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Residency RoadCentral Bangalore  


21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Konark Reviews

Pocket-Friendly Family Dining

A pocket-friendly restaurant bang in the center of the city dishing out quality vegetarian food at moderate prices. My dad and I dined out at Konark one fine evening and we loved eating here.

Although the soups are a bit bland, the main dishes are delicious and are served in large portions. The malai kofta especially was wonderful and I liked the masala papad as well.



Wonderful dishes!

Wonderful dishes!
Friendly service and good ingredients. good place to have dinner for special occasions.. :)



quick service, tasty food!

Have you been to a restaurant where the waiter first gives you hardly a moment to settle down before hovering over you head asking what you want to order....and once you have ordered - makes you wait for ever for that soup or starter to arrive?

Konark was a refreshing change from the normal - the steward came with a tablet and took my order. Impressed - I asked him if they don't use paper any more. He smiled and said 'no sir - the order goes direct to kitchen'. And looks like it did - even as we watched the steward walk away , waiters lined up with hot soup and starters.

Main course came within a few minutes of completing the starters.

In their enthusiasm, the waiters did clear the plates even as we were finishing the last bite. I feel they should wait a bit as a courtesy and not rush you into finishing the last bite.

Food was tasty as always - no complaints about that.


Quick bite for Breakfast..

One of the days when I don't feel like cooking breakfast at home,but can't afford to spend time leisurely as I have to get to office. Konark is a great choice as the service is quick and the food is good. Don't miss trying out the open masala dosa and the cheese dosas.. it's really well done. A tumbler full of coffee, just makes it even better.


NishOm - Burrp User


2 Reviews

March 29,2012


Had nice time

Its a nice place to dine out if u r a veggie..actually i m non-veggie but that day i was supposed to eat veg only :-) so....
service was quick and food taste als nice.the only problem i faced was it was very noisy.Tables are placed very close to each other.But the staff paid attention to us by providing us good place to seat.
So,what i can say is this place is worth try...



Ridiculously Overpriced and Snobbish about it

They have put up a news paper article about food inflation to justify charging 40Rs for 2 idlis! This must be the most expensive rice and urad dal may ever to charge 40Rs for average sized idlis with normal taste is just insane. Don't go. North Indian is also over priced. Rs 90 for plain basmati rice! You can buy 1 kilos of best quaality of raw basmati rice for that price. Taste is ok but prices are for another strata of people.



Konark has been claimed to be one of the brilliant places to have Dosa in Bangalore, but my visit here has been very disappointing. The dishes here were not amazing and were ordinary and comparable to a lot of Darshini's serving food in Bangalore.

There are better places to grab some south Indian food in Bangalore.


lokoko - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 08,2011


Idli dosa sambhar khao

This places serves amazing south indian food at a very moderate cost much to the delight of south food lovers. Open masala dosa, pepper masala dosa and bonda soup i would say these are the specialties. The sizzling brownie is good but a bit overrated. A must visit for veggies.



Its always better

I've revisited this place 4th time. As always food is good. The best part is I got my favorite SIZZLING BROWNIE which was too good. A must try for icecream lovers.


Excellent vegetarian food!

One of the best places in Bangalore for vegetarian VFM cuisine. amazing dosas and idlis... The North idian dishes taste very good as well. The dessert menu has many choices as well.

At the end of the day it is the rava idly and dosas that bring me back here again and again!!


wasn't Impressed

I have been here twice. the food was mediocre and the dining rooms are not that great. The Kopnark on Commercial street is much better




My search for pure vegetarian restaurants doesn't often land me in wonderful places. Konark, though was an exception. Good food, a very nice ambiance, friendly staff and some really yummy dishes in the menu.
They have warm plates and a simple and clean environs. The restaurant tends to get crowded in the afternoons with office going crowd.
The menu is exhaustive, has regular breakfast options. Lunch can be indian- both south and north, chinese or italian food.
I loved the seekh kabab , the peas pulao and a vegetable side dish we had. It was mildly spiced and not very heavy. Topping my list of must try was the chocolate mousse. That such a melt in mouth delicacy was actually egg-less was surprising!
Meal for two would be 500-600. Must visit for vegetarians.



Yummy Food

Quite quick and good service, tasty food and clean place. What else can we ask for.

Good to visit while in that area again!


hserus - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 07,2011


Fantastic food, quick service

... and warmed plates - something I see very rarely even in the states, let alone india.

must visit next time i'm in bangalore.


Excellent Food for Vegetarians...

