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> > > > Koshy's Parade Cafe

Koshy's Parade Cafe

St. Marks RoadCentral Bangalore  


31 Reviews / 34 Ratings

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Koshy's Parade Cafe Reviews

Old Is Gold

I have just been here once but a very memorable visit. It was a very unplanned meeting with one of my friend and he asked me to come to Koshy's. The place is quite old and it can be guessed by its interiors. Though I was not very happy with the ambiance and the crowd, I certainly cannot complain about the food here. We ordered many things (I don't exactly remember) and every single item was recommendable.


A morning date with Old Bangalore

It is human nature to not love and cherish what you have and instead look in all other directions.I was struck with same syndrome.Having lived in city for 3 years, I started to explore only when my romance with city was at its inevitable end. Anyway, I did some research and made a wish list 

One among the top was Koshy's. A restaurant of 1940 which boast of hosting VVIP guests like Nehru, the Queen, Nikita and now me ;)

Finally arrived at place I heard so much of with @modenharyanvi.

About the place:
Situated right in the heart of city near HRC,it is surely not for those who can't survive without air purified through AC. If you love the city and love the tales of old Bangalore, ypu would surely appreciate it and its simple but delicious food. It was great to see a mix of grey and white hair all around. It seemed like it is a place that belonged to a generation and today too,they are coming in numbers to help the restaurant survive.

From a lonely beauty having a glass of juice, to a gentleman reading a book, to a grey hair uncle who came here for a nap-it looked like he came here just for his memories the place had special feeling.

May be it appeared to us,as when all were enjoying breakfast teas,we were enjoying chilled beer ;).yup they serve it from morning to kickstart your day.

The food we tried:
I had heard that there are nearly 900 dishes available there,but unfortunately didn't get chance to see that historic menu.
We tried chicken liver on toast which was fantastic.In veg my friend ordered Veg club sandwich.Though he kept saying its great but he rarely showed interest in it than beer!

What I would really recommend is cheese omelette and special coffee.

The place is must go,surely for its historic values.and burrpers,as they say here...time is short,spend it well!


Sneha230186 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 13,2013


Morning Lover's - This definitely is for you

After a nice long walk/jog at the Cubbon Park, this place is a must visit for all those who love simple morning breakfast and a nice hot cup of coffee. For all the lazy sunday people out their, this is a perfect family-time-at-breakfast place. I love their tomato omelette and coffee. The rates are extremely nominal. This is also a great place for all the weekend trip freaks. A one stop perfect place to start your day.


kripee - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 16,2012


Old charm

This place is one of the oldest places in bangalore, and it still has its charm. As soon as you walk in you'll see all sorts of people, from the intellectuals to the 'arty-farty' types, to the politicians and the who's who of bangalore. Potato smileys and beer make great evening snacks and go really well with conversations about anything!



No charm, no good food, all hype

After all that I had heard of the famed Koshy's decided to give it a try this Sunday afternoon.
To begin with, the ambiance looked dark and shady. Not the least impressive.
The food arrived quickly but was cold and tasted hopeless. Ordered the Chicken Butter fry. Sadly it was piece of cold chicken served along with a small bowl of butter. Was bland and hardly had any taste.

Also tried Mutton biriyani. Without doubt, the worst Mutton Biriyani (If you can call it so) I had ever tried.
Hardly any flavor in the rice. It seemed as though some mutton curry had just been placed inside some colored rice!

Service was very average.
All this for very high price. Not at all worth the hype.


Go for the legacy not for the food anymore

Sadly all what remains now is the legacy , the food which used to be unique and good decades back is now a shadow of its glorious days.The service is poor as also pointed out by others.The ambiance is lively and you can experience the quintessential bangalore crowd.The food choice is varied, though largely continental and kerala.Go there once just for the experience.


