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Herbs & Spices

WhitefieldEast Bangalore  

  • 28452803, 9844031143, 9901923331
  • 154, Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Continental, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 800

42 Reviews / 47 Ratings

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Herbs & Spices Reviews

Worth A Trip!

Located at Whitefield, a fair distance from the city centre, this restaurant won't be on the radar of the regular gastronome. But having said that, once one ventures out and reaches the place what one gets to see is very different from what one comes to expect from restaurant. The quaint stone building which houses the restaurant is draped in creepers which makes it a very pristine, photo-worthy monument which one rarely encounters in modern cities. Parking will never be a problem as they have a whole ground to accommodate a lot of cars. There are both indoor and outdoor seating options. The area is well wooded, serene, shady and naturally cool. There is an exclusive area suitable for hosting private parties and it looked like it was very popular as we were witness to a lively party happening in front of our eyes, with many guests flitting the venue in droves. It is a very kid-friendly place; except for the empty pool in the middle of the property which must be better cordoned off with a more solid fencing that the existing rope one. There are some rabbits, dogs, ducks, pheasants, squirrels and hens etc which will keep the children pleasantly amused as they wait for the meal. The Continental fare we ordered were size-able, pre-plated portions adequate for one ravenous adult. The pricing is not cheap but definitely not over the top either. The staff was responsive, attentive, polite and knew how to advise regarding making a choice of food. The menu however was a tad limited, I looked forward to some Quiche but it was not there. The wine only bar though might be a dampener for foodies who love a tipple with their bite. Another niggle is the lack of air-conditioning for the indoor seating. One major issue which must be addressed is the only one common toilet for the guests. Lot of times guests can be seen waiting for the toilet to free up to relieve themselves, and as the place is popular with kids sometimes it could lead to embarrassing situations.
We went there on a Sunday, hence we couldn't have the option of trying their buffet; which I gather is rather popular and value for money.
Overall the food, the service, the location and the whole experience makes the place worth it in the end.


nothing great

We went to this place for our team lunch and tried their buffet. Spread was limited and didn't taste high. Service was ok - overall pretty avg. experience.



Dont go there for continental food

Terrible continental food. We had ordered a continental dish which had strong flavour of Indian masalas.


Need LUCK by your side

Herbs and Spices has been a restaurant that has good food but you have to be really lucky to get the best. I have tried almost every dish on that menu, considering ive been there a zillion times, but their Biryani, chocolate mousse and their starters are really well flavored.



Pathetic Serving , just hate it ..

i went here with my 12 odd friends yesterday evening ,we blew off a bill of 7500RS. waiters came eagerly took orders individually from all of us , and after a long wait came food and look at the funny part . its like we ordered dal and they were serving us fish haha. they were serving person A's order to person C.. i mean how cumbersome it is to manage a simple thing like that, even a road side dhaba guy can take 50 orders at a time and do correct serving with clinical efficiency . i would just like to say one line after today's experience at this place "Everything that glitters is not gold and Looks are really often Deceptive"...

my ratings :
Ambiance : 6 /10
Food : Ordinary 3/10
Servicing : 0/10 just hate the servicing part...


Pradeep9591 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 03,2012


very bad service, and very high charges

hi guys don't go to this place, they give very bad service and their charges is very high.
I went here today with my office team,what happened they took separate order from everyone from my team and after that they were giving someone order to someone else in my team. So on dinner table we were searching that where is my order .

My Point is :
They took individual orders an then they were giving wrong things to wrong ones
what is the whole point.

so my experience was very bad , waste of time and money , if you are going here .



Jhinga Anari

+++ Jhinga Anari
++ Chocolate mousse
+ Consistently good food.
+ Value for money.
+ Nice ambiance, especially if you sit outside.

- Only serve wine
- Service is a bit slow

More jhinga anari please!


sashni - Burrp User


70 Reviews

October 09,2012


Extremely disappointing

A place i used to love ... and frequently visit way back in 2008/9. The food, setup was very good but the service a little slow.

