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Kobe Sizzlers

Magrath RoadEast Bangalore    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 65600872
  • Garuda Mall, Garuda Mall, No. 15, Magrath Road, Bangalore
  • Continental
  • Meal for 2 - 800

34 Reviews / 34 Ratings

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Kobe Sizzlers Reviews


Not worth a visit

I am writing this review after one day of having eaten in this restaurant. Normally I would do so the same day, but since I had given a negative feedback to the restaurant, I gave them a day to come back to me with their bit of explanation. Not that I have ever seen restaurants reverting back with explanations after a negative feedback, makes me wonder why on earth do they have a column for telephone number and e_mail id. Well coming to the actual story. I with my wife visited Kobe Sizzlers located in Garuda Mall, Bangalore on 24 Dec 12. It so happened that I was feeling hungry and the restaurant was right in front of me (Will teach me a lesson for next time, to check the rating of restaurants before visits). So we walked inside and ordered for two sizzlers. It took its own sweet time to arrive, if my memory serves right it was almost 30 minutes. Mine was a mixed seafood sizzler where the vegetables were undercooked, the noodles were overcooked, the fries were absent salt and the fish actually had the smell of poor refrigeration. And it was somewhat similar for my wife's chicken sashlik sizzler where stale fish was replaced by rubbery chicken. After about 20 minutes and 5 rounds of waiter movements around the table I asked for the bill. The waiter looked at the almost untouched plate of sizzler and asked if he could clear it. The answer obviously was in the affirmative and despite having told him that the food was bad, he or the manager never really asked about what was wrong with it. A sheepish smile from the waiter at this stage made it evident that they get this kind of remarks often and are not really bothered (This part was really annoying). Producing the bill subsequently was done in a flash (Well at least in this part they were prompt). On asking for the feedback form the waiter looked at the ceiling as if waiting for some divine intervention. Again started the test of patience for the feedback form which was brought after 10 minutes with visible reluctance. Well its not that everything with the restaurant was bad. The location was good (Inside Garuda Mall), at the end of the meal they greeted us with a smile and a "do visit us again" slogan, showing that they have great sense of humour. The clientele was good which consisted mostly of young boys with their girlfriends getting a feel of swanky outlets without really caring about the kind of food they really got. Well in the world of competition the survival of the restaurant is still guaranteed on account of increasing population, meaning that people would eventually come to this place when all other restaurants are full, as for me I would still not do it and head for the food court instead, as I did yesterday.


Raj S - Burrp User

Raj S

8 Reviews

November 20,2012


Best Sizzlers in town

If you love continental food , this is the place to try. Once of the best and hot sizzlers in town served here. Ambiance is so good and you don't feel that you are having your lunch or dinner at a busy place like Garuda Mall. Very tasty and yummy food. Absolutely love it.


sizzling sizzlers

i love this place for their signature sizzlers..brilliant their veggie menu.


Just Good sizzlers- OK overall experience

Somehow I haven't come around to share my views on this restaurant since I went there first (which is a long time.) So I have decided to be less unfair and go ahead and talk about it.
Last evening just before catching up on a movie, we had a choice between, Meghna Biryani house, Kobe, and the cafeteria in Garuda, and we narrowed down on the sizzler place. We went there pretty early- for a dinner (around 7) and were surprised to see some people already eating. The ambiance was inviting with, however much can be done for the decor of the place.
There were three of us and we selected a nice enough table and took a generous amount of time deciding. Thankfully, none of the staff was in a hurry to take the order and gave us all the time in the world. We chose one vegetarian, one chicken and one beef sizzler. The waiter who took our order was surprisingly well informed- in broken English too he was able to explain the dishes very well and also suggested our wine menu. He was quick to prompt that there was an ongoing offer (off the menu) if we ordered for a brand of wine- full marks for that.
The starter selection wasn't much to speak of, however given that we are more than happy with French fries accompanying the sizzlers, it was a non-issue. We also ordered for aloo chat as one of us was struggling to find a good vegetarian starter. The dishes were served well within time and so was the wine.
As usual, the cutlery was apt for the steak and expectations were met with the medium/rare part of my beef steak.
The garnish of mashed potatoes was boiled well and went very well with the main dish. I was very happy with the Worcestershire sauce which added to the overall flavors.
Complains did crop up from my wife and the friend that the food was too generous in quantity and difficult to finish. I loved it though (yes I have a hearty appetite for steak.)

