the service. Very warm and attentive service.
- Quantity is good and I was full so was my sister
- Loved the Lemon Grass Ice cream.
- Definitely worth a visit.
- Rs.1800/person + 4.5% tax. The experience was amazing.


J_Sparrow - Burrp User


15 Reviews

February 11,2011


Worth it

I tried this place a fortnite ago - absolutely worth it

The course was very well thought out and was in perfect quantities.
A non veg person will actually relish the spectrum served - Prawn, ham, sea food, lamb....the works

What worked for me that since there are very few people around ( a total of 6 guests during our 2.5 hours spent that evening) and has a very comfortable setting - i was able to enjoy each course as stand alone. It evokes all senses - sight , smell & taste .

Highly recommended.


Po  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

May 24,2010


A great dining experience

It's a bit hard to get to but I love everything about this place. It's a small restaurant (seats about 20 people) but it has a lovely atmosphere in an open area that is surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden. More info and photos...



Awesome experience!

Hi all,

My wife and I visited Grasshopper to celebrate my bday and 'Mother's day'. Turned out to be a perfect place for the dual occasion. The ambiance is very very exotic, and u feel relaxed as soon as you sit down on one of the tables in their backyard. (Do enjoy a glass of wine)

Regarding the food -- mindblowing!!!!!!!! All 7 courses were amazing, for the lack of a better word. Each dish had its own taste, and we simply loved the shrimps, fish (the best!) and chicken. Truly a fine dining experience.

The only complaint I have is they didn't ask us if we wanted water (we had to ask, and it was given promptly).

I also played with 2 of their 6 dogs (Ninja, and Chutney). Amazing dogs and they loved the belly rubs --

Highly recommended!!


Exquisite Food

I went to Grasshopper quite a few years ago actually, and have been wanting to go back ever since but as its a little far out and I need to make prior reservations somehow it just hasnt happened. The food there is really superb. Thats all I remember to tell you the truth. I dont remember the place, I dont remember if I enjoyed the service or anything at all but the food, that I remember. And that I think speaks volumes. I hope the place is as good as it was then. Think I should head out there soon with the wife, anniversary coming up!



Hidden gem in Bangalore

Nestled en route to Bennergatta is Grasshopper a nice little restaurant .

we had made a reservation a few days back the person had asked us our preferences ....... we were expecting a bespoke meal suited to our palette . Were we impressed..... i guess so... read on ...

The traffic to Grasshopper is not the best it took us close to 1 hour to reach there . .

The place is surrounded by a lake and lots of trees.There were candles an nice soft lighting around .There were chairs and tables scattered around . The ever playful dogs are very well behaved.

The meal
Our first course was asparagus and Parmesan shaving tossed with butter and dill leaves. Nice combination though a little unusual .

This was followed by a salad - rocket and iceberg lettuce drizzles with olive oil and a hint of garlic .There was some feta thrown in.

Prawns with tails sauteed in lemon butter sauce was the next one .

Crostini with augergine drizzled with aceto Balsmico was the one of the other courses.

The killer was the lamb chops it just came of the bone. There was a little perppered jus served along side and turned potatoes .

The dessert was an unsual but yum lemon grass ice cream .

Highly recommended .



A Delightful Gem

I have been looking forward to visiting Grasshopper for some time. However, the commute out to Bannerghatta Rd was an obstacle...but worth it. Finally, I'm pleased to recommend that all food-lovers must make a trip to Grasshopper! It is a 7 course, chef seasonally prepared event! Although it changes with what is fresh and if the customer has any dislikes you really are in the mercy of the chef! But don't worry you are in good hands. We started with sear ceviche, warm shrimp cocktail, quail pesto, a sun dried tomato, fig, and feta salad, then on to a succulent sea bream over sweet peas, and a fall off the bone leg of lamb. I simply couldn't eat anymore, which was good because sadly the dessert (cheesecake with pomegranate sauce was just ok). The food was devine in general.

