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> > > > Hyderabad Rasoi

Hyderabad Rasoi

MarathahalliEast Bangalore  


12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Hyderabad Rasoi Reviews






Worst ever experience...

This was a trip I took a place in Feb... I was quite looking forward to visiting this place having returned from UK and me and my cousin brother went to the place. The steward took the order and suggested to go with two biryani's along with few side dishes.. At the end of our meal, I found it to be too much and asked the waiter to pack the second Biryani.. The waiter blankly refused to do so, saying they don't do take away. For his support, he called the steward ( that Chinese looking chap ) and he too refused.. It was so irritating, that they were ready to bin a plate of Biryani but wouldn't let us take it home.. Well, food wasn't great as I thought.. No where comparable to HYD biryanis.. I think the management should work towards customer service.. Looks like a bunch of id**ts running this restaurant.. Good luck to people visiting the place.. Service is really awful..



Good on a weekday.. horrible on weekend..

Our team went on a Weekday (Friday i remember), 6 people, needless to say all great eaters :-) food was too good..we really enjoyed.. I took my family on the immediate weekend, it was horrible and was a pathetic flop show... I didn't try after that.



Epic failure

Pathetic quality changes almost everyday..water served with hair and insects for consecutively 3 times.we ordered chicken chatpata and got veg chatpata with the manager convincing us that it is chicken.finally changed after they found that there was no chicken at all.waiters respond with no respect at all.we were regular at the resto but now we have decided that we will be going if only that is the last place on earth serving food..


Best traditional hyderabadi biryani

Taste of Biryani is awesome.Quality is good.The best traditional hyderabadi biryani found in Bangalore.
Prices are less compared to other restaurants.




Awesome - Biryani

Taste of Biryani is awesome. After going in first time with friends, I thought we get better biryani. The entire quantity is good and sufficient for one person and it does not make your feel heavy.

Guys, keep the quality and taste. There is no match in Blr.



Good afordable and authentic restraunt

I have been to the restaurant a couple of times. I feel the food is decent and some good creative veggy stuff on and off the menu on offer. I am impressed by the quality of the food and the prices considering how other restaurants squeeze money out of us for the food they offer. Its not stale and fresh.



Lacks experienced Serving

Visited today with my colleagues and did not meet our expectations :(

There is only one guy who takes orders and he had tough time managing the entire hall and hence a delay in the food service.
And when we order Biryaani, the reply was "Its OVER".......Hyderabaadi Food and no BIRYAANI !!!! and it was still half past one......Surprising

The ultimate reply came from a server when we asked for a finger bowl. He says there is no HOT water and he can give, if we can wait for another ten minutes !!!!

Whatever we ate tasted good.........I am yet to decide whether it was really tasty OR was it because we were damn Hungry ??

Apart from the food we missed the AC also
First impression was not good and will give a try next time.



kja_eswar - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 28,2011


Not upto Mark !!

Its true that they serve Biryani, but its no where close to serving a good authentic biryani.
- Veg & Chicken Biryani were not spicy at all (Despite asking them to make it extra spicy)
- Any true lover of biryani would know the imp of having a thumps up/coke while having it, which was not available.
- Signature hyd dishes like double ka meetha and kubani ka meetha though on the menu, were not available.

The food is at best average here.


March 2, 2011response from management at Hyderabad Rasoi:

hi kja_eswar,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you but let us assure you that we bring the best traditional recipe with our years of experience.
It will be a daunting task to customize the dish for every single customer and will be a deviation from the original recipe, nevertheless we will be glad to make minor changes to suit the customers preference.
Cold drinks can be ordered, unless we run short of stock.
Availability of Desserts depends on the prime time. There is every possibility that the demand may be high on

tramana20 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 04,2011


Finally found Hyderabad food taste in Bangalore

Was searching for a place where exactly we could find The Hyderabadi flavored biryani and the spiciness to touch the taste buds.



January 4, 2011response from management at Hyderabad Rasoi:

hi tramana20,

thanks for your comments. We will be starting Food Festivals shortly and will intimate you about the offers.

Hyderabad Rasoi Management

bomminenim - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 13,2010


The Sumptuous taste & nice place

We have been to this restaurent with my team members and other friends. It's awesome taste both VEG and NONVEG that too with reasonableprice.

After fed up with all other restaurents, finally we have one original/traditional hyderabadi taste and correct spicy items.

Guys there will be FOOD festival soonly so dont miss that oppurtunity and have all items that time. keep watch this place for more updates


Moni Bommineni


January 4, 2011response from management at Hyderabad Rasoi:

hi bomminenim,

Just want to say thank you and please do come back with friends and family and have the real Hyderabadi cuisine experience.

Prats86 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 12,2010


Best hyderabadi biryani in Bangalore

I liked the hyderabadi biryani here which is very rich in spices, authentic and best in bangalore. The art gallery is very pleasant to the eyes. Good service. And all in all value for money.


January 4, 2011response from management at Hyderabad Rasoi:

hello Prats86,

thanks for visiting us.
regarding the art gallery, we are planning a series of painting and photography exhibitions from artists and photographers across India...we will keep you posted on this.

hyderabad rasoi management


Delicious and value for money.

I have been to this place with my family. They serve the delicious and authentic hyderabadi biryani which is the best in town (Not with heavy spices ...but with rich spices). Service is good. And i liked the art gallery concept in resturant.

Need to check the lunch buffets, heard a lot from my colleagues.


January 4, 2011response from management at Hyderabad Rasoi:

thanks animatingmind

Do come back with friends and family to enjoy the real spices of hyderabadi biryani.

The concept of the art gallery was from one of our friend who is an artist himself, we have already started a concept "Artist of the Month" by showcasing paintings of eminent and upcoming artists across india.
The displayed paintings are for sale.

And once again thanks for your interest

hyderabad rasoi mgmt.