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> > > > Kaati Zone

Kaati Zone

MarathahalliEast Bangalore    & IN 9 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 41504334
  • Food Court, RMZ Eco Space, Near Marathahalli, Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore
  • Fastfood, Snacks

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Kaati Zone Reviews






Saving grace :)

There aren't many options in this Bay section. It is one of the 5 food outlets in this food court, and Kaati Zone is a safe option to try. The quality and taste is standard as the chain goes. And considering this place doesn't see very large crowds, service is pretty quick.

Recommended kaatis would be Chicken Shammi and Chicken Sheekh. Achari Chicken is also likeable depending on your taste. Bhuna chicken was not such a great choice for me today. Given the lack of options in this area, Kaati Zone is definitely a saving grace.



Worst Possible Food EVER !

I had ordered a Bhuna Chicken roll, and I was suggested that If I wish, I can go for a "Jumbo" option.
I was famished, and hence I went for it. I stared in disbelief at their interpretation of the word "jumbo", as the roll was a very normal size.
Regardless, I dug in. The taste was Okay, nothing that would even remotely justify the 120 odd rupees I paid for that roll. Believe me when I say, if you order "Bhuna Chicken" you will get ONLY bhuna chicken in the roll, no onions, no salad style fillings that are essential to a good roll.
After this experience, I vowed never to go to another Kaati Zone ever.

But, few days back, I gave it another try at a counter in Park Ascendas Food court. This time it was Worse than my previous experience. The fillings were stale, and maybe from the previous night. I literally threw away the roll.

So, my verdict is Never waste your money Ever at Any kaati zone.
If you want to eat rolls, eat at a Thela or local shops where you will get Rolls in Rs 50 which are 50 times better than the 150 Rs rolls at kaati zone.



Review for their stall at an event

Kaati zone recently held a stall at a school event in marathahalli. This review is only for that stall.

The food they served was pathetic. The billing was wrong, and got the wrong item. The chicken in chicken roll was missing.

Presumably, they had put a stall for advertisement and reaching out to people and not to make money. If this was the idea, then I can say they failed miserably. And this is coming from a person who loves their rolls (See my review of indiranagar branch).

Overall I would say, If you cannot manage stalls or the rush, Don't go there.


February 17, 2011response from management at Kaati Zone:

Dear Himanav,
I am sorry that you did not enjoy the kaati rolls.

According to our arrangement with the school in Marathahalli, the billing was done by the school, not by Kaati Zone and therefore the person who took your order and handed you the bill was from the school.

We did have one customer at the event who got a vegetarian roll instead of a chicken roll. (I am not sure if this was you.) The customer informed us and we replaced the roll immediately. At events such as this one, we deal with higher volumes than usual and

February 17, 2011response from management at Kaati Zone:

Good to see you responding. Mix up of veg and non-veg rolls did not happen with me.

You have mentioned that school was handling the ordering etc, but it was your establishment's name that was on the board. And as far as I am concerned, you take both the credit and the complaints for what happens in the stall.

The chicken roll that I had ordered was just tasteless, and had practically no chicken. From what I saw, I think you probably ran low on chicken and substituted it fillers.

kishmax - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 03,2010


On-time delivery !

I work in electronic city. I ordered some kaatis in bulk for a team party once. The service was very good and they delivered the Kaatis on time. Most of my teammates liked the kaatis as well.
But we felt the Kaatis are slightly over-priced.



Good Follow-up !


This is in regard to my earlier review on Kaati Zone.

After looking into my review the concerned people from Kaati Zone had called up to address my complain.

They were apologetic and has also ensured that in future they would be careful with the quality of food.

I am happy to know that there are still some places where they consider addressing the problems from the customers and try to retain them as well.

So I appreciate the follow-up that Kaati Zone has taken.