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> > > > Hotel Paramount

Hotel Paramount

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 25586440, 25586494
  • 5th Block, KHB Colony, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Andhra, Indian, Keralan
  • Meal for 2 - 500

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Hotel Paramount Reviews

average quality n taste lunch buffet

I had been here with friends.. opted for lunch buffet..
service, taste and items were average.. but it could have been better.


very bad experience

we had a very bad experience , the food was not ready on time and it tastes horrible. we comes there to enjoy the food everything but it was very rush. its all messy there.



The lunch buffet at the Paramount outlet at Koramangala, 5th Block will probably be the worst I have ever gone for. Variety was very poor. Most of the items were empty. All the dry chicken items only had bones in them. My friends were disgusted on seeing how many bones were there. There was hardly any chicken. The fresh lime drink was very suspiciously yellow in color. The fish dish had a fish called Bangra (Mackerel) which is probably the cheapest fish that is available. Please go for this buffet at your own risk. It is seriously a TOTAL waste of your hard-earned money. No personal grudges against paramount. Just do not want my fellow Bangaloreans to suffer. So am posting this review.



Biriyani... be prepared for a surprise

I am a regular customer for this place. Almost every Fridays I have my lunch here before heading for prayer. We normally go for biriyanis as thats some thing you get faster. One thing I observed is that their biriyanis never taste the same. Some days they are unbelievably tasty where as on some days they are hopelessly pathetic. You might ask they why I go there. Answer is simple, that place is very near to the mosque, the most convenient place to have food before heading for prayer. I am not sure if that difference in biriyanis is intentional. A couple of times we got the real traditional "Thalassery biriyani" ( and that was really tasty. And once the dum biriyani they served was also good. A couple of times the biriyani was so tasteless that we could get the flavour of the raw rice while eating. And yeah good thing is that they cook the meat properly

We have also tried their buffet. The buffet is priced pretty reasonable. I guess they are targeting the students. I tried it only once and I am sure that I will never ever try that again. Have never seen Mackerel curry served in a buffet. The kebabs appeared as if they stripped all the meat from bones, wrapped the bones with some corn flour and then deep fried. It was just batter and bones, hardly found a very good piece with meat. And yeah there was a drink kept in some jugs and it was made of "tang"-powdered soft drink mix (thats some thing you would serve to school children). The good thing about the buffet was the appams that they were making there. Some veg curries were also good.

When the biriyani is not available we go for the "fish curry meals", "jumbo thali" or some thing like Ghee rice or Kerala Parota with chicken curry. Nothing very special about them.

They lack a bit in hygiene as the toilet floors are always wet and some time you get some un-identifiable smells near the wash area. And yeah make sure you wipe the plates your self before the food is served; Just to be more comfortable. Don’t be surprised if you see an onion strip hanging from the bottom of the biriyani bowl. And yeah make sure you move your water glass aside as there is a high probability for that onion piece to fall in the glass. You don't know where that was lying before :-). As far as service is concerned there is nothing special. You ask some thing you get it, don't expect any proactiveness.

Price is not that high, but yeah you get better things in many other places for similar price.

Parking in that area is not a big issue as you have the wide free parking area a few meters away (even though after a rain you need special skills to park your car and then walk out without a muddy shoe)

Will I recommend this place to some one… errrr difficult to tell. Just give a try if you are not fussed about what I mentioned in the fourth paragraph…


Kevin  - Burrp User


25 Reviews

August 04,2010



OMG! NO matter what you would rather be better off starving than eating here. This is basically a cheap version of Empire.

We had visited this place last Saturday in the evening, very un hygienic and dingy. It’s the type of place that Auto drivers and Cab drivers would visit!

We had ordered some normal fare of Grilled chicken KP and Ghee rice and some butter chicken.

Grilled chicken must have been made a year ago" Dry and no taste. KP Hard and floury. The Ghee rice was made of left over rice that they probably swept off the road during an accident of an overturned lorry! They brought some Chinese chicken instead and when we said we didn’t order it he was rude and refused to exchange the dish! He seemed to be a head waiter or I would rather call him a cleaner who has been promoted to that position for the lack of staff!

They took over an hour and when we were done we had asked for finger bowls as we had no intention of braving the bathroom stench to wash or hands! They said they didn’t have any bowls but kept on giving bowls of water for the tables next to us? When enquired they said if we don’t like it leave!

When we did try to leave we were all herded like cows towards the main door which was shut because of cops, but no one seemed to be interested in telling us how to get out of the god forsaken place.

I must say in all my years of eating out I have never found a place more disgusting in terms of service food and hygiene. I have had better fare from the road side!

I honestly think that the authorities should close this place down for lack of it being called an eating establishment!


sam13 - Burrp User


18 Reviews

October 28,2009


Bad Food

If you are hungry for a shawarma, then this is a good place to try! But be warned that anything else you try will be an insult to your palette. Their parathas are rubbery, gravies are watery, and kebabs are chewy!



Below average service and mediocre food

I feel this place doesn't deserve to be in Jyothinivas College vicinity as there are so many other above average restaurants where people can choose. The main bane of this restaurant is the Host apathy! They look too disinterested, confused, and unfortunately the waiters who served neither knew english, hindi or kannada! The only plus point is this hotel is open till late night (i.e till 2330 hrs in blore!).
The bottomline is Paramount is more like a mess where people can eat dinners daily as the rates are pretty less.


Sexy roof top romantic place

This is a ideal place for couples to come late night for dinner and have a nice memorable talk...this is place where we usually go after watching a night show movie at has good food and juices...a meal for two will cost u around 250-300 bugs...but really a nice place to talk specially late night when cool breeze is just making ur mood fresh...


11:30 pm blues..

Hotel Paramount and Hotel Empire(located adjacent) are the only two restaurants open after 11:30 in koramangala..this fact makes Hotel Paramount a monopoly of sorts...Service is sloppy and quality of food average..however there is an awful lot in terms of variety and looking at the menu will make you wonder whether its possible to cook so many things at one place..a safe bet would be the keema/chicken dosa or the stuffed poratas..the thalis are also worth a mention....In the last couple of months, they have opened a rooftop seating area that is interior designed in a coffee-house cum in-touch-with-nature format...the food and service however stays the same... nobody complains since at 12 a.m nobody is spoiled for choice and everyone is happy that there is atleast one place open.. i must point out that especially on weekends, a lot of drunk people show up after the pubs shut unless you are boozed beyond senses, the ambiance isn't exactly appealing at those hours.