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> > > > Habanero


WhitefieldEast Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


30 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Habanero brings to you Happy Hours. Enjoy buy one get one free on selected drinks.
    Monday to Friday: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 3pm - 6pm

Taco Tuesday Aug 04

  • Habanero gives you and your friends another excuse to hang out. You can enjoy their famous Crunchy or Soft Taco with your choice of filling for just Rs. 50 per taco every Tuesday during Happy Hour (6:30-8:30pm). Cheers to this fiesta offer with their Happy Hour Buy 1, Get 1 Drinks Special.

Agave Spirits Pairing Dinner Sep 05

  • Habanero - Truly Tex Mex is excited to host local premium DesmondJi Agave Spirit founder Desmond Nazareth, as their guide through a six-course dinner created by Habanero's very own Chef Dan Durkin with custom drink pairings.

    This is an easy, fun and affordable way to get more acquainted with Premium IndianAgave Spirit, to experience it paired with food, and to be personally introducted to the DesmondJi portfolio of products by its founder and maker, Desmond Nazareth.
    Time: 7.30pm onwards
    Price: Rs. 2,000 per person all inclusive

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Habanero Reviews

biniparekh - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 11,2014







My Terrible Experience at Habanero @ Whitefield

Despite all the negative feedback written about @Habanero I still decided to visit the place.

The first visit in Oct 2014 itself was a disappointment however it could be ignored. But the second visit on 9th Nov 2014 @ Whitefield # Habanero was completely unacceptable and obnoxious. Habanero has definitely lost 1 customer in me and I will NEVER EVER recommend this restaurant to anyone. What happened with me reflects their commitment to serve their patrons!

My husband and I went to Habanero at about 9 pm to grab some bite after a movie. We ordered fresh lime soda, Zucchini Fritters and Long Island Ice Tea. Along with all these items I also ordered Hard shell tacos with Re-fried Beans and Vegetables as “I am a VEGETARIAN”.

Appetizers and drinks were served and then the Tacos were served.

When I tasted the first bite I couldn't get any taste of beans and it was very chewy and left a strong odor in my mouth. I immediately spat the morsel on a tissue paper as it didn't seem right. I asked my husband to taste it and he said at once that it’s CHICKEN! I demanded to speak to the Manager and he came at once. I asked him to inspect the Tacos and he confirmed it was chicken tacos and Not Re-fried Beans and Vegetables. He became extremely apologetic and was ready to waive our bill. But the question here was not about the bill. The core of the issue was serving a NON-VEG DISH to a VEGETARIAN. What kind of service and commitment do these people really have? I was in tears and I didn't know what to say and how to react to the entire situation.

The manager took my husband’s mobile number however we have not received any call from the management team. No apology or damage control can reverse the situation or my state for any matter.

Uploading Chicken Taco Picture that was served.



sashni - Burrp User


70 Reviews

February 05,2013


An average experience

With a lot of hopes and expectations, stepped into Habanero on a weekday for lunch. The interiors are pretty minimalistic and must i say rustic - maybe a mimic of the real Mexican !
We asked for a sofa seating by the window side but were denied saying its not for 2 diners but for a larger group. But we did see that the table was very soon occupied by 2 people (despite most other seats being empty) and not really stopped by the waiter like us ! Why such discrimation !! Coming to the food, the Macho Nachos was tasty and had a good mix of veggies, beans, cheese and chips. For mains, ordered a veggie Enchilada and Quesidilla ... pretty good. An average experience, which set us back by Rs.1100. Will i come back to Habanero ... well maybe not !



Good food!

Its a pretty good restaurant. Chicken wings are yum! The ambiance is very lively and extremely well located. Overall good experience.




This place is a scam. When we asked them, they said that they have happy hours. However, they missed telling us the catch that it is on particular drinks (USL brands). When we told them that we were not informed they said that the condition was written on the poster but in very small letters.

Also, we went for the beer platter offer, the food was not great.


texmexlover - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 28,2012


Bad food, weak margaritas and loud music

Mediocre food (gave me a uneasy feeling in the stomach after dinner), weak margaritas and some horrible loud music at 12th main Indiranagar location. There was no zing in the food or the drinks.

And where the heck was the salsa ?! Hate to say this, next time we will go to Taco Hell for Mexican food.

Have always enjoyed mexican food in SW US and mexico, was waiting to try out mexican food in namma bengaluru, oh well will have to wait for another trip to the west coast of US.


me_foodie - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 21,2012


Good food!

