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IndiranagarEast Bangalore  


46 Reviews / 46 Ratings

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Huckleberry Reviews

Lovely place

Been to Huckleberry with my friends. Had a pizza and wine. Very good pizza and excellent service. They also served a nice sangria cocktail. Good for 10-15 people to get together.



The Food Was Random, The Wine Was Horrible!

The food here is awful. Bland. Practically tasteless I must say. The service was pretty random. They didn't have any of the dishes they'd written up on their specials. No Arugula, no figs .. They said they could go buy some and come back and cook if I must have the dishes on the specials. Then they thrust a local wine on me insisting I try it. It was horrible. And if there's one thing I can't take, it's waiters pretending to know about wine when they absolutely don't. The wine was absolutely horrendous!! Never going back in there again!


jothegreat - Burrp User


19 Reviews

February 14,2013


Not worth the price!

The portion sizes are too little for hearty eaters. The frugal quantity just could not fill my stomach inspite of having a mojito, brushchetta, pasta, pizza & dessert! Just not worth the price i must say.




Had a GREAT time.......Made my day.
Great and large,thin pizza......YUM pizza....and also nice pasta.
and finished with a dessert.


AnnAPT - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 25,2012


Stay away from Huckleberry, Indiranagar

25 Dec 2012: We went to this place today. At 12:15 PM, we called up to reserve a table for two. But the person who picked up said if it is a table for two you can just walk in. We reached the place by 1:15 PM. Few customers and many vacant tables. And they told us to wait for 2 mins. We said OK. But the wait was not for 2 mins it ended up being 15. We ordered the Christmas lunch which was to have turkey and lot of other stuff. Please note this was for 999 per head. Still we did being in the Christmas spirit. The turkey turned up: it was horrible! Not cooked, no taste and cold. The turkey didn't look clean either. Horrible food, horrible ambiance, terrible service. They brought along some soup which was worse. And believe me - serving just these two took them more than an hour! People should just stay away from this place. Thanks to huckleberry our Christmas lunch turned out to be a disaster. The worst food i have ever had in Bangalore and both of us being people who dine out very often and like trying out different places.even the street side shops can be guaranteed to be better. Phewww.. What a disaster! Such restaurants should not be allowed to function. Stay away folks!!!!


srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

November 27,2012


Good Service and food: can be better definitely

We had been to this joint after going by the reviews and normal buzz about the upcoming joint. Sure. Its interesting. But its good...well going by our experience.

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: quaint little one tucked in a nook type feeling one would get as far as the interiors or overall ambiance is concerned. 4/5
Cleanliness: 2.5/5 fine layers of dust is visibly present across the tables, chairs, walls of course. Its just takes a bit attentive in maintaining the environment.
Variety: 3/5
Taste: 3/5: felt its much like any other good quality restaurant type of food: both in terms of near by joints of similar genre
Service: 3.5/5 we need to prompt the folks to fill in the water/clear up the plates etc.,
Portions: just right: neither overly loaded nor acutely starving...good: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

Worth a try once...



Nice little cafe - style eatery

great appetizers especially the assorted bruchetta, spinach & broccoli soup. Goat cheese crouton and arugula salad ( the day's special) were tasty but not substantial. Pizzas could have been better... it needed better toppings,more sauce and the base was too soggy.
Good selection of wine and music. Sangria was good. Service is good too.
Overall a nice, quaint little place. They seem to also source all their ingrediants locally, so extra points for their sustainable practices!



Nice place, room for improvement

Its a nice addition to the restaurant scene in Bangalore. The best part is the cocktails, especially the red wine sangria. They are very well priced as well.

The food is somewhat okay. Its not in the same league as other italian restaurants like terrazzo or spaghetti kitchen. There are some exceptions though, like the excellent watermelon and feta salad.

