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> > > > Gud Dhani

Gud Dhani

BTM LayoutSouth Bangalore  


36 Reviews / 39 Ratings

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Gud Dhani Reviews







Cheap Rajasthani food

I went to this place with a friend of mine. The food is great and they serve ample quantity. However, due to power cut there was no light in the restaurant. They should have generator or alternative for electricity.






Amazing Food

Very nice, homely food. Their Onion Pakode, Alu Jeera is good


rahulpaimlr  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 21,2013






Good Only for North Indian Dishes

Gud Dhani..Do not eat rice of any kind here. They do not know the difference between jeera rice and pulao. Chapatis, Rotis and north Indian curries are good but that's about it.



Totally unsatisfied ... go only if no options left

Gud Dhani - A place wherein you can get decent food but make sure you have 4 hours for Dinner. And be prepared for hell lot of confusion because in place of babycorn you might get mushroom served!!! Food is tasty but not the tastiest like they think they serve. Ok place to have dinner. They are actually living with the service and they say that "Customers have to adjust" . Rating 2/5



Excellent food and service...

When i went to this place...from outside i suspicious whether i took right decision to invite my friend to this place...When we went in and had our food i was really impressed by the authentic taste specially paneer pasanda gravy and overall presentation, daal masala and veg biryani...paranthas were too big and nicely cooked....Overall great value for money experience.



Good but horrendous waiting

Rajasthani cuisine is the highlight. Had to wait long to get a seat. After that huge waiting for the food. Food is nice, nothing out of the world. Staffs ar nice, ambiance good. Worth trying once, may not find worthy to go again. Suggested to check out.


Foodie_101 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

December 04,2012


Stale Food

They serve stale chapatis, serve stale rice fried with peas and call that peas pulao.
On a recent visit on my friends' persuasion I ordered Thali with Bharwan karela, tasted like it was two days old. Never ever go there if you vale fresh food else the taste is north Indian to be sure but a lot of restaurants serve better in bangalore.


bloreoota - Burrp User


21 Reviews

November 16,2012


Tasty food, dingy ambiance

Gud Dhani is a Rajasthani restaurant tucked away in a quaint lane at BTM Layout. I have been visiting this restaurant for over the past year or so, albeit infrequently. This is a homely restaurant - almost a shack - but they have tried to give it a rustic rajasthani feel. They serve all the typical Rajasthani dishes that one one has come to expect - Gatte ki sabzi, Dal Baati et. al. They also serve some nice combo-meals ala Mast Kalandhar, which range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 130. Also, the menu is also quite creatively done [their special combo is titled - 'Pasand kare Raja aur Rani - Thali Gud Dhani'].

I have tried a range of food here - ranging from Paranthas to Daal Bati to Rice. The food quality is really good. You generally get more than what you expect. In terms of soup, there is nothing to write home about - it is just the usual. I have quite enjoyed their Hara Bhara Kebab though not so much the Panner Cutlet Kebab - so starters are a mixed bag. Though the lassi is thick and full-blooded and I have found their Nimbu Pani quite refreshing as well.

Coming the main course, I think this is where Gud Dhani scores over many of the rajasthani and north Indian places that have sprung up in Bangalore in the recent past. They claim they do not add artificial colouring / flavours to the food and one seems to feel it while eating. Loved the Gatte ki Sazi and Palak Kofta. Even the basic thali is quite filling with 2 rotis, rice, a dal and a sabzi - a steal at Rs. 50. We also once had their special Gud Dhani thali. I must say it was simply awesome. A real vegetable filled biriyani, some hot layered parathas and the side dish - paneer pasanda deserves special mention. They actually had to slices of Paneer (coated with batter and fried) in the gravy. The gravy had dry fruits - kaju, kismis and was really rich though not artificial. At this price to serve such generous portions with such attention to detail is simply amazing. The stuffed parathas and breads such as missi roti were also quite good.

Their deserts with Rasmalai and Gulab Jamun were also quite nice.

Coming to the service, this place is always crowded with techies and the waiters are generally struggling to ensure timely service. Clearly the kitchen seems over-stretched to serve a full house. Yet the waiters always have a smile on their face while serving. The fact that they are frustrated with the kitchen if their deliveries are delayed shows a genuine concern for customers amongst the waiters. There is this one waiter who seems to be able to guess what customers are thinking. The moment you exchange looks with him (expectantly), he jumps into action - either to ask what else you want or to the kitchen to get your order.

