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I & Monkey

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  


30 Reviews / 32 Ratings

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Steak Lovers Paradise Jul 09 - Jul 31

  • The Porterhouse steak is not any ordinary steak, it is one of the finest, thickest and juiciest pieces of meat known. Grilled using light seasoning,  the meat is cooked with a hint of pink for that perfect beef fillet taste so one bite will transport any meat lover into food heaven.

    Served with the sharp tasting parsley marinated in olive oil, white wine vinegar, garlic and oregano, sauce to add just a hint of spice to the fillet and a house salad to cut through the sharpness of the sauce, the Porterhouse steak is a must try for anyone looking to enjoy a good chunky steak any day of the week. Only at I & Monkey specially prepared by Head Chef Rohan.

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I & Monkey Reviews


Very poor service!

We were extremely disappointed with the service. The steward tells us after an hour that a starter we ordered is not there! And on being told of our disappointment just walked away!
Horrible service, below average food.

This is the last time he gets our business!







Conti on your plate

How it was made i can say simply superb . . . Gone through with menu its too hot. . . . A good quality wine available. . . . Quiet intresting for me flambe trolley. . . . . Staff especially sous chef sarat wow what a personality. . .












Unique Cuisine and Classy Place

This place is an ideal place for people who are looking for 'Something different' for their taste buds and willing to spend more. Apart from the unique cuisine, the drinks and desserts are also amazing! It's definitely a nice pick for a date as the ambience is great and music is soothing.

Average Cost for 2 = 2550/- (Full Course Meal)



classy !

This place is very tastefully done up. There isnt much need to book tables before hand as it doesn't have many people visiting it. Though it does have very courteous staff and nice food. The main course was not very appealing.The cocktails were good and so, was the soup. It would be ideal for a nice quiet dinner or a business meeting. They has a good wine selection as well.


Drunken Monkeys

Brilliant Ambience. Overpriced. Very courteous waiters. Not-very great food. Amazing Ultimate Chocolate Nirvana. That sums up my 5 point description of I & monkey !

We were 7 in number, and four of them did not really like the food. I must add that the meal I had, the Deep Sea Marinara was too good, the fish,shrimp and squid rings in it was cooked just perfect, and it had all the right flavours. I had to add a little bit of olive oil and oregano to give it an extra flavour. The steaks were really good, thin slices of it. But the mashed potato that accompanied the steak needed a lot of salt to make it edible.

The desserts, though, had no complaints, not from a single peron at the table. We had two desserts split among the 7 of us - Blueberry Cheese Cake and Ultimate Nirvana, both were really good, and the Ultimate Nirvana deserve special mention.

We had duly filled in our comments on the feedback form, and was only too surprised to see the steward come and personally enquire about it. Plus points for that !

The bill for 7 of us, a bottle of wine, a margerita, no appetisers and 6 main course dishes (2 of them split their meal) came upto 7k. Will go again, when i can afford it ! :P



Simply Amazing..!!

Went there on Sunday for lunch with a few very good (Bangalore) friends of mine, while traveling from Mumbai. They suggested we tried this place out as everyone had been talking about it. The exterior of the place was very intriguing and would not give an idea of how the interior would be. We went inside and there was some sort of a birthday party happening in there which seemed to be super fun. We decided to sit a little away from them. We were given a few options such sitting at the bar, sitting at the tables across the bar and a little private space that we had. I was meeting my friends after a very long time and also as we wanted to create our own little racket we decided to take the private space. I personally do not like looking at the menu cards but this menu had something in it which made me wanna read the whole thing. For starters we ordered the jalapeno and cheese poppers, tomoto with pesto and cheese, curry leaf chicken and some prawns which were served on a cracker. All of it was absolutely amazing (mouth watering even now while writing the review). For main course we ordered a chicken curry with appam, chicken flambee, beef flambe and some pasta with feta. All of it was absolutely delicious. I had ordered the beef and having studied Hotel Management in Switzerland and working there for a long time can get pretty anal about how my beef is cooked and let me tell you it was perfectly cooked the way I had asked for it MEDIUM.