Ol' world charm

A Calcutta Coffee House Lover friend of mine had suggested Koshy's. Though the feel is quite different, I liked Koshy's as well. The table by the blinded glass windows is the best place to sit.
Of Mutton Omelette, Mutton Toast, Lamb Burger and Mutton Cutlet, I liked Mutton Omelette the best. The Sunday Special Mutton Stew and Appam gets over before 10:30 am. I had tried twice but never managed to get a plate :P I'm sure Mutton Stew & Appam must be really awesome here at Koshy's.


Warm food cold service

Went to Koshy's for breakfast last Sunday. We ordered bacon omlette, appam and mutton stew, ham sandwiches and sausages along with cold coffee. The food is great but if you are looking for good service then this is not the place to be. The waiter (in his 50s) who served us hardly had any time to take our order properly and was very cold in his behavior. In fact while we were not too happy with the service, he was audacious enough to demand (yes! he demanded literally) for tip at the end. Management should teach some etiquette and nuances of hospitality to the waiters here (at least the one who served us needs it badly).
Food - 4 star
Service - Minus 1 star
Overall- 3 star



Place for intellectual people and sumptuous food

Nice place to have evening snacks, esp , sandwiches and tea/cofeee
though bit costly in price
crowd has perfect blend of old intellectual people ,youth and foreigners..

Do visit the place


Old world charm

Reminds me of mumbais brittania cafe .... Simple ambience , high ceiling old world charm n everyone buzzing whilst sipping filter caapi .....

Came back here after 5 years n it still is charming ......A gem in the heart of this city



had a tough time locating this place though i knew its right next to HRC. has 2 sections. one nice well decorated ambiance. the other looks like a fast food. had chicken for starters which was good. there was a veg bread roll which had cheese in it and was eternal. but otherwise a very ordinary meal. wanted to try lamb(heard lamb is superior) but didnt have company. pricing a lil high may be coz of the location.



For old times sake!

Situated in St. Marks road, Koshy’s is perfectly placed to accommodate lazy weekend lunches, a cup of coffee or a relaxing evening meal. It is busy enough to have an atmosphere but not to the extent that there are no tables (even though a 5 minute wait is normal). Koshy’s and Peco’s solely dominated Bangalore a while back and this place might tend you to remember stories associated it with it.
They have a good selection of breakfast food, different fried breakfasts, eggs Benedict / Florentine, ciabattas and sandwiches, salads and the main a la carte menu which starts later in the day. The service is weird though, it helps if you’re a tamilian or if you speak malayalam.


not worth it

Koshy's is one of those places that sticks in your mind with your conscience telling you its an old Bangalore relic. Its become just that sans the food, which is certainly not worth talking about.
Apart from the colourful folk at the table and its location, I dont believe it actually stands for good food anymore.
We landed here for a late breakfast and were told there was a single plate of appam and veggie stew. The server goofed up and brought us 2 nearly burnt appams and mutton stew, taking about 10 mts to get the right order. My lamburger was just charred meat in a bun with 2 slices of tomato and 1 of onion.
Sorry, not worth the name. Not coming back. I'd give my business to the egg factory instead... adios Koshy's, after 30+yrs



Average, Not that great

There will be a lot of people going against my review, but I guess I 'll still post it.
I went with a friend, during late afternooon (around 4.30 pm), there were hardly any few empty tables. The crowd was a mixed blend of young guys talking over a beer, few old people and some middle aged men sitting idle for quite some time, with a cup of coffee.

Other than the old rustic look which Koshy's has maintained throughout, I do not think there would be any other reason that I would come to this place again. I like the fact, that they have maintained the "Old-Bangalore" charm, which almost everyone speaks about. I have never seen cash counters like that either. The place has a very laid back attitude which might appease a lot of people. The originality and the character of the place has been maintained throughout, & I would respect them for that.

