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> > > Kaayal


HAL 3rd Stage  

  • 25205578
  • 1647/1, 2nd Floor, , Jeevan Bhima Nagar Main Road, HAL 3rd Stage, New Thippasandra, Bangalore
  • Keralan

25 Reviews / 25 Ratings

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Kaayal Reviews





Pathetic Experience

I went to Kaayal with my wife with a lot of expectation. I just wanted to order Chicken Biryani and Kerala Porotta. The waiter presented with a newly looking, well designed Menu.The price for Chicken Biryani was written was Rs 130.
They waited me about half an hour for these common items for lunch. The biryani rice was old and was tasting bad.
After having lunch waited another 10 minutes expecting the bill. Finally we went to the cash counter and asked for the bill.
When I looked at the bill I saw they have charged Rs 150 for the Biryani. When I pointed the price in the menu, the attender arrogantly told it was an old menu and not updated. I felt cheated. They presented me the menu and gave bad food and charged me more. I will never go to Kaayal again.



Just show off

Claims to serve authentic Kerala food :).

They have tried their best to create a Kerala-like ambiance by keeping some handicrafts, but failed miserably in giving authentic Kerala food. There are lots of "no show off " restaurants nearby. Go and enjoy there.

Still I don't know how they got Burp certification - the best Traditional Kerala food ??



very pathetic!

very bad. none of the food is authentic kerala food


miss.foodie - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 04,2012


very good

its the cleanest kerala restaurant that i have ever been to in bangalore, may be second only to ente keralam. melt-in-your-mouth beef curry and pathiris are my favorite. a must try place, I hope they bring back the weekday breakfasts.



Worth trying.

Food is average, and seems they give food which is already made by heating it. We ordered prawns roast which had good quantity of both prawns and salt for its price.
Literally prawns was bitter with salt. Appam, both paal appam and idiappam were good. Fish curry was good, beef fry is average and kappa below average, not upto the expectation from a Kerala restaurant. Place is good, nicely decorated with proper table spacing. Service is notable when compared to other Kerala restaurants. Generally Kerala restaurants lacks service. Can try once.


Just worth a try

I tried famous Ayala fish curry and appam along with parotas . Would say the ambiance is good and hygienic.I liked the way they served the food in hot pack containers with washrooms having proper hand wash solutions and napkins.But having said these,I would say the food is not that tasty and is little over-priced may be due to its location near to indira nagar :) . If one is craving to taste some kerala food then madivala main road would be the final destination . Restaurants like peppers(fish items),kairali ( for beef items) are some of the notable ones


Marvelous food

The stars are for the food. The restaurant is a place one goes to EAT. At the prices they offer if anyone expects better service they got to be nuts. I have eaten in Kaayal a few times as usual it just made me want more. The service is friendly & efficient I would not want it any other way!
The Beef Mappas, Meen Porichadhe, Parota, Biryanis, Sadhyas & I can just keep going. When I went there I just lived to eat & I have had food in both their outlets!!! They just try to outdo themselves each & everytime. Waiting to get back to b'lore!!!


anyll - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 13,2011


I'm going to miss the breakfast.

I've been a regular at Kaayal for bit more than 5 years (IIRC, from the time it opened).

I'd _kill_ for that puttu and chai.

Though a tad limited in menu for vegetarians, food at Kaayal has been consistent (and good) in taste. Breakfast unfortunately is now limited to only the weekends - I'm in withdrawal now :-(

Presentation and hygiene is another thing I found being given great importance by the staff for the price band. I've _never_ had bad stomach from anything I ate here for the last 5 years. I can't say that for any restaurant I visit as frequently as Kaayal.


bhanu1112 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 12,2011


great kerala fest

It was a great experience for me at this place. I donot need to go to kerala for my favourite foods....sadhya is the best I liked. A Great ambience...i recommend all who love good kerala food



good food bad sevice

The food is good. Home delivery sucks. They bring the food really late. When you are eating there the service is often terrible. Waiters are not bothered to serve side dishes when you order meals.


Vinxxx - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 11,2011


A must try for folks with a balanced taste

I have been living in Indranagar for the last six years. I have tried out almost all restaurants in this area.

Kaayal falls in the category of a restaurant which provides consistently good food. It is not a gourmet restaurant nor can you expect specific adaptations to suit your specific taste. Tasty mallu style food which you can eat on a daily basis is what you get. It is not overly spicy nor do they add color to food. It is as close you could get to home cooked food for the price you pay.

