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> > > > Kyra Theatre & Restaurant

Kyra Theatre & Restaurant

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 43389292, 9632203333
  • 2nd & 3rd Floor, 2001 Katti-Ma Centre, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 850

38 Reviews / 38 Ratings

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Kyra Theatre & Restaurant Reviews


Just fine

Went to this place on a saturday for lunch..was kinda skeptical after reading all the bad reviews on burrp. But, the place is not that bad :) Sangrias (free with buffet) were good. Nothing great about the ambience, nothing bad either.



good food

visited kyra with NCFE team,starters were wonderful,,had a great experience!!1



whats going on???

was there last week, had a disastrous experience. the quality of the food has gone down the drain. the place looked deserted on a friday after noon when i visited with some colleagues for lunch. used to be a great place for good north indian food.

should avoid



Terrible service and food

We went there for one of the evam tamasha nights... it was an unqualified disaster... How could they go so wrong with the service!!! they were rude and indifferent!! i will never step foot in there again!! we ran to Sunny's from there to cheer ourselves up.


Expensive crap, awful service

Went to watch a concert. Kyra seems to think that since they show concerts they can charge whatever they want and feed their customers whatever crap they want. The bill came to Rs. 1,000 per head (without alcohol) and was simply awful. The kababs were tasteless, the portions are tiny. The only halfway decent dish was their chilly baby corn which you can get at any roadside restaurant for quarter the price.

Never going back here.



Not worth the price

I visited with my colleagues for a lunch on 28/12/2011. I had read all the reviews here on burrp before visiting though. My expectations were very low as far as service is concerned.

Well, the service was not really bad, but food is NOT AT ALL good. I only liked chana vada or something. Nothing else was worth taking a second serving.

We ordered fresh lime and every one had an "ANT" floating. Well we showed it to them and asked them to replace it. They did, and here we have a fresh set of drinks with ANTS again. Now they just took it inside and gave it back to us or made fresh ones, then ANTS were there.

My ratings for this restaurant are
1) ambiance as 6 out of 10
2) Service 6 out of 10
3) Starters 7 out of 10
4) Main course(Buffet) : 4 out of 10


mayanksi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 13,2011


Want to Screw your evening - Please visit Kyra

Called up Kyra to book a table for two. Told by some guy to walk in at 6:30 pm. Went there. A rude person with "I dont care" attitude tell us that all tickets sold. Asked him to call the guy who answered the phone. His answer "Dont know who picked up phone. I cannot let you in"
Lesson Learnt: Never ever even think about this place where employees dont even know hoe to talk to customers. Asked my company's HR to remove Kyra from list of places being considered for an event. Not even worth 1 star. Customer service better in road side dhaba than this place.


abhinavj01 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 29,2011


Horrible service

Attended the WeirdAss LOL comedy nights final last night.
Tickets priced at Rs. 1500/- and included unlimited beer and snacks.
The service was pathetic. For a group of 3, we were provided just 2 plates of snacks.
The waiters were so indifferent. Asked 2 waiters, 3 times each to get us some snacks but none even bothered. Finally when the show got over, and I caught one of the waiters, he offered to get me the snacks - AT THE TIME OF LEAVING THE VENUE.



Buffet - give it a miss

I am a fan of their la-carte` mixed with musical evenings and so decided to give their buffet, a shot. 18 of us (a good mix of veggie and carnivores) opted for their weekday buffet priced around 400. After reaching, for 15 minutes I wasn’t even asked for water. While I waited for the rest of my team to arrive, I called the waiters couple of times before I finally got water.
Their selection of mocktail was better than other places but the taste, not so much. Ocean mint Blue and Sangria had more water than anything else. I asked the waiter whether Cool Mint had soda in it and he confidently said a” no” so when it arrived I was in for a surprise. The only satisfying drink was beer (thank God they did not have to brew it).
The veg and non- veg starters were good but they served just one round. Not sure if they were slow with their service or that’s how they work. For the main course, I did not find anything on the menu that would catch my attention. Chicken curry was fine, Biriyani too oily, and Indian breads were not really hot. After a not so interesting meal I headed towards the dessert section. The gulab jamun and rabdi combination was best of the lot and hence wasn’t being refilled regularly. The chocolate mousse tasted like Srikhand gone bad minus chocolate. Mango phirni had artificial mango pulp with a string stench of preservatives even the fruits were raw. Overall you can miss their buffet.


Horrible Place & Horrible Service

Dont take your family there ever!
Sleazy & shady ambience
Staff - untrained, lazy, indifferent
- Manager equally inept
- Management only interested in running a money making machine
( Cover charges exorbitant vs. the expoerience suffered)
- Food id terrible ( the starters served the time I went there were cold / spoilt)

If the Health inspectors were to visit the place - am sure they would shut the place down


April 5, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Sorry for the inconvenience. I really want to know the day/date you visited us and the bill number so that we can take action.

