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> > > > Healthy Bites

Healthy Bites

BasavanagudiSouth Bangalore  

  • 42103939
  • 66/1, Kamal Kunj, Kanakapura Road, Surveyor Street Corner, Near National College Flyover, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
  • Juice
  • Meal for 2 - 250

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Healthy Bites Reviews

pramada_5 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 03,2010


Superb Experience at Healthy Bites

"Healthy bites" is one place you find -a real health conscious hang out place. A SUPBER and SPLENDID experience to visit at with family, friends and business professionals. Must visit place.


Excellent place for italian food

I and my wife tried this place on May 8, 2010. It was the best italian food at a cheapest possible price, cheaper than Raghu's and probably the same quality and taste. I and my wife could eat our heartful for under 200 Rs. The deserts are a little expensive (50 Rs), but deserts are expensive everywhere. We just loved the Macaroni salad, it was wonderful. This place is 100 times better than Euracia Pasta and Brbq place pricewise (I do not know the quality there as I just saw the prices on the menu and walked out thinking it's insane spending 600 Rs for two people just for food). I we tried Pomodono pasta and it was good, but would have liked it more if the pasta sauce was a little more thicker. Tried one of the sandwiches and it tasted good. Not sure if they have Pizzas, most likely they don't. One other good thing about this place is they have combo meals with lot of combinations and one person can eat a complete meal for about 90 Rs (including salad, pasta and desert I think).



Not great

We visited this place when it was very new and did not have a good experience. Drawn in by its 'health food' claims, we were shocked to find they did not have whole wheat bread sandwiches! The pasta sauce was ketchupy and most of the food was insipid. They seem to have potential though, judging by the concept and the menu... I hope they find ways to improve.



Eat your way to good health..!!

Size zero is dream for some of working ladies like us who have to do the balancing act of personal and official life.I have read interviews by famous actors and actresses who swear by the healthy food they have commonly known a salads.I tried at home it not only takes time but kills interest to eat it as you are too tired to enjoy it.

Well I found this gem just opposite to corner house near national college and it was a great achievement to cross the road and enter because on one side you have tempting calorie laden ice creams but on other side this place..for a change I listened to my mind and marched ahead.

I had mushroom soup which was good..then I checked the menu for many varieties wow.I was amused wonder all these size zero ladies are enjoying life. I tasted Russian Salad it was yum then came Mexican salad even that scored good points but its on spicier side, ended this with fruit salad with light cream..which was also yum and foremost fresh! Quantity, one bowl can satisfy two.

A must visit for people like me who think that we live one lifetime and some cheating is ok,but this treat was eye opener that raw, fresh and tasty is a lethal combination. I had some ice cream too..well you know one cannot change in a day. Guys that was also yummy..strawberry flavour and that too without preservatives it tasted much better.

Pasta lovers can have awesome time too!

Suggestion: Please ask the person who is taking your order as what goes in to the salad, like what vegetables it will contain and then go for it.. Do not go by namesâ?¦dimaag ki bati jaloo!!

Service: Good, guys are friendly over there

Price: Good bargain for this area and kind of food that they serve.

Cleaniness: serving area so you can have a peak a boo!!

Parking: Not a problem..have ample space basically residential area lot of green trees makes it feel good place.


A little bit over

Me and the missus with junior decided to have a late dinner at the darshini opposite this place. Being after 8.30, the darshini was shutting shop so we decided to walk into Healthy Bites. I’m not sure what the footfall here is on a normal day, but at the time, there were maybe 5 customers along with 5 staff.
The décor is minimal, the furniture second hand (no complaints, I’d choose the same if I was starting off) and a fairly large menu. The issue I have with such menu’s is that one dish pretty much tastes like another. The dishes both of us had – both corn based salads had just 3 garnishes – vinegar, salt and pepper. I know the theme is health, but there is definitely more to flavouring than just this..
Prices were decent. I’ll knock it big time for a pretty tasteless meal, though the location is ideal. If they don’t pull up their socks quick, they’d get licked by the darshini. The health concept can only go so far…