The waiters and the owner are very friendly, and makes it a nice place to hangout.


mangotree1 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 15,2012


Great combo

The ambience puts me in a good mood when I go here. The food and the wine only makes things better. I've always stuck to either the olives and capers pizza or the jalapeño and sweetcorn one, and I've been happy. Thin crust, perfectly cooked and toppings evenly spread throughout. Try the sangrias too, if they have it (sometimes they claim they don't have some ingredients although it's listed on the special menu).


nidhajalal - Burrp User


27 Reviews

November 12,2012


perfect place for brunch

i went here on a sunday for the weekend brunch..
my eyes kept travelling as the ambience was so captivating
i cound't stop looking around. really good job!

the brunch was delicious and each and every component had so much flavor packed in it.
it wasn't like the usual places where everything just tasted the same
the service was really fast and the plating was so well done
we also ordered their fish fingers with tartare sauce and they were delicious!!
i am definitely going back here and also recommending it to anyone that would listen to me :P


cheesy pizza

The missus and I decided we were going out on the weekend. There was just too much happening at work and home and we needed to just step out for a while. With junior in tow, we headed to Huckelberry’s to try their much fabled pizza.

The décor is very homely with a wonderful host. We had 2 pizzas – margherita and Wild mushroom with a thin crust. The crust was cooked well, but I have an issue with the cheese. This is my personal opinion. I’d like to taste the veggies and bread more than the cheese. That apart, the place is fairly kid friendly and the neighbouring pub is nicely secluded so no loud booming music to worry about.


Manu Hegde - Burrp User

Manu Hegde

3 Reviews

September 23,2012


Pizza was ok, waiters apathetic

We went in today (Sunday lunch) 2 tables were occupied out of 20 odd tables.
We ordered a veg pizza without onion - I am allergic.
Even with so few tables they managed to forget this small request
When we pointed it out, the waiter offered to pick out the onion pieces - I can do that myself! Thank you very much! Jeez.

In all fairness, the pizza was good - but I do not think I'll be going here again.



Looking for great pizza -u know where to go !!!!!

Huckleberry is just about a short ride from my place and the decision to visit last night was impromptu !!
Being a weekday , the place was deserted ,however the feel and look of this quaint joint was very impressive ... We had capucchino , chicken bruschetta and grilled chicken pizza.. The capucchino was well -brewed , bruschetta was minced chicken chunks generously spread over italian bread .We loved the taste. The pizza was one of the best thin crust pizza we had till date . Indeed a nice place and offers 20 % discount if booked through Poshvine . The stewards had a smiling face and also friendly approach.
We will visit again soon !!!


One of the few really nice places to eat

I live around the corner from Huckleberry, so I've been here probably just over 5 or 6 times and they have maintained a consistently very high standard of service and food! Although their vegetarian selection could do with a little bump in terms of uniqueness and taste, if you like wine and good quality pizzas and pasta do not miss this place!
Their wine prices are insanely reasonable, especially the wine cocktails like Mimosas and Bellinis which I'm a huge fan of.
But the one thing my friends and I insist on ordering whenever we go there is the Turkey pizza, sure it doesnt sound like something you'd normally eat. But it may be the most delicious pizza any of us have had in Bangalore period. The pepperoni pizza is pretty good too. The pastas are not on the menu given to Burrp, but I believe it was their Carbonara I tried, which was heavenly!
The service is exactly what I expect, having quite high standards, prompt service, apologies if an order is delayed(or on one occasion a burnt pizza had to be remade in the kitchen and thankfully was not brought out to us!), checking on us by the waiters and occasionally by the management/owner kept us fully satisfied as to the quality of the experience. Their deserts are quite tasty too, cakes, cheesecakes, or whatever is the particular desert of the day.
If you're not drinking expect to spend about 500Rs per person, if you are, budget about 800 rupees and get yourself a wine cocktail or two!!



Good Food and Ambience

Really liked the food, espicially the wood fire pizza and dessert with cupcake was amazing! The best part was that i got 20% off my bill amount by booking my table through a company called poshvine..


Good food but slow service

I liked how they have given details in the interiors, specially light wires and chairs. Food was good but quantity was less but it took almost 50 mints to come though there were only 4 tables.

