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> > > > Khushboo's


Lavelle RoadCentral Bangalore  


10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Khushboo's Reviews


A Delhi-ite's approval... gol-guppas, chaat, samosa, kachori, chhole bhature, raajma-chawal and kadhi-chawal.

And they import the paneer from Delhi.

I do not need to say more.


Awesome food...I miss Delhi

Loved the meal at this place... The amritsari papad was excellent with the soft paneer bits adding an interesting texture to the dish... The Rajma was buttery and lovely, the kadhai paneer spicy but excellent and the nargisi Kofta jussst purrfect. The Zatka roti was a killer...overall great food! I wish I had saved space for some of those gulab jamuns... We'll just have to go back for them :)


Except for chats and sweets everything sucks here

This is one of the worst place to have your lunch or dinner, the biriyani should have been kept the name as Vegetable Oil Biriyani here, may be he has put 50ml or so for one serving. The taste was absolutely bland no taste or aroma. I don't think they have a profession cook in place.

The cashier and staff in the selfservice part don't know any other language than hindi and will not give heed to any feedbacks and are very casual in their attitude.
It's like you want to eat eat or get lost, we don't care.

Even though sweets and chats are somewhat okay may be because they are not prepared here like the other suffs.

All in all this place is anytime avoidable.



Excellent food!

The food is excellent. Especially chaats and kulfis. Love the place.
Must visit!



Pathetic ..I would like to rate half points

Khushboo's is pathetic place for dining. Though there are 5 ACs fitted only two work OR they switch on only two to save on Elec bill. When we inquired why don't we have AC, the answer was "Winter Sir, who wants AC" and you know Bangalore winter ... afternoons are hot. They would charge AC menu rates but wouldn't switch on the ACs. Its happened with me thrice and last time when I visited I blasted at the owner and walked out of the place ... Please don't visit if your looking for cool and nice ambiance ..the waiters would behave as if like they are feeding us for free...


rushI  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

April 12,2011


Delhi food?Where is it?

I know after seeing 4 reviews with 5 star, I also felt like considering my stars but could not help.
So I am from North part of country and pretty much know what a Delhi chat is like - black masaleedar chola, crisp fresh bhatoora, fried potatoes on the side. What we had in Khushboo was no where near to that. Forget about making it 'as in Delhi' etc, it was not even Okish from any standard. Apart from that we ordered thandai which was also soo bad. The only thing which was okish was allo chat - that too we had to ask him to make again as the previous one was not at all crisp. Moong daal chilla was also okish.
So it's like this - since places like these are not very costly anyway, so it doesn't matter if you try it out. But be cautious if you are planning a visit there..because definitely it's not a place to plan a visit.
Ambiance is pleasant compared to other chat places.



Best North Indian Food in Bangalore

Yummy paratha, amazing mushroom and paneer and finger licking good kulfi. Its a shame 5 star is the max here.



Simply Yummicious

Went to this awesome place today...
Wat yummy chats,,OMG,,Still cant believe.
Yes its a little on the pricier side but its definately worth it.Dahi balle are my personal fav.This place has to be tasted.Nothing like it n am gonna go there atleast once a week...:-)
Khushboos Rocks..


jungmd - Burrp User


32 Reviews

October 16,2010


Great food, Great Location, Decent Prices

First, I had the pani puris (gol guppas as they are called in true delhi fashion at this place) downstairs after the valet had parked our car. They have 4 different kinds of "paani's" and 2 different puris, including something called a "delhi puri"...The chaat was excellent, but we were still hungry and so we headed upstairs for dinner.
The decor reminded me of Hindi movies from the 70's , you know the ones where the hero and heroine are dancing in the middle of the room and the rest of the crowd hangs around with a drink in their hand, standing next to a mirrored wall.

So the decor was not too happening, but the waiters, although initially lethargic proved to be very efficient and courteous.

The food was stellar, my mouth is watering as I write this. The achaari aloo, stuffed bhindi, daal, saag paneer, all excellent.

I especially loved the spicy tangy achaari aloo and the tasty although a bit oily bhindi.

The naan rotis etc were great too.

The bill wasn;t too bad at all Rs 1400 for 4 adults and 2 kids, and we ordered quite a bit.

Only downside - no alcohol license, and possibly the decor, Although when I think of Zeenat Aman dancing under the chandeliers, even the decor was not bad at all.


salvation is here

it always surprised me that for all the wealth of excellent & reasonable eating options in bangalore, the one thing that was always missing was a good chaat place. and by chaat I mean the authentic north indian chaat. salvation is here, finally a place in bangalore that serves authentic & true to taste north indian chaats -
5 stars: aloo pyaaz kachori, gol gappas, aloo tikkis, kadhi chawal, paapdi & the kaanji - seasonal
4 stars: chola bhatura, palak paneer & the tandoori platter
3 stars: aloo chaat.

the lassi & the kulfi aren't up to the mark but the exceptional chaat more than makes up for it.