Thanks for your feedback.

April 14, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Am interested in learning of what action you are planning to take NOW! And as to how the date / bill details will help?? This occurred on 14th Feb

Specially since 'YOU' weren't very effective / useful when I brought this to your attention over phone during my visit!

Urge you to pay attention to not only my comments / folks who have posted their comments. The public cant all be wrong!! The place needs a change of mindset / staff / management.



Not even worth a try
Pathetic service, bad quality food.
I had food poisoning..
Chicken was old..
rather goto high note on 100ft if u wan some good music and food


April 5, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Sorry for the inconvenience. I really want to know the day/date you visited us and the bill number so that we can take action.
Though your feedback sounds like propaganda for our neighboring restaurants; thanks for your feedback.
We would await the details on the bill number and date to verify and take action.

April 5, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Well, the point of burrp is to guide people to good places so that they dont waste their money/ night in a bad pub...Also, I am sure you have gone through a few other reviews which reverberate with our experience ... Still everyone is entitled to their opinion..
I do not remember the date or bill number now... plus too late for any amends... we tried speaking to the floor manager when we were at Kyra.. and he was as very rude... so I am definitely not going to repeat that mistake again.. Thanks for consideration though..

April 5, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Thanks for answering immediately. Still, if I can request you to locate the bill it will help us a lot and will be able to ensure that this is not repeated again. I would like to speak to you on this: if possible, do give me a call on 9632203333.

vikranthb - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 24,2011


Cheap Tricks

I bought a coupon for Koovs where its mentioned that with one coupon, 3 drinks and a starter will be served. Since it was my birthday, me and 4 friends of mine went there. I bought two coupons(6 drinks & 2 starters). Assuming 2 drinks each for 3 friends who drink, it worked out to be cheap.

We went there and asked the server if we can have 3 drinks first followed by another round.
he blatantly replied "No(I dont read sorry here), we will serve 2 drinks at a time which will be followed by 2 more rounds of the same".

This rule/condition was not mentioned on the deal website(Verbatim below) and I told the waiter the same. He says " We make the rules".

Being my b'day, I did not want to argue and I ordered 3 drinks for my 3rd friend seperately.

Thanks Kyra for making me feel like a fool on my b'day.

@Mr.Navneet Sinha "If you make a mistake of not mentioning the rules on the website, DO NOT PENALIZE THE CUSTOMER!!"

Following is the verbatim mentioned on Koovs site
Deal includes:

3 large (60 ml) of any of the following drinks category:

Cocktails: Son of an Indian Beach, Son of a Cuban Beach, Farewell My Sunshine, Flame of Kyra , Sundowner, Caiporoska (classic, kiwi, pomegranate), Flirtin's Martini, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Cucumber Mojito, Daiquiri (classic, kiwi, peach, litchi, mint, chocolate), Sex on the Beach, Bloody Mary, Hot Apple Toddy

Whisky: Royal Challenge, Mcdowell's Signature

Vodka: Smirnoff, Fuel Orange, Romanov Red

Rum: Bacardi Carta Blanca Mcdowell's Celebration

Brandy: Mansion House

Beer (330 ml) : Kingfisher Premium Pint, Kingfisher Draught Mug

1 Starter (Veg or Non Veg or Seafood)

Vegetarian Broccoli n Cheese Grill Stuffed Cottage Cheese Barbequed Mushroom Skewers Pickled Baby Potatoes Grilled Fruits Skewer Babycorn in Hot Garlic Sauce

Non Vegetarian: Chicken Starters Spicy Grilled Chicken Chicken n Cheese Grill Chicken in Spicy Yoghurt Sauce Chinese Fried Chicken

Seafood: Grilled Chunks of Fish Chermoula Prawns

1 Sheesha - Hookah : Any one from the menu.

Complimentary: Soda and Soft drink mixes



April 5, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Dear Vikranth;

We had got over 100 people from Koovs who had read the deal which was valid per person (and was mentioned on the site). Just because your coupon didn't have this printed doesn't change the deal condition (and we have no control over what is printed in coupon but we do have a say in what is mentioned in website which carries the deal). I guessed that you would have appreciated the value being given on the deal but now it seems otherwise. You got 3 large drinks with a snack and Hookah which was about 70% discount for 500bu

Parag Ghate - Burrp User

Parag Ghate

9 Reviews

February 07,2011


not a usual place

a place is good experience.
check for the shows before you indulge here.
food is ok. not a dine place unless good music is there.
ambiance is great.
may be loud for families.


April 5, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

We understand the point you have made. We are making a few changes. You will be surprised the next time you visit us.

Thank you for your feedback.


