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> > > > Kahwa, The Zuri

Kahwa, The Zuri

WhitefieldEast Bangalore  

  • 66657272
  • Lobby Level, The Zuri , ITPL Road, Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 2500

6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Kahwa, The Zuri Reviews


Consistantly good

I am a regular at zuri for their buffet dinner. was never disapointed


Lavish Buffet Midst Great Ambience

If you are a person who loves to try out buffets at various restaurants and 5 star hotels, then Kahwa in The Zuri, Whitefield, is the place for you. Compared to other 5 Star Hotels, the buffet in Kahwa is quite cheap.

The popular Sunday Brunch is what they brag about and I am sure anyone who tries it out will feel content after the meal.

Kahwa is located at the lobby level of the famous Zuri Hotel in Whitefield. Upon entering The Zuri, your eyes will be glued to the wonderful sofas and chairs which happen to be a great place to take a lot of photos. Once you enter Kahwa, you will be greeted by the hostess and as you are seated, you will be able to glance at the wide spread. I kept wondering how many items there actually were as the spread was huge!

The following is an outline of the Dishes/Live Counters present during the Brunch:
1. Welcome Drink: Unfortunately, we were not served the Welcome Drink. Instead, we were asked if we wanted any soft drinks, Mocktails, or Liquor.
2. Chaat Counter: An ever popular counter at any function, I was not surprised to find this in the Sunday Brunch Buffet. It had the usual items in order to make Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Dahi Puri, etc. I am not a big fan of Chaat, so decided to skip this counter.
3. Soup: There were two soups that were served that day. For vegetarians, there was Mushroom, Baby Corn, and Zucchini Clear Soup. The soup contained gigantic pieces of mushroom and generous portions of baby corn, and zucchini. Since it was a clear soup, it doesn’t fill your stomach like creamy soup. For non-vegetarians, there was a Cream of Chicken and Coriander Soup. The soup was very creamy and tasted just right. The chopped coriander added flavor to the soup.
4. Assorted Salad Counter: Salads are healthy and refreshing. I didn’t taste anything from this counter, but must say it looked very colorful.
5. Lebanese Counter: This was my favorite counter, as I happened to visit it twice! I have been enjoying Lebanese food on the last couple of outings. The counter had various kinds of hummus, both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This counter also contained a section known as Anti Pasto Platter. You have to see it to believe the number of items at this counter! The hummus went well with the various breads served at the bread counter. My favorite combination was the Hummus and Foccasia Bread.
6. Assorted Bread Counter: I think there were about 10 different kinds of bread that day. Along with doughnuts and muffins as well! I decided to skip on the doughnuts and muffins, but did ensure I tasted each of the various breads and rolls. They tasted yummy just by itself or with a spoon of hummus.
7. Vegetarian Counter: The vegetarian side of the Buffet contained items such as Vegetable Dum Biriyani, Steamed Rice, Naan, Mushroom Mutter, Paneer Lal Mirch Masala, Egg Plant Caponata, Dum Aloo, and Lassoni Dal Tadka. Since I am used to eating many of these items on a day to day basis, I decided to try out only the Vegetable Dum Biriyani which was flavored with just the right seasonings in order to make the perfect biriyani. A small bowl of raitha complemented the biriyani very well. The Egg Plant Caponata was okay. I decided to try it as it sounded like an Italian Dish. It contains generous portions of egg plant which will see you right in the eye as the pieces are huge too!
8. Non-Vegetarian Counter: The items in this counter that day were Lal Mass, Fish Chili in Oyster Sauce, and one more dish which I am not able to remember. I felt the number of non-vegetarian dishes was less when compared to the vegetarian ones. There were two vegetarian dishes which happened to be kept on the Non-Vegetarian side. One was the Singapore Noodles and another was either a rice or noodle dish. We were unsure why it was kept there and luckily asked before serving ourselves.
9. Pasta Counter: No matter which buffet I venture into, if I know that there is a Pasta Counter, I have to try it out. I decided to have Fusilli with White Sauce and lots and lots of garlic, butter, and coriander on top. The taste was heavenly and that day this happened to be my favorite main course. My husband decided to try the same thing, but with Penne. The dish really fills you up, so if you eat this, ensure you have finished trying out the other items in the buffet first.
10. Pizza Counter: I did not find many people trying out this part of the Buffet. Probably because pizza is something that we are used to eating on a day to day basis. But the counter looked wonderful with the various toppings that you could choose from in order to make your favorite pizza.
11. Biriyani Counter: There is nothing like sinking your teeth into Dum Biriyani which is a popular item in all buffets. You have a choice of either a Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian Biriyani. Once again, I skipped this counter as I am used to eating various rice dishes throughout the week.
12. Appam Counter: Appam is a kind of pancake which originated in the state of Kerala. One normally eats this with Vegetable Stew which is gravy made with mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk and flavored with spices. The Appam/Vegetable Stew is a popular combination eaten for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. The appams are soft, fluffy and taste great while the stew is packed with spices that complement the appams very well. If you have not tried this before, then you should as the item is very delicious.
13. Dessert Counter: Last but not the least, we finally reached the Dessert Counter which is actually located in the middle of the restaurant. It has a vast spread of Indian and Continental Desserts. I think it had about 12 kinds of desserts that day such as Mexican Chocolate, Mango Mousse, Red Cake with Velvet Cheese Frosting, Fruit Supreme Flan, Gajar Ka Halwa, Kheer, and many more. I was just able to try out three things as I had really filled up from the bread, pasta, and Lebanese Counter.
14. Liquor: There were various types of Liquor available that day. You could choose from a nice chilled beer, champagne, or even Mocktails and Cocktails. I think it was unlimited, but unfortunately, no one told us about this and we happened to figure it out when we saw others ordering.