Then came time for dessert and we were slightly disappointed with the selection. So the usual sizzling brownie was ordered and I must say, the chocolate sauce on top was the best I have had anywhere in the city. It was such refined and high class flavor that it clearly distinguished itself from other sizzling brownies. Full marks for that as well.
In terms of service, the waiters were totally non-smiling which is a bit of a putt off and more so, when you ask them to clear away the dishes before the dessert it look like a 'problem' for them.
They don't appear to be very happy working in the place which is quite apparent from their body language.
The rest room in the restaurant was uncannily tiny and very uncomfortable.
So, it was indeed a fine experience, however considering that besides the food, the other elements were a letdown, I would prefer to visit another sizzler place if given a choice and time.
Khate_Jao :-)


sizzlers are ok

Sizzlers are strictly ok.. But highly priced.Nothing in the dish really made me feel like coming back here again..


sizzlers are ok

Sizzlers are strictly ok.. But highly priced.Nothing in the dish really made me feel like coming back here again..


This is our favorite when ever we want Sizzlers!

This is our favorite joint when ever we want Sizzlers ! Crowded yes it is ....but food is good ! Must must try the Scotch Broth soup and my all time favorite sizzling chicken or keep to the Chicken shaslik if u do not want to experiment . reminds me of my good old days in Bombay !!Overall thumbs up on this on !



never failed to satisfy me.

Have been here a couple of times & Iam glad to say that I have never been disappointed with their food or service. A place where one can go wid family, friends, better half or alone!



Still the best sizzlers in blore

Good service n ambience. Food is good too, pair it with a good wine n it's fantastic...


paruldahiya - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 10,2011


Absolutely Amazing

Went to kobe sizzler at Garuda mall 3 times during lunch time last week with my hubby. I loved it. He even told me that we can offer 15% discount on amex card. :)

I don't understand how burp ended up rating such a good restaurant 2 stars. I wrote this review just to say that this place is amazing and is going to change your perception of sizzler just like it changed mine.


Kobe is one of the options... Not the ONE!!

After roaming around MG Road, a Metro ride, checking shops across 3 floors of Garuda mall, went to Kobe for dinner. Fine ambiance.. Few tables were free, So we (Ohh... Forgot to mention, I was with my wife... had to take her for a dinner.. ) had luxury of choosing our table. Promptly got the menu; both of us googled through all the pages... Quite surprised at first, because the prices are too high compared to the menu available in Burrp! (As a habit, I had searched for sizzlers over net and also gone through reviews and menu in Burrp). Then my wife figured out that there are some combos available and I should check those (Some promo stuff, not in Menu) and chose the one with a soup of your choice, Chicken Shashlik, sizzling brownie and a glass of coke. Food was good. But I think one can have more options out there in the food court of Garuda mall.

Food: Good
Price of Sizzlers : 350 - 500 (Avg 400) / Combo ones 510 - 600 range.
Over all experience: Good (2.5 out of 5)


God awful place!

I went to Kobe last week with my friends, and had the most disappointing experience. The service was woefully awful, and the entire dinner was just a despicable affair for us.

In my earlier review of this place, I had mentioned that the service is a little lackadaisical, the food almost always made up for it. This time however, the food didn't come close to being palatable, and it was absolutely horrid.

The server made faces when we asked him about what steaks were recommended, was in a hurry (even though the place was empty) and took eons to take our order, waiting for 20 minutes and then reconfirming our order.

We ordered Fish and Chips, where the fish was absolutely bland and had no salt. The tartare sauce tasted more like eggless watery mayo. The French fries were fat potato wedges, unsalted and served cold. When we reported this to the staff, they retorted "This is how we make it. You can return the dish, but we will charge you for it." The audacity, really.

The staff kept staring at us (mainly at me) because I had raised my concerns about the food, like their food was flawless. Our main course finally arrived, but again, unseasoned. I ordered the Chicken steak in garlic sauce which barely had any sauce, had boiled cauliflower and Indian beans as 'Continental' vegetables, and chucks of potato dices (supposedly mashed potatoes). The steak was incredibly dry and when I asked for some sauce, they brought it over, but later charged me Rs.80 for it. Rs.380 for a horrid steak and another Rs.80 for a blah sauce. WTF?

My friends ordered the Prawn and Fish sizzler, which was slightly better, but nothing great to really pay Rs.400 for.

With food and service being so bad, I insisted on a feedback card. They didn't bother giving it to me, I had already asked them for one 3 times. I finally marched up to the manager, told him about the experience and demanded a feedback card. Reluctantly, he gave me one.