Wanting to relive the experience, went there again on 30th September with family including kiddos. They were eager to check the place after hearing about my good experiences !

BIG MISTAKE !!! Read on to know why
- outdoor (garden) table blocked in the name of reservation. Wasnt given to us despite the fact that people who had booked it dint really turn up on time
- orders were taken real slowly
- big goof up which i have never experienced so far in any restaurant, even the smallest ones ! The waiter gets us a starter which was not what we had ordered. On enquiring, he says "please have this, ur order was delivered to another table ! and its not my fault but my colleagues' !! It was very tough but we controlled our anger since we dint want to walk away on an empty stomach ... and did not want to disappoint the kiddos either!
- Shorbas were ok. Starters goofed up ! Veggie Fajitas (sizzler) apparently had loaddds of onions and harldy any other vegetables ! Were onions too cheap that day ?!?!
- Lasagne (corn and spinach) was the only saving grace
- It was truly embarassing ; i had such high recommendations about the place but it all fell flat on that day. I would never take anyone there again !
Was keen to speak to the manager ... but he seemed super busy taking care of guests and the many parties that were on !

Unfortunate to see a beautiful place like H&S totally mismanaged !


jonneya - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 07,2012


not worth except ambience

value for money=2/5, qty is too less compared to price.
taste of food=2/5
service=1/5, two dishes they served wrongly.
visited on 06.10.12 dinner, bill Rs.5500/- for 8 ppl



Excellent Ambience

Been there for buffet lunch today. The first thing that amazed me was the vast greenery around this place. I was simply amazing. I found the buffet arranged neatly and the Items to be good as well, except for the fact that we had to walk a long way to get the items :P.. The staff were courteous and at Rs.320+taxes,I found this place quite worthy. Myself, being a veggie was satisfied with the wide platter that was presented to me and I would sure visit the place again, for its ambience.




Lovely, superb, tasty, great food. THe best outdoor ambience.. The taste of the food just lingers on & on... Great desserts.. Everything just perfect...


Too slow when serving

Went there last night with my cousins. It is a nice place and the ambience is very nice and relaxed. While the order was taken promptly, serving the food took a hell of a lot of time. Relaxed dining surely doesn't mean that diners probably die of hunger!! The food was OK to good but not great for sure (we were pure vegetarians). Even the onion slices we asked for came to us after more than half the meal was over. Cold water was not cold at all. They sure need to buck up.



Herbs and Spices - Buffet

We went for Buffet lunch. The restaurant has so much of vacant space around which can turn any land shark in Bangalore green;). Looks like a Green-friendly place and the surrounding will certainly help you relax. Following are the key points:

Arrangement of Buffet items is average. Those who want to enjoy nature's beauty will have to sit outside and walk at least half a KM for getting the food! Will help to shed the flab!

Service is okay. The staff is polite and kind, but does not appear to be well trained.

Taste and quality of the food is good. Non-veg and fruits seem to be fresh. Most of the items tasted good.

Variety - this is below average. For the price, I feel, this is not meeting the expectation. Only one Non-veg starter and the variety of the main food is very predictable and limited.

Inside is not airconditioned (?). They kept coolers but it's not helping in the summer.

For the buffet, the price is on the higher side - INR 350 is high especially in the context of limited variety.

I'm not very enthusiastic to go back to the restaurant again. However, will rate the whole experience as above average.



one time visit!

i opted for lunch buffet....there was not much of variety to try...mainly indian dishes was not that good...taste could have been wasnt worth actually!