All points are out of 5
Food : 4
Decor : 4
Service : 2
Music : 2
Value for money :3
Over all :3


Genuine iced tea!

great beverages, indifferent wings, fantastic lamb shanks. loved the decor. went during the middle of the day, and something was lacking - perhaps some music or board games next time?


birthday party

on the last Friday i had my birth day party in huckleberry, I cannot describe the food and service i got from the restaurant.
all my friends are impressed withe Wood fire pizzas they got, And decided to celebrate all of their birthdays in that same restaurant,


Food Poisoning!

We went to Huckleberry for a friend's going away dinner- nice atmosphere, ok wine list and the food TASTED fine. However, a few hours later my boyfriend got sick from the chicken salame pizza. This is our last weekend in Bangalore and now we have to spend it sick. Thank you Huckleberry for ruining our weekend!


June 30, 2012response from management at Huckleberry:

Hi, I'm very sorry to hear that your boyfriend isn't feeling too well. to show that we really do care, i've eaten the chicken salami pizza from the same batch of salami used yesterday. I'll let you know if I fall sick. Also, since you seem like you're not from around here, did you drink regular or bottled water & did you eat any salad? even though we use an RO system, we know that some people from outside the country don't have the stomach for water from here. Again, please know that we're taking this matter very very seriously and will get to


good times...!!

The first thing that caught my attention was the vibrant ambience, the colorful chairs, the beautiful wooden decor, really nice and cozy. The food was pretty good, loved the chicken wings and virgin mojito. But the best part about was their service. I must say, its not just the waiters who are prompt with the service but the owner as well, the touch of personal attention definitely leaves a long lasting effect. Good experience overall.



can do better

good ambience but need to improve taste f food



Over promise, under delivery

The first thing that strikes you about the place is the ambience. Charming little place with a rather detailed decor. Colourful and chirpy, it lifted my mood immediately. But sadly, that is where the "good times" ended.

Starters are a waste of time and money in this place. The "fritters" are nothing more than homemade pakodas and the stuffed button mushroom lived up to its name because the mushrooms were no more than the size of the button on your shirt. 5 tidly pidly, pieces for a whopping 150 bucks! Add to that the absolutely mediocre taste of the mushrooms and a thoroughly disappointing dip.

Skip the pastas. The only two worth trying are the Aglio e olio and Carbonara. The rest miserably fail to deliver what is promised on the menu. The Alfredo with garlic chicken tasted as much of garlic as a Mango does, the chicken tastes more like cardboard.

Now coming to the highlight of the place - the wood fire oven pizzas. For the place that makes fresh oven pizzas Huckleberry, suspiciously, lacks the wafting smell of fresh bake one expects to be hit with. You know, the same way the smell of coffee beans generally drive us mad when we enter a cafe.

We ordered the meat feast with caramalised onions and buffalo mozzarella. I was heart-broken to realise that the restaurant's understanding of caramalised onions was sprinkling sugar on top of the onions! This ruined the pizza, made it sweet and I could barely enjoy the meat in it.

After 1500 bucks of sheer disappointment, we were scared to order for desserts and add another 500 to the bill that we were already cursing. I don't think I am going back.


June 11, 2012response from management at Huckleberry:

hi, its really sad to read your reviews, I do go through every review and this makes me very sad. can you let me know when you come to the restaurant so I can have a closer look at the bill and see what might have gone wrong.
as for the pizza's, contrary to your accusation, i can assure you they're made fresh each day. the reason you can't smell fresh dough is because the dough is prepared in the morning and we cannot possibly make it during service or it'll cause delays of over 3 hours. the coffee grinding on the other hand takes one a fe

June 11, 2012response from management at Huckleberry:

I appreciate you commenting. But I think you got me wrong. I was not complaining about:
1. The pizza being fresh
2. Your restaurant being expensive

What I meant was that I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the smell of lovely ingredients being cooked together in a wood fired oven. That itself has a heavenly smell.