I visited this place yesterday.

I had Open Dosa, Bonda Soup, Cold Badam Milk.

All of them were very tasty, especially the Bonda Soup.

I think the prices are very reasonable for a restaurant in Residency Road.

Must visit place for vegetarians. They have wide variety of items (including Chinese, Chats, South Indian...)


venus1010 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

February 08,2010


Sizzling Place

I went here with relatives for dinner. Dinner was good. I don't remember the items we ordered except for the ice cream. I'll never forget that Icecream which I ordered here. Without knowing what it is and how it is I just tried. Dont remeber the name of it also. But it was different, Excellent and not to be found any where else. They call it some sizzling hot ice cream or so. Placed on a tava(/tandoor whatever) the fudge type was hot and top of it was icy vanila, butterscotch and strawberry small scoups. Really I am waiting to have that again and again. Must try this.


nonbeing - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 06,2009



Konark has a pretty high rep, both here on burrp and elsewhere, so expectations were high. After a couple of delightful visits, I can only say that this restaurant totally deserves its credentials.

First of all - the food - the most important factor, imo. So far I've tried the Open Dosa, Rava Idly, Butter Plain Dosa, Corn Masala Dosa, Sev Dahi Batata Puri, Steamed Wantons, and the Konark Special Pizza. All these dishes were delicious (except the pizza, which was so-so). The Open Dosa was indeed a novel gustatory experience (thanks for the recommendation, Kaushal!) - check it out! Portion size was good. The chutneys and sambhar were very good (one of the few places in Bangalore where I want an extra bowl of sambhar).

Service wasn't something to write home about, but it was decent given that the place was packed with customers both times I went. At least it was reasonably courteous and prompt.

For the quality of food, it was surprisingly affordable. A full meal for two can easily fit into 300 bucks. I don't agree with the other reviewer who found it "highly expensive" - at least the South Indian fare was very well priced.

The ambience was quite nice (rather romantic candle lighting in the evening), but was unfortunately spoilt by the amount of noise and people (the downside of being too popular?)

Overall, one of the best places to get veggie food. Highly recommended!


The little veggie place

In my slow-conversion to v egetarianism, I am really finding Konark to be a great solace for my taste buds. I love the bonda soup with its ginger shreds, the open dosa with the buttered cashews in the middle, the uthappam with crispy sweet onion - I love it all. However,I have found the quality and taste of chaats have really come down, and also that of cutlets. I wouldn't waste my money on chaats and would stick to the usual south indian fare. I like the coffee too. I like this place so much that I hire an auto for 120 bucks every Sunday to eat from Konark!



Good Food, but highly expensive

I have been around residency road through the past 6 years. I have been in and out of Konark so many times and have seen the place change for the good over time. The quality of food hasn't changed and always been good, if not excellent. But over the years they have periodically increased their prices with no added value except that now its easier to find seating during lunch hours due to less crowding.


For anything South-Indian, head here

I’ve been to this place most of the times with my family. Our staple food being South-Indian, this is one of our favorite places.
I love the dosas, khara bath, kesai bath, idly with chutney and sambhar, chow-chow bath, rava idly, and ofcourse the meals.

Everyday they a special dosa variety, my favorite being the palak dosa, I’d be more excited if I get to eat it the day I visit this place.
It’s a pure vegetarian place and my parents love the way it is. The meal consists of the poori / chapathi (you could opt for either of the 2), with 2 kinds of subzis – 1 dry and 1 gravy, papad, sweet, rice bath, white rice, rasam, sambhar, fresh curd and pickle.
I bet, you have a meal here – you would come out with satisfied overloaded stomach with sumptuous meal.

A must try for all those whose staple food is rice and love the south Indian food


Try the 'open dosa'!

Aaah, Konark! One of my favorite place for breakfast in Bangalore.

The place is divided into 2 sections...

In the ground floor area you have an a la carte section where you get the best of South Indian cuisine from snacks to meals.

My favorites here are the simple snacks like idlis, dosas, 'open dosa' (highly recommended!), chow chow baath (upma/khara baath + sheera/kesari baath) and palak dosa (there are lots of dosa variants which change as per the daily specials). Strange as it may sound, they also make the best Horlicks drink ever! :) On Thursday nights they have special candle light dinners - so make sure you have a date/spouse on those days unless you want to feel lonely!

On the first level, they have a meals section where they serve unlimited meals for ~Rs.60 (if I reckon correctly). Very homely and served on a plaintain leaf.