Good mexican food - i like it a lot. The quantity of the food was also quite good. The variety offered on the menu was decent. The veg and non veg platters of starters were great. I ordered pasta with prawns and it was great. The service was good as well. The ambiance could be slightly better than it is now. But overall a very good experience.



Great Food

Excellent food, feels like I am in Mexico. I loved the Fajitas, I tried Prawns, Stake and Chicken and all been good. Looking forward to the next visit to try something different




+ Chicken Fajitas

- Weak margaritas
- strictly ok food
- over priced
- super slow service

Point me to Chili's.



Great food, loud music

So glad to know there's a TexMex food in Bangalore. It's a bit far from where I live but because my friends dragged me for the 4th of July party there, I came. I had the prawns fajita, it was soooo good! Then the nachos are probably the best nachos I have ever had in Bangalore. It had a generous amount of toppings. I think it is reasonably priced considering the big servings. Food here is definitely for sharing. Very satisfied with the food! The only letdown is the music. There was a live band performing that night. Maybe I am not such a fan of rock music, but I really found it too loud as the place was enclosed. I can't hear any of my friends talking to me. I will definitely come back here to eat again, but not on a night on when they have a rock band playing.



OK could be better esp service delivery

went on a sat night - packed to the hilt - food was fine, prices OK but service was awful - slow as hell and had to keep chasing the waiter for the orders...will I go there again ? maybe on a weekday but surely not on a weekend as the crowd, noise levels and lousy service not worth the effort even though food was decent.....



Overall a good experience

Cost wise: a bit over prized
Food : good spread of Tex-mex options. Servings are good and filling.
Service : pretty prompt
Quality : hygienic
Ambiance : not too elaborate, not too rough

Would go here again for a good serving of quality mex food




Though on the expensive side, its nice for occasions and celebrations. Good ambiance and service. Food tastes good and portions are LARGE. Nachos were really nice.
Overall a good experience.


Good Mexican food

Definitely Good Mexican Food though kids menu is not that palatable compared to what they get at MacDees.
Good presentation and cool ambience.

Staff needs to ramp up since the team is young and pretty chaotic about setting up the table properly. They tend to miss out on adequate dishes and cutlery and the specific instructions as well.
I would recommend them to hire an experienced manager to look after the guests and service till the team gets well versed in business.



I'm from California and spent a lot of time in Texas. Both places have a lot of Mexican people and most importantly a lot of Mexican food. I came into this place around 3PM with some office colleagues and wasn't a huge fan.

The Good
Nice corporate style of restaurant
Inventive Menu

The Bad
The Food. We had the chicken burritos and the nachos as well as the tacos. Although we were the only ones in the place, the food took about 20 minutes longer than it should to come out. I understand they probably just finished their lunch rush, but the only people in the place? Come on guys. Also for a place called "Habanero" which actually is one of the spiciest chillies on the planet, the food was not spicy at all. I've had hotter at empire.

The Nachos were much nicer at Hard Rock Cafe. Even come to think of it, even the tortillas at Hard Rock were a little fresher and the salsa had more of a kick.

Based on the lack of other Mexican places I would give this place another go if I was desperate - but I hope my experience was a one off as I was really looking forward to a place similar to a Chevy's or El Torito back in the US. This place had a decent shot to do that - but I'll see next time.



Mediocre Tex-Mex

The food is mediocre.
We ordered chicken wings and Quesedilla. Both were so-so. The Blue Cheese dip was no-where near blue cheese.
The Quesedilla too was not that great.
Given the quality, the price is not justified at all.
I would have given it 3/5 if the prices were lower, but for the prices on the menu I have to say the flavour is poor.



