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> > > > JP Balimo Food Lounge & Deck Bar

JP Balimo Food Lounge & Deck Bar

MalleshwaramSouth Bangalore  

  • 42199393, 42199392
  • JP Royal, 218, 5th Floor, 13th Cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
  • Continental, Chinese

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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JP Balimo Food Lounge & Deck Bar Reviews

A Restaurant Tucked Behind the Trees in Malli!

JP Balimo Food Lounge and Deck Bar is a place that you might not have even heard of! Tucked away in the trees of Malleshwaram, this restaurant is located in the Heart of Sampige Road right above Cafe Coffee Day and Health and Glow. My colleagues and I had held our boss' surprise birthday party here a few months back, and I must say, we all had a wonderful time.

The restaurant is located on the 5th Floor and divided into two areas. One is the actual restaurant where you can have a magnificent view of Bengaluru. The other is the party hall cum Bar Area where you can host office parties, or have a private gathering with a few of your family and friends. This place is fully A/C, so you won't be able to see most of the city from the windows as they are tinted as well!
The party hall has a huge dance floor, and we did full justice to it as well playing a few games, and dancing to some of the latest music. Before we knew it, the starters were served. There was Hara Bara Kabab which tasted just great with the mint chutney, and Mushroom Chilly which happened to be our boss' favorite. I would give the starters 5/5. The appetizers in the restaurant and bar area vary so do have a look at the menu and choose which one is better for you! We had selected the items for dinner and it was a buffet as well, which was kept in the Party Hall. The items were:

1. Cabbage Starter - The cabbage was crisp and the sauces added to it made it very tangy.
2. Papdi Chaat - I am not a chaat person myself, but after having a bite of this, I had to take seconds!
3. Salad - Which was very well decorated.
4. Sweet Corn Veg Soup - This tasted good after talking non-stop as it really soothed the throat.
5. Steamed Rice & Rasam - An awesome combination right after the starters, or the main course.
6. Vegetable Biriyani which tasted yummy with the Spinach Corn Curry. - Both items were good and the vegetarians really enjoyed the meal.
7. Dal Tadka & Dum Aloo - No buffet is ever complete without the Dal Tadka which had the right amount of seasoning and the Dum Aloo that was not overloaded with Aloo like some places.
8. Roti - Served hot and to our table one after the other!
9. Dessert - Other than the birthday cake which we had brought in from Amma's Pastries, the dessert that J.P. Balimo served was a tantalizing combination of Gulab Jamoon and Vanilla Ice Cream.

We all had a wonderful time at JP Balimo Food Lounge and Deck Bar. The menu is endless and you will want to try out the dishes from each page! The prices are reasonable as well, and not too heavy on the pocket. It is open from 11 AM to 11 PM with a Lunch Buffet served on Monday to Friday for Rs. 179 Plus Tax, and Rs. 279 for Saturday and Sunday. Do visit the place for a cozy dinner for two, or with a group of friends. It will be worth it.

Overall Rating:

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5



Lot of scope for improvement

The first thing that confuses about J P Balimo is the mismatch between what they serve and our impression of what they may be serving. One woul dnot expect a restaurant with a name such as this to serve a queer mixture of North Indian and India-Chinese that is de rigeur in many quick service restaurants like Sukh Sagar.

The food, as well is of the same standard. Spice and masala laden, it gives temporary satisfaction but usually reminds about itself a few hours later.

The other mismatch is the pricing considering the food quality. You will be lighter by around Rs. 400 + taxes for food only. That is far too costly for this type of food. Also add the other mismatch about the location itself and you know why when we landed up there on a Saturday as a group of 7, we remained the only guests in the restaurant for the entire time

The ambience is good and it will have that going for them being a terrace restaurant, but that alone will not be enough to run the place.

Finally service leaves a lot to be desired. For a place charging this much I would expect basic communication skills in any language, if not service etiquette


Konkan - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 02,2010


Noisy and not worth the price

Visited the place during the long weekend for dinner. Various kinds of dead fish greet you on arrival which does the least to please a vegetarian. Bang n the middle of the restaurant was a singer accompanied by a drummer humming what were supposedly romantic songs.What was disturbing was the volume of the music if your table is setup adjoining the stage.The prices of each dish is not less than 180 bucks.The quality of food does not justify the price at all. the restaurant is housed on the terrace of a building overlooking the city so if you get one of the tables along the side and far away from the music, you would enjoy the ambience. But the basic necessity of value for money for the food served is not met here. I would not recommend this place unless you are keen to lighten up your pocket a great deal.


suvany - Burrp User


3 Reviews

April 06,2010


great ambience with good food

one of the finest places to dine..incase one is looking for a formal dinner, cricket fans can grab a beer and enjoy ipl matches too.. a lil expensive but is good and the service is really nice n quick.don't miss lunch buffets here..