Had one of the most amazing meals of my life with great company and delicious food. Let me also go ahead and credit the working staff who were very good at what they did and were always there when we wanted them.

I highly recommend this restaurant.



Tooooo good......

I had gone with my friends for a birthday treat. This is a really awesome place with good ambience. The items on the menu were really different. We had ordered different items and found them all very tasty. Ambience was beyond good. It has a bar attached. Worth the money. I would recommend this place.



Monkey in me.. Not so Thrilled..

The monkey in me did wake up only to notice the special listing on a menu placard standing on the table. It decided to play with ‘Momo cheesy supreme’ for starters and appointed beer to team up with it. For the mains, it was ‘Vegetable nilgiri korma with a choice of either appams, sannas or parotha (all Indian main course dishes come with choice of accompaniment) and in non-vegetarian, while I initially preferred the good old Fish ‘N’ Chips, I was recommended Pan fried chicken breast by the restaurant staff.
Momo cheesy supreme was the first to arrive at our table. This was presented to us in a cane basket with a tomato and chilly based sauce. The momos were quite different from its more familiar counter-parts but nice to taste. The notes of melted cheese, minced onion and carrot stuffed momos were well recognized. The chili sauce was not really spicy and had a tad bit tanginess coming from the tomato. The momos were not well shaped. Not having tried this before, my wildest guess for a reason would be due the melted cheese stuffing.
The vegetable nilgiri korma came plated with the spinach based korma in a bowl, 2 appams and shredded vegetable salad. The korma was really nice and it was savored in no time. The appams were light and crisp around the circumference and soft and fluffy in the center.
Pan fried chicken served was not cooked well and the chicken was raw in the middle. Though the sauce tasted very good, it seemed more like black pepper sauce than mushroom sauce. The mashed potatoes lacked freshness and were a tad bit too dry. The mixed vegetables plated with the chicken were pan fried too in the same sauce that was smothered on the chicken. It just seemed like an overdose of sauce in every bite. The dish could have been neutralized by plating boiled and buttered vegetables instead.
Better than Sex! No, I am not deviating. This is the name of a dessert served at I & Monkey. It’s pure chocolate pastry with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. This definitely was the best part of our meal. I’d highly recommend you to try this dessert when dining at I & Monkey.

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Great Food..!!

My colleague and dear friend wanted to surprise me for my birthday. She did a fab selection by choosing to take me to this place. The pork curry and beef steak were absolutely great. Great service, quiet and relaxing ambience. Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday treat!!


leagueivy - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 14,2012


Amazing food but will leave a dent in your pocket!

After an impressive first-time experience, went there back again and I was not disappointed. Located on 12th Main Rd in Indiranagar, this place is nicely done up, it's spacious and you can choose a cozy nook to enjoy the night with someone special or even a huge group of pals.

The food is fantastic! There is a mix of Coastal and Continental offerings and also a few Anglo Indian specials that are a must try. We began with the pan-seared sausages. They were sliced into chunks and tossed in with onions and curry leaves. The dish was nice but the quantity was a bit too less considering the price charged. We were forced to order another starter to go with our beers, the pandi fry, but we didn't regret it. Done in the Coorgi style, the tang of the masala came though and the quality of the meat was infallible.

For mains, I opted for a Kerala Fish Curry with appams. The fish curry was outstanding, it had the right balance of flavours and went perfectly with the subtle sweetness of the appams.

All though I & Monkey is an amazing foodie experience, you are very likely to feel the pinch on your pocket when the bill arrives. It's a tad bit too expensive. Will definitely visit again but not before I save up.


rastachef - Burrp User


46 Reviews

November 12,2012


Great food - a tad expensive

Former Indian spinner EAS Prasanna's house, located on the same road where Rahul Dravid had a house; I walked in half expecting some cricket memorabilia adorning the walls. In fact I must admit, I thought, the name was probably a tribute to Javed Miandad's monkey jump during the '92 world cup! All my assumptions were wrong and the name is actually a tribute to the "monkey" that lives within us, inhibited and burdened by work and pressure.

The food is excellent here. In fact, in my opinion, the steak I had here was one of the best I've tasted in Bangalore. What I ordered had liver, which I don't like and the order taker replaced the liver with sausage and bacon. Woohoo! m/

The service is great too, but can be a little overwhelming with the waiters hovering around you all the time.

