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> > > > Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport

Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  


6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport Reviews

Deep1234567 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 21,2013



Some days ago I had sent a feedback about a unfortunate incident that happened with kaati zone-meenakshi mall-bangalore. The incident was- even after having advised the storekeepers to not add mayo they went ahead and had added it to my order. Our family is highly allergic to mayo and it caused severe rashes all over my body and I still have marks left behind because of the negligence of the guys at kaati zone.I brought it to the notice through the feedback form on their website and also stated that while getting back I had discarded the bill as I never intended sometihing would go wrong and I would write a feedback and the whole process of it.I promptly receive a mail to console and justify the act and I also receive a call. They promise to compensate it with complimentary food from kaati zone(email by Vijay Deep Nadkarni and call by Imran who supposedly calls himself store manager).I asked Imran if there would be any clauses to get the complimentary food & he clearly denied it.He asks me to drop in any time and avail the complimentary food. I'm happy they had the courtesy to do justice to the money I paid and the suffering I underwent due to sheer negligence of Kaatizone. The day I plan to get food from KZ(today) I called up Imran and he confirmed me I could go and ask the guys at the store to give him a call and that he would instruct them to give me service.I again asked him to confirm if I could go without any baggage he said Yes.I went there and asked those guys to call and confirm the order, I place the order when Imran asks me to pay up. Issue was not paying up, but when repeatedly asked and having confirmed if it was complimentary, I am still humiliated on the same after having commuted there from quite a distance. The calls to both imran and vijay deep kept me occupied in a busy zone for more than 45min. It sounded so awkward negotiating for food and the promise given by them.They blatantly denied and put a bar of not more than 2 rolls.Where as we were a family of 6 members the day we ordered.So I wanted to pick 10 rolls. They were so rude and ill mannered even on phone I was literally in tears. The service and customer friendliness is NIL at meenakshi mall kaati zone. Except for one Prakash or Prasad who understood and was good at reciprocating the feelings. I was happy with the service of that one guy. Truly needs to be appreciated. I have filled in the feedback form which am sure would not reach the concerned people.Hence writing here. There was no ounce of regret for what happened with the customer and instead behaviour of imran and vijay was as though they were doing a favour offering me 2 rolls when I had my family waiting back at home for dinner as I had told them I would be compensated..This is truly pathetic service and food zone. I shall further register complaints with the food corp and also let it known to the public via social media and inetrnet groups. I need an apology in writing and a good compensation without any tags or questions and I want it to be home delivered.They have the audacity to be so damn rude in talking to the customer more so to the one who is so regular at kaati zone?I really wonder its a sister concern of KFC if am not mistaken and so horrible with attitude of staff and the food?Do they value their customers?What so ever happened to the customer management skills?Vijaydeep seems to very arrogant of his position and so damn blunt? I see no action or regret on part of kaati zone..Truly, we need to think several times before stepping into kaati zone specially the meenakshi mall-bangalore zone


February 22, 2013response from management at Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport:

Dear Ms. Deeptii,

If you felt that we were rude or arrogant, I am sorry. Our intention was not to be rude. We intended to explain our constraints in the matter. However, in our phone call, I did not get a chance to convey this.

On the day that you wrote to us with your complaint, we had explained to you that all our rolls have sauce with mayonnaise. We apologised and promised a refund as a gesture of goodwill. The outlet manager called you that day to get more details of your order, however, you could not recollect the rolls

February 22, 2013response from management at Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport:

Mr Nadkarni,

First and foremost, just because I 've let known my unpleasant experience on burrp you are now forced to potray you are apologetic when yesterday your tone and your actions never conveyed it.The very reason I wrote to burrp is because of the behaviour by you and Imran.

On the day I wrote to you with the complaint also I had no idea that I would be offered any rolls as a goodwill gesture. I had given feedback.I was upset with the fact that you or your manager(imran) never conveyed anything about the refund of the

February 22, 2013response from management at Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport:

Infact just before I left I called to confirm again with your manager about the offer and he said i could just drop by without any clauses attached to it. I asked him if I have to pay and he clearly denied. This is the way you humiliate your customer. Your customer service is the worst I have ever come across

February 22, 2013response from management at Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport:

Just looking at your response anyone can clearly understand the arrogance you throw at customers. It does not show an ounce of apology or regret for the inconvenience caused by kaati zone. In return you are portraying as though you have done a favour. Clearly kaatizone needs a person with better customer management skills else they are doomed.

cuteamysan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 14,2013



PLEASE DON'T WASTE MONEY GOING THERE TO THIS STALL. WORST FOOD TASTE AND QUALITY. I went to pick my friend on (13-02-2013) to airport, due to delay in immigration it took so long. after i waited for 2hr i feel hungry. So i went to KAATI ZONE and order veg Panner Butter Masala and paid. I was Frustrated of the quality of food they given, the masala was not fried properly and the roti was under cooked, No SALT. I just complaint to the waiter and through the food in the dustbin in front of him and went and had one cofffe in Haatti Coffe. PLEASE DON'T WASTE Your money there. This people should think They are doing service of food and should give good quality of food. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO EARN LIKE THIS.