The options were 'Excellent', 'Good' and 'Average', like their food or service couldn't slip below average. Had to create a new column of 'Poor'. I also wrote them a page review on where they should improve. When I told this to the Manager, one look at my feedback card, he tried to rush me out of the empty Kobe.

Never in my life have I been treated that way, and found it positively revolting. Never setting my foot here again, and going to ensure that none of my friends do either.


Despicable service

Kobe in garuda mall was definitely a disappointing experience for us. On going there last night, we were greeted by waiters who just didn't want to take our orders, who didn't even inform us about the closing, and who didn't even know that they had a feedback form. The service was bad.
The food was good, albeit slightly overpriced. Definitely very good sizzlers, but spoiled by bad service.



Went here on 23rd April for a relaxed lunch. We are first timers to Kobe. And the experience was above our expectations.

Interiors are nicely made up without any fanciful decor. Although a bit less on room space for the free movement of the waiters with sizzler plates.

We did not take any chance on the food front and went with the earlier recommendations. Iced tea was very nice, and in case of the fresh lime this was a scale more sour. On our request waiter added some sugar syrup to it.

Next on starter we ordered Garlic Bread Exotica and Caeserian Salad Chicken. Both were just fine.

For main course we went for chicken Shaslik Sizzler. Cant say much about the authenticity or decoration as my sizzler experience is near zero.


pknai123 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

January 07,2011


Good Sizzlers..

Kobe is my hubbys, one of the favorite place to dine in. We just love the sizzlers here. The interior of this place is very tastefully done. I though, find the renovated kobe at garuda mall a lil stuffed now.
Our all time favorite is chkn shashlik, chkn schezwan/pepper sizzler accompanied with some peach iced tea... Just delicious...
Service is average & the price is just fine for the quality & quantity of the food served.


4foodlovers - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 29,2010


Kobe - a big dismay!

Kobe Sizzlers, Garuda Mall, Bangalore - Nov 2010

It was my husband’s birthday and we decided to take our friends out for what we hoped would be a nice relaxing dinner at Kobe Sizzlers. Being a bunch of people absolutely crazy about continental food, we’ve been to a lot of restaurants in and around Bangalore. And it’s safe to say that this by far has been the worst experience we’ve ever had!

You know something is wrong when you wait ten minutes for a glass of water in a moderately crowded restaurant. You know it’s getting worse when the waiter takes an order for a steak and does not bother to ask if you want mashed potatoes or fries with it, or whether you want it as a sizzler or not. And you know you’ve been pushed to the limit when you run up to him to clarify these and he misconstrues it as cancellation of half the dishes you ordered.

And so, unaware of the fact that some of us are not going to be served our food, we wait in anticipation of what could go wrong next. The other half of the dishes are served and we’re still waiting around for ours. Needless to say, we finally approach him, re-place our orders and wait while the rest of the gang is almost done with their food.

When you pay 400 or more for a dish you expect some class in the décor of the place and the presentation of the food. The décor resembled a South Indian restaurant where you expect the food to be served in a steel platter or a banana leaf. The tables are arranged with absolutely no thought such that there is no access to serve the people sitting at the other end of the table. The waiter just plants the hot plate of sizzler into our hands and we’re expected to juggle it to the other end of the table. The food presentation was like wading through a super market, trying to find what you need. The vegetables and the meat are just dumped on the plate and then covered with so much sauce that it over powers all else. Given that the portions are huge but what good would that do if you simply don’t enjoy what you’re eating? Believe me, if I was paying less, I’d also expect a lot less.

The french fries were shapeless, tasteless and left heaped on a side plate when everyone was done. The beef and lamp steak were tasteless with no salt in the sauce and the sauce having over powered the dish. The fish in the shaslik was absolutely disgusting – whether it was just a bad slice of fish or a rotten one, we’re still not sure of. The prawns in the shaslik were well done and tasty but you could hardly enjoy it when the extremely spicy pepper sauce had you grabbing the glass of water every time you put the food in your mouth. By the end of the night the only dish they managed to serve without goofing up was a hamburger!

We walked out of the restaurant disappointed and fuming, vowing to spread the message and to never ever go back!


arunn - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 01,2010


Good Steaks!

Landed here as a last minute option and enjoyed the steaks with my kids. A tad pricey (Rs320 for a Steak) relative to the location and the ambience. The place could do with waiting staff that were a bit more helpful and friendly - they did look very stressed and like they wanted us done and out of there.



Very poor service!

The service level at Kobe Sizzlers needs much improvement. Very impolite, impatient & unprofessional staff. The waiter behaves like he is doing you a big favor -- acts cranky when you ask for an explanation of an item on the menu. The manager is equally curt & callous in his approach. All in all a totally BAD experience!


