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Khaaja Chowk

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  


25 Reviews / 29 Ratings

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Khaaja Chowk Reviews

Decent Place With Good Food

Went here for lunch a couple of days ago. They have a buffet, but opted for a la carte.

They have some offers going on for Indian wines and value for money if you have 5-6 people. Also they give a discount on the second visit onwards. But the catch is that you have to avail it within one month of first visiting the place.

They have started serving alocohol and menu is standard. Had the planters punch and that was good.

The veg starters are good and biryani is ok.

They have tried to be innovative with the ambience and have indoor and outdoor siting and also a family area with red autos converted into seating arrangements for four.

The staff is polite and service is good. Had a nice time overall.



Kha --ja

They serve a very good buffet at 325+tax. Starters for buffet are served on table, special mention for the Paneer Tikkas and Afghan Chicken Kebabs (Btw, there are three auto-rikshaw converted leather couches which are interesting for families with kids). The buffet is a decent spread with two non-veg, two veg starters, two non-veg curries, two or three veg curries, dal, good spread of salads, two-three deserts and cut fruits.

Ambiance is amazing with a nice garden layout + indoor sitting. Excellent for team dinners/lunch or for families. The staff is very courteous and attending.

Biryani and Chicken curries could be better. Rest all fine.

The bar license has been temporarily withdrawn and hence they have not been serving alcohol recently

It's a very good value for money restaurant with excellent service/ambiance.


Good buffet, tacky decor

This place is Vaastu compliant, the entrance is at the rear of the building :) The stairwell is not properly maintained and can be a put off

Like: They serve the starters at the table, why don't the rest follow suit. This is so convenient and you can actually have a conversation rather than running around to fill your plate. The starters are good and so is the variety. Service is quick and prompt

Dislike: The main course (but did not have very high hope on this). The tacky messages on the walls, some of them are funny but many border on the verge of offensive. Also no air conditioning so you will gently roast on a summer afternoon

Overall I liked the fact that they offered a corporate discount and that the buffet was VFM. Not sure if I will ever land up here for the a la carte menu. High on Thai one level below seemed more promising for that :)


Ordinary Place

Food was ordinary and service was slightly better than that but it was surprising to see they charge service tax and VAT on the total amount including service charge of 10%


Sad place

Heard all the Radio commercials and got tempted so basically coerced the team to head there for lunch one afternoon and it was disappointment from the word go. They have a special chaat buffet and a kebab buffet, while the chaats were nice, the kebabs were sad and the serving really measly. I mean we had keep asking the guy to give us more than just one piece. The main buffet spread was pathetic, just one non veg main and 2 veg sides. For that money it was ridiculous. Never going back again.



KHAAJA JOKE ......not funny

Well the ambience was fun filled and I liked it… but then when it came to the food…..way below average . well I ordered the tandoori chicken and I must say that would have been the smallest portion of tandoori I had in my life , the chicken was over stuffed filled with the marinate and hence could not taste the chicken at all . by then we had ordered for the main course which was again very average , no flavors .(wont elaborate ….waste of time ) ,well when I mentioned that to the waiter he called the chef and when I was speaking to him I noticed that all the waiters were just laughing behind him , it was like either it happens quite often or guess they were just happy letting the chef take all the blame . we asked for the bill and to our surprise they charged us service tax over the entire food amount and not on the service charge !!!!! when I asked the manger ,he said he has not got any notice to change it from the higher authorities and he happy let me take the pictures of it on my phone as well. like I told you its happens here quite often
Well I am sure not going there again but wont recommend the place to anyone either ur time and money


Khaaja Circle - Good place

Ambiance is good. Some tables are in the shape of auto rickshaw. The place is big too. Food is delicious and quantity is ample. Service is good too. There is no reason for you to not visit this place again and AGAIN.


Decent .., But not the best around for the money

Ok so this is one of those places you decide to go only on Company money. Because it maintains a Pricey feeling about itself. And is so very truly.

