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Home/bangalore/Jus'Trufs Customised Chocolatiers

Jus'Trufs Customised Chocolatiers

JakkurNorth Bangalore  


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Jus'Trufs Art House Film Night Jul 26

  • The Jus'Trufs Art House Film Night is a special screening of two short films that were screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Sankshypth: The protagonist Shama is a poor, ill and downtrodden widow who has realised that she is dying. Her only responsibility is to secure her son Noora's life before she is gone. With the help of her friend Sunehri, she plans something brutal without anyone's knowledge - not even her friend's knowledge.

    Kirche: Can we trust our memory to remember the facts? The answer comes to Jayant, the protagonist of the film, when a sleepy hometown beckons him after thirty years. In sharing his childhood place with his pregnant wife, Jayant finds out about his family's migration and has to face ghosts of his past

    Tickets: Rs. 200

Jus'Trufs Customised Chocolatiers Reviews