-Very hygienic practices

-Well behaved waiters

-No nasty color in your food

-Not overtly spicy

-Balanced taste. Folks with very extreme tastes may not like what you may get. If you are into extreme spice or hot food, you may be disappointed. This is food you can eat on a daily basis. Folks who want fiery mallu food after couple of drinks at the local bar may need to look elsewhere.

-Reasonably fresh fish.

-Different varieties beef all throughout the week. This is a favorite !

Must tries : The scrambled beef fry, Nadan mutton curry, Chicken stew !


shtri - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 07,2011


Please do not visit this place,it is below average

On a Sunday afternoon,my husband and I went to Kaayal after we got great reviews of the food.I ordered Veg thali and my husband ordered Kerala non veg thali.There were only 6 items in the thaali and the service was extremely poor.It was not the least bit filling or sumptous food.The fish curry was bad.The only good thing in the thali was the payasam.The service was extremely poor.They don't serve the entire thali at once and we have to ask atleast two or three times before we are served the items.
I would not recommend this place even as a cheap option to anyone.



No No Never

My 2nd review unfortunately is a negative one. On a nice gloomy day I and my friends wanted to eat Kerala food, So we started searching for a restaurant which was affordable and which serves good tasty kerala cuisine. So me being addicted to WWW started searching and there were quite a few to choose from in around indranagar and Koramangala. So after reading we some how freezed in on Kaayal ( Bad Choice ).

To start of with we didn’t worry abt the ambience but it was as much as we expected. Menu was good and the food was rightly prized. So we started ordering, Chefs special was Squid so without thinking we ordered Squid Fry and they only had pomfret fry which I personally don’t like caus for one small peace we need to pay a bomb. So we thought we will take chicken dishes and our menu goes like this.

Chicken fry, Idiappam, Egg appam, Gree Peas Curry, Kerala Parota, Appam, Chicken curry and offcourse Squid.

In all the things that we ordered Appam, KP and Idiappam was the only one I liked Chicken fry didn’t have any taste in it. It wasent spicy nor did it have any thing to do with kerala. Squid was a disaster aint know what was the chef doing with it as he had just added Turmuric and onions and I doubt the freshness of the squid. I just had a mouthful and had to forgo the rest of it. Chicken curry was manageable not worth mentioning and the iceing on the cake was Gree Peas Curry now how difficuilt is that to prepair. The less said the better abt it, cant imagine how any one can prepair it so bad as it’s a simple dish. We just had to keep it the way it came in. With difficuilty we finished out food and our saving grace was the Tea which we gobbeled as if it was our main course.

I hope they read this and improve on their food or may be taste it before they send it to customers. Very Very disappointed with the food I don’t think so I would ever go back over there.


Kaayalinte Jaada

Kaayal may have good mallu food, but it completely fails to address the needs of a lazy mallu.
With their weird conditions on home del like no delivery on weekends, no delivery of breakfast,minimum 1 hour time for delivery, and no sodexos accepted for home delivery :-O etc, we never get to have kaayal food. its like they are saying - u want it? u have to come and get it.
if they are not interested in delivery, they might wanna take their delivery number off the charts.



Horrible for veggies and home delivery!

After having seen the other wonderful reviews, me a veggie decided to call for a home delivery. Imagine my surprise when the man kept insisting on giving me chicken biriyani as the best veg dish! Also never heard a restaurant guy say this - "Look if you want place your order; i have other things to do"!!!!!!!!!
Mister snuff face will never order from your precious Kaayal now.




I am out there planning to meet my school friend after 7 years. We were discussing about some place nice to have breakfast on a Sunday morning. What better than KAAYAL.... We totally loved the experience of eating HOT appam with chicken stew and Idi appam with kadala curry and washed it down with the BEST TEA in Bangalore city. I LOVE THE FOOD, esp. the fish fry!!! my absolute Favorite. On the days i make sambar and feel lazy to cook non-veg., my brother cannot wait to order KERALA STYLE BEEF FRY from KAAYAL!!! one place you'll always want to eat from. On a dull day or a bright day!!! guess I AM VERY LUCKY TO BE STAYING VERY CLOSE TO THIS RESTAURANT !!! TRY KAAYAL, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!