We went here from office for a lunch buffet. It was good but for the price that we were paying this was nothing so great to talk about. I mean - the name sounded so damn royal, the food wasnt unfortunately. It was Not bad, but not great either. The dessert was very good.

The whole look and feel has been made to look like some 70s roadside shop. The posters around will make you realize what I mean so will the auto type seat.

The manger and the staff was very courteous and gave us a very good discount based on our numbers.

Go for the experience.


Average Food

Was there with my team mates for lunch, we opted lunch buffet and started with there chats which were good but the option for veg starts were very limited, and same with there main course which agai had very limited options both in veg and non-veg. The only good part was there deserts. overall average experience.



Go for ambiance!!

Visitied this place for a dinner. The food was ok. Not that great. Totally a no for people going for a budget. Its easily a Rs. 900/- for two though we ordered a minimum quantity.
The music, ambience and the staff were all good.
If you are on a date, i would certainly recommend this place. Decent food with awesome surrounding, good bollywood and hollywood romantic music in the background and a great company(none of which was there in my case.. had gone with roomies!! :D). I think yu can visit it once in a while!


madan80 - Burrp User


44 Reviews

October 21,2012


A take on the Food!

Having seen the flyers of Khaaja Chowk, I have been wanting to try this place out for a long time. Finally, I got the opportunity to try it - but as a home delivery option - and as their flyer said garma garam khanna - phata phat (hot hot food, really quick) - it was true enough.
The packaging though was interesting at first, and then downright cumbersome. The naan was packed inside a silver foil, which was placed in a paper bag, which was placed in a silver foil bag. everything was packed inside a box, so that it is easier to handle- but the amount of packaging - I was surprised to say the least- I wish they would scale it down a bit.
Food - The food was a big disappointment. The images shown are mouth watering, but the final dish is far from it. I will come to that shortly.
The Dal Makhanni - was just dal, there was hardly any makkhan taste at all. The kebabs were really oily and the malai kofta had so much oil that I it made the entire dish look unappealing!
The taste also missed the mark - it was all well arranged, but beyond that - I could not point a finger at what was missing, but something was amiss - I am not sure if it was the excess safron or the less salt in the dal and curry that missed the mark - I don't know.
However- the kofta in itself was really nice - it was a majority paneer kofta (not the potato and paneer where there is more potato and less paneer) nicely fried and cut. There were dry fruits inside the kofta as well. All these plus points were negated with the amount of oil present!
Will I be ordering from Khaaja Chowk again - I don't know, but I might visit the place once and try it out and see if there is any difference between the delivery experience and the restaurant experience.


Lunch in an auto!!

Super awesome concept. Great looking bar. Perfect setting to have a peaceful meal on a rainy day.



Very much disappointed with Khaaja Chowk

I heard lot about this Restaurant during the last 15 days on Radio. So finally decided to hang out with Friends on Friendship day. Here is my experience on food, service and ambiance of so called best North Indian food in Bangalore.

1) Service :-
The only place where I got the courtesy at reception of Restaurant as warm welcome. Got the table what I want for 8 of us. Till then things are looking very good and I am impressed. But this was just a trailer, "Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost".
It's took 10-15 mins to clean that table and finally make available to us.
Then Nobody is interested in taking the order because none of waiters are interested in sharing restaurant's menu card.
Finally waits end and we got menu card and we decided the order and ready to place but nobody ready to take. We are lucky again after 10Mins and order for starter has been placed.
I can write a whole book with my bad experience I had with this restaurant's service, let me cut short here. The service in Khaaja Chowk is pathetic, no courtesy (except 1-2 ppl), very bad service, cold food they served, bread is very bad and cold, rude behavior. in short no understanding of hospitality industry.
Rating :- 1/5

Food :-
Looks like very Americanize version of Indian food. Very blend and taste didn't like Indian food, it can't be authentic North Indian food. Chat is some how Ok (bit above average). Shorba very bad.

Rating :- 2/5

Ambiance :- That is the only best past of this place.

Very much disappointed with this place.