I don't mind paying the price for fine dining. In fact 1500 is on the cheaper side for Banaglore. To put things in perspective I've had a much better experience with the food for 1500 bucks elsewhere in the


Huckleberry is all classy

This place is just colourful. Colours are right mix. Their web idea is cool. Seats are well painted. Cozy place. All together loved the ambience.really cool. I love the name of the place. Everything was good only complaint will about the quantity of the food. Increase it a bit more and am coming back



All smiles.. :) Great food

We had been to this place last sunday for lunch. Man what should I say about the decor?? It was a splash of colors... bright place with all that red, yellow & blue. :)
The appetizers - Zuchini with cream cheese was very nice. The flavor jus exploded. But it was too less for two hungry tummies...
We ordered gool old potato wedges... Yumm... the standalone potatoes was very well seasoned. None of those salt/paprika/ herb shakers were used.
And then came the pizza. We had Farmer's Harvest.. It was very good. The crust was great. & it was loaded with veggies. It was a customized one, & it turned out to be very yummy..
It was an awesome experience. Service was quick & courteous & we had an awesome time there.. 2 thumbs up...



Quaint place, Great food, Wonderful decor!

Huckleberry is a neat little restaurant tucked away from the bustling 100 feet road in Indiranagar. You might miss out the sign unless you’re looking for it. Located right next to the pub Toit, this is a newly opened food joint with a unique name.

Having read about this place elsewhere, we headed out on a lazy but scorching Friday noon. Hungry as we were (having skipped breakfast on this day), I prayed that this would have good options for grumbling tummies.

The seating was unique. There were some colorful buckets as stools with a wooden glass-topped stump outside. Inner area was the usual table-chair arrangements. Not too close yet comfortable. Since it was hot as hell, we skipped the open terrace area at the far end (looked like fun!) and stuck to the AC cooled area inside!

Having got the menu, I scanned the list to check the seer fish that I’d read on their website menu. Double-check and still no fish! I called over the server and he rattled off some specials of the day which was not on their menu card.

Note to Huckleberry – you might want to put up a board (definitely didn’t see one where I was seated) or add the specials to a handout for the customer. The staff didn’t seem to mention about them when handing out the menus either!

Once the specials were announced, we decided on the following – Watermelon Salad with Cheese and Herbs, Fettucine Alfredo with Prawns, Ginger-Garlic Salmon Fish Fillet & Herbed Lemonade.

The Watermelon Salad with Cheese and Herbs looked absolutely refreshing and tasted delicious.

Pasta. Prawns. Cheesy sauce. This is the magic combination which never lets me down in any place.

The second special of the day was the Ginger-Garlic Salmon Fish Fillet (first being the pasta). My opinion? Quite tasty! The herbed rice and fresh veggies weren’t bad either.

For the entire review with pictures, please see:


April 24, 2012response from management at Huckleberry:

thanks a lot for the review, much appreciated :)


Pizza Aficionados, welcome!!!

Ignore the naysayers! Great Wood Fired pizzas! with amazing topping options... I will evangelize about this place... The best Pizza joint in my Bengaluru. WORD!


April 4, 2012response from management at Huckleberry:

wow! what can i say, thanks a lot. we're trying. its responses like this that give us the encouragement we need to keep going. thank you.



Recently i had gone to Toit with some friends... After a couple of beers we decided to try Huckleberry which is adjacent to Toit... Chilled out place.. nothing with stands out... we ordered for a Farmers Harvest Pizza and a Fettuccine Alfredo..
The pasta was good... but i think they used the same sauce as the pasta on the pizza... which i thought was a lil tangy for a pizza.. we ended with a blueberry cheesecake.. which was not up to our expectation as the cream cheese was not soft.. and the base was not crisp... all in all a average meal..
The only concern being i dont think Huckleberry really has a USP... Sitting next to the massive Toit.. Huckleberry has to distinguish itself by innovating its food..


April 4, 2012response from management at Huckleberry:

hi, firstly thanks for trying out the restaurant. I'm aware that there are a lot of places in Bangalore and getting people into a restaurant is one of the hardest things to do.
As for the sauce on our pizza, its not the same sauce as the one we use for our pastas. also we don't use the alfredo or any other form of white sauce on our pizza.
we're working on a couple of different sauces that we hope we'll be able to get to our customers in the next month or so. will try and see if we can get your opinion once we're close to finalizing th

Tempting treats!!

Been to this place 3 weeks back, they are amazing!! Loved the pasta, pizza and the best of all Cinnamon pudding!!