Excellent food, service and ambience

Herbs & Spice is one of the best restaurant in Whitefield. We have been there many times and every time we come back pleased. Their cook is great though some Indian dishes are not so good but overall, great food. Service is excellent and so is the outdoor ambience - difficult to find such green place in the city limits.


dashv1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 18,2012


good wine and ambience and above average food

Visited the place last Friday, it was long due since it is only a km away from the place I recently shifted. I was surprised to find so many fine dine's at whitefield(used to stay in central blore before and was sceptical about good restaurants in whitefield). Herbs and Spices is definetly a safer bet than few other places I have visited in this locality. The attendent was polite though he struggled with opening a wine bottle :), he got it changed eventually. I went there at evening and got a place outside. The table was candle lit and clean. We ordered quite a few red meat starters which went well with the wine. Main course was okay. I would recommend this place if you want to have dinner with garden and greenery around.


Gillbates - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 18,2011


Hair n Spices

I used to go to this place lot of times but not after this incident. Food used to be very good. But attitude of the manager sucks. I had a hair in Appam and when I politely asked to change. They brought the same thing with hair removed, what a cheap attitude and at last after arguing manager agreed. What crap attitude, will never go again


Sachin Jain - Burrp User

Sachin Jain

5 Reviews

November 04,2011


One time visit...

The ambience is good but the food menu has limited variety. If you are in whitefield, you can visit it once...


November 6, 2011response from management at Herbs & Spices:

Thanks for visiting us Sachin. We value the feedback from every one of our guests. Do drop us a note at with any specific thoughts you have around the menu, or, do let us know your contact details and a convenient time when we could reach you. Hope to see you again

Team Herbs & Spices

uzhappan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 15,2011


Very bad experience.

Kitchen was about to close when we ordered for food. Asked for a non-veg pasta with white sauce, but they served wrong pasta for the dish - sphagetti. I politely asked them to change the dish as I do not like sphagetti, & there was no reluctance for replacing the dish.

But what I received was awful. Pasta with stale cheese, the kind of taste that sticks to your mouth even after couple of hours. We finished the meal with not complaining much, though they had again made a mistake of serving a veg pasta.

But once I started my journey back, stomach started paining within 10 mins, later to realize it is a food poision. Cannot believe that a restaurant that serves pastas and itialian food as one of their favorites, serves stale cheese (hope it was only stale cheese), by mistake. Moreover the same issue did not occur for one other pasta i had ordered. Some one was really unhappiness for changing the pasta while the kitchen was about to close, and it showed up in the dish.

I would not say the customers should not visit Herbs & spices at all. But do not dare to ask for a replacement if you receive a wrong dish, then you might be at mercy of an unhappy cook and his creativity to spoil your day.



Lack of Herbs & Spices

Quick Service
Bad Food
Grilled Shrimp: Nicely dressed but stingy portion meant more for an entree than a main. The herbed rice served with it, needed a bit of seasoning, but overall, the dish came across as a decent job
Surf n Turf (ordered rare to medium, NO sauce or dressing) : The 2 tiny medallions of beef came doused in what was advertised as a red wine jus, but was actually a brown sauce... and the 3 shrimp were lost among the 'cajun' salsa dressing.
When we asked why there was sauce / dressing on both the steak and shrimp, the waiter says, 'Sorry madam, i wrote, but they still put" Takes it back to the kitchen, in spite of telling him, that we'd rather forego the dish.
Brings it back with picked out shrimp & scraped off meat.
The meat was more well done and had obviously been hammered to within an inch of its lift. Bad, Bad, Bad

So not worth the 1 hour drive.


roofcat - Burrp User


17 Reviews

August 14,2011


Worth a drive

A cheerful farm you can stroll through...ducks & rabbits the kids can look at...and the pleasant Bangalore weather. Perfect for a weekend lunch or dinner, even if the food is rather inconsistent. Service is average.

Tip: try the sarson ka saag - one of the few places in Bangalore that make it well.



Whats there in just ambience ?

Bad food . We had gone there for buffet lunch and personally didnt like the taste of most of the items .Not to mention the pathetic service .The staff is co-operating but it doesnt make up for the food and service


Old experience

Was here way back in the days when a drive to whitefield was like drivin down to ooty... exaggerated but on the same lines..!!