The ambience of Kahwa is very bright and spacious. We had reached there around 11:50 a.m. and were told that the Buffet starts only at 12 p.m. We didn’t mind waiting, but unfortunately, the buffet was not fully set up until 12:15.

There was live music that day with a young lady singing various English Numbers. Nice entertainment while enjoying the nice meal.

The price for the Brunch is quite a bomb! It was Rs. 1,100 plus tax, per person. So if you sure you won’t be able to do justice to the buffet, please ensure you order the a la carte items instead!

The waiters were friendly and always available when we called them. The staff located at the counters was helpful and able to guide me, especially when it came to the Lebanese Counter as I was not sure which dish was vegetarian and which wasn’t!

Our overall experience at Kahwa was good, but feel that it could have been better if the following things were done:
1. It would be helpful if the hostess, waiters, or staff could explain to the customer about what exactly is included in the Buffet like: Welcome Drink, Drinks, whether Limited or Unlimited, etc.
2. There could have been more Non-Vegetarian Items in the Buffet.
3. The Buffet could be set up before 12 PM so that customers don’t have to come and wait.
4. Many people may not eat egg or might be allergic as well. Therefore, it would make it easier if the word ‘eggless’ is written on the Name Card which is placed next to each item (especially Dessert Section) so that the customer is aware.

Ambience: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5


Great Buffet served amidst a great place(ambience)

Went to this place 2 weeks ago for team lunch.The moment I stepped in all i say is this truly was an awesome place to be for its ambiance. Eyecatching is the mechanically operated wooden fans on both the sides of this restaurant which gives the impression of a perfect place with great ambiance.And chandeliers add more to the charm.
They had a good variety of foods with 8 vegetarian indian dishes and 3 chinese dishes and all were different and good than what we had anywhere else.Noteworthy are the salads and the variety we get to taste.
Best part in the buffet was the wide variety of desserts apart from the icecream.On the whole worth a visit and worth ur money spent.


Fantastic Buffet

I had been to this restaurant on a weekday with a big team of mine and some visitors from the US. As you enter the lobby of the restaurant, the first thing you would notice opposite the lobby is this 24/7 multi-cuisine restaurant. The buffet is spread across the floor with different sections for salads, starters, veg and non-veg main course and desserts.

There were 2 soups – one veg and one non-veg, the typical thing that you’d find in any other place. This was good. There were 5 variety of starters that were served on the table – paneer, chicken, potato, gobi and a kebab which tasted yummy and there was obviously a call for many more servings later. The salads were something I cant stop mentioning about. It was not just exotic, the dressings available were superb. Unfortunately, there was no Live Salad Counter. We had make it all by ourselves though the staff helped us choose the best dressing.

After loving and gorging upon the salad so much, I moved ahead with the main course. This had the usual Indian breads with tasty Dal Makhni, Paneer gravy in addition to 5 other gravies and dry subzi with white rice, vegetable rice, noodles for those who love Chinese with some Thai curry. The Kadai vegetable was another thing that we all loved. The masala added to it was indeed very delicious.

THE DESSERTS – as much as I love to say this is always the best part, with this restaurant, every part of the buffet was the best. It would be wrong if I’m biased only towards the dessert though the thought of the desserts is still mouth-watering. If I’m not wrong, there were atleast 10 desserts and all of it were sinfully tempting.

The only thing they goofed up was with the iced tea which was served very late and a wrong flavor was served.

All in all a fantastic buffet to relish and highly recommended for those who love the large spread buffet!!



Nice buffet and even better hotel!!!

Kahwa in Zuri is one of the cheap buffets compared to any other 5*hotels in bangalore.this truly was an awesome place to be.1st thing to catch the eye is the mechanically operated wooden fans on both the sides of this restaurant which gives teh impression of an old world charm and relaxed and laidback seating adds to the fervour.With hug ecandles and chandeliers the evening is set to be rockingggg.
They had a good variety of foods with 7 vegetarian indian dishes and 3 chinese dishes and all were different and good than what we had anywhere else.
Best part would be the wide variety of 8 desserts apart from the icecream.What an amazing place and value for money dinner buffet we had.


Lovely Brunch Great Price

We went for their Sunday brunch. The fact that this is a popular destination was evident by the fact that almost every seat was taken. A great spead of food but unlike some brunches where there are lots of things to eat but nothing is really tasty or well made here everything from the italian to the north Indian, south indian and continental were really tasty. Service is really great plus they have things to keep kids engaged and a special kids buffet. This place can clearly give the Taj or Oberoi buffets a run for their money. I would say its a must visit due to the food, service and price. The one thing is that this place is all indoors so it was nice now in the hot weather but when the weather outside is more pleasent it may not be so nice to have no option of sitting outside