But other than, NOTHING else gives me a reason to go back to Koshy's. My friend & I, ordered Fried Bacon, Fish & Chips and a Chicken Sandwich. All three dishes were quite tasteless and bland. It took awfully long for the waiter to get us the food, in the first place, and the food quality was disappointing too. The french fries were semi-cooked and obviously, bland! Since, it took so freaking long for them, to get us our food in the first place, I dropped the idea of having Koshy's filter coffee which everyone has been telling me about.

All in all, if you are looking for a place where you could just sit with a drink or something, and talk to people, and also get a feel of rustic looking diner, then this would be the place to go to! Otherwise, its a complete waste of money.

Like one of the reviews mentioned below, you cannot depend on reviews for this place. Either you will embrace the whole rustic feel, or you will just dismiss it as overpriced. You gotta try it out, yourself!




Living the Old Bangalore charm

Since i’m not a Banglorean (though I am partly now) I had never been to this place till last Sunday. It was on my list for way too long. So when my frens decided on meeting for breakfast I blurted “Koshy”s and it was on! ?
The moment I stepped into this place I was transported in time. It was like being in Old Bangalore which I have only imagined of. I haven’t seen another place in B’lore which is so simple yet so charming. Things change with time but looks like Koshy’s is left untouched including the crowd. Where do you get to see a couple in their 70’s or a group of old men or an old granpa eating by himself?? The cash counters reminded me of banks. Please don’t change anything. Its best the way it is.
The food was great. One of the rare places that serve pork sausages. They also serve beer with breakfast.
The only disappointment was that my food was cold which made the toast real hard and the mince meat not as good as it was supposed to be. But I would definitely visit this place again.



best place ever

the best place for all what you need. alcohol, food and beverages and really awesome old styled place with a real good set of items on the menu..

love the place and will keep going back to it again and again and again!


Super ambience

Not many options if you are a vegetarian.But the ambiance is kickass esp the lighting.One of the best places to just kick back and relax.Alcohol is overpriced though.
Ps:Best tomato soup in bangalore.


Visit Koshy's, despite the average fare

I've been to Koshy's many many times and the food has consistently bordered on average with occasional moments of brilliance or deep despair. Despite its average fare and the array of better restaurants on offer, I find myself revisiting Koshy's. Why? Because it has the one thing that so many many restaurants today lack: Character.

Walk in and you will see a random assortment of individuals: middle aged men getting a beer just like they have every week for decades, grimy students in clothes that haven't been washed in this decade, old grandpas and grandmas, the list goes on. You could strike up random conversations or receive unsolicited advice about the book you are reading from a woman who looks eerily like Helena Bonhom Carter.

Koshy's is one of those rare places where I am going to suggest that you don't go by my (or any other reviewer's) opinion. Go and find out for yourself. You will either love the old-world, laid back atmosphere that it exemplifies or dismiss it as a pretentious place which is not worth the price. There are enough supporters for both points of view but I must admit I firmly belong in the former. There is something familiar, almost comforting about Koshy's (even its average food).

Make sure you go to the older, more battered portion of Koshy's, not the new one with plush decors. I just don't think that has the same magic.

The good stuff: Prawn Curry, Smilies
Avoid at all cost: Chocolate milkshake, French toast
Pricing: Rs. 200 per person
For pictures and more reviews, visit:


Bangalored mornings

Tea and spanish style omlette are my regulars and Appam and vegetable stew on Sunday mornings, if I get any table at all. The most beautiful part about Koshy's is the pictures of Old Bangalore, which are never old. The typical Bangalore attitude of lazing around first thing in the morning with good food, calls me and recalls me to Koshys more often, than not. I may not be the waiter's molu, but the food there, is mine :)



Rocking Place

Had always heard about Koshys Bangalore on the TV. Got an oppurtunity to visit the place some where in the month of January 2011 and what an experinece it was..
Simply memorable.....Fell in love with the place right away and then fell in love with the laid-back....I felt that I was at Home....or at certain places in Goa...Still have a snap of the mixed grill that I had ordered as my wallpaper...
Places like koshy need not be reviewed...they are institutions on their own..