The main disappoint with the experience was the uncomfortable plastic chairs that you sit on for 2.5-3 hours. Hello! A 7 course meal deserves some cushioning! Also, the serving of the first few courses was a little slow (which is fine I don't mind relaxing) but by the end when we were so full and the food came much quicker and I didn't like the pressure of plates lining the table. The wait staff/chef should time the delivery better and keep the food fresh and hot in the kitchen until the customer is finished. Also, it seemed a little wasteful that they wouldn't wrap some of the food to go, it's just really hard to finish that much food and since it's so good I didn't want it to go to waste. The owners have lot of well-fed and happy dogs hanging out at the restaurant- they are no dummies!


rishinrc - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 12,2010


Best place to avoid in Bangalore.

Please don't waste your time visiting this place. Not worth the price you pay. Very bad service and food quality.



Great food. OK Ambience

I took my girl there for her birthday. Did a booking days back. They do not welcome walk ins. Was told that the food is great and the place is so romantic.

The place seems like someone's farmhouse. There is a shop selling elegant designer wear & accessories. The Restaurant is set up at the verandah of the store. Did not find it very romantic.

However, the food store the show. The 7 course meal was very well made. Every course was so different and seemed like no ingredient was repeated again. The taste was so fresh & distinct. I started wondering how could they get such fresh vegetables & cheese at the distant place.

Recommend you go there is you wanna relax & enjoy a ncie meal.


Fabulous ambiance, average food, poor desserts

I'd have given this place 3 1/2 stars if that were possible, but not 4.

I booked a table at the Grasshopper for my better half's birthday, since the I'd heard that the Grasshopper did not accept walk-ins. I'd also heard that the place was perfect for romantic couples. Finally I also heard that the 7-course meal that was specially prepared by the chef for every patron, was excellent.

When we got there (the directions were easy and the lady on the phone gave them pretty clearly and patiently), the place looked like someone's house, that had been turned into a boutique (turned out that was true). Driving and parking into the restaurant was slightly dicey since the approach road and parking place were very dimly lit.

Once we got into the restaurant, we realized that the reviews about the ambiance were true. Beautifully done: just 6-8 tables, a tree and plant laden garden, a rock strewn path, rustic, granite tables, a cool evening, only candles placed everywhere, and orchids on all tables - very romantic. The only downside was that it was rather cold that evening, and with no indoor seating, it became too cold to enjoy completely.

Apart from the 2 of us, there was just one other couple there.

The alcohol list was below average - a few good wines, and some very good beers, no cocktails or other liquor.

The 7 course meal started right on time, without us having to wait an inordinately long time (too many pretentious restaurants take their own sweet time to serve you). That's when things went a bit south.

The first starter was beetroot with Roquefort cheese and sesame seeds. A strange combo - and the taste proved it. I didn't enjoy it, though my wife did. That was followed up with cream cheese wrapped in zucchini, followed up with poached shrimp, which was followed up with a passably good green salad with sun-dried tomatoes. The main course included a very good, very soft, fillet of beef, and some fish (sea bass) that I'd rather have passed up because even though the bass itself can be very good, the chef had made it in a weird way that wasn't very tasty.

The desserts came from a menu. Not prepared fresh by the chef. I'm a dessert connoisseur: we tried two, and didn't like either.

The owner didn't make an appearance, and the staff consisted of a single waiter who was mildly attentive.

I agree with "grubalicious"'s review - I would'nt go here for the food but for a quiet evening with a significant other, its a good place to be.


Off the beaten track...

Keen to try out Bangalore's only restaurant featuring a degustation menu, I headed to the outskirts of Bangalore, a good 45 minute drive to Bannerghatta Road with my boyfriend in hopes of an ultimately romantic evening.

Grasshopper does not have a menu offering a seven course 'surprise' tasting menu, designed keeping in mind seasonal produce with special attention to patrons individual preferences upon advance bookings.

The restaurant does not take any walk-in's, insisting on reservations at least five hours prior to the meal - however to be on the safer side since the seating is limited, only five tables, it is advisable to book a day or two ahead.