Do try it incase you are in the area....being from Jayanagar I feel its a rather long drive, I would still do it!!!



nice ambience.worth it

Known for their thin crust pizzas thought we'd give it a try.Was pretty good, liked the ambience a lot. Pretty cheap too.


Amazing desserts, warm and friendly service

The good:
Service was very good; the couple who have started this restaurant were warm and friendly.
The food - their pizzas were very tasty and their desserts, especially the cinnamon pudding and white chocolate mousse, were absolutely amazing!

The bad:
A little more could be done to make this place more noticeable. It’s easy to drive past this restaurant; I also missed sighting their valet service for car parking.

The bottom line:
I definitely recommend this place!


Wood fired pizzas !

Yes, that was what attracted me in this restaurant... So after careful scrutiny and reviews , we went there last Sunday only to return with a delightful experience. It's a quiet little restaurant, in contrast to the hustle-bustle from the next door 'TOIT' pub. The interiors are very simple yet endearing. You find pizza memorabilia hanging all over the restaurant.. The menu is also quite simple with a few starters , pizzas and very few desserts. But it delivers what it promises. The pizzas were truly wood - fired and the ingredients used were absolutely fresh. The pasta was finger - licking good. I would not say that it was truly filling , but nevertheless a wonderful experience. We in fact went to another place for dessert. But I'm revisiting this place for sure...


Bites of Heaven!

Nestled in a little corner near Toit in Indiranagar, Huckleberry is a little known jewel slowly gaining popularity. This cozy little place could often be given a miss when you blink, so ensure you don’t drive right past it.

Walk into Huckleberry and you’ll find a lot of colour that grabs your attention. Big splash of colours on the painted chairs, pictures of the abstract and fun adorning the wall (there is one of the very cute Beagle Peanut). And oh, this place is dog friendly too. The mango tree right in the middle of the restaurant is hard to miss too, and adds to a nice touch.

I tend to visit a restaurant a few times before I write my final review to judge its consistency and did the same with Huckleberry. On my first visit, I was honestly quite blown away with the entire experience. We started our meal with Grilled Prawns that were succulent and lightly flavoured that was an immediate hit and followed it with Chicken Wings. The wings were basted in a honey based dressing and also served with a honey and thyme sauce. It might be a little too sweet for those who prefer the fiery or tangy wings style, but I personally loved it.
Their pizzas are their biggest USP and they boast of a wood fire oven that retains the freshness and flavour of ingredients. They also claim to use only fresh ingredients that sets the flavours in their food apart from other restaurants. We ordered the Lamb and Caramelized Onion pizza and asked for an egg Florentine to be broken in the middle of the pizza. The pizza’s crust had a nice crunch to it, the flavours were bang on and the lamb and the consistency of the egg all made for a fantastic pizza!

The next time I visited the restaurant was on Valentine’s Day, when they had a Prix Fixe menu. The place was packed and there seemed to be a lot of confusion everywhere. Our main courses took 60 minutes to arrive and there was another 30 minute wait for the dessert. We left the restaurant at midnight eventually – we loved the food, but the slow service and delay in serving us was putting off. If they do have it on the menu, do order the Three Cheese Chicken and Almond Crusted Fish, which are two winners easily. It’s not always available though – they tend to change their menu on a weekly basis.

On my last visit, they were having a private party (I didn’t reserve a table, turned up on a Thursday night). They accepted us in anyway – unfortunately, we could only choose from the menu they had drawn up for the private party. We’d ordered the Grilled Prawns (that I loved earlier) and Chicken and Prawn Bruschetta. The prawns were undercooked and lost on flavour, and the Bruschetta was cold, more like a Crostini, and the bread was rubbery and inedible – we ended up wasting most of it. Service was quite awful as well.

The pizza was not bad, and the Pumpkin Ravioli and Fettucine Alfredo was really good. Two thumbs up for the Ravioli. We finished our (not so happy) meal with Cinnamon Pudding, which was absolutely orgasmic. This is their in-house special and undoubtedly my favourite item on the menu. The White Chocolate Mousse is equally good.