Good potions, average food, Bad service

Review based on 1 visit, with spouse on a weekday for dinner

- Lively crowd but mostly office groups
- Good portion size ; We were stuffed with just a serving of the Macho Nachos
- Understaffed : about 5 staff for more than 20 tables ; Long wait to catch the waiter's eye ; order taken in haste ; Had to ask multiple times to get water ; The attitude of the staff kind of put me off.
- Food was average, Service was very bad : We started off with the Macho Nachos which were very promising ! Warm fresh tortillas, 2 kinds of good, if not great, quality cheese, salsa, jalapenos and the promised sour cream and FRESH guacamole ! Enjoyed much and ordered the beans and veggie burrito. It came with dollops of cheese and hot grilled veggies- but the beans were missing !!!!! was a nice roll by itself, but not a burrito in my opinion. On asking for a replacement, the waiter hesitated, but took the burrito for inspection and told us another one was on its way. We waited for a long time, during which time our table was cleared and we were asked twice if we wanted the check !! A loosely wrapped burrito arrived 20 minutes later on a bare plate without any accompaniments. The waiter smiled when we asked for salsa/ guacamole etc which it is supposed to come with, as if saying, we served you once, didn't we ? which really irritated me.
Last comment on the burrito story- They really need to practice their re- fried beans which were just tasteless mashed kidney beans !!
- Ambiance not good enough : When we had walked in, the ambiance was good- dim lighting and good music, but sometime during our meal, a long waiting queue formed, and in the absence of a designated waiting area of staff to help out at the entry, the crowd just spilled over to the bar area which is adjacent to the dining tables. For me, its kind of hard to eat if there are people around just waiting for you to get up. Just behind us, 2 ppl watched over a recently vacated table waiting it to be cleaned..


hola habanero

The closest i came to Mexican food in Bangalore was Taco Bell, which could very well put you off Mexican food. Then i chanced upon Habanero. It is quite a drive from the city to Whitefield but its definitely worth a visit. The place is very very well done up with soft lights and a beautiful Orange on the wall. The menu is quite large giving you enough of options to choose from. My dinner was a very quick one last one. On the menu for me was the grilled chicken burrito which is served with sour cream ( yummmmmmy), Guacamole ( an acquired taste for some but me again .. yummmmyyy) and rice. A fairly large portion which i greedily gobbled away and didn't bother to feel guilty later.

They also have some events lined for different days. Last night they introduced a pub quiz where the winning table gets the entire bill taken care of; yeah you heard me right - on the house. A sweet deal !!!

Waiting to head back and try some more food and their very very tempting margaritas !!!



The restaurant is TOOO busy to CARE!!

I am not a great fan of mexican food and that maybe because of the lack of options in Bangalore. But I I thought Habanero was better than Chili's. The food was ok (esp. the starters) and the menu was easy to go through. Their nachos were good too. They definitely werent thrifty in the use of cheese. The place had a nice buzz to it. The large glass windows overlooking the road gave a nice feel. But thats where the good part ends & reason for the 2 stars.

Whitefield having very few options of good, stand-alone restaurants, when something half-decent also comes up, then people flock to it! Then this being in the heart of IT zone, there is the office crowd to ensure that the place stays PACKED!

3 of us went on a weekday afternoon and one of us was not served our lunch right till the end of our stay (close to 2 hrs). The manager who seemed to have compulsive need to look like a headless chicken kept saying that its on it way. The waiters were clueless and did not even appear to care that here is a table where 2 of the guests have their food platters in front of them and the 3 ( a veggie) is waiting endlessly. It was quite pathetic. The manager definitely needs some talking to. He has an attitude like "I am so busy, cant you see? Your food will reach you, dont worry." And as the minutes passed by he wouldnt even care to stop as we would call out and rush past us.

They dint even apologise. They were just so busy running all over the place. (maybe a case of few waiters and a large space to cover)

The only way you can enjoy yourself here is if you book a table and arrive early. Thats when you'll be paid attention to. Otherwise... chances are that by the time the waiter/manager even notices you, you will be at the fag end of your patience.