Cheers to the Staff and Management at Koshy.


A walk down memory lane...

Great place to laze around to have evening tea .The fish and chips are my favorite and the tea is really awesome. Like it when the waiter comes with a typical boiling milk and tea separate along with a stainer and you have to make the tea.The veg omlette with bread is also a nice snack in the evening. This is one of those very few places that you would treat as personal and would love to visit again and again.



Old World Charm still exists.@ rates that match.

For once emotion got the better of me : so my review might be very "lop sided " for someone who expects a balanced review.
What you should leave @ the door:
1) Expecting super service ( You can stand and wave @ the waiters and they will pretend you are blind )
2) Expecting to wait and be seated as per people waiting in a Queue for seating allocation. Thats not going to happen here.
3) Finding parking easily: even if you went to Sunday Mass and you prayed for it @ st. marks :)
4) Super clean plates and Glasses. Its clean enough. If you want a further cleansing : go do your confession @ church , and wipe the plates with the tissues provided.
5) Expecting to catch a "lonesome table" @ peak hours . Thats 8:00-10:30 am in the mornings, 5:30-7:30 pm in the evenings. Forget the fri, sat and sundays.
6) If you are a "strict vegetarian" : Please understand that the vegetarian fare there is (usually) an accompaniment to the standard NV menu. It was not meant to be a Veg. place. so dont complain.
7) If you are in a mood for a cocktail : try the Hard rock : its right next door. If you push them : they will make you one which looks like it has a tropical rain forest in it (all credits to statham in LSnTS Barrels).

What you should take along with you
1) Loads of appetite to start with. This place has the best bang in the buck for what it does. The food is amazing. the Quantities are sufficient.
2) A light wallet is fine. We did food for three: all friends -after a hard days work. and we ate like its going out of style. Damage? 700. for 3. show me another place like that in Bangalore?
3) Loads of catching up with an old friend or a work colleague.The food will ebb, the drink will flow and you will love it.
4) Someone who appreciates good food in "not so great circumstances". Chalk up all the older gen people who have been good to you in your years growing up: and get them here. They will Love you for it. Newly engaged? Get the father in law here : He will get you married within the week, trust me!
Now (after I catch my breath) for the specifics:
a) Ham sandwiches. : Great combo of white bread : butter and ham slices . 4 a plate. 2 plates. and some shredded lettuce to munch on. perfect English sandwiches. Not club types with the toothpick busting with excess. just great ones.
b) 2 pots of Hot lemon tea. They get you brass filters and you can mix the sugar from a Silver Dispenser (on each table). You squeeze the lemon the way you want to. Refreshing.
c) Pork Sausages. Not the Goan kind (which for me is very pungent) , not the Brit Kind (which is too bland) but the Pork Sausage that has enough pork and some herbs enough to make it palatable but not spicy). Please note that when you say sausages here ( and anywhere outside this country: it means pork sausages and not chicken : actually chicken sausage is not even a goddamn sausage but we wont get into that today:) reminds me of a vegetable burger : what the hell is that ? a Burger should have beef. or chicken at the very least )
d) Ray had a cheese omlette with tomatoes. Santosh has a glazed chicken and vegetables , I did a plain omlette (egg white) with tomatoes and onions. Between the three of us : the conversation hit a standstill when we were eating our stuff. It was that sinful.
e)Ordered a round of Toast , butter and Jam. Suffice to say it was over the moment it got to our tables.
f) Top that off with another pot of lemon tea and some "Jelly and cream". Lovely.
Now I'm not particularly good with a lot of Indian Cuisine : because I cannot effectively tell great food from good masala : but I do trust myself to add the opinion of another subordinate of mine from work (Tony) : who says that their Indian section :with all its meat currys , rice ,rotie etc : and all that goes with it is perfect and for the best price you can get in this city too. So I would Vouch for him here.
5) Look around : This is the ONE place that you can see the entire diaspora of the people of Bangalore: Families with children, Oldies , IT guys, Upper Management types with their suits, the journalist types, college kids, teens on first dates (though it is not a recommended romantic spot!) , kitty party auntie groups, Lawyers and advocates (in their coats and bibs too), Expats, International travelers, People from All walks of life. In the two hours that I spent there : I recognized : Radha Thomas ( a Jazz Musician), 080s editor: Ramjee. Justice Bangera from the High courts, Prem Koshy as always with his Neon bright smile and Heavy set personality and a lot of other faces you feel youve seen somewhere.
6) This place has an old world charm to it : be it the faded and creaking chairs and tables, the old "yera" glasses , the white and well worn porcelain cups, the photos of old Bangalore, the lack of AC, the old fans, the waiters uniforms :the only thing not old about this place: is the lack of cob webs. If the "toilet" is still being called a "cloak room" you know it was even before your dads time :)
7) The Bar Menu will make you go pink in the face. I have never seen such down to earth fares for drinks. And people here prefer their drinks neat with ice, or with soda or just Pints. Nothing fancy and no fancy prices too. Good place to get tipsy not being worried about it burning a hole thro your pocket.
8) One place : that DOES NOT ADVERTISE. ever. The reputation its preserved by its hardcore clients and word of mouth. Even in a day and age like this . Makes you think they should have SOMETHING working for the place for sure.
Hey.. and while you are @ it : Dont chisel the tip for the waiter. They get more than the average no. of people per table all the time.So they are more worked up.For once : I am willing to adjust because they dont have any "airs" about this place. They dont pretend to be high end : capability or price wise. Have been there 8 years : and still make it everytime I can.
If you still prefer an AC ed set up : try their Jewel Box section. They also have a bakery towards the side street for cakes etc.
4 : because this place is almost perfect : If finding your way in is easier.
God bless!