Then it was beautiful and i probably will never forget the dinner i had then...!! Zoom into 2011 and the story is a tad bit different....the drive to the place is best avoided esp if you living too far from the place...but if you do make it to whitefield then a nice cosy lil place for dinner....try the wines and meat and you might push your car seat back a bit too much on the drive back...!


foodolover - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 25,2011


Food or ambience???

I would say the ambience is better and food is average.
Food: 2/5
Value for money: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 3/5



Food is sad...

22 of us had been to this place for dinner with our clients. Oh god, the food literally s****.. nobody finished their food, including Biriyani. I have never tasted such horrible food in life ever...


Quality going down!

We live in Whitefield and have been a regular to herbs n spices.

The food last weekend was awful. The vegetable stew was all watery and sweet. The blueberry cake was made of strawberry and excessively sweet again. For both the dishes, restaurant accepted fault and took it back. The starters were the only saving grace.

Wonder what happened to the quality?!?


nesto - Burrp User


9 Reviews

September 10,2010


Inside is not so fun

When I got there, it seems that the place outside was reserved for some event, so I had to dine inside, which was not particularly exciting.

Welcome by the staff was average, service was excellent, food was good.


nagpal - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 21,2010


Horrible service, tasteless food

The ambience of the place is good. The place is spread across a huge piece of land which gives a quiet and calm feel. However, the service is horrible. I had an awful personal experience where the hosts are not interested in their customers. The waiting time is more than normal and staff is not courteous. The place is better avoided.


Chicken Quiche served to a Veggie!

My colleague and I wanted to check out the new Herbs & Spice and our office being so close was a big advantage. Both of us, being a big fan of salads and European food, quickly planned for an ad-hoc lunch. Upon arriving, there was a confusion on which floor this place was. Later, somebody helped us saying its on the 2nd floor and its at one of the corners of The Collective shop. It’s a pretty small place with around 5 tables and a book shelf towards the wall. These books were on sale!

Specials for the day, is written on a black board. However, they had a nice menu card which had more number of things than what was mentioned on the black board.

My friend ordered for a Smoked Chicken Salad and I ordered for a Pear Salad. As my friend was praising the salad that he was enjoying, I felt, my salad had only a few slices of pear, loads of lettuce and some grated parmesan on top. They had some interesting quiche in the list and I got tempted to order a Mushroom and Spinach. After a few minutes, the hot quiche appeared in front of me and I started digging into it. After a few bites, I noticed reddish small pieces and checked with my colleague if it was non-veg. He being a total carnivore gave a weird look and I had to call the waiter to check on the same. He carried my plate in and was taking his own sweet time to let me know what it was. I had to personally walk in towards him, wait there, and ask them repeatedly on what they served me. That’s when they told me, it was CHICKEN! The quiche, along with mushroom and spinach had Chicken as well. I totally lost on him and when asked for the restaurant manager, he said, there are no restaurant managers there!!! On repeating myself, he pointed towards the person standing next to him and said, “He is the restaurant manager” and this person was just silent as though nothing has happened. For a brand like Herbs & Spice, this is a blunder and I do not want to listen to any excuse! After screaming and expressing my disappointment many times, one of them said, “Sorry Ma’m. We’ll replace it with a Veg Quiche”That was not the solution. I dint need a replacement.

After all this, when I asked them for the contact number of the person who runs this place, I got a prompt answer – “we don’t have the number of the person who runs this place”
We all knew they had goofed up and they thought they were trying to make things better but, they were actually goofing up things more! They denied for a few minutes and argued with me saying, they don’t have the number and finally ended up giving me the number of Herbs & Spice, Indiranagar. By this time, I had totally lost it and just walked out of the place, telling myself, I’m neither going to return to that place ever again nor would I recommend this to anybody! Definitely not a vegetarian!


A Herbs and Spices closer home

Finally, a Herbs and Spices that is easier for me to reach!