You enter through a white gravel pathway that leads up to a contemporary styled warehouse with bright red doors slung wide open revealing mannequins hanging from the ceilings draped in modern khadhi fashions. Several tasteful black and white photographs decorate the walls and a long flight of stairs on the opposite side of the first floor of the warehouse takes you down through the fashion studio and into the restaurant that is located outside. Funky flat slippers and open toed flip flops adorn alternative steps, an aesthetic delight.

If you are going for dinner it would be wise to take a shawl or sweater as it does get very chilly. The atmosphere is private and an air of sophistication prevails.

The wine list is rather limited and corkage is only Rs. 300, making good sense to take in a bottle of something special to savour your meal with. I took a bottle of rose, not knowing what to expect from our dinner, and it lent itself well to the various courses. We entered at ten o' clock, by the time bf got off work and we made it through the maddening peak hour Bangalore city traffic and to the outskirts. It felt great to be seated and have a glass of Jacob's Creek Sparkling Rose while we mused over expectations of the meal to come. Bf was nervous of course, perplexed after a long day of work, wondering if he would need a microscope to identify the food. I on the other hand tried to keep an open mind, neither raising my expectations nor skeptical, instead trying consciously not to over think the food, simmering my anticipations, to allow the experience to be as positive as possible.

The entree featured two plump beetroot wedges lightly marinated in olive oil and peppercorns with sesame seeds dotting them, a sprig of parsley for garnish and a touch of Roquefort. The cheese was so faint, and perhaps a dollop would have done the trick of elevating the deep flavour of the juicy beet. Bf was clearly nervous by the size of the first course, weary whether all six foot and 90 kg's of himself would be sated by the end of the meal!

Up next was a goats cheese bruschetta with smoked aubergine, finished with pomegranate and thyme. Heavenly. Both of us were ecstatic about the bold, flavours that married perfectly.

Get the rest of my review and pictures at:



A few of my favourite things....

....include good food, the company of my love, a special occasion being celebrated and exclusivity. Throw in some greenery in a farmhouse-like setting, a couple of (tame) dogs playing around, a hammock to relax in, and you've got yourself a wonderful lunch at the Grasshopper.

I visited Grasshopper a month back, and decided instantly that I would be writing a favourable review for this place with its open seating that overlooks the garden and gravel path. But it took me a month to actually write a review that did this place justice.

About the restaurant: The food-awesome, the ambience-comforting, the staff- courteous and the experience- unforgettable.

For those who've never been here, you cannot land up at this place and hope to order a-la carte. The restaurant serves only customized 7 course meals, and hence be sure to make a reservation a couple of days before you intend to dine there. Give your preferences (in terms of Veg or Non-veg, food you're allergic to, etc.) and expect to have a wonderful 7 course meal made just for you, the way you would like it! The price might be on the steeper side with Rs 1500 a head(minus the drinks), but for a meal like's worth it. This is definitely a place to go to, especially for celebrating special occasions.

The restaurant has about 6 tables and can seat around 25 people. Since it was a hot Saturday afternoon, the place was empty (I'm told that its quite different in the evenings). Yet, the service was impeccable. First came the beef carpaccio that was divine!! This was followed by an asparagus salad, a shrimp appetizer with a distinct lemon-ginger flavour, a green salad with olives and feta cheese. I must admit I'm not much of a raw-vegetable-eating person, but these dishes had me blown away. Each of them had their distinct flavors, and each dish just paved the way for the next one.

Then came the sea bass and the sea-food lover in me was in heaven. The fish was light and moist with lemon flavours, a treat to my taste-buds. And then came the chicken cooked in wine and olives. I have yet to taste chicken so moist and tender in my life. I never had to use a knife to cut the meat. It was so tender it just fell off the bone. That dish is still the standard for all chicken dishes, and I doubt I'll eat a dish that matches it. We had a choice of desserts, and we settled on a cheesecake and coffee icecream, both of which were a perfect finish to a well crafted meal.

