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Indi Joe

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  


20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Indi Joe Reviews


Excellent food

We went to Indi Joe on a friday evening, when the World Cup had just begun and the place was packed.Managed to find a table inside just near the television and placed our orders. And before no time our order of soup & starters were placed at our table. The only thing we had to remind the person who served us was for water.We had to ask for it more than 4-5 times and that's when we got it.
Given the patrons who were there & the sound of cricket from all corners,it's forgivable.

For main course, we ordered a pasta which was served in huge portion,tasting absolutely great and a Kung Pao Chicken Sizzler which was equally excellent (as said by my husband :) ) And finally the most awaited dessert - a double banana split which was just the perfect thing for the splendid meal we had.

Excellent food and good service - like any other restaurant in the BJN Group, this one too is superb when it comes to service. Next time it's going to be the much spoken Sunday brunch that am going to try here



Good Sizzlers and a decent Lunch Buffet

Located within Carlton Towers on Airport the restaurant serves some nice sizzlers and lunch buffets.

They have some nice sizzles with a lot of options for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. In the menu there must be close to 10 sizzler options (each for veg and non-veg). So there is plenty to choose from. Plus they are well cooked.

The buffets sometimes have nice thin crust pizza's which are definitely worth eating. Also the main course options of Biryani and north indian dishes combined with some italian food gives a good mix. I was bit disappointed with the desert option. Hope that can be better. Also lately they have started a happy hours in the evening for all beer lovers :)

So you can visit the place esp. for sizzlers, in the evening or even try there lunch buffet.


Spread wide!

Indijoe has the typical BJN feel to it. The theme's sort of retro-western and the taste of course, is supreme. The buffet has a huge spread for what they charge and the beer is pretty good too.
Don't miss the custom made pasta and wok and of course, the chocolate fondue fountain(which I dont think is available anymore sadly). Dont think it would be wise to try a la carte here. It would definitely be heavy on the pocket. The ambience and quality of food come together pretty nicely. You're in for a delight at Indijoe for sure.


dollface - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2010


gr8 feast

we had lunch buffet there.. including taxes in abt 800 bugs. gr8 italian starters.. soups..yummy indian veg n non veg biryani...awesome and mouth watering sweet is maintained at a standard... its a BJN group u dnt nd to worry abt standards...u can book table on phone also till restar gets housefull...then u have to go personally and book a table if it happens...must go atleast once... no regrets at all...u will surely enjoy


gurran - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 14,2010


Wonderful sizzlers - amazing mid week lunch buffet

..and happy hours, with Cajun chicken fingers and other greasy food, with an ever smiling, accommodating and friendly staff. I've always been happy with all but one BJN group hotels, and this one is perhaps at the top of the BJN group list - for me and my wife. The best part is their consistency - which ensures that even after having been to this place more than a hundred times, and having tried out almost every item on the menu - i havent had one disappointment with either the quality of their drinks, the food or the service. Would definitely recommend it to people who are either looking for good lunch buffet spreads, or a noisy evening out with friends - sort of like an American evening hangout place, where you can talk loudly, sing along to the music, wish happy birthdays to tables celebrating one next to yours, and just have a good time overall.


shreyushimo - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 27,2009







Great service, good food

Their staff is great, and so is the food ,depending on what you order. Nice bar, slightly distracting ambience, music a wee bit too loud at times.

Italian and sizzlers recommended.


gauravb - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 15,2009


Itz nice ..

I had been to Indi joe couple of times for both buffet and a-la-carte ..Its too good when it comes to buffet lunch ..typical place for team lunch ..snacks and deserts are something to vouch for! Decently priced buffet with loadsa variety all time fav at Indijoe is chicken lolly pops and fish fry.. they serve nice kingfisher draught in pitcher goes well with the snacks ..main course is average but not dissapointing ..
hmm ..lets talk about a-la-carte when you carry yourself with this kinda mindset ..Okeizz ..the sizzlers are just average and not really value for money ..never try the large non-veg platter which is not in menu and would be recommended by captain if you would ask for something in good qty ..Its overtly priced with less qty ...huh! doesnt taste well either you can expect to be just average stuff with some good ambience


canani - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 09,2009


used to a nice place !

I have been to this place in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon buffet. I have taken many of my friends and colleagues in the past and have recommended quite a few too. That was almost a year back.
Was there yesterday with some of my colleagues who desired to goto Indi for its past fame. the ambiance and the service is as good as earlier. the only difference..FOOD!
We ordered a variety of Sizzlers (veg & Non Veg) all of them were more of boiled veg and fish than grilled (Or Sizzled). It was all very watery without any taste.
only saving grace was the veg Pizza we ordered!

Not worth the money at all..


Awesome experience

This is the best place to eat sizzlers and annyone will have to go a long way to find a better place to find better sizzlers. The service, ambience is excellent. The buffet is a must have but tough on the tummy after eating. Too many options. The range of mexican, italian is excellant. The drink menu is also wholesome


Team Lunch!

Indijoe was a good option for the Team lunch From work! good to go on saturdays!
Rs. 308 (inclusive of tax) for unlimited food and Rs. 620 (inclusive of tax) for unlimited food with unlimited BEER!
If you wish not to go for Buffet, then they have HAPPY HOURS (Buy One get One Free)! I suppose its from 12 to 8!
This will surely come within your Budget!
Starters are not much, we had Crispy Chicken Lollypop, which was amazing! I loved the thin crust Masala Pizza! it was too Yum! Live Pasta Counter!
And you will just enjoy the Deserts! they have too many options!
Good Ambience! Good Hospitality!
So! Do visit Indijoe! Great Place to go out with friends!