Overall, I enjoy the sincerity of the place. Rock bottom pricing, honest service and genuine quality food. But they would do well to work on the ambiance: the place feels a little dingy and those aged over 40 could feel overwhelmed by the sub-30 crowd. The spacing between tables, hygiene, cutlery can all be improved. I know this would mean increasing prices - but even with a 25% price increase this would be one of the most reasonable restaurants in its category and I do not think this will make a difference to its patrons. In fact it will add another segment to its clientele by improving the ambiance.

All in all, a good try if you live around BTM / JP Nagar areas. The quality of food and pricing make up for the other short-comings.

(Directions: get on Bannerghatta Road [towards Bannerghatta] - take the 1st left after Mandovi Motors JP Nagar signal. Follow the traffic till it leads you to Madivala lake [on your right]. Turn left at the 'Heritage' super market on your left. Gud Dhani is the 1st building on the lane adjacent to Heritage.)


rpb_india - Burrp User


44 Reviews

November 09,2012


Nothing 'gud' about it!

I guess I'm in the minority here but I hated the experience at this restaurant. A lot of reviews mentioned 'great ambience' which was quite shocking since we found the ambience the worst aspect of this ordeal. 'Rustic decor' doesn't mean you get to skimp on the hygiene factor. We visited this place a few months ago on a friends recommendation for dinner. The restaurant was bursting at the seams with people clamouring to get in. It is a very tiny space almost like a beach shack of some sort. Tables crammed so close together there's hardly any room to breathe. After an hours wait we were called in and given a corner table. This is where we stood still for a minute. The place was filthy! The floors, walls, chairs, tables were grubby and looked like they havent been cleaned in weeks. From our vantage point we could see right through into the kitchen and it made us cringe. We wanted to leave but we had waited too long to go someplace else. Service - there wasn't any. We waited. And we waited. And we waited some more but no one came to take our order even after multiple requests. You'd think the huge crowds would make the staff a bit quick on their feet but no. Finally someone took pity on us and took our order. At this point we just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so we ordered what we thought might be the quickest to arrive - the thalis. They took an hour to arrive. Food - nothing great. Perfectly ordinary. Service - abysmal and excruciatingly slow. Pervasive couldn't-care-less attitude among the staff. Prices are ok. Wouldn't visit again.


Veg Paradise

If you want to taste some really delicious veg cuisines, then this will be a VFM place. Kaju curry is must have. Other items are tasty too. Service and wait time is a let down but for pure vegetarian, this can be visited again and again.



Bad food

I being Rajasthani was very excited to try this restaurant but to my disappointment it was not at all Rajasthani. I ordered Dal bati, batis were hard as rocks, and not at authentically made..infact it wasn't very far to being close of it, unadible, pathetic taste, quantity did not matter! the only thing we could eat was some bajjis! waste of time, money.


Had food on 31st bandh..

Food quantity very very less
quality degraded
service worst
no taste
wasteof money..
costly too



Nice ambiance Food is gud but not worth it..

It is a nyc place in BTM to eat out at, however the prices are not reasonable as per my liking. Food is good as my memory suggests, nothing you would regret. It gives you a wide range of north indian dishes. It is the BTM version of Gramin Koramangala. The ambiance is something that makes the place stand out, although the maintenance is poor. As I remember there was only one wash basin to clean your hands and that too had a broken figure the standards..


ramani75 - Burrp User


18 Reviews

January 30,2012


Awesome !!

Great food. The place consistently delivers (atleast until now). The ambience is good. It is a great place for lunch. The only thing i did not like was the dirty seats


Thali n Rasmalai

i am staying in mumbai..went to blore for a trip..Visited this place in BTM..Gud food and ambience with equally good people...I luvd the starters, thali and the refreshing drink...Was eager to try the rasmalai...finally did... the rasmalais were so soft and tasty ..was happy and satisfied :-)
now back in mumbai in searching for the same rasmalais but :-( i havent tasted anythng as of yet :-(

This place is also quite reasonable and ideal for throwing a get together(looking at your budget)...Quality & Quantity wise too gud!!!


