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> > > > Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 08025525522
  • 75, Krystal Prestige, Koramangala Industrial Area, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Hyderabadi
  • Meal for 2 - 400

26 Reviews / 27 Ratings

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Hyderabad House Reviews

hyderabadi home

Well I am not a big fan of Biryani of Hyderabad House but definitely it stands out. The biryani is just flawless with the quality of rice or succulent pieces of chicken. The taste is authentic, quantity is good. Definitely worth a try.


anjukkumar - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 01,2012


Worst Mutton Biryani

We had been to this place an year or so and that time we had chicken biryani which was OK but this week we went again hoping that the service and food quality might have improved. Oh boy! we were proven wrong. We had worst ever mutton biryani (and that too very expensive) and vowed NEVER to return to this place. These guys are spoiling Hyderabad's name and they should be closed forcefully. I am 100% sure that they do not get ANY repeat customers. ITS A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!



Hope less Biryani

Even the 60 rupees biryani in small hotel tastes better than this hotel's biryani

complete waste of money..


bad taste

We had visited with family and guests in hyderabad house on June 2, 2012. After waiting for 35 min we got the seat. We ordered 4 different greavies thinking if one will not be good atleast we can get taste from other 3 but all the preparation were pathetic with no proper taste. Even the biryani which is considered a specialty of hyderabad house was not good.

We could have walked 100 mtrs more and gone to laziz at Joyti niwas collage road and got better food.

Over all big no for next time, will never go to this place to waste money.


foodie_76 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 04,2012



looking for authentic hyderabadi biryani ???? then rush tohyderabad house near forum were u can get mind boggling biryanis and moughlai dishes...


foodies_llz - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 05,2011



original hyderabadi biryani where you can get in bangalore,,


venki15 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 08,2011


Chicken with very bad smell and rude people

Today i had chicken biriyani in hyderabad house(koramangala branch).in my life i had never seen such a worst chicken.

Chicken with very bad smell.immediately i complained about the manager.But the response from the manager hurt me a lot.
Please dont go this branch. it will spoil your health. u can try some other branches.



Just OK

Went there Saturday evening with friends. Had to wait in a long queue. At last, we got a place. Luckily, we did not share the table with anybody. Ordered chicken biriyani (large), mutton seekh kabab and fish fry. On the whole, the food was okay. Bill for 3 came up to Rs.700.

It is a small place which looks stuffed and crowded. Service was okay. Can try once.


Ajay Das - Burrp User

Ajay Das

1 Reviews

August 19,2011


Chicken Biriyani had to Chicken Pieces!!!

Today I ordered a regular chicken Biriyani and 1 regular Mutton Biriyani as take away. When I reached home and opened the pack I was shocked to find that the Biriyni had no Chicken or mutton pieces in them at all!
After paying so much money all I got was Biriyani Rice! I feel cheated by this branch.

The people sitting in the take away section are very very rude, Today even when there was no other customer around I had to repeat my order 4 times for him to take my order. This is the kind of attitude these people have.

AVOID this branch and try some other Hyderabad house branch.



Typical biryani

This is just the typical bangalore biryani that you can find in other places like Mani's Dum Biryani and so on..Nothing special about the biryani here. The staff have really irritating attitudes....Not a nice place to be in..



Had a nice experience!!!

Liked the biryani especially the mirchi gravy provided along with biryani. Biryani was cooked so well. Even the starters & gravies are nice. Little expensive but you will have nice experience



Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic Service

We went to Hyderabad House on 18th June 2011 and the experience was mixed. The ambience was not much to speak of. And the menu rates have changed. The waiter assisting us was a pain. Only one menu was give, we had to request for another one. And within 2 minutes of providing the menu, he came in for the order.

We ordered for Mutton Rogan Ghosh(Rs. 195) with Roomali Rotis(Rs 17 each) and a regular chicken biryani(Rs 171). He told us the regular biryani would not be sufficient,but we still went ahead with our order. It was a long wait.