Habanero - the new TexMex restaurant in Bangalore

I was at Habanero a few days ago for a 7 course meal incl. drinks and starters and was pleasantly surprised with the food and ambiance.
Located near ITPB at Park Square Mall, Whitefield, Habanero is a welcome addition to the ever-growing Bangalore dining scene. This Tex-Mex restaurant is far better and more authentic than any of the other Tex-Mex restaurants & Mexican chains in Bangalore. This is unquestionably a result of the synergy, diversity and experience brought about by a fusion of American/ Mexican and Indian cultural experiences from of the owners Griffith David and Elizabeth Bowden-David. Between them they are very passionate about serving the right food with the right flavor while keeping it as authentic as possible with a lot of detail on authentic ingredients incl. the cheese (Now, this is a difficult task considering the similarities between Indian & Mexican food) They have created their own niche space and keep experimenting and reinventing the recipes and concoctions to ensure folks keep coming back for more. Overall Habanero has a nice variety of food at fair prices and enormous portions.
The menu here is simple, colorful and well-designed with pronunciation of the Mexican dishes as well a brief description of dish being ordered. The restaurant seats approx. 100 and has a nice ambiance, friendly and not overbearing with a lot of LCD screens for entertainment and a well-stocked bar which covers the entire wall. The walls are brightly colored and are decorated with a few unique Mexican stuff.
The staff at Habanero was friendly and helpful. They were knowledgeable about the food and could answer questions about what was in the dishes and what they tasted like.
We were served Pitchers of Classic Margaritas, Tamarind Margaritas and Sangria, however the Tamarind Margaritas or Tamarindo as Griffith describes it, is very unique and is a must try, the Sangria was just passable and could have been better.
Nibbles upon arrival:
Every Mexican restaurant serves chips and salsas before the meal and we were served Chips with 2 salsas (pineapple and roasted tomato) both the salsas were good, however I enjoyed the roasted tomato salsa more It's homemade and the fresh taste is far superior to what you typically get in chain restaurants
First course:
Tortilla Soup – This was unique and spicy with a dash of sour cream, you should try this if you are the adventurous kind
Corn Chowder – a simple corn soup with corn and lots of corn
Tostada Salad – Great salad very fresh and light
Second course:
Macho Nachos – Enormous portions – this is a dish you need to share
Chicken Wings – Well these were different and the sauce was a little too tangy for my taste, I typically felt the tanginess overpowered the meat, not because it isn't good. In fact it quite good, I'd just rather have more meat flavor. But you'll have to decide that for yourself.
Third course:
Fajita sampler – well there were options of veg, chicken, and prawn – served with soft pita bread – well I rolled out a chicken – it was smoky with bell peppers and sour cream and it was simple and delicious. (the sour cream is a must try as they have kind of perfected it)
Fourth course:
Grilled fish – Just awesome, well grilled on the outside, firm on the inside and not too marinated – I would definitely go back just for the fish
Well my friends had carne asada (beef), cajun chicken, and veg quesadillas. I was too full so skipped these.
Last course:
Both the desserts served we finger licking good however I personally recommend the Chocolate Chimichanga
Tres leches cake – this was awesome and just to give you an insight - this dessert delight is named for the three milks in the soaking liquid The three milks in the soaking sauce for Tres Leches are sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream. The heavy cream is also whipped up to use as the topping. Due to the rich ingredients and that it is soaked in a creamy syrup, Tres Leches Cake is extremely dense and moist, almost like a custard. Tres Leches is sweet and delicious – and Sinful.
Chocolate banana chimichanga- Banana wrapped in a pastry tortilla, fried until flaky and golden, topped with cream chocolate and whatever else.
Last but not the least: The owners have put in a lot of effort and provide personal attention to keep the place vibrant and make sure the diners have a good experience. It would help if they could raise the bar by having some theme nights/ live Mexican music/ fests or live counters as well.


spacejedi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 05,2012


Great ambience but food not great

Great ambience but food is average, especially most of the vegetarian fare was not very good. The waiters don't seem to be very seasoned either. Overall a positive experience but may not go there again.


BangloreKK - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 02,2012


Is this an American Chain??

Never been to Mexico, Don't have any spanish friends either. Don't really know what authentic Mexican tastes like. But but but, Habanero is definately American-Tex-Mex.
Reminded us of all the good times @ On the border and Tony's....
Their portions are American sized, generous enough that we were full with just starters. We tried Nachos (good) with Guacamole (good), Salsa (terrible), and some sort of cream , didnt seem like sour cream. Some potato mash (good) and yes the kiddies- platter (ok). Virgin Margaritas were good too




It's a great experience right from the ambient interiors to the food. The best part was Onion rings with a delicious sauce which I haven't tasted in Bangalore yet. Also the Vegetable Garden burger was perfectly done with a nice flavor to the patty. Undoubtedly the best Mexican restaurant I have been to in Bangalore. Keep it up guys!!!


elgringo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 14,2012


best tex mex

Juicy fajitas and amazing margaritas. A must visit if you love mexican food. Ever since moving back from the states, I've been wanting some authentic mexican food. Finally found it. Only bummer is the long ride to whitefield. I hope they open in the city soon..


surya2012 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 12,2012


Welcome change

It is great to have a good choice of eating joints in Whitefield. Been staying here for last 10 years andhad to travel at least an hour to eat out! Now in the last year or so things have been changing for the better.
This is a good welcome change. The food is good and with happy hoursa pleasure to spend some quality time with friends. The nachos are great. The place would not take orders for take away when they started , but now i think they do.