Decent place

I was looking for a variety restaurant in BTM Layout and I found GUD DHANI. Really interesting especially with the waiters in Rajasthani attire and style. Food and ambience are decent and worthy.


rocky156 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 04,2011


right place to get home made taste...

I have visited the place many time with my friends. We throw parties there quite often. Food here is realy gud with nice embience and on low cost.


Just the right meal

Had a pleasant dining experience here. There is lots to choose from depending on the level of your hunger. The food is reasonably priced. Their 'Thalis' are a must try & you will be spoilt for choice. The dishes were neither too oily nor too spicy- just right.

If you are looking for pure vegetarian fare and a place that is pocket-friendly, 'Gud Dhaani' is worth visiting.



Good food.

I happened to spot this place tucked away within a tiny street near the BTM layout lake. It catches immediate attention with its khatiya (ancient cloth weaved bed) and hung lamps outside, very village-like in theme. But as I entered, I was disappointed to see very present-day furniture, which does nothing to compliment the thatched roof and the oxide flooring. Even the walls are painted with Worli art and lighting sets the mood; if only the seating could change. Diwans on the ground or just low simple wooden chairs and tables would do the trick. We tried to suggest it. They're opening another branch in either Jayanagar/JP Nagar, where I really hope they will consider these changes.
The food is very good. They have interesting combinations of thalis from around the country (with very intriguing names!). I liked the Punjabi thali with the Sarson ka saag. The Paneer thali my friend had turned out too sweet. Paneer starters were very good. Among drinks we tried Jaljeera and Lassi, which were also quite nice. Must try this place!



Stale food

This was my second visit to this place with my wife.I was really impressed the first time with the taste of malai kofta and this time I tried to dig into the vegetables section and ordered stuffed tomatoes and mushroom masala and they were ok though not so tasty.

The real horror was Phulka which was cooked 2-3 hours back and wasn't fresh same was the case with Matar Pulao which was nothing other than overnight rice fried with peas also the roasted Papad was burnt . Nevertheless we were very hungry and consumed the food though not all and the result was that we experienced cramped stomach in the evening. We do eat spicy food on a regular basis but have never experienced such a feeling. I do not think I am going there again.



Good Food Claustrophobic Ambeince

Been to this place on multiple occasions , the quality of food is exceptionally good ,there prices are reasonable. The thalis though are expensive and don not serve the purpose of having an full 3 0r 4 course Indian meal .

The sad part about the place is that it can fit about 30 people and you have seating for 50 people arranged there. So your are hardly inches away from the table behind or beside you .



Nice Rajasthani Ambiance

Good food, affordable price, nice rajasthani ambiance. Went in some weekdays for dinner, was highly crowded. Good place for veg lovers.


foodartist - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 29,2010


Gud but cud be better !

The number of eloquent reviews tempted me to visit Gud Dhani. So on a Friday afternoon around 1pm I decided to drop in - its a small place next to a business school. The place was being painted and the entrance looked dark and I thought it may be closed. Anyway went inside & saw that staff was having lunch - so looked around and found a place to sit. After a couple of minutes a guy walked in and asked me to move to the other side - he didn't specify why but since he had asked nicely, I was happy to oblige.

The ambiance is quite understated by design which is fine by me but they need to keep the place neat and clean else the place will start resembling a shack very soon. Overall I feel they need to focus a bit on the hygiene aspect.

The menu is quite imaginatively designed. The waiter (looked like a teen) was of no help as he didn't have any idea of the menu or the food. There was a bunch of guys seated next to me who asked the same waiter the difference between 'dal fry', 'dal makhani' and 'dal tadka' and the waiter didn't have an answer. The service in a previous review here was mentioned as "extremely friendly" but I think this is an area that needs some improvement. The waiter who served me was the least bit interested in customer engagement. He was just doing a routine boring job and it showed.

I ordered one of the thali combos and the food was allright - nothing great to write home about. Simple food which tasted ok. The rotis were hard and felt like made some time ago. When I ordered lassi, I requested for no ice/ not kept in fridge, but the waiter said that all drinks are made in the morning and kept in the fridge so there is no "made fresh" option available.