February 14, 2013response from management at Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport:

I am sorry that you did not enjoy the roll at Kaati Zone.

Our roll parathas are cooked and fillings are prepared in a central location in Bangalore to ensure consistency of quality. The rolls are only assembled at site. We have checked and found no problem with the batch of parathas or paneer butter masala served to you. Therefore, I can find no cause or explanation for the roll being as you describe it. However, if, in the future, you find your roll to be unsatisfactory, you can always let the Kaati Zone staff know and we would be hap

rwind - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 03,2012


Think twice !!

After thinking about having a nice and spicy kati at the Katti Zone BIAL outlet after a long and delayed afternoon flight from kolkata to Bangalore , I ended up eating at subways instead.
Why you may ask ? (if you care enough !!!)

I ordered for a kati , the vegitarian kofta variety and also paid 20 bucks extra to make that a jumbo , looking at the cook preparing it right in front of me was appetizing , but i was shocked when he started to roll it up after only putting the kofta and a few mizerly shreds of onions into the roll and start to wrap it up.
When I asked him if he intended to put in the lettuce , carrots , chillies in exotic colors and all the other vegetables that they boldly display on the menu card , he replied that they photos are INDICATIVE .
Some of the odd ball reasons given by the manager on why they are not putting everything that they have advertised on the menu into the product
• There is no stock (seriously!!! then why are you selling half the product at full price )
• We had some stock but that was not of good quality , ( still !!! why are you then still selling the product )
• Other people have also complained , but we cannot do anything ( now that is a gem , I know it is wrong but I still choose to ignore it , at a personal level it is the Indian railway station syndrome there , if you notice you will never see Bisleri and Aquafina , Parle , Britania in our railway stations , it is always the unknown poor quality products that are peddled at a premium price as people in such situations will circum to helplessness and limited choice )
Thankfully he was kind enough to return the money I paid for the kati as clearly I do get a better deal from some other people right across i.e. subway
I do not know if this is the outlet is acting on his its own behest or the owners of the brand , East West Ethnic Foods Private Limited are just out to make some extra buck by fleecing customers who walk into their store . in either case it is sure not a place I would recommend to anybody


February 4, 2012response from management at Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport:

Dear Arvind,

It appears your experience at our airport outlet left you so angry that you chose to post a feedback to us on our website as well as on burrp. I can very well understand your situation. You had a long and delayed flight and must have been very hungry when you landed at our outlet and felt Kaati Zone was offering you a raw deal or fleecing you. Please allow me to explain:

You had ordered Jaipuri Malai Kofta roll after noticing a mixed veg roll image prominently displayed in our outlet. The Jaipuri Malai Kofta roll


Kaati Zone

Went to the Kaati zone counter last Thursday.The staff were quie helpful as I could get a non spicy roll for my young daughter but the other rolls ordered by us were a complete let down. The rolls at the other Katti zone outlets taste much better.


June 15, 2010response from management at Kaati Zone - Bengaluru International Airport:

Hello Senguptas,
Please accept my apologies for your experience with the rolls that you were offered at our outlet at the Bangalore airport. Your feedback can help us improve our offerings and ensure a better experience in the future. It would be great if you could tell us what was wrong with the rolls - you can write to us at

Vijaydeep Nadkarni


Kaati Zone at BIAL

Landed on BIAL an hour late than scheduled thanks to the fog situation of Delhi in the mornings. Wanted badly to stop by and eat a proper lunch but my already late shedule did not allow me. On coming out spotted some food kiosks, straight away headed for Subway, thought a foot long would save my day, but noticed that there was a reasonable amount of people outside the Kaati Zone kiosk, going by the rule the more the people more fresher and better the food, headed straight for Kaati Zone. Ordered two rolls, Alu Amritsari and Veg Burger and a minute maid to gulp it down.
I must say that even though I did have my initial inhibitions, it was a good choice, the packaging of the rolls was excellent, no greasy papers to tear off, infact the easy peel system of the packaging made life much easy as I had my lunch in the cab. Wish Jaipur too has Kaati Zone outlets, would like to take my wife and kids to Kaati Zone.
The taste was good and different for both the rolls, usually I tend to find the same taste for different stuff in the same menu but not here.
So now whenever my flight lands in BIAL I know where to head straight as soon as I check out.



Hate to go

I really hate to go to a place where there is no queue and discipline maintained. Thanks Awshin for your review comments. That is enough to judge the restaurant. Lack of management and supervision makes a good place pathetic. We cant blame the waiters , but where the supervisors were ?