Our requests to slow down the arrival of our courses, were met with rather graciously. And so a meal that could've ended in an hour or maybe a little longer, was enjoyed for 3 hours, surrounded by greenery.

The staff weren't the only ones who were friendly. The 3-4 dogs that live there were just as gracious. playing around with each other and with us, making us feel like we're welcome in this sanctuary of theirs.

This place indeed added towards making my anniversary special. I would definitely recommend this place as the go-to restaurant for a date/special occasion.

Everything about this place is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Art of Fine Dining

The occasion of my husband's birthday demanded we go to a special place for a belated celebration for just the two of us. After much Web hunting for a 'Romantic restaurants' I chanced upon Grasshopper, a restaurant that is tucked away in a corner of Bangalore, far from the traffic infested roads.

This restaurant already has some very good reviews on the Web and what drew me to it was the fact that it has no menu but promises a 7-course meal fit for a food connoisseur. Also this place is exclusively available on reservation which means no waiting in queues and no crowd (At one time it can accommodate four tables of 5 people each).

This place is a good one hour drive to Bannerghatta from where I live but we didnt mind it all on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a cool breeze giving us company.

We were looking forward to the European style of fine-dining, something we hadnt experienced before. I must admit that neither my husband or myself are experts on fine dining but we are foodies and willing to try something new all the time.

Grasshopper is just a couple of Kms from IIMB, and close to a lake., table was in the verandah overlooking the small courtyard which had several shades of green. We didnt have to order anything, as the menu for the day ws already decided and the chef was just waiting for us to begin his art. We chose vegetarian and no alcohol, just a cool lemon soda and ginger-mint to go with the meals.

1. Starters came in first; we started with Aubergine with walnut paste on garlic bread. This was both smooth and crunchy, with a delicious dressing of Olive oil.

2. The second one prepared us for the exclusivity - Zucchini with cream cheese and steamed garlic. This had both visual and tasteful appeal. The cream was just rightly flavoured and went extremely well with the garlic which had lost its pungency after being steamed.

3. The third starter just blew my mind away - Beetroot with sesame seeds and blue cheese. "A taste that my tongue has never experienced before!" I exclaimed. I never thought they could do that with beetroot and cheese! It was indeed an awesome combination as the steamed beet was lightly sweet and blue cheese was strong and pungent... creating an assault on our taste buds that we throughly enjoyed.

The starters had really got us in the groove and we were eagre for the rest.

4. The salad arrived looking all green and fresh; served on a bed of salad cabbage were Basil and other hebs freshly plucked and roasted tomatoes and figs. I was a bit disappointed with the salad as I expected a veg salad to be a more delightful to taste. I felt like a cow chewing away the cud. What couldve saved it for me perhaps is Mayonaise or some sort of creamy salad dressing.

5. After overcoming the salad with a few nibbles, I went straight in for the first main dish - Sweet Red Pepper stuufed with Tofu and Asparagus. This looked interesting as the green and red combination looked very inviting. I found the tofu very home-made and loved the red pepper. Asparagus was however given in its naked form with no value-add, and I realised how bitter it can be at some bites.

6. The final main course was mushrooms with baby potatoes and a leek. No one can go wrong with this combination. This was well cooked, had a nice herby sauce and the quantity was good enough to make me go slow. I enjoyed the taste and wished I held a red wine to go with it. No compalints with this simple dish. The surprise element wa sthe the leek (i forget its name) which I hadnt tasted before.

7. Ah, the final climax of this event was the dessert. We were presented with five choices - lemon cheesecake, chocolate truffle, coffee icecream, lemongrass ice cream, and fig and almond ice cream. We both went instantly for the lemongrass icecream as we had tasted this before and totally fell in love with it. Expectedly this didnt disappoint us a bit. The ice cream came with shavings of lemongrass adding to the romanticism.