In summary a place like this has to concentrate on "taste", "hygiene", "freshness" and "service" to be able to make a mark for itself. Overall the concept is good and if the management pays attention to the above then it will become a great success.


psangani - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 12,2010


A gr8 place to have a good - must visit

My friend told me that there is one Rajasthani restora in BTM..and i said ok fine...lets have a try like anyother restora..but here the difference i found is

As long as I enter..found wow its like home cum restorant..the staff is very well in approaching you..i dint feel its very professional but its like they know you personally since long..

we ordered starter as potato bhajiya (as it was raining and we dint want to miss the hot starter at that time) was awesome... then we ordered daal bati and some sabji /dont remember its name but overall the food was really appreciable..

especially dont miss daalbati there and it comes along with churma..which i really liked..the price is also very much reasonable/ staff's service ..everything was perfect..although when we went we dint have to wait much since very few customers were there...but want to try on pick hrs again to see the service..

well, have a gr8 time at this place..dont miss daal bati ;)




Super food...value for money...

Finding the place might be a problem for those who dont know BTM Layout very well. It is opposite the BTM Layout lake in one of the by-lanes.

Going there on the weekend could also be risky as it is over crowded and it is kinda difficult to wait when the food from the tabels is smelling so good.

Now to some serious stuff - the food. I am not a great fan of Rajasthani food but I have to admit that this place is good. Since we couldnt decide on the order, we asked the waiter for some help and he suggested ghatte ki sabzi, daal bhaati churma and kadi. We added lassi, jal jeera and chaas to the order. All the dishes very served very fast and it was YUMMY! They have quite a few other Rajasthani dishes and having a friend who understands this cuisine could help.

We were almost ready to leave when we realized that the regulars in the next table were ordering rasmalai for dessert. Although we were stuffed, we made room for the rasmalai. We honestly didnt regret the decision as it is one of the most lip-smacking rasmalai's I have ever had in Bangalore.

The best surprise was when we were handed a bill for Rs.280!!

This place definitely deserves a revisit.


good on weekdays, weekends can be a lil crowded

this small veg rajasthani joint is near our place, so we often visit there.......
my verdict - to get undivided attention/ service go there on weekdays afternoon or nites. Weekends it is crowded and the service is always lousy ....

As far the food goes, it is VFM and if you are looking for fine dine, this ain't the place. Food is the USP here, so go , binge on some awsome paranthas and meal combos. :)


teju666 - Burrp User


36 Reviews

September 27,2010


Cheap and occasionally decent

This has been a good alternative for us when ordering at home when we want something simple, cheap and vegetarian.
On few occasions we were quite happy with the taste but off late this has been going downhill.

Firstly, this place serves very limited starters. Lesson for them - on weekends you will do good business if you serve a fair assortment of starters.
Secondly, we found all the food including the main course, extremely salty. We are Bangaloreans - sedated lifestyles. Reduce our sodium intake.
We order paneer kabab which were 8-9 pieces of deep fried, hard pakodas which were the size of groundnut pods. Really sad. The Chilli Aloo was boiled potato fried in tomato ketchup.
The paneer kofta was too salty.

Be cheap with price not with taste.

And what's with charging 6% for sodexo coupons? Who does that in Bangalore?


gowripri - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 17,2010


Goood dhani:)

I stay very near to this place...folks in here are too good...since im a vegetarian...amazing food too...the place is neat...cant forget the aloo parantha and paneer sabjis in here...really a place to visit when yo broke...and need real home food..cheers


Value for Money Place...

Just coming out of this place from Dinner. It's my first visit and I had a good impression overall.

We had Chilly Paneer, Tal Mel Soup, Nimbu Paani, Masala Papad, Veg Cutlet, Veg Pulao, Gulab Jamoon, Ice Cream.

All together costed 250 Rs.

Veg Pulao slightly disappointed us. It's too dry. And I wish the tomato sauce should have been of better quality. However other items are good.

Decent service. Definite value for money. I can't really complain for those prices though...:-)

It's a pure Veg place. Vegetarians in BTM Layout can try it out.