I've been going to this place since forever, specially for shows, this place has an excellent sound system, ever notice those JBL monsters? Putrid Pile, Nervecell and Orphaned Land (soon to play) have had excellent sound and this is the place for decent beer, conversation and kick ass music.

Highly recommended, specially for events.


January 25, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Thanks for your encouraging words

Lovely Xmas Dinner

Been to Kyra after a long time, so chose a special occasion, Xmas Eve. We went in early, since thats good to manage my pre-schooler that time of the day. Settled for the buffet and started with mocktails ! Nice start :)
Had some nice chat and then stuffed mushrooms, creamy brocolli, slow cooked roasted lamb, chinese style paneer ( we loved this ), baked fish, roasted turkey, chicken satay, chinese fried chicken ( only thing, we dint really relish) I think I forgot some names ... All in one, we were almost full with these dishes.
Main course had a nice variety too, Railway lamb curry, kadai murgh, prawn curry , chicken biryani and veg section had some nice lasagne, herbed rice, paneer lababdar and some other stuff :)
Desserts was the usual cakes, pudding, gulab jamoon, ice cream etc.
I felt the 750 bucks were well spent, which great ambience and great food. Not to forget the guitarist who played some good numbers. Liked the service , prompt and polite !
So, evening well spent !!


January 25, 2011response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Thank you


An Experience to remember

Each year I try to raise the bar on the team outing I get my 80 odd team members to go on : and this year Kyra outdid our expectations. Superb ! Thank you all. I would reccomend this to every one who want to give their colleagues the time of their lives !


December 10, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Thank You.

Not so great

I had been to Kyra on 2nd December '10. Some band from Australia was playing Jazz music. Was not so impressive. Though the starters were unlimited, orders was not taken at regular intervals and we were left unattended for a long time. Drinking water is served on request only!!! The Tequila 2+1 offer was good i.e buy 2 shots and get the third one free. I liked the ambiance. Its a mixed opinion really and I'd like to go back to see if my opinion differs the next time.


December 10, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

You are most welcome to Kyra, Sir. I would really like to change your opinion from "mixed" to "wow". Hope to see you soon.



It is just ok!!!

I had been to the third floor for dinner buffet. Food was good, so the service.. i felt charges were also in the margins..


Sonal_11 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 17,2010


BAD for artists(A review on the THEATRE part)

Well on hearing about the place ,I loved the idea of Kyra, a great place to check out various different kinds of events with some food. A different concept in India even now.
As written in someother reviews here, the food isn't anything to writeabout...but since KYRA brands itself as this theatre, I went a couple of times to check out friend's performances & other acts as well and while not only the service was shabby and also the cover charge and entry charges somehow are not consistent. The lady who answers the phone has a pre-decided reply of "I am sorry I donot know"
I also found that while we are paying entry & cover charges, Kyra doesnot even pay the poor young performers.Unless a big act is playing there....donot waste money on entry as both the bands of my friends havent received any payment and mr.NAVNEET never picks up his phone when they call and refuses to pay the poor artists!! Management should know that word of mouth gets around in this industry and Mr.NAVNEET should not exploit new acts by ripping them off like this.
Not something that out great cosmoplitan needs!
I would give 0 stars but forced to give 1 atleast


September 17, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Hi Sonal,

I would really like to know the two bands which haven't got paid after performance. Bcoz our process is to settle the payment immediately after performance.

Mob. 9632203333

September 17, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

hi,Obviuosly you care about the burrp image because all the burrp community is honest here.
Like Vivek wrote above, I am not going to discuss this with you, it was to let all other who PAY to enter kyra know how some artists are treated, and I just called the two friends' (the bands I referred ) and they haven't yet got any payment nor do they receive any response from you.
When I read consistent good reviews here then I will perhaps change my mind and visit again, but shabby treatment of artists in a country anyway ruled by bollywood

September 18, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Hi Sonal,

We always care about image, whether it is burrp or otherwise. But more importantly we care about fairness. In the rare of rarest case, if what you are saying is right, pls ask the bands to get in touch with me. Else I would be forced to assume that this remark is totally uncalled for.

Best regard

October 25, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

hi,its a duo who donot want to be discussed here as they are based in bangalore and it can affect their career, but you donot pick up the phone I checked again but I wont comment after this as it is their life. It is not uncalled remark I just feel bad for musicians as they put their heart in their work and then get taken for a ride. Imagine I eat at your restaurant and never pay your bill!

October 26, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Pls sms me your number on 9632203333. I will give you a call.

Fun Open Mic

Came here last night for an open mic...a bit of a quiet crowd but I'm sure that'll change. Some very cool people who the run the show as well...will be back. I tried the Kung Pao Chicken...wasn't too spicy but tasted fine.


utdhunk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 19,2010


Bad place

The food is very ordinary for the price tag it carries.

