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> > > > Imperial Restaurant

Imperial Restaurant

Residency RoadCentral Bangalore    & IN 4 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 25585473, 25913738
  • 94/95, Residency Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 500

5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Imperial Restaurant Reviews






Decent. Better Than Empire

Old timers of Bangalore would know of Imperial on Residency Road as a place popular for its non-veg. My father often talked about going there during his bachelor days and my foray into eating non-veg (outside of home) as a young adult too started from here. Unfortunately, Empire Restaurants - a clone of Imperial in terms of the food- over the last decade, seems to have overshadowed Imperial and has blitzed ahead with expansions and new launches. However, food-quality and taste wise, Imperial would any day beat Empire hands down. {It makes for a weird sentence :D} !!

Most of the food on offer here is good.
1) The Kababs, Ghee Rice and Parathas - Kerala, Wheat, Ceylon etc, are the most popular items here. The Chicken Kabab especially comes with good-sized, succulent and crispy pieces. Way better than that of Empire.
2) The Chicken Biriyani, although not top-notch, is a decent one.
3) The Thali can be improved upon.
4) Shawarma is ok-ok.
5) Good collection of soft drinks, juices etc.

Verdict :- Not your fine dining place. But ideal for a quick eating out or take away or as a pocket-friendlier option. BETTER THAN EMPIRE !



Worst place

Worst place in my life i have ever been to... it was very very very very bad service and when we complain the manager, he is least bothered.. please never go with any friends or family... here people who have not eaten non-veg for years can witness this place... not for families... its the worst place


fazal93 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 19,2011


grate destination for food lovers of banglore

hi iam fazal 'IMPERIAL' is well known name in banglore for kabab and biriyanis



Avg North Indian Mughlai Food, Horrendous Service

Went here with a bunch on my friends one of who was a NRI localite and he raved and ranted about Inperial being better than Empire. So we went in.. Me, my significant other and the other couple.
Ordered Kebabs and Tikkas and Mutton Biryani. The Biryani came out cold so the localite friend brought this to the notice of the waiter and asked him to het it up. All this while I had a gut feeling the floor manager/ cash manager/ owner was giving us nasty looks and observing us. My girlie brain..always thinking I thought..and tried to enjoy the meal. What a meal. Stuff that you get in the Irani Cafes of Bombay taste far better. Midway into the meal and I felt this place was worthless. When we called for the tab and put forth our Sodexo Vouchers (the entrance Had the 'We accept Sodexo Vouchers' the waiter took them to the Cash guy and came back saying they stopped taking it from that day!!! I knew it was ridiculous and my gut feling was right. The cash counter guy was acting weird indeed. So we paid by cash and went down. You see the restaurant is in the upper floor and the juice centre is downstairs. On asking the cash counter guy there he smiled and said that they indeed accept Meal Vouchers!!! So we informed him about the incident upstairs and walked away.
My worst experience in Bangalore.


chicken kabab rs;120

imperial chicken kabab famous in imperial