The food is pretty similar to what we get at Windsor pub (near Mount Carmel College) only more expensive.

Definitely recommended.


Try it for the Variety

Had an awesome dinner out here. The service is excellent. The food that you get here will leave your taste buds happy for a long time. Little Pricey though ..


jstryde - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 07,2012


Name weird. Everything else, absolute class

Chose this place to give a b'day treat for my best friend.
I have to admit:
1.) "I AND MONKEY".... really??? for a restaurant name?!!! REALLY?!
2.) Lots of Mallu & Coorgi dishes in the midst of continental stuff. Queer.
Both my above points are rendered needless by the absolute delicousness of their dishes. Also! I admit they DO explain the reasoning for their name in their menu card, but still, dudes...
I & my friend are absolute carnivores, & I fell in love with their pork preparations. I tried their pork dishes both starter & main course, both coorgi style preparations. I am a believer. The service also, top-notch. Such professional people who are very attentive & wait on you very well. Bravo.
Me & my friend had such a lovely evening here. I will definitely come back here.


jungmd - Burrp User


32 Reviews

November 02,2012


Great Food. Iffy Name

I don't really like the name of the restaurant. Why "I & Monkey"? Is it meant to sound cute? It doesn't and I think does a disservice to the place.
The food here is really good - I loved the beef, the pork, and my friend had a crepe (surprise - some interesting continental dishes on the menu) - which was very good as well.
The ingredients tasted fresh, and great spices.
I've been here twice and am coming back. Rock on, but consider changing the name!


tintin19 - Burrp User


16 Reviews

September 29,2012


Worth a try

We reached pretty early to this place with a kid (8PM), and the service was very good and personalized to begin with. But as the crowd entered, i could see the quality of attention going down. I went by the reviews below and ordered Chilli Cheese Toast, Chicken Momos - the former was fantastic ! Momos are better elsewhere. The cuisine has a lot of kerala elements (and spicy). But they were kind enough to go out of the way and make a simple pasta for my kid (thumbs up). I had the pandi curry with sanas - ok types, since the sanas were not well done.



More about the experience than the food per se

Relaxed ambiance, perfect for a saturday afternoon, unobtrusive, efficient service. Starters (pakodas n momos) and cocktails were nothing to write home about. the 'carni' main course and club sandwich were good. dessert was yummy (almost as good as they boast it to be.)



My friend & I went I&M on a Monday afternoon. Both of us were famished. We chose to go here mostly because we were intrigued by its name. Anyway. The ambience was nice & quiet & perfect for a warm afternoon. I had a Cosmopolitan (which was decently done); my friend had a beer. But we were disappointed by the food. Especially me because am a vegetarian. It was more disappointing because we were really hungry when we got there, and it took the server 30 min to get our food - even when there was only one more table occupied in the entire restaurant! I personally feel I&M has a lot of scope to do business, but they probably just need to fix their menu a tad.


Great place

I am a huge fan of this place. It is fantastic. For the people who have been to Windsor Pub, we can vouch for this place as it has great service, Satish does a fantastic Job of managing the place and making you comfortable and at the same time suggesting & educating in what to order. I love the food.


Expensive monkey business

The ambience, food, wine list, decor and service are all top class!

They had a king fish dish and I ordered that with a modification that they use sea bass instead (based on a friend's recommendation). The staff obliged and made the dish.

But dont know if it was just bad cooking or that they did it in a hurry because of it already being very late but the food wasnt up to the mark. The fish came undercooked.

They have a nice menu of cocktails too, something that my friend had was a mixture of some 7 different types of alcohol. Either the potency of the cocktail or the fact that he cant hold a drink made him sit on his iPod and look for it everywhere!

But the bill was something that I knew would be high - and it WAS!


No monkey business

It's been quite long since I have been here. So, I don't really remember the dishes that I have eaten. But all I can say is that, this place has great food, good ambiance, and good service. What more does one need. Good place to have a nice meal during weekends.


The monkey in me is HAPPY!!!