Currently, it offers a limited menu from its main restaurants, primarily sandwiches, salads, beverages and desserts, but there is still enough variety for a cafe.

We ordered a chocolate mousse cake (if I am not mistaken) and a chicken salad, both of which were very good. Then, we wanted one of the vegetarian sandwiches but were told they had run out of bread (forgiven - it was evening and the place is new). However, they agreed to use a different bread (a baguette) that we saw in their basket and we also asked them to toast the rest of the loaf for us with butter, and voila, good food with good service that caters to customer's needs! Hope they do not lose this. We ended with hot chocolate and ensured they did not add sugar and that was a perfect end to the evening.

So another place gets added to my list of cafes that either have no music (tick) or then play music I like at the volume I like.



great place but food could be tastier

Herbs and Spice at Whitefield is a charming place. Tucked away in the middle of greenery (the place could be well over 15 acres of farm house), it is a rarity in ever growing urbanisation in this part of Bangalore.
The air is clean and the place very quiet, a perfect getaway for anyone looking to eat in peace.
But alas, the food quality does not complement the environment. The furniture is old, and not very clean unfortunately. Mosquitoes are another area of concern where the management must pay attention.
The food has a clean feel about it, not too much loaded with masalas and oil. The Indian selection is fairly large with subzis coming out less oily when compared to most places, but not very tasty. The rotis were not crisp and hot as we had specified. The service was average.
The desserts, though were good. I would go again when I need to dine in the wonderful environment but am not feeling very hungry.The owners could look into improving this, as I am told they are accompalished chefs.



Charming getaway

Had a nice lunch at Herbs and Spices. Although they had a buffet option, we went a la carte. There was an odd mix of western, asain,and indian options and to be a little honest I was a little nervous to try anything. I really could not tell what their specialty was. In the end, they didn't have the tortellini I wanted so I went with a thai curry...and was pleasantly surprised. It tasted fine. I give the restaurant major points for charm- converted farmhouse, away from the hustle and bustle, beautiful old trees and flowers, wildlife happily wandering around but sadly the restaurant could do with a bit of an update. We were absolutely drenched in sweat because there was no ac or fans, the pool is not filled, and interiors could use a coat of paint.


yummie - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 05,2010


Good ambience but expensive and not so tasty food

Located in Whitefield . In between all the traffic, you will find the entrance to an old farmhouse from the main road which is converted into a restaurant in the front. Very pleasant for dinner. Ambience was great. Heard there are rabbits and ducks as well ...we couldn’t go further in as it was dark. Very spacious, good for kids to play around and loads of parking space inside.
We sat on the patio with candle lights. There was also a charcoal heater there.
There was Italian and north Indian on the menu. We ordered for some starters and the portions were very small and were priced very high. One of the starters we tried was bruschetta. There were just 4 pieces of bread and each was with a different topping and the topping was just very very cold. dum aloo or aloo tika dry was very spicy and average tasting. For main course we ordered Italian. Main course was Pesto flat pasta - which was again average and the other was a plate of stuffed zucchini which very very bad tasted. Bad quantity was not worth the price. I guess LITTLE ITALY in indiranagar is the best bet for Italian food. Though their prices are high, the food tastes good and great quantity.
Overall H & S is good and has great ambience but not the food. Will visit again during the day and try the north Indian dishes and may be my opinion might change..Who knows.


Tasteful ambience, tasteless food

Not to be confused with another restaurant of a similar name in Indiranagar & boy do they make it clear at the entrance itself. The place looks very attractive + prices are high as they cater mostly to expats or the super high end "manor born" crowd of Whitefield. The menu is a wierd mix of Italian, North Indian, Chettinad & a smattering of Kerala. I'm not sure about the other 3 but the North Indian food was very much below par.

The adraki murg shorba was boiled daal + chicken & no adrak.
The tangy potato starter recommended wasn't tangy.
The extra spicy chicken tikka masala wasnt spicy & was rather tasteless.
The chicken tikka was nice.
The daal makhani sucked.