Good sizzlers

When you've decided to dine at Kobe, you're bound to search for it in every floor of Garuda. Or the ones who are casually dining here are the ones who have stumbled upon it accidentally after a late night movie.

The restaurant looks good, but is stuffy. We had to repeatedly ask the servers to turn on the AC where we were sitting. It is usually not too crowded during dinner time, at lunch, however, it is packed due to the decent buffet they serve.

The Chicken/Lamb Shashlik sizzler here is/are delicious. I like sizzlers to have a little bit of everything, which is why I liked them here. In addition to the meat, there's steamed rice, sauteed veggies, served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. The burnt butter lettuce at the base gives you a taste of heaven.

The Veggie sizzler did not disappoint either. The Mushroom Patty with Garlic sauce play quite a few tones of flavours on your tastebuds. If you like Russian salad, you would really enjoy it here as they do it well. Especially the chicken one; done neatly.

I love the Iced Tea here as well. It is quite a cooler and an apt thirst quencher (what with this Bangalore heat). Pity no alcohol is served here. A mug of chilled beer and well done meat go a long way :)

The service is inattentive and you might have to get up out of your chairs and maybe do a little dance to get their attention. Right after taking your order, there's a good chance they'll forget that they did so, and you may sadly have to repeat your dance to remind them that you've already placed your order.

Good food overall. Can stop by for some sizzlers and to get away from the noisy mall crowd.



Nice Place

A friend and I went to Kobe for dinner last night. I was quite impressed with the look of the place, very tastefully done. I also liked the fact that the tables were not set very close together. The choice of drinks was limited and disappointing. There is a difference between the items mentioned in online menu and the real one . Updating the online menu would be a good idea so that customers who read the menu online and come with a prefixed idea of what to have, neednt be disappointed. My friend chose a Cana coffee as we wanted to see what the difference between it and usual coffee was. To our disappointment, there was no difference. I chose a Mint Tea and we enjoyed this. We skipped the starters and chose sizzlers - a veg one for him and a non-veg one for me, for our main course. The sizzlers came really fast and were really good. Worth the price mentioned on the menu. Since we were both full and out of time (we were catching a late show movie) we skipped the dessert, paid the bill and left.
Ambience wise, I liked the place. Food wise, it was good though more variety would be appreciated. Service was impecaable-no fault to find there. Prices are fine for the quantity served. All in all a good place but maybe one I wont go back to, simply because the choice of drinks disappointed me.


erroldn - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 03,2009


Average Sizzling Experience

The 1st problem that we face is locating Kobe in Garuda Mall unless your aware that its right on the top floor, you might end up searching for it on every floor you reach. To give my experience at Kobes i would use simple and few words. The ambiance is good but the music that they play ruins the fun. I remember listening to some rock number and to my surprise i could only see family members around. Kobe needs to get some good smooth music to blend with their sizzlers. i was upset about the music because people love to talk across the table and not try to wait for a heavy song to get over so that they are audible across the table. Smooth music is just the right one.

Now on the food. The sizzlers are just like any other sizzler but i would recommend the Lamb Shazlic. The Chicken sizzlers was not my choice or the taste just ruined by taste buds because the taste was just weird, didnt taste like the way the chicken pieces were cooked. Kobe really needs to have a change in how the dish is displayed. The sizzler looks like a mess. When i was done with the meat and veggies then i realized there was rice right at the bottom which would have tasted really great along with the other items in the sizzlers dish. So, i think you really need to display your dishes well so that customer really gets a choice in mix and eat.

As a recommendation. I suggest you visit Kobe to get an experience on some good sizzler. As far as my suggestions go, they are just suggestions which i feel might just give a better sizzling touch to Kobe.




I agree with the review that said that the waiter behaves like he is doing a favour by taking your order. We placed an order for the Mushroom veggie cutlet, which apparently comes with a choice if rice or noodles and a choice of sauce; but he just walked away after he heard our order and we had to call him back to tell him our choices! We chose the pepper sauce which was not a good idea, as it was a bit too spicy for our taste. I think the garlic sauce would have been a better choice. Ambience is also average with the expected smoky atmosphere. I dont think I would return to this place, unless I have no other option at that time!



Good Food, Great Music

When my friend and I reached Kobe, we were the only ones. We had to ask them to turn on the a/c.

My friend ordered the test-and-tried Mixed Grill while I settled for Lamb Shashlik. Both were yummy. What seems like so little at first is almost too much to finish. The sizzlers melt in your mouth (if you wait until it has finished sizzling lest you burn your mouth). There was no place left for their acclaimed brownie.