no1foodie - Burrp User


20 Reviews

September 04,2010



About a week ago I finished a meeting pretty late and was very hungry. It was around 4pm and I decided to go to one of my all time favorites and have their Roast Chicken. My standard dish in Koshy’s is Prawn Biryani & Mutton Rogan Josh but since the main menu timings is closed between 3pm to 7:30pm I decided on the Roast Chicken which I also like there.

The Roast Chicken is served with a brown sauce along with some veggies and Jacket Potato and I had asked for 2 fried eggs on top. The dish was tasty and juicy as usual but, I was really surprised considering the dish took 20 minutes to arrive it was cold. This is seriously below the high standards of an iconic place in Bangalore. Hope you look into this Prem!?

1. Roast Ckicken with 2fried eggs along with bread & butter & 2 Ice Tea’s – Rs. 265/-. Really filling & worth it and sincerely hope the cold food is a one off experience.

I will still give Koshy's 5 stars.


You can't review a classic!

Went to Koshy's last Sunday. But I won't review it. Because you can't review what's cult culture. Neither can you go wrong with it. The ambience is nothing extraordinary, and yet it is. The food is decent. The music - awesome! Frank Sinatra and Koshy's filter kaapi on a sunny Sunday afternoon... You will walk out smiling. Take my word for it!



My friend introduced me to this place a few weeks back. Ever since that day I've been having my breakfast (and lunch sometimes) during the weekends there. The only reason I do not go there during weekdays is that it's too far away from my home. The food is excellent. The ambience is awesome. This is a one-of-a-kind place which serves excellent food and yet manages to retain a certain old world charm that puts makes you quite comfortable; unlike some other restaurants which, though they serve good food, make you feel as if you have suddenly walked into a funeral with all the solemn silence and decorum that they maintain. Kudos to this place. Hope to spend a lot more lazy weekend mornings here.



Brit breakfast

I really have stopped caring what this place is like, how laissez-faire the waiters are, or anything. Koshy's is an institution, it is in the neighborhood, and either of Saturday or Sunday morning without Koshy's would seem a little empty.