Service is pathetic. The waiters kept disappearing while the Jazz show went on, and you have to look all around to order.

Food delivery was a nightmare too! Sometimes taking more than 45mts to be served.

The Jazz was not anything great! It got boring and too repetitive as the show went on.



The grinch that screwed christmas

Ok i hate writing bad reviews but this one deserved it. We were looking for places to go for christmas and well we thought we might check this place out. Called at 6 to book a table and asked for a seat near the stage (which is not really a big deal in any place). Well I call again at 8 to confirm that we were arriving and to my shock they said that they only book the tickets and not the table (So technically if the place was sold out I would have to stand and eat my food). So I go there a little early to get a good table and I get another shock. They advertised 500 rs cover and told me that on the phone. On my arrival they charged me 250 rs ENTRY!!! and 250rs cover. When I asked the manager why the sudden change he didnt give me an answer and I was mad cause we didnt plan on spending 250rs on the show.

Anyways I enter to see a frank sinatra video and the said the show would start soon. Well we were expecting a nice night with a singer and a band considering we paid 250 rs per head for the performance right. Wrong. It was just 1 20-something guy who tried to portray Sinatra with music coming from a computer or an ipod for all I care. Now I have nothing against the guy but the truth is it was horrible. The guy kept talking about New York and all the people he slept with for soo long and then every now and then he sang a Sinatra song which was well definitely nothing like Sinatra. Couldn't believe I paid 250 bucks for this when International acts Ranga Shankara cost the same. I mean this guy was just really horrible. Why would anybody go to listen to a 20 something guy talk about sinatra. If they just played his music that would suffice. I mean this guy messed his lines up in the 1st act (thats right there were 2 but we ran away before he could start the 2nd). And to top it off we see the menu and they only served appetizers and finger food. The actual food and turkey were served downstairs. In the end we ordered a mojito, some mocktail, this mushroom starter veg wontons and some other thing (the turkey just wasnt served on CHRISTMAS upstairs). Well the mojito was super strong without much sugar, the mushroom starter was just a few fried mushrooms served with KETCHUP!!! and the wontons were ordinary. We decided to chuck this highly overpriced place for Shioks which was down the road where we stuffed overselves with some yummy food for 100 bucks a head.Overall THE WORST CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE OF ALL TIME. I would give it a half a star if I could. Service was ok, food was horrible, the show and stage was horrible (I have seen living rooms bigger than their stage). Probably the worst manager I ever came across (I hate doing this to a man but well he deserves it). Even if someone pays me I will never step into this place again. They had to screw Christmas of all the days. I thought i would never live to write a review but well the memory was still fresh even a week after christmas.


January 8, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Dear Vivek,
I know whatever I say or do cannot compensate for the anguish that you went though during your visit. Still on behalf of the entire Kyra Team, I extend my sincere apologies.
I would like to personally convey my regret, I request you to please give me a call on 9632203333 or let me know your number and I will call back.
Your sincerely

January 10, 2010response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

hey i m not here to accept apologies or write bad reviews like a hitman with a killing spree. I wrote this so that you could act or do something about it.

1. stop over charging for any show. it is ridiculous to charge 250rs for a local act when i can see something mindblowing by the likes of arundati nag, arundati raja, girish karnad, prakash belavadi in ranga shankara for 50-75rs. at your price i expect something mind blowing like a concert wil real instruments with dancers and stuff.
2.audition all the acts that are put up becau

bhurp - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 12,2009


A birthday girl, a turbine Band and some bad food.

It was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate with friends and family by dining with them at a nice restaurant. We all settled with Kyra Theatre on 100ft Indiranagar road. The fine dining restaurant is on the second floor and on the third floor is the bar where bands perform every day.
On that special day Drones of the Turbine a psychedelic band were supposed to perform. Since none of us had visited the place and heard rare reviews of the restaurant we all were looking forward to an entertaining evening.
We reached the venue at 8pm. There was a cover a charge of Rs.199 for entry. As you enter there is a giant screen at the backdrop and a stage where bands perform. The setting of the place is quite nice with long tables and comfortable chairs. If you want an aerial view of the stage you can choose to sit on the upper deck. We settled down and ordered our food and drinks. I tried a Daiquiri which was quite satisfactory. My sober friends ordered mock tails Red Sombrero and Paradise Island which they quite liked.
Then we ordered starters Vegtalania basket which combinations of cheese rolls, momos and veg rolls. The non vegetarians ordered Adana Lamb Kebab which was quickly gobbled. They didn?t serve mint chutney with it which would have been much appreciated and liked by us.
Meanwhile the place started getting filled up (we noticed it was mostly the band members friends and family who attended ? maybe the cover charge Rs 200 could have been the reason for poor turn out). The music played was enjoyable. We had never heard psychedelic music before and had assumed we