Puspha2010 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 21,2010


A Wonderful Evening

was really a wonderful evening all because of balimo's services rendered and food
it was my b'day and was looking for a place to celebrate and once had seen this place and was shocked to see such a Beautiful place, that too in malleshwaram.
after the party all my friends were also thanking me for choosing the lovely place.


new place but same old stuff...

Some needed change in Malleshwaram, with this and Rasa coming in...
This is located on the top floor of the CoffeeDay / FoodWorld building and the view is good location for a cool evening to nurse a beer / coffee and a conversation...The ambiance is nice and the furniture and the decor is pretty impressive...
The food and the service itself has lot of scope for improvement...seems more like a local bar service than a nice restaurant type service...
The afternoon buffet spread has the usual multi cuisine options (chinese starters, panner masalas, dals, rice, rotis, noodles, kheer etc, and the other non-veg options!)
The prices aren't too exorbitant...but is pricey for this locality
The drinks menu is the usual and Kingfisher will be their top seller without a doubt...
They allow smoking as it is a open top restaurant...some how the smoking ban rule interpreted very loosely...!
Not too sure about their underground parking...i happened to park in one of the adjacent cross roads...



Completeness in Brokeness

I shoul agree and disagree with Ashwin sid the reason being Kingfisher beer costing Rs.150 but if you dont want to spend money why dont you simply buy a bottle of beer from the wine store and drink it in your house. If the Restaurant owner does not charge you for the services what will be paid to its employee service rendered to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Money should not always become a crieteria when service is Deluxe.

Well this was my second Visit to J P Balimo and I am a Very Difficult Person to get pleased that easy because I am very particular about the way the things need to be in order and my Guests should be taken care for etc...and when I know that after the new Management has taken over (past 2 months or so) the staff are happy and say things have turned around and Everything Systematic. The ambience is so soothing with different Pleasant aromas, fountains all up and running, an open air Restaurant One of Its Kind I must Say that The Birthday Party I Organised for 150+ Guests were extremely Happy each and every one that attended and the way that the place was organised and set , the Games were Organised for all the Kids and the adults and the presentation of the food- We simply Loved Everything- Great Going J P Balimo You are One of its Kind at Malleshwaram !!! Keep up the hard work I will definetly Reccomend your Restaurant. Please Maintain the same.

Please Accept Critisism only then you will keep on Growing and changing !!!!!!!!!


johnvsamuel - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 09,2009


The Place has been Ressurected

I happen to visit the place with all my doubts about the previous reviews in the month of june and was surprised to find out the new management is really doing well the reception the welcome the beautifull smile on all thier faces and most of all the food was excellent and surprisingly i was happy to pay for what i ate the charges are very moderate and the atmosphere and the ambience was excellent where i started advicing people to visit the place. to spent an excellent evening there.

Catching up a small chat with the General Manager there was able to see that the place has certainly Resurrected and there is definetly a huge difference in everything

Living in the vicinity want to spend the evening in a very nice manner i cannot suggest any other better place than JP Balimo


chen_0707 - Burrp User


17 Reviews

February 27,2009


Worst Restaurant in Bangalore

Pathetic!!! this is how i can describe the restaurant in jus one word... now il tel u y... this restaurant is the most unorganised restaurant i have ever come across.... the service is HORRIBLE!! the waiters jus don seem to care for their customers... whoever the owner is havta seriously think of improving their customer service.... coz if u don have any customers walking into ur restaurant (which is more likely to happen very soon if you don treat ur customers well) you will havta cook for your own hotel staff and feed them everyday. sincere suggestion to the readers... don even go near this restaurant coz it might jus spoil your day and get you into a horrible mood... i love to try out new restaurants n thats y i went here but after waiting for nearly 25 mins for the waiter to even give us the menu card we walked out of the restaurant.... there are much better restaurants in malleshwaram n i suggest go to any but this...... n i heard from one of my friends that the food is bad!! so more than one reason not to visit tis restaurant. a big BOO BOO to this restaurant.... it totally sucks!!!