How can one fault an icon

Koshy's Koshy's, was all the buzz when I was studying in Bangalore as I suspect it is today. There are more memories associated with the place than bouts of gastronomic ecstacy (there were none of those) but as a student on a tight budget, it helped having someone offer toast and eggs and beans.
I still come, for lunch once in a while, if I can get a table, to catch up with an old friend over a coffee or two. See the same waiters, the same fans. It has a sense of nostalgia that one can't critique.
I guess it's places like this that help me retain my sanity in this fast changing city, atleast something remains a constant. Thank you Kosh's for keeping our bellies filled at a fraction of a hotels breakfast and just being there. If and when I'll have kids, I'll bring them for a breakfast on a Sunday.



One of the worst places!

This is definitely not the place from where I wanna have breakfast ever again.

I, along with a friend, went there this Saturday (16/05) around 9:30 AM. The place wasn't crowded; however many of the tables were occupied.

We ordered a couple of very simple and common dishes- scrambled eggs on toast, French toast and grape juice.

After waiting for about 15 min-20 minutes, we got scrambled eggs on toast (common sense says that both dishes should have come together). The scrambled eggs were barely done and were bland. The toast was clearly stale, rock hard and without butter. We put some salt and pepper on eggs and managed to gulp it down with water.
After another 15 min, when I was on the verge of getting up to call a waiter, he came with French toast. It tasted awful. It seemed as if they had put gram flour or something in it. Ugh!!! Yucky! (shudders).
The grape juice was sour and tasted terrible.

We didn't have courage left to order anything else. So ordered tea in a pot and wafer chips. The tea was so-so, nothing spectacular. The wafers were stale and tasted weird.

After this, we just hurriedly paid the bill and almost ran out of the place. Quite obviously, I am never ever going there again.

PS: My friend started having a stomach ache barely 2 hrs after eating there.


Great food, nice old brit feel to the place

lazy sunday? best place to start the day.

But sadly they serve their famous appam/ mutton stew combo only on sundays,

The biggest issue is finding a seat after the place opens.
so if you people want a good breakfast be there before the doors open.

cold coffee
appam / mutton stew
nice piece of toast.
and that beautiful look on your faces after finish that meal!!!

food - 10/10
ambience - 8/10
service 8/10

Trust me. ive been going here since i learned to walk


Ren-C  - Burrp User


33 Reviews

August 06,2008


Ol' Brit Cafe

Anytime you have to meet friends and you want to hit a coffee place, and you are saturated till your eyebrows with the usual CCDs and Baristas, definitely Koshy's is a safe bet.

Stumbled upon this place while passing through St. Marks Road when I first came to Bangalore because the very common Keralite name caught my eye, but it is anything but south Indian. Very much Brit. Well, the Indian British. Established a few decades pre-Independence, the place has an aura which gives you a very vivid picture of the English culture in India. The cafe is not renovated too much since it was first set up, though the last time I was there I had seen fresh paint on the walls.

If you have loved an experience in India Coffee Houses, then you would know what I am talking about. The food is varied, they serve toasts, omlettes, beef cutlets, the works; and they serve tea in pots too (which is my all-time fave). Their menu card do not have a lotta options, maybe because they never bothered to revise it, which is perfect for people like me who do not want fancy names and fancier prices when all you want is a good high tea time with friends. I'd suggest you to opt a post lunch tea or coffee time to set foot in here because they don't serve food in large quantities. Also they serve beer and smoking is definitely allowed.

Very spartan decor. Rather absolutely no decor. And that doesn't detain any patrons. The crowd is an equal proportion of foreigners, the old and the youth. You usually catch a bunch of old-timers catching up at this place. Probably this was the CCD/Barista of their times.



Chilled out place

This place is one of my favorites in Bangalore, specially the fried eggs, minced mutton toast, masala omlette, and appam on sundays. The average cost per head would be Rs 300.

Lovely place, it also serves alcohol!