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> > > > Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

Bannerghatta Main RoadSouth Bangalore    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • Mantri@Choice, Above Fabmall, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore
  • Hyderabadi, Biryani

6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Hyderabadi Biryani Reviews






Hyderabadi rotten chicken Biriyani

My wife is busy spraying my room with room freshener , while I am writing this review , just after 15 minutes of trying to eat the Biriyani, I got as parcel after waiting for 30 min at their crappy ambient restaurant.
The chicken was absolutely rotten(Pic attached). I wonder how they manage to get rotten chicken, when they are selling off tons of chicken a week.
This is my second consecutive experience with them. Last time I took Mutton Biriyani, where I was hardly able to eat just some rise and throw the 'mutton like leather cushion' after giving some attempt to bite.
Still their spice is deceptively good, where they can dump all this shi*.

Please stay away. From Arekere gate, Hyderabad Biriyani, BG road






Good Food But Bad Ambience..

We found it difficult to locate a decent non veg restaurant on Bannerghatta road while coming from Jigani.


Good Biryani... but Costly :(

I live near this restaurant and used to get biryani from here quite regularly... it is tasty, spicy and quantity is just enough to serve 2 at a time + some other starters !! But considering its "Hyderabadi" biryani, the quantity should be more.
Ambiance of the place itself is quite OK... have been to better places as well...
Pricing is on the higher side and the sad part is that they DO NOT accept Credit Cards / Food Coupons, only CASH. Nowadays that does pose a problem sometimes.
Would recommend this if you wanna have a great fill of biryani... but can't be a regular customer here :(


Rohit  - Burrp User


19 Reviews

February 01,2011


Delivery / Dine-In = Rip Off !

I had been frequenting this place for lunch since it is close to my office. Occasionally I even pickup dinner by means of delivery to my office/house.

However, as of the last 2-3 times I had asked for delivery, they cut down on the quantity. On Saturday,I had ordered 2 portions of salt & pepper chicken, 1 Chicken and 1Veg Curry and 6 Rumali Rotis. This was meant for 3 people. The curry was not even enough for 2 people and whats funny is that although I had ordered 2 portions of Salt & Pepper Chicken, these clowns packed 1 portion in two packages to make it look like 2 portions. Each package contained just 3 pieces each. On top of all this, they charge you Rs.50 for delivery each time and parcel charges as well. They also add Rs 5 - 10 to each item you order if you are dining-in as service charges. Most people tend to miss this as you dont corss-check the cost of each item with the bill. They do not mention that it is added to each item you order as service charge. Say you order a Chicken Biriyani, they add Rs.10 to it in the bill.

I feel this place is a rip-off both for dine-in or take-out.

Whats worse is that Burrp has given them a certification which they have proudly put up on the the wall. Burrp Certified it seems.

A total waste of Money.


Excellent biryani

Never eaten in the hotel, but I regularly pick up food from here. Love the taste and really like the fact that it's consistent.

Last evening, when I ordered for 2 biryanis and a chilli chicken, the delivery was made within about 30-40 minutes and the delivery guy was courteous. The thing that put me off a little was that he told me that they've delivered Chinese-style chilli chicken! I didn't expect a hotel named Hyderabadi Biryani to have any Chinese-style food.

That being said, the Chiinese style chilli chicken was pretty good. :) Enjoy maadi!


kollan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 13,2010


Too Spicy

Not that costly compared to Bangalore rates. Rs 130 for Ch, Biriyani.But, too spicy and hot. Could not enjoy. Total wastage of money.


Costly Hyderabadi Biriyani

I tried their chicken biriyani . It was very spicy and tasty too. But when u say hyderabadi biriyani the quantity should be much more than what they serve .Ambience is good for family dinning too .The Biriyani is costlier when compared to the legendary Paradise or Bawarchi hyderabadi biryani actually located in hyderabad but still justifiable since u get the same flavour out of hyderabad .