A real taste of Rajastan

I tried almost every restaurant in Bangalore (From Le Meridian to uncle chai-wala, And Gud Dhani is one of the few restaurants I’d luv to visit again & again (And I am doing that). I’m surprised the price they ask for the food item in such market where price rise is sky high. Believe me if you prepare food at home, it will be a bit costlier. And in last three years the CTC(cost-to-customer) has changed almost nothing. The ambience & service just add another star to their rating. There are at least 1000s of ad for ghar ka khana(Homely food), Parampara(Traditional) but you will finally end up with non-sense food with a hefty bill. Unlike others Gud Dhani truly serves both with a smile on your face & Wallet.

I was so impressed with the restaurant; I asked them to open outlets in Koramangala (Close to my place). But their answer was so honest, ‘Can’t afford the cost of koramangala with the low-margin (almost zero to me) they are running the business.

Awesome food with Great price



Never been so satisfied ever. Authentic Food.

The place is kept neat. A village eatery like decor and the waiters are clad in kurtas. Very amicable and most important - all of them know to describe the menu to help you make your choice.

Any number of questions are patiently answered.

Food: Great. The taste is reminded to your minds as soon as you tell the name of the place.
All Veggie here. - please do not expect non vegetarian stuff. And with that choice list and such a lovely taste - one wouldn't really mind.

Vegatable Pulav - eat here and you will have a new opinion about it.

Bhindi, Baingan, Karela, Paneer well... it is a very interesting long list. Meticulously made food with excellent quality.

You can select the items of choice. You may want to have "kewal chawal" or may be try any of their "Thalis" - A good complete meal combos they are.

After a full day, a dinner here is only inviting.

You have one choice or the other for any palate.

Whether you are a resident and looking for a nice place for dinner, or tourist, or someone about an everyday place for a dinner:This is it. The place for anything.

The restaurant opens at 7:30 p.m.

Been there 6+ times with different sets people... ordered for a surprise birthday party once - ~20 ppl. There was not a single person in that list who was having some complaints about the food.

No matter what - Single person in the whole restaurant or a full house - The quality was never a compromise.

They also undertake home delivery orders. Delivery within 2km from the place - if i am right.

If you are oil conscious - Tell them "less oil".

Cost!? Forget it... you will be only be happy to pay more than what they charge. Infact their motto is to give good food at a budget price. The principle is "a place to eat is just about that. Not the one where you worry about your money".

Relax. Feel At home. Enjoy your meal.



broke and hungry?..come here

after reading good reviews on and seeing an empty wallet, i had no option but to head for this place.i must say its one of the best decisions i ve made, total value for money and awesome food.we ordered 2 rotis, 1 missi roti, one aloo paratha,one plain paratha and one subzi, one lassi, and one nimbu pani.n can u believe the price at which it came?..flat 130 was like back in the nineties.if ur a student and broke..this s the place to head to..n one more thing..totally awesome rotis..:)


Gud Fud

I was famished and tired, and running a slight temperature. So I ordered simple food - 'rajma chawal'. As I was enjoying the food, I realized that the quality of the restaurant is best judged from the taste of simple food they prepare. 'Rajma' wasn't the best one I ever had, but it was worth for the price they put on menu card. Taste was good. Ambience is not so authentic. Service was excellent.

I also had a bit of 'missi ki roti' and 'methi malai', and both were fine. Overall, good food, good service and I will be back again.



khana ho to aisa !!!

I really liked the place.... embience is very cool and comfortable.
Infact food is much better thn i have ever had in bangalore :)
pakka north indian swaad.
try it out once!!!



Excellent food

Imagine a hot Sunday afternoon and you are in no mood to cook or eat the usual food that you normally eat. If you are in BTM, think no further and head out towards Gud Dhani.

This place is best approached from the Udupi Garden road. Continue straight on this road in the direction *away* from the Advaith petrol pump. Keep going straight until you reach the road that runs adjacent to the Madivala lake. Just at the junction of this road on the right side you will find this place.

Food is not too expensive , it is easy on the stomach and pretty tasty. My favourite here is the "Jodhpuri Tawa Roti". This is a thali and comes with daal,sabzi and six rotis. Do order Kadi/Bhindi Fry as well.

That would set you back by around 90/-.

Sounds good? It is..



Homely and Delicious

Food is really delicious and homely. Not very spicy and oily. Its a good rajasthani cuisine restaurant. One can dine almost daily over there, without losing taste or hurting apetite.