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> > > > Jus'Trufs Customised Chocolatiers

Jus'Trufs Customised Chocolatiers

JakkurNorth Bangalore  


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Theatre Workshop May 18 - May 29

  • Jus’ Trufs &  ahum (art heart u & mind) presents 'Krida' a summer theatre workshop for children.

    This theatre Workshop will be covering the following:
    1. Physical Theatre: will cover body mobilization, identification of core of the body, different types of walks, movement in meditation, loosening of body stiffness.
    2. Voice Culture: will include basic breathing exercises, exploration of vocal resonators, clarity of speech and enunciation.
    3. Theatre Games: will include several games that enhance trust, confidence, group dynamics, decision making, awareness, and self-motivation.
    4. Properties: will include making masks and puppets with POP and old socks. Use of these in creating stories and telling stories.
    5. Story-telling and Free Speech: will include free verse exercises of poetry and haiku. Use of gibberish to emphasize on intention and lose inhibitions with regard to speech and articulation. Writing exercises will be included to teach the basic structure of a play and character building.
    6. Acting a scene: Improvisation exercises and scene reading and enacting will include basics of direction, and acting.

    Time: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
    Fees: Rs. 4500/-
    Batch Size: 20

Cineplay Night: Sometimes May 31

  • Paramjit Singh Duggal aka pammi aka doggie aka parmeetay has problems bigger than his pet names. His mother wants grandchildren. His father wants him to join the family business. His boss wants way too much and pays too little. His girlfriend wants love, which is a concept he is not too familiar with. but he has his friends, and top class weed. and an affinity for whiskey,and a night life that would put batman to shame.  Because of all this, he has very little time. This is a screening of the play.
    Language: English & Hindi
    Cast: Adhaar Khurana, Kashin Shetty, Karan Pandit, Shruti Vyas, Hussain Dalal,Ssiddharth Kumar and Namit Das.
    Director: Akarsh Khurana
    Writer: Adhir Bhat and Bobby Nagra

    Time: 7.30pm onwards
    Ticket: Rs. 300 (Rs. 100/- redeemable)

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Jus'Trufs Customised Chocolatiers Reviews


Excellent chocolate quality over the years

We have been ordering from Jus'Trufs since they started, and all I can say is the quality has remained consistent, the truffles are great, especially the Baileys truffle. Great chocolates and great packaging