Service was nice & helpful. All in all, very overrated.



Good food in Excellent location

Place is located in a corner of Whitefield. Very near to Forum value mall.

They have ample parking space inside. You see a lot of greenery, some ducks and stream etc. The settings are wonderful. You can spend some time after lunch here.

As regards to the food, its good. Neither excellent, nor bad. One thing I noticed was they had good vegetarian options also along with standard non vegetarian fare.

only dish that I found exceptional was prawn fry.

The prices are on the higher side. I will definitely visit again.



Good NOrth Indian / Punjab food

Food is good, ambience is very good, have a garden around if you want to take a walk around...its like a private estate!!



Not worth the hype....

I read a glowing review of Herbs and Spices in a magazine (must have been paid for, I guess) and convinced a couple of my (very unwilling) friends to drive out all the way from North Bangalore to Whitefield. It took us two hours to reach there - the traffic at KR Puram was horrendous. The setting and ambience of the restaurant is lovely - an old farmhouse with gardens and a pool and ducks... but all the pleasantness disappeared when we sat down to eat.

Even on a Saturday afternoon, they didn't have some of the mocktails on their menu. We had to send back one of the starters as the chicken was tough and stringy (stale?). The main courses were ok - I liked my Vegetable Fajitas quite a bit - and it was also very filling.

Then came the desserts - again, they didn't have everything printed on the menu. The chocolate mousse was fine, but the lemon cheesecake was a complete disaster. It was melting (!!!???) and very sour - so we sent it back, and took another chocolate mousse, resulting in a chocolate overload.

Overall, a very disappointing experience, given that we had driven right across and out of the city. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone unless they stay in Whitefield...



Amidst nature

Wonderful place ... its located in a farmhouse away from the din of the concrete jungles of Whitefield.
The veggie fare is really yummy ... no complaints against any of the items in the menu.
Try the Dhaniya tomato shorba, makai tandoor for starters, mirch makai as a sidedish, yummy lassi/buttermilk ...
Am sure anyone visiting this place will simply fall in love with it - what a nice place to have a relaxed lunch/dinner


Sunday breakfast

The Sunday breakfast that they've started is a good experience! It goes on until noon so you can laze in quite late! The spread is quite decent but is more of a breakfast than a brunch. But the ambience adds to the relaxed mood - the ducks, birds and makes it a perfect start to your Sunday! Worth a visit at 150 bucks !



Hidden gem

We live 10 minutes away from Herbs & Spices and had never got round to going there, spending every Friday night fighting with the traffic to eat in the town centre instead. Fancying a more relaxing evening we thought we'd give this place a try, and were very pleasantly surprised.

It's well hidden off the main road and the main building itself is wonderful, all dark creaking wood staircases and interesting nooks and crannies, and we were given a private balcony overlooking the grounds. The food was excellent, we had the murgh methi and the murgh tikka and they went particularly well together, the low prices being an added bonus. They don't have a drinks licence, so bring your own wine, but that is the only drawback and as some restaurants only have a very limited wine list, it's probably better to be able to bring one of your own anyway. We shall be back!



Good food with wonderful surrounds

I feel the restaurant is just in the category of wonderful.

I felt that staffs were too curteous and surronds were perfect.

Coming to the main point, I liked the food. Starting from that lassi to those Kashmiri Ghost masala, I feel the food was simply tasty and it was worth driving from Koramangala to Whitefield just to have good food.



Excellent ambience...mediocre food

This is way out of the way in a farm in Whitefield - took me 1.5 hours to get there on a Saturday afternoon. The place is very nice - ducks, trees and all that - and its in an old farmhouse. But....the food is pretty mediocre. I think this is a problem with places which specialize in everything. Instead of having a dedicated chef who specializes in a particular cuisine the cooks here make everything - Indian and continental and what not - and the result is that nothing is worth writing home about - or driving for 1.5 hours for.