We finally got our mutton dish. The quantity was very disappointing for the price they were charging. One person could finish it off and still have another plate of it! Moreover it was completely soaked in oil.. The roomalis were nice and soft. We got our biryani, once we were done with our mutton. The biryani was good. And if you team it with a gravy and roti's, it sufficient for 2 people. It had nice huge pieces of chicken( 2 pieces).

The main reason I had wanted to come to Hyd house was for tryin out Hyd desserts. Once done woth Biryanis, we asked the waiter for desserts and he was like there are no desserts and handed us our bill. was suprised, as he had our bill ready even before asking us if we wanted to order anything else. We paid the bill, and went over to teh take away, counter. Checked if they had desserts and they said that they did!! when we informed what had happened, the guy was like, we are very busy, and have lot of people waiting!!

They dont care about the existing customer. They just want you to eat quickly and leave!!!
Not a good experience at all!!



Why are such places hard to find in Mumbai? There is not one decent Andhra Biriyani centre in Mumbai. All restaurants serve the 'sweeter' mughalai variety of Hyderabad Biriyani. This place slowly lost out to Meghana, but now Meghana is also loosing the charm. The mutton dishes are awesome.


Expect something of the food only place!

If you are damn hungry , and have the balls to withstand a queue, poor customer service ,then you might get some tasty food for a good price. Need to have taste for biriyanis and some spicy stuff though. Vegetarians and dating couples can safely stay away.




If you can stand in a queue for half an hour, rush with you biryani somehow and want to have a treat with a few friends with not much to spend, this is a good place....the wait can be a bit irritating at times



Chicken Biryani !!

Ended up going to this place as a couple of our usual hangouts had either closed down or sold out.
Was not let down by the place maybe because we had been there with very less expectations. Had to share tables with other people due to the crowd, which was a first.
This might not be the place for you if you are looking for excellent service, but the food definitely more than makes up for it especially the chicken biryani.
Will try out the take away next time to see if the ambiance increases my opinion of the place.



Why did I go to this place?

I used to visit this place quite often earlier with my family and friends. But now I stopped going to this place from past 2-3 months after their pathetic service. The staff is very arrogant and they behave very indifferently. Be extra careful when you are just 2 or 3 ppl, the hotel staff makes rude comments. There is one elderly guy with a mole on his face, he passes very rude comments and makes sure you listen to him. Very arrogant. Food is also not noteworthy. Its bland. Better go to some other nearby places to jyothi nivas than to go to this place.


Indifferent service but excellent food

I have visited this place a few times, and ordered takeouts a few times.

The food (basically biryani) is excellent. So excellent and value for money, that I overlook the indifferent service and lack of hygiene at the place.

I would definitely recommend this place for takeouts at least.





munna.jay - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 23,2010


Disheartening service

This review is long due and well-deserved!

It was one of those days when the craving for biryani hit me and my friend really hard. Hyderabad House is very close to where we stay and having heard such remarkable reviews, we were set to try out their biryani. Got there and ordered a chicken and veg biryani at around 2.00pm and voila! They had no biryani! Ok, then we decided to browse through the menu and to our surprise and dismay the service guy kept saying not available to almost all items. We asked him two minutes time and he moved away. When we called him to take order, he gestured to us in a very rude way which ideally meant "Just wait, I'll be over in a min". And then he just vanished.

So, we did what every hungry burrper can do, complain to the management and he actually offered us biryani which was supposed to have exhausted. Well, needless to say, we just decided to drop the place.



Good Food, Pathetic Service

First, the website says, they will deliver even a single roti, but this take away asks for a min order of Rs 200.

The fellow there simply refuses to give the bill. You have to ask him 10 times to give the bill.

The place does not take cards.

Having said that ... the biryani was excellent ...


It's the winner so far!