Loved this place from the word 'go'. It was my date night with the husband and since I have been dying to check out this place following the rave reviews it has been garnering on burrp! we decide to head to I & Monkey on Sunday night. The interiors are done up comfortably and had a smoking and non smoking section. The decor was classy without being too fancy or pretentious. We settled ourselves and was presented the drinks menu. I ordered a lemon margarita and hubby settled for a pint of beer. The food menu had an interesting note on the unusual name for this restaurant. Its got to do with the 'monkey' that is hidden is all of us but we seldom let it out coz we are just too bogged down with 'life'. Hmmm...nice thought that! Anyways, a friend had highly recommended Susie Aunty's Chicken and we ordered a portion of that to go with our drinks. Infact, most of the appetizers looked very tempting especially the fish fingers with ginger mayo sauce but since both of us are small eaters we did not want to fill ourselves with a lot of entrees. The starter arrived and it had a generous portion of curry leaves and was cooked in a white thick gravy, which I thought was poppy or tasted truly yum!! We licked aunty's chicken off our plates. For main course both of settled for coastal dishes. I ordered Kerala fish curry with appams and hubby ordered some chicken curry cooked in coconut gravy kerala style with kerala paranthas (its a shame that I forgot the name)...the food was just outstanding! I thought the portion sizes were fairly decent and my husband's chicken dish was creamy and absolutely delicious. As usual we were too full to have any dessert and skipped it altogether. The bill came up to Rs 2,200 for the food, 2 margaritas and 2 beers. We absolutely loved the place and wanted to sample a few other dishes from the menu so I'm guessing we'll be back soon. For the time-being, I'm a happy monkey :)



No Monkey business here!

The first thing that caught my attention was the huge wine holder on the wall and the tiny pond with fishes; it looked amazing as so did the dim lighting and the wooden décor. A perfect place for a nice quite date I must say. We started our meal with a plate of steamed chicken momos which were just pure bliss. The pasta and pork sausages were quite nice too. Loved the service, maybe a bit more variety on the menu would do good, overall-a good experience and total value for money.



Only superlatives for this place!

There is a buzz about this place that is hard to describe. We just end up having a fantastic time every time we go there. Their food is excellent - the Suzy Aunty's chicken was yummy, so were the momos. And the chili cheese toast...aah...melt-in-the-mouth stuff! The cocktails are great, the selection of music is great. Everything about the place - the decor, the staff, the crowd - spells class. In me you have one smitten customer!!


Good Ambiance, Ok Food

Been to I am Monkey, (nice chicky name) on last tuesday...
liked the ambiance, got impressed with the smile of the host... many other restaurants u dont find people like that.. food was not that great, it was just a regular stuff... not worth it for that price.... but was a relax evening with friends ... good luck guys


Amazing Food

Bumped into this place for a treat. Place looks neat with a few flatscreens and nice decor.

We ordered both cuisines - indian and euro. The food was deliiiiiiiiciiiiiiiouuuuuuuus, from the stakes to the appams. The quantity and the price could be disturbing for a gobbler.

Expensive but tasty food.



Best for monkeys

Was dragged into into this restuarant not knowing what to expect on a Sat night. The name kept one guessing about the cuisine. Great ambience set in a former cricketer's house. But all this fizz soon fizzled out.

'L' board waiters who didnt know the difference between a regular coke and a diet coke leave alone what was on their own serving tray! Took 45 mins to get an extra glass of water and the food, well, was left wondering if it would even make it to the table before the 1130 pm deadline despite having placed the order more than an hr before. When the manager was questioned, he simply said they were overwhelmed by the orders coming in all at once and one could see many tables with empty platters and hungry souls. Chef Gordon Ramsay, where are you?

And did I mention about the senior citizen chicken used in the curry served with three inch thick appams? An idiotic name and even more hideous food and service. Guess this monkey's sister Windsor Pub is a safer bet rather than this overrated and overpriced sibling.


Go Bananas!!!

Man evolved from the monkey; though I know a lot of people for whom that process is still incomplete.:)

But there are instances in life that bring the monkey outta you; case in point – try figuring out what the ‘bad word’ is in the “Cochin ‘bad word’ Curry”, which is a dish on the menu at 'I & Monkey', Indiranagar’?