All in all, Huckleberry serves up some great food and desserts. The problem begins when they the restaurant is packed. They’re unable to step up on the service and food parameters when they’re running a full house. Go on a relatively less busy weeknight, and you’ll undoubtedly have a great meal. They probably need to rev up the servers and management overall on busy nights.




Right, so I happened to visit a little after noon on a Saturday. Tucked away next to Toit, I'm impressed by the simplicity of the place.
Well done interiors, especially the skylight. Unless of course you're sitting underneath it in the afternoon, like I was.
There were two of us and we decided to order two pizzas since my partner had heard that the pizzas were really good.
They were out of Pepperoni (much to my disappointment), so I ended up ordering a chorizo and grilled chicken.
The Chorizo was okay, nothing to write home about. But the grilled chicken was phenomenal. Especially since I added sun dried tomatoes as a topping.

I can't wait to visit again and try everything else on their menu. Would I recommend it? Yes.

The only downside is probably the size of their pizzas (10"), which feeds just 1.



loved the food

went there this sunday with some friends and were looking to have a nice relaxed time. ordered the wine mojito, lamb pizza and a cinnamon dessert. definitely going back


Not Value for Money

This place is not at all value for money - their pizzas are not so great - the quality , quantity of topping - not at worth the money you pay for it - the service is friendly but they cant seem to get their order right ever - all in all i dont think i am going back there again when i know for the same price - i can get better pizzas elsewhere...



Stay Away

This place is all hot air. The portions are great if you are a lilliput. The taste of the food is average. The pizza's are not that great. The price is way too much for what you get. There are better choices around town.


March 3, 2012response from management at Huckleberry:

Hi Ramani, can it get any worse? I'm very very sorry about the bad experience you had, mail us on and we'll do our very best to fix the issues. we're very new (only a month old) in this industry and looking to learn as much as we can from all the feedback we get.

ak101097 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 16,2012


for those with a tummy and soul

had been looking for a nice place to celeberate my boyfriend's bday...browsing through menus..reading reviews.some dint go well with my tummy..others dint impress my pocket.then i discovered huckelberry on burrp with the most amazing reviews one could ask for.made reservations..asked for a special cake to be baked for the occasion.after that prrety much did nothing much except stare at my watch waiting for it to tick to 7 30 14th feb and pray that i hadnt made a mistake!Finally it was time..Here begins my lis tof surprises:
#1:the place shares a wall wth Toit.i had no idea and that was strange because i have been to toit a couple of times.
#2:perky interiors..with bright warm colors.
#3:great music.not too loud not a lullaby.just the way i like it.
#4:menu not too big not too small.dint upset my pocket either.
#5:hosts friendly.smiling..making you feel welcome.

By now my expectations had raised the bar higher.Whatever remaining fears i had, dissolved at the sight of FOOD.
We chose to have the valentine's day set dinner.4 course meal for a couple with wines served with every course.charged at 2400.i think its pretty reasonable.
We started off with chicken caesar salad.We had started off with the right foot.Delicious.the wine that it was paired with(I forget the name) was also pretty amazing.
Here's where i first noticed the difference.Unlike other restaurants on valentine's day..they dint seem in a hurry to get us to go out...their service implied.."Have a good time..even if that takes hours." The server was pleasant and courteous.a rare thing to find.tust me!
Next on the course was pizza and tada*drumroll*....they let him cook it for me :P :P
it was really fun to see him being amazed spreading cheese on the base.
Tasty that is was also special because he cooked it for me.Enjoyable experience ..for both of us.
Pizza was served with red wine.Again, good job!
We chose to have chicken and fish for our main course.Tummy was quite full by now but the heart wanted more.Good presentation and service.
The best part is just approaching:desserts.
The cake that i ha asked for earlier..was finally here.i must admit..the texture out me off a lil looked a lil hard and not moist like i expected it to be.But the moment it reached my mouth...i wondered y more cakes are not made this way!!IT was the most amazing cake i have had till date.We shared the cake with the staff to show our gratitude for making the evening as lovely as it turned out to be.
But it wasnt time to go yet.After reading the lot about cinnamon pudding,there was no way i was leavning without it.Even though my tummy threatened to burst..i ate a few bites before finally letting him have the whole thing..which he did with evident delight! :D
Even after paying the cheque..we lingered thank the hosts.
I am definitely coming back again:D
Great job guys.U made my day.:D


Amit  - Burrp User


16 Reviews

February 14,2012


a good one

if you are a connoisseur of conti-food, and like being suggested for dishes by the owners and the chef himself, then this is the place for you.

located next to the popular toit on 100ft is a new place run by a couple, and supported by a chef specialized in deserts.