The setting of the place was just perfect as we watched the raindrops kiss the garden. There was no hurry to leave and make way for some other guests, there was no impatient waiter hurrying us with the bill, in fact we had to call him to get the bill! We spent a good three hours eating, and enjoying each other's company.

The meal lasted long after we had it and drove back home. We felt as if we had participated in an event specially created for us and still savouring it.

I am not going to spoil it by letting you know how much it cost us becoz frankly this experience was too good to be adjudged as pricy. I just want to recommend that if one is ever looking for fine-dining and to be treated exclusively, then visit Grasshopper.

To read other reviews by akivolam - visit


Ambience over a good meal??

I was here almost 6 months back for my birthday dinner and I must say at first glance, this is a tiny haven tucked away in a corner creating your own private space for romance and leisurely time.The ambience is what strikes you the most, its a farmhouse/boutique that belongs to a couple who turned their porch and lawn into a seating area.Since this place is not well known and is well out of the city its a great place for a quiet birthday or anniversary with your loved one.We had a candlelit table under tall trees on quite a windy evening and I must say it was mesmerizing!The lady of the house spent some time socialising with us along with their pet labaradors which were so friendly and cuddly(thats surely a plus with me :)!)
Coming to the food, service is terribly slow as it is definitely fine dining but I must say very very raw food!I can handle probably a starter that was raw but course after course was all raw food and since I am a veggie,after a point I felt like a deer!There were 5 courses in all and it took a good 3 hours for all the courses to be served and about Rs.3000 off our wallets for 2 people.All in all I wouldnt go here for the food but for a quiet evening, its a great place to be!


My Favorite Restaurant!

...coming soon...



For romance and memories

There are those usual restaurants where you go on the spur of the moment and then there are those like Grasshopper – which are reserved for those really special occasions that require thought and planning. All I can say is that you will not be disappointed.

Grasshopper is housed in a beautiful farmhouse that combines a chic boutique with a fabulous European restaurant. It is located off Bannerghatta road, beyond IIM and Meenakshi Temple – but needless to say, this off-beat location adds to the charm of being in a place far from all the madness and traffic. The minute you reach Grasshopper, you can feel the peace and quite.

You enter through the boutique which has all the charm of a Greenwich Village store – a painted red door, exposed cement blocks, and lovely designer clothes and jewellery. I could not take my eyes off a ruffled, bohemian black dress – it looked perfect, and pair of red sandals – but all the stuff comes at a pretty steep (I am sure, very well-deserved) price. Jazz music plays in the background.

The outdoor dining area is situated amidst a lovely garden and accommodates about thirty people. You need to reserve a day in advance – and there is no fixed menu – the chef cooks up a seven-course spread – so, when you get there, you don’t have to take the trouble of ordering; each course appears in front of you. Do declare your preference regarding vegetarian, non-vegetarian, red meat and fish when you reserve. Of course, you have to trust the chef – but I can assure you he knows his job and it shows – the food is made from the freshest ingredients and tastes divine.

Elegant fresh flowers decorate the trendy circular tables (the furniture looks like it is from The Design Store) and if you are there for dinner, candlelight adds to the warmth and romance. There is a menu for drinks – a select choice of white and red wines, and some other beverages. We selected the ginger lime vodka and it was absolutely perfect – tangy, with just a hint of ginger. Then the meal began – course after course of delicious food – olive and mushroom crostini, figs and goat cheese with argula, a salad of the most luscious pears, walnuts and lettuce with parmesan cheese, poached seabass in lemon and tender veal with a side of perfectly cooked vegetables; and all this with a side of freshly baked bread. For dessert, we tried the chocolate truffle with kiwi and the fig and almond ice-cream – both winners.

I went there for dinner - it was superb – but I have a feeling that lunch in that gorgeous garden will be even better. Prices are a bit steep – Rs.1000 per head, but the entire experience is well worth the cost. The place lets you savour your meal and the laidback, unhurried ambiance combined with the fabulous food allows you to linger and enjoy pleasant memories. Go there for the next celebratory occasion in your life or for a very romantic evening.