Joel Thomas - Burrp User

Joel Thomas

1 Reviews

December 30,2011


Not worth the price!

I've been here twice now and I wouldn't give this place more than 2-3 stars. We were about 9 of us the last time we went and the waiter forgot to punch in the main-course order for 6 of us. He realized it only when we asked him about the delay 40 minutes later - which meant we had to wait atleast 30 minutes more! The taste of the food is just average and is highly over-priced. I ordered the chicken enchiladas - it was more like a cross between a lasagne and enchilada. The 'sour cream' that I was served looked more like whipped cream and there was an obvious difference in the looks, taste and consistency of the sour cream between the different dishes we ordered!



Not recommended

First the worst - They don't have restrooms . and they font give finger bowl for god's sake . !!!

Ambiance - good
Service - I expect a lot better when I am paying such price
Food - Its ok .. Not great

I have been here 3 times as this is the only place which is there in ITPL Mall and our team outings always end up here ..

First the Menu is simple and easy to select .
But here comes the worse part . The server will give you one chance to give him your order and if at all you miss that , its your bad luck for another 10 mins .

Next thing is the time it takes hell lot of time for any order you give . The service is way beyond worse ..

Those who have tasted Real TEX MEX will never want to even enter this restaurant . The burrito is very bad cant be even called a burrito

The Marinated chicken was excellent . Marinated really well . Cooked perfectly .

All in all its just another restaurant which claims itself to be a theme restaurant but not that great ..


mgvalli - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 26,2011


Awesome Tex Mex Food!

Chanced upon this restaurant as we were looking for a nice dinner place in Whitefield.

The food served here comes closest to the original Tex Mex and reminded us of our days in Austin. The enchiladas were awesome, the starters were delicious and the service was good.

Dessert menu and wine selection is limited but hey, this is Mexican!

We tried only the vegetarian options and they have a good range of those,

It is now among our favorites.


Harshita  - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 24,2011


Great Food and even better ambience

I went to Habanero on a weekend, and it was infact quite full, but just enough to not have the irritatingly long queues. We got a nice cozy 4 seater with a subtly lit ambience, almost as soon as we reached.
On a friend's recommendation, we started with Nachos and Chicken wings. Trust me, the quantity of nachos was huge for all 4 of us and quite authentic.
But the main course of Burritos and Fajitas was the delicious and sumptuous Mexican meal we were waiting for. They also have a complete bar with bar seating. Though I didn't try the cocktails, they sure did look tempting.
The waiters were very courteous to ask for our opinion on food or if we needed anything and what impressed me was, their knowledge of the menu.
I would surely recommend this place if you are wanting a nice dinner out with friends.


One of the best Mexican experience in Bangalore

Habanero (it is a hot chilli pepper) is placed in the new Ascendas mall near ITPL. I visited the restaurant on a weekday so there was not much crowd. I was greeted by a smiling waiter when I entered. The restaurant is new but they could have done a better job with the interior decoration. Being a Mexican restaurant I expected to see something that would give me the feel of Mexico but there was nothing. The restaurant was simple and tables were well spaced out, only the menu gave it away as a mexican restaurant. The waiters were courteous and they asked me about three times if I liked the food.
I ordered for jalapenos poppers which was their take on cheese sticks. To be honest, it was one of the best cheese sticks I have ever tasted. The flavour of the jalapenos was lost in the cheese but I would still give two thumbs up for the starter.
For the main course me and my friend had a veg quesadilla and a grilled chicken fajita. I steered away from the pasta and the burgers because when in rome... The quesedilla and fajita were good but not great. The chicken could have been more tender and the tortilla should have been softer but both the dishes were packed with flavour which is what I love mexican food. Both the dishes had generous amounts of accompaniments like cheese, sauces, lettuce, salad and spanish rice. The spanish rice was brilliant and I could just eat the rice alone.
We went with the chefs recommendation for the desert; Tres leches cake, which was a vanilla cake with condensed milk on top. It was a disappointment to an otherwise great meal. I expect more from a dish when it is recommended on the menu.
1 started, 2 main course and a desrt came to bout Rs 1100 which is a bit expensive. It is cheaper and better than Chili's though. So if you love Taco Bell and Chili's then you must give this place a try.