Wood fire pizza is really good here, a must try!
the pasta is great (they use fresh pasta made in their kitchen). I personally would recommend Chicken Tortellini (its their day's special and not on menu) The deserts are unique, (not like the ones i have eaten in many other restaurants)

Most of thier dishes have surprisingly different from other restaurants, which will leave your taste buds satisfied.

Just one regret, not much to chose from appetizers, and thier chicken appetizers are not up to the mark(the meat is not tender), and extremely low portion for the pricing. hope they could improve this.



Good reviews only by owner's friends

Quality of food was good. Ambience was classy and young.
Great place if you're A) loaded or B) not hungry.
Portions were tiny, pizza base tasted like tandoor naan, limited menu, all in all ridiculously expensive. After the great reviews it was a huge disappointment.
More PR than value for money.


Awesome thin & crunchy pizzas...

I have tried two or three varieties of their wood fired oven pizzas, and they are fabulous. I think they even beat Olive Kitchen. I could do with a larger selection of toppings. Regardless of that, their current quality of the meat and vegetables is outstanding.



A berry berry great experience!!

I have now been here thrice and let me tell not even once has this place denied me the pleasure of having the best pizza in bangalore! The wood fire pizza is simply fantastic. The moment you take your first bite you will be like "wow!! this is the best pizza i have ever had!". The thin crust, their lovely sauce and the various toppings like shrimp,turkey and chicken make it a must have when you come here.

Now to the pastas! The pastas are absolutely fresh and in short Excellent!

For main course you usually have fish or chicken with a mashed potato and spinach base and from the moment you take your first bite you realize how your entire mouth is engulfed with a mixture of various flavors. How they manage to trap so many flavors in one dish is way beyond my comprehension.

And now don't even get me started on the deserts!! They are just purely sinful! The new york blueberry cheesecake is probably the best i have ever had in my entire life! and so was the cinnamon pudding!

The best about the restaurant is the way all their serving portions are really large and tend to really satisfy your hunger pangs to the fullest. Their prices are quite reasonable and don't tend to burn a hole in your pocket. I look forward to my next visit to huckleberry and hope it's really soon.



A place to be berry happy..

A beautiful naturally light place with the best pizza in bangalore.......And a great place to hang out,just wish they serve beer preferably stout....and a great wine selection....b t dubs they do have fresh made pastas too and yeah they have a tree going through the restaurant



Sinful indulgence amidst serene environs - At Huck

Sunday afternoons usually bring with it trepidation of having to report back to work on Monday and I am no different. And this sinking feeling starts after lunch. So the best way to beat it is to have a nice, long and relaxing lunch. So this Sunday, I made my way to Huckleberry, the new neighborhood joint in Indiranagar.

Within two minutes of arriving, I noticed a strange whining noise; a heart-rending voice that said, “Help”. I looked around but couldn’t find the source. And then it slowly dawned upon me. It was me. I was hungry. And I smelt food; the mouth watering type.

Ambience – It is evident that the couple who run the place have put a lot of thought, sleepless nights and gargantuan efforts into making this place the way it looks. Colourful and cute chairs depicting a wide variety of interesting things and characters. If you do have time on your hands, check out each and every chair at the place (as long as you don’t have to ask people to stand up to get a peek). Very interesting work!

Soups and Starters - I ordered the seafood soup and I was thrilled with the result. The rosemary and dash of freshly ground pepper lent the soup the right fragrance and flavour and hit the right notes. For starters, we ordered the basil chicken and potato wedges. I can’t comment about the wedges since I was busy with the chicken. The meat was done just right and melted in your mouth.