But seriously, ‘I & Monkey’ is a superrrb place to be and to monkey around n our review is -

Parking and Location – I & Monkey is located on 6th Main, Indiranagar, near Corner House Ice Cream. If you’re coming from Sony World, it’s on the left side, right after the Soul Scape furniture shop. Yup, it’s difficult to find parking space there but you could always find places in the many service roads nearby. The very chic building of I&M really impresses with its well lit signature against its white walls. We went for or Friday lunch but I’m really curious to see its elegance at night.

The Ambience: I’d say the ambience is really good. The best thing I liked is the air conditioning – on a hot Friday afternoon, I found the place very comfortably chilled – now don’t get me wrong here, but a lot of restaurants in Bangalore just have not got their air conditioning right (think El Tablao) and that really upsets the overall experience. I & Monkey has a real good feel about it and the air conditioning totally works. The walls have that classy white n wooden thing going on about it and every table has a bottle of wine which kinda adds in to the classy décor. The music is very 50s Hollywood and there are black n white photos of old Hollywood stars (I think). There’s a smoking section just outside though we took a table right in front of the bar(I'd say its the best seat in the room). Ambience is very, very classy - I’d give it a an 8/10 for it. In fact, I’m quite tempted to see it in the night.

The Service: Hmmmmm… well, they do make the necessary noises about being friendly with excessive smiles but you do get a feeling that it’s all fake – but I guess it’s the case with most joints nowadays but we had to say “No, we would not like to have drinks” repeatedly to three different people in the beginning. Later, my friend who was already feeling stuffed with his dish had to also repeatedly tell three people, “No, I do not want another appam” . Also, I asked one of the waiters what the ‘bad word’ in the “Cochin ‘bad word’ Curry” was and he didn’t know :) ….. overall, I’d say that service is ok – no complaints.

The food: In word – Excellent! We were initially figuring out what starters to have when one of the guys said that we shouldn’t have starters and go straight to the ‘One For All Monkey goes Carni’ for main course and in hindsight, that was a very good call – the ‘Carni’ is extremely filling and is a non vegetarian’s dream dish with sausages, chicken breast, beef, bacon, a chicken leg, all tucked under an omlette served with sauce, boiled potatoes and crunchy vegetables (phew!) - a remarkable dish! The two vegetarians had cottage cheese masala with kerala parotta and a vegetable nilgiri korma with appam between them. The vegetarians found their dishes to be just “ok” while the carnivores found it ‘totally mast!’ We finished our meal with a dessert item called ‘Better than Sex!’, which it was not, but was nevertheless still good. :) All four of us agreed that we will be back.

The bill – The bill for four with the above four dishes, a dessert and two bottles of mineral water came to Rs 2040/- not bad at all for such a good experience.

In conclusion, I’d borrow a term from their dessert menu to rate our overall experience by – ‘Better than sex’ it’s not, but it’s still pretty awesome. :) I'd really wanna check out the ambiance n lighting for dinner one day :)

And btw, we later asked the manager and he told us that the ‘bad word’ in the “Cochin ‘bad word’ Curry” is ‘Meatball’. :)

I & Monkey - No monkey business this - A ‘Must Go’ Place!


great ambiance but not impressive food

Interesting decor and great wine collection but very limited options for vegetarians. Also, the cuisine is all over the place - with prices like these I would expect a sharper focus on their specialty than wanting to see a menu that serves South Indian food as well as pastas



Very, very good!

Probably the best restaurant in the city at this point.



Perfect new addition to a cluttered market

Been here three times already and can hardly find fault with it! Its apparently started by the same group that runs Windsor Pub, one of the pillars of the old Bangalore pub culture, and the experience shows.

Whitewashed walls with dark wooden furniture is the contemporary interpretation of the traditional pub look. So are the additions to the menu, though its a pleasure to find a new place that offers masala peanuts!

Cocktails are well made, and the starters live up to the myths they weave around them. My personal favorites are the crab dumplings and the fish curry :)

Informed, pleasant, efficient service makes the overall experience positive. If only they could generate some more energy, this could be the best alternative to Toit!