Simbly funtastic

i usually haunt Kaayal for lunch but recently took a friend visiting from Delhi for dinner who was in mood for so no-nonsense mallu food. Got in past 10 PM but the place was nicely full with the week-night crowd winding up their meal. They had only a limited choices available but still they scurried up a fiely fish curry and the house special beef roast for us with some malabar paronthas and fluffy and soft appams. Strangely found out that they don't serve rice in the evenings (the server claimed very few patrons rice in the evenings). The fare, as usual, was simple, filling and delicious and on top of that it costs almost nothing. Wonderful..


shriharib - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 14,2011


Home Food..At its simplest

When you step into a Kerala restaurant, Some of typical thoughts:

- Food would smell like coconut oil
- Food would be expensive
- Food would would be oily

Here is a place that puts all these worries to rest. Flaky parottas, Spongy appams and possibly the best kerala curries in town at an earthly price make this a must visit. In spite of being a vegetarian, Have never been tired of the food here(While the choice becomes quite limited). The simplicity brings me back to Kaayal at least twice a month.

To sum it up - A must visit for all who are looking for some good tasting healthy food that is light on your stomach and your wallet



Home away from home

If there is anything like comfort food, kaayal is the place to be.
Its' also my wife's best excuse on a tired day from work (and I am not complaining ;-) ). The best part of any meal is to sip their hot chaya (chai) as you gorge on their spicy fare. That gives you such a high! The only piece of advice is to go slow on the coriander powder in some of the curries. Some of our favorite treats are naadan meen curry, kothu paratha, beef fry.




My family had breakfast two days back at Kayal.
Appam, Stew & Puttu were delicious.
Tea true Kerala Style.
The restaurant is clean .Ambiance spartan.
If you want kerala food home made go for Kayal.



A cup of tea from Kayal, does the magic of carrying you back home to Kerala. Hmmmmmm.... The best Chaya (tea) that you could get is from here... also cant forget the Appam Prawns and Karimeen... Yuuummeeee.... Kayal is the best.

Cant forget to mention the best service: Thanks Hari Eetan
and Babu eattans Chaya.... I'm addicted!!


abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

September 15,2009


Good restaurant

I've been visiting this place very regularly since one of my friend stays close by.
The restaurant is neatly arranged but not fancy! The tables are well spread and you feel warm! The menu is fairly simple and good enough. Service is OK.
The food is good! Try stews with appams and prawn curry if they have :).

PS: You'll have to be an early bird for weekend dinner! Reach before 9:00 PM, otherwise you would end up eating something very basic


Reasonably good kerala food

I have to admit that the ambiance of the place is quite good. Neatly and well organized interiors, are some of plus points of this place.

But food on the other hand, didn't quite meet my expectations. One of my first disappointments was when I ordered a "Fish Molly", for which I got something pretty close to a normal fish curry. Considering the cost, the quantity that you get is also a concern for me.

But I would definitely would suggest this place for a one time visit.


Best Mallu restaurant

Though the place is paralleled by only a few other mallu restaurants I've been to, this one clearly takes the cake for being the best restaurant.
The food is awesome, try the beef masala, fish curry, fish fry, the malabari biriyani or even the more (butter milk), they are all awesome.

Each curry has a nice distinct taste and unlike a lot of the other Kerala restaurants, they don't all taste of coconut. I also like the fact that the menu has a recommendations section.

The place is done up well enough to make you feel comfortable, but not so much so tht it make you feel like you are at a restaurant. This is only the second Kerala/Mallu restaurant I've been to which is clean.

Friendly staff, great food, good ambience and the variety in the menu, makes it a perfect place to visit repeatedly. I ike the place so much, I've started getting dinner delivered by these guys on a weekly basis.


Good Kerala food

Kaayal, which means "Backwaters" is a small, clean joint that offers some good Kerala cuisine. The ambience has subtle elements that reflect Kerala.

A simple meal of Appams and Stew would be less than Rs.100/-. If you take the Non veg fry, the bill will reach about Rs. 200/-. Overall value for money. The breakfast here sometimes gets boring, with appams and puttu on the menu day after day.

The one drawback about this place is the fact that they run out of items very soon. So if you reach this joint around 9:30 p.m. you may be left with little or no choice. If you like a lot of corriander powder in your dishes, the Kadala along with the Puttu is the right choice ;)