Drinks - Though I stuck to a Coke, I heard my wife go gaga over the Basil Lemon drink. I am no oenophile and didn’t try the wine on offer. But they have a well-stocked wine cellar.

Mains - For the mains, we ordered the shrimp pizza with jalapeno topping, a mushroom pizza with peppers and a black pepper fettuccini (Chicken). Now was that a brinjal in that pasta??? It was lovely. It was better than the chicken in the pasta. I generally do not prefer brinjals in my diet but this was good. A must try!

The thin-crust wood fired pizzas were good. Some of the best pizza I have had in a while. And I do eat a lot of pizza. Asking for the jalapeno topping proved to be a master stroke since it complemented the shrimps beautifully.

Desserts – This is what I have been waiting for. The desserts on offer! We ordered the Huckleberry Special Cinnamon Pudding and the White Chocolate Mousse with Lemon Sauce. The pudding was good but what took the cake (what an oxymoron). Ok, let’s try this again. What took the mousse was… O’ blimey….THE WHITE CHOC MOUSSE. It was a winner and everyone at the table agreed. It was fluffy and thick and creamy… just the way I like it.

Price and Service – Prices are not too demanding on the wallet and the service was warm.

A couple of hours of bliss and food and…. And what??? Nothing else. Just food and bliss… Monday, here I come.



Eclectic menu, friendly service - Worth repeating

For a new restaurant, Hucklebery has managed to get its menu right: An eclectic mix of Western food, wine, desserts, and coffee. They're supposed to primarily be a wood-fired pizzeria, but they do so much more than that. While the smoked turkey pizza was the best pizza that I've had in a very long time, what followed was even better: the almond-crusted sea bass on a bed of mashed potatoes.

The desserts were most excellent too, particularly their signature cinnamon pudding. This coming from yours truly who has never taken a shine to anything cinnamon. Finally, we wound up our significantly heavy meal with a nice round of coffee, and again, the flavours were hit the right note. Clearly, a lot of heart has gone into getting the mix right. I believe the menu is refreshed every week; you may want to give them a ring or look them up online before you get there.

The stretch of Indiranagar 100 Feet road between CMH and OMR was long neglected due to the messy Metro construction. With the opening of the Metro, it appears that the final patch of this prized retail real estate will finally be conquered. That's good news to all of us who live in and around here: Soon, we'll have two restaurants each for every Indiranagar resident!




Loved everything abt the place from relaxing interiors to the mmmmm food.
I fondly remember the mocktail, 'Basil-North' that sent my happiness quotient up North! The cheeeeeezz cake was enough to throw any diet fads to the winds... The pasta....lemme describe it this way.. For a change, I did not care that thr were no veggies in thr!
A 'must-try' vote from me.
Gotta go again coz m craving the freshness of the place and the food :)
I'm wondering if I'm biased coz I'm fond of the couple that runs it.....
Naah! My stomach or taste-buds has NO people as favorites! So, Ya; Confirmed! The food and ambiance deserve a solid thumbs-up! :)


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January 08,2012


great food and wine - I'm going back to this place

I went to this place about three weeks ago and have been going back every week ever since! One walking in the first impression is that the place is beautiful. I love the tree! They also play great music.

The food was absolutely delicious. The first time we started with the grilled prawns and ended up ordering two plates. It looked immaculate and tasted better than it looked. We then had the margherita pizza, basil pesto pasta and pan seared fish. I judge a place by their margherita pizza - and it was really, really good. Thin crust and fresh cheese with the right tang in the sauce. The basil pesto's flavours were great - it was really obvious they used fresh basil and that's what I enjoyed the most about it. The star was definitely the fish, one of the best in Bangalore, fresh fish that was done just right (so many places in Bangalore have fish overdone) and again, the plating was excellent.

All in all a great food experience and I can't wait to go back to try out some of the other stuff on their menu. A word on the presentation - it really does put a lot of expensive places to shame. They seem to pay a lot of attention to it and it makes a diference. Their wine list is impressive, everything from a Hardy's to a Sante, I stuck with Sula. Be sure to try their Basil - Lemon mocktail (forgot what it's called) - fantastic flavours and really packs a punch!! :) OH and their coffee is excellent too!