Khaaja chowk

Absolutely awesome in ambiance. We went as a vegetarian family of 6 (2 kids) and loved it. Rotis were soft and non elastic and the paneer fresh. Staff were friendly. Fare is on par with any such restaurant in Indiranagar (veg gravies in the range 200-250) but the portions are satisfying. They could however add some authentic dishes other than the same old ones you regularly come across.


Improve food quality

The food quality needs to be improved.
The ambiance and innovation by making some seats into auto rickshaw designs is amazing along with soothing music and fresh wind blowing in the roof top areas of dining.


Must try!

Yummy food, amazing ambiance and not so high prices...will definitely go back again..


Delicious north Indian cuisine

We went to the roof-top restaurant last week as a farewell to one of our colleagues. Till then, I had been there for a-la-carte’ and not a buffet.
Must say, I enjoyed every moment of my experience there. The ambiance is very DiLLi with road side dhaba signs all over the place making for good conversation points.
We were a group of 6 with one vegetarian and all of us went in for a buffet.
Priced very nominally, the buffet began with a host of starters which can make the main course redundant. Especially the Khaaja chaat, which was delicious.
The non-veg starters were something that can be improved upon. Both in terms of variety as well as taste.
The main course was pretty normal - nothing extraordinary, however the dessert comprised of a dish called Pineapple Paysam which was HEAVENLY. Not too sweet with just the right amount of pineapple.
Things to look out for - khaaja chaat, pineapple paysam
Word of caution - the Stewarts were relatively new and weren't able to understand our questions.


Bad reservation policy

After reading good reviews about this place, we decided to go there on a Saturday night. We reached at around 9:30pm and we were told that there is a waiting time for each table for 45 mins. We chose not to wait and ate at some place else.
However the next day, I called up the place to book a reservation for 8:30pm. I was told "Madam you can just walk in". After reaching there, we were very rudely told to wait for 40 minutes. The lady at the entrance told us some story about how they do not take reservations before 9 30pm. Utter nonsense.
Someone please tell the owner to let the customers know on the phone itself that the restaurant do not take reservations.


Just about OK

Tried out this restaurant after going thru the reviews, by design..
Food: 3/5 normal fare nothing to be gaga about except that the Chat and sweet dish made out of the Khaaja...
Ambience: quirky, nice, simple, elegant; but needs to be maintained properly; as there is distinct layer of fine dust all around on the garden area seatings....
Service: sure would need professionalism in being attentive and proactive
Overall: a try is just fine...



my old friend

Having tried their outlet in Gurgaon i welcomed the new place here like i would an old friend. As always I loved their decor and ambience. I however did not have much time to sit down for a full course. Just had some starters and a fresh lime soda. Must say i liked what i was served. Will go there again soon for a grand sit down dinner.


Sad...real sad!

Heard a lot about this place, but it was an absolutely disaster.

Firstly the staff a girl was behaving extremely fussy and arrogantly. We went at 7:30 pm, and when we were choosing a place, she was constantly suggesting somewhere else. Finally we got what we wanted, but then in the end it didn't really matter! In-fact I saw some more people haggling with this girl for choice of tables. When will people stop employing dub people, these experiences matter and they can enhance or destroy an overall experience!

What we ordered -

1 fresh lime soda
1 khaaja chat(heard a lot about this one)
1 masala papad
1 subzi miloni
1 daal tadka
1 garlic naan
1 butter roti

Total damage - 822(includes service charge, service tax and vat, this alone was around 100 rs)

Let me say you can avoid everything except Fresh Lime Soda and Garlic Naan.

Khaaja chat was nothing but Dahi Papdi Chaat..dahi was just for name sake. ANYWHERE you can get a better one.

Masala Papad, papad was extremely damp, zero crispness!!! Masala was very bland!

Daal Tadkewala - never seen such a daal which was more orange than yellow!

Subzi Miloni - Never ate a more disgusting and stale subzi. Not even worth eating for free!!!!

Garlic Naan was good and this helped me to finish my meal.