For the last 3 years I have been on a hunt for the perfect, most amazing biryani EVER! And this Chicken Biryani at Hyderabad House - hands down the best Biryani I have eaten in Bangalore - Hyderabad House, Koramangla. Totally miss-able because it's not a grand place for evening outs. But the food was worth the risk. Priced slightly more than the chicken biryani at the more popular (I guess?) Hyderabadi Biryani, it was worth more than a few extra bucks we spent on it. Hyderabadi Biryani is all masala and the taste doesn't quite settle. But this one, I can't say it enough - SUPER! Can't give you a complete review on service etc, because we ordered a take out. But for whatever it's worth, this biryani brings your taste buds to life, it's all flavours (as opposed to masala) and it's a complete delight. 5/5. Hands down.


aiyappa - Burrp User


17 Reviews

January 07,2010


Good food, pathetic service

I have been to this place twice for ordering biryani to be carried home. My expectations were limited about the service and they lived up to my expectations. Just as any other shop! But the food was quite good. The mutton biryani was spicy and nice and the sweet (Kubani ka meeta) was good too.
But today I called up the number 25525522 and ordered lunch for my team at 12:35 PM. The guy who took the order promised the food would arrive in 45 minutes. We order food almost every week and 30 - 45 minutes is the maximum they take. But when I didnt hear from them till 1:35PM, I was surprised. I called and to my shock and the teams disappointment, they hadnt even dispatched our food! When asked, the response was " we thought you will come and pick it" inspite of providing my telephone number, the address of my organization and asking to call me just in case our security doesnt let him in! So when I asked how long would I wait again, the answer was another 45 minutes which explained that they had forgotten our order! And when I said I would want to cancel the order, the reply was " Your wish"
Representing a large organization that preaches and practices customer service, I would never ever order from this place. And that will save me a lot of embarassment in front of my team.Thankfully Bangaloreans have a lot more choice for biryanis, sweets and warm food! and of course some decent amount of customer service!


melisha26 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 13,2009


Great Take Away

Hyderbad House has managed to keep its popularity over the last few years and i am sure the credit somewhere goes to the food. The biryanis which are the USP here are good if not great. The portions are decent. But this apart i have a lot of complaints against this place. Firstly this place is crowded all the time and the ambience is disappointing. At any given time, you will find atleast fifteen people waiting to be seated.

And to avoid this rush, i always take away food. Yes the prices are a little high considering the take away factor. One incident i will never forget is when i visited thsi place in its initial months. A friend and me ordered Chicken and Mutton Biryani. The Chicken Biryani had human hair and the mutton had strands of goat hair. Needlessly to say we returned it but what was worse the waiter just removed the strands and returned the same to us. The management had no regrets whatsoever. That was the last time we dined there


Excellent Biryani (Mutton)

I have always been an avid Biryani aficionado all my life. Especially if it comes to Mutton Biryani cooked in traditional dum style. I have stayed in Calcutta for some time (being a Bengali) and was a frequenter at some of the most famous Biryani centers in the City of Joy, namely Nizam, Aminia, Shiraj and Royal Indian Hotel to name a few Now that I have moved to Bangalore with the aroma of the Mughal style Biryani embossed into my "culinary" subconsciousness permanently, it was only a matter of time, that I hunt down my favorite Biryani point in the city. And its no surprise that a Biryani lover like me got naturally attracted to this joint in Koramangala in South Bangalore. I would rate the Mutton Biryani served here absolutely top-grade and amongst the best out there. I personally wished the mutton was more tenderly cooked to get the very last drop of flavour from them into the rice grains, but nevertheless, I could not help but eat my heart's content here. As a Biryani lover, my advice to fellow Biryani lovers would be to try out the Biryani here.

There is nothing to like a hot piping Large size Mutton Biryani in metal haandi making its way towards you in the crowd!!!!.


just_food1 - Burrp User


18 Reviews

February 20,2008


Some items are excellent, overall dissapointing

They have a mutton kabab (kheema), haleem and a desert item which I think is double ka meetha which are excellent. But would not recommend anything else, the biriyani is very dissapointing, rotis and cold and most of the dishes are not even served hot.