A meal for two with just the main course will set you back by Rs 650. Considering it's an international chain and the food is good, it's worth a try!

Service is just average. The music and air conditioning was sporadic, so we had to keep requesting the waiter to turn it on.


VFM and good Sizzlers

Good Sizzlers
Ok Ok Drinks (no alcohol)
Good Service

Badddd location - on top of Garuda mall , hidden away , next to staples

Since so many revies are already there , pushing in my 2 pennies n not more


Yo Kobe

Being a Kobe fan from Mumbai, I was quite happy to find a branch here, and the food did not disappoint. A great place to go for sizzlers...



Improve Service

Been here on the Jan 25, 2009 with a large family after a movie at Garuda Mall.

This place is no kid friendly, service is average. The waiter does a big favour taking order from you. Suggesting minor changes is not accepted at all, take whats in the menu.

Guess these guys need to go a long way in service.


bevarsee - Burrp User


30 Reviews

January 10,2009


Decent Sizzlers

Went there for lunch

The skinny is as follows :


Good spread of sizzler's
decent ambiance
The Veggi sizzler is good


its way at the top no one can find out where the place is
service is marginal at best
KOBE is a Japanese town its a misnomer for the place there is no japanese food in the menu
food can get a little salty and sodium filled not good for BP patients

my 20 Paisa

Good for business lunches
OK for weekend family outing lunch



Excellent Sizzlers

Looks like this place has one of the Best Sizzlers in Town ...
I love the tiny Cheese Chilly toasts here .....
Must Try the Mushroom Patty with Garlic Sauce Sizzlers ....The patty is excellent .....
This place has a good variety of Vegetarian Sizzlers
Excellent Service ...Awesome Sizzlers ...Yummmmm
Must go for Sizzler Lovers ...
Meal for two costs 800-900/- ( Inclusive of desserts ) ...Value for money ....


Sizzler Paradise

This little gem in Garuda Mall is a must for all sizzler fanatics.. I even love the soups and side orders although there's not much choices in them.


more than enough for 1 person..

had been to Kobes, Garuda Mall n ordered Chicken sizzlers.
as per my past experience with sizzlers (with other brands) ther was hardly any chicken in the chicken sizzlers. (same is with pizza hut, u find no chicken in chicken pizza)
but here.. the quantity of chicken was too good.. also, the taste was awesome.... appearence was tempting too..
should try here atleast once... wide variety of sizzlers..
make sure you dont have a breakfast... if u r going ther for lunch... quantity is just more than enough for 1 person...
price: appox. 600/- for 2 people.


Sizzling hot!!!

We chanced upon this place when the Pitstop-Food court was over-crowded. Tired of waiting upon the tables to get cleared and long queues just to order food, we decided to give Kobe a try.

Sizzling sounds of the mouth-watering sizzlers just works up your appetite.There are lots to choose and the quantity served is really good and filling.

Veg Shaslik sizzler is a must.Its just perfect with french fries, paneer, rice and all grilled veggies.

Mind you ... its really hot !!!
A meal for two can cost you about Rs.600!!!
Really worth a try !!!



Great club sandwiches

Had a ton of popcorn and Diet Coke at Inox so wasn't surprised when I ordered a chicken club sandwich there. Was hungry but not enough to eat a sizzler. Just after placing the order I started getting butterflies in my tummy (not from excessive Coke and popcorn) but anticipated a complete disaster. Was quite impressed with the turnout but the french fries can be completely passed off. So if you happen to not be too hungry then you know what to order here!


Cruising21  - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 02,2007


Agree with previous review

A nice change from greasy mall food. I had the pepper steak, it was very good. The portions very huge and the meat was tender and delicious. It came with french fries and vegetables. And unlike other places where the vegetables are soggy and overcooked, here it was done just right. The pepper sauce was top class. Highly recommend this to Garuda mall frequenters.



Best casual eatery at Garuda

This place is a great retreat from the chaos of the mall.
Situated on the 5th floor of Garuda Mall, Kobe offers Chinese,
Indian and Continental food. The decor is pleasant and I especially
loved the way the washroom was decorated!
We started with Chilli Cheese toast which was a small but yummy portion;
then had Vegetable Fried Rice and the Spaghetti Bolognaise (nice large portion)
Dessert was a delightful sizzling brownie (small portion).
Didn't try any of the sizzlers, but have a good feeling about them...
Service is efficient - must visit if you are sick of the food court and want some
peace and quiet after your shopping trip.