Service was very very bad!

Overall I am definitely not going here again. Its a complete let down in my opinion!


Promising Restaurant

Today, we had been to this joint..
It has lots of promise to be one of the fine dining and refreshing joint for north Indian delicacies.
Food: 3.5/5:
we have ordered the garlic naan. Its really superb with delicate layer of garlic on the crispy yet "naram" naan; beats the garlic bread from the MNC pizzerias in terms of crispiness, taste, and that lingering garlic touch...Palak panneer is quite tasty. But oil could have been used sparingly. Panneer is really succulent. But the disappointing fare is Dal Tadkedar. We couldnt find any "tadka" I mean the zing in the typical yellow dal specially when tempered with the spices and seasoning. It tastes much like the Dal Makhni except for the color. The best part of the dining is the Khaaja Chaat and Rabri Khaaja...

Ambience: 3/5: decent: could be much better if only they could clean up the nice thin layers of dust that permeates the walls around the garden. They could have watered/sprayed the plants specially in the afternoon to provide that fresh whiff of misty air...when seated near to the garden atop.

Service: 3/5: sure they are great; but can be better by being proactive in filling in the water, attending to provide the finger bowls; tissues...

Billing: sure its prompt and accurate.
Price Value Proposition: definitely can be improved. Their lunch buffet is priced at Rs.325+taxes: perhaps a better option than going in for the a la carte. For two persons, one may have to trade in Rs.1200 including taxes.

Do we go once again: perhaps...


Good food with beautiful ambience

We had a team lunch here booked the table in advance for 12 people. When we went to the restaurant we found our table is not arranged. Reservation desk person looked not caring us and hanging over the phone :(. Besides this ambiance was great with Delhi local street art on the wall and special Auto Rickshaw table kept outside in garden.
Talking about food, Starters were good, main course and desserts in buffet could be better. Overall good experience.



Worth a visit!

Dare to drive an auto on the rooftop, whilst gulping down a tall glass of lassi in hand?
Then u should try the new restaurant in town and that’s Khaaja Chowk. Me and a friend visited this place for lunch on a Saturday. The restaurant has both outer seating and inner seating. The outer area has seats in the shape of autos. U should definitely get an experience of eating while sitting on an auto seat!
We ordered a Mojito and a mocktail named Shirley Temple. Both the drinks were refreshing for a sunny noon. Khaaja chowk’s speciality ‘khaaja ki chat’ was well made though the sweetness could be reduced a little bit. We also tried the cheese chilli seekh kabab which was accompanied with pudina chutney. The taste & flavour would be better if extra cheese was added. It wasnt that bad either.
I have heard that paneer dishes are amazing here. We tried a gravy Khaaja special paneer along with butter tandoori roti and kulcha for the main course. I must say the paneer was melting in our mouths. The gravy was cashewnut based n paneer complimented it. Even though it was quite a heavy dish, it did not feel heavy on the tummy.
And we ended our meal with rabri and gulab jamuns. The perfect way to end a great meal is to have yummy dessert.They should add more desserts to the menu .
They could try to expand their menu by adding more items. They also have a buffet on all the days which is Rs 325 + taxes. The menu seemed good. Will try it next time.
And lastly let me talk about the service. The service should speed up. It took them 10 to 15 minutes to give us the menu. But the dishes were served in time later. The waiters were friendly.
They have a well stocked bar with funny posters all over. U can while away ur time by reading those posters.
I will make sure I visit another time just to try the non veg as well as the different paneer items on the menu.


Good weekend buffett

I went there with my family on the last weekend of March - we quite liked the ambience of the place.
Very North Indian in decor and menu - the new kid in the block does not dissapoint. We decided to try out the buffett lunch and we were served starters on the table; not much of choice in the starters but it tasted pretty good. The main course again did not have many choices but was adequate. The dessert choices were truly disappointing.
There is ample scope to improve - especially in the choices, but they have started out pretty well and they have one most important thing sorted out- the taste is really delicious.