Karthik  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 04,2009



The occasion was a friend treating for her new job. A send-off treat from her. :) Thanks Shilpa.

This was my first visit. I had heard a lot about it from my other friends and also had read a lot about this place.

The ambiance is fine. There is a wide array of drinks available. Though a tad pricey. Happy hours made us happy! :)

The food was good. Not great. Pizzas need more stuff in them. Else do not keep them. That's my advice. Also, there needs to be some improvement in the sambar / rasam department. I just tried this. Just a spoon of this. And it wasn't good! Average I would say. The onion rings and pakodas were great.

The desserts section was great. Had many choices and the chocolate fountain was an attraction. Loved the cakes, ice creams and the chocolate of course.

So, here's my rating. 4 out of 5.
Yes, it is expensive, but so is a comfortable life. :)



Good buffet but...

I have been to IndiJoe buffet a few times. This review is for only their "Weekday afternoon buffet"

I like the place. The ambiance is good. The tables are little too tightly packed for buffet in the afternoon. Makes the movement difficult sometimes. Ample parking space is available.

The food was overall very good. I really like salads, fish and pizza here. They have a good variety of desserts as well.

This place could have easily gotten 4 stars from me expect the following incident.
I went along with my team for lunch. A group of 12 people. When we were seated, they really tried to hard sell drinks along with buffet. When the bill came I realized why. A fruit punch costed as much as the buffet. This seemed like cheating to me, since most people do no see menu while ordering drinks.

In general good. I would definitely visit again. Few things fellow burrpers should note.
1. People who expect dal-chawal should stay away from this place. I think they have started adding biryani to the buffet now, under pressure from crowd, but that's about it. No roti naan, curries are available. The food is mostly continental.
2. Understand they are hard selling drinks for a reason. Order from menu.
3. The 'desi' dishes (biryani etc) are generally not prepared that well.


Lovely buffet lunch place

I have been to Indi Joe, Airport road about half a dozen times and once to Indi Joe, Old Madras road. Their lunch buffet never fails. Me and my family love the thin crust pizzas, their choice of salads and the variety in general. It does get crowded during lunch hours, so it is best to book a table and reach early. The dessert choice too is reasonable. I absolutely heart the kulfi. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians will feel comfortable with the choices available.


Loved it!

This is great place to visit once in a while, especially you want a change in your regular cuisine. Please don't go there expecting the usual course of roti-naan-curry-rice. The buffet has a great assortment of starters, salads, main courses and desserts. You might also find a live counter on occasions. They have a nice blend of Thai, Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisine. The taste is equally good across the board, and since it's a buffet, you can eat to your hearts' (and tummy's) content. I'd particularly recommend the pizza - delicious and authentic.

Do visit this place for lunch rather than dinner if you want to give true justice to the buffet. It is slightly pricey, but you wouldn't come away dissatisfied.


Fill up your stomach

I am kind of fond of this place. Been here about 3 times I guess. The only reason I like being here is the buffet lunch. Its just great and I can go on eating. I am not sure about what veggie stuff they have coz I never bothered to look around. I head straight for the place where the non veg is. One time I almost finished the methi chicken, the other time it was the nawabi ghost or something, dont remember the name but it was lamb for sure. The staff is very friendly, they try to have a conversation with you by asking you how is the food and all that stuff. The music is nice and at the right loudness. Overall a very nice place to hang out for lunch.


skhurana333 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 09,2008


Not for Indian dish lovers

GIF and IndiJoe share the same entrance. It is not a good restaurant. They dont serve chapatti, nan or roti. Their dishes are not so tasty and charges are very high.
Also ambiance is not good. So many people in small space. Long queues for food. In my view people who have lots of money to spare and are show offs..they should go there and tell their friends, neighbours about it that they spent lots of money on 'continental food'. Simple person like me should avoid going there.


Birju  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 30,2007


My experience

This is nice place to hang out. They have happy hours from 6.30 to 8.30 pm and whatever you order(drinks) will be one free with one drink. Also at 8.25 one person will come and asks you that happy hours is about to close if you want to order more. Its really worth for our money though little costly.

Service is very nice with a big screen showing sports channel.

Ambience is really very good and dish called cheese fundoo is quite good.

Like going there and if you haven't tried then go and try out.



Enormous lip smacking portions

If u want huge quantities of good food ;-) try the buffet at this place.Lots in variety and the food is mouth watering too.And to top it all yummy desserts.What more can u ask for?



Decent food

I was a regular at Indi Joe but haven't been there in a while now. I can't think of why really. In the a-la-carte what strikes out is the serving size, which is true-blue American, ENORMOUS portions!! You really have to be hungry and do justice to the food there. Unlike most other places where quantity means no quality, you are assured of decent quality here.



Its strange that no one has put up a review for this till now..
Indi joe is an ideal place to have lunch...the buffet is great..the variety is awesome (but the menu changes once in a while u'll get kinda bored in case u go there more than twice a week) .The best thing to look fwd to are the desserts...the place is reasonably priced...and its centrally located.
I was a regular at IndiJoe (have always gone with the buffet ) and just loved's a little crowded at the lunch hours but thats ok as you'll just be busy hogging that nothing else will really make any difference !!
Go there once and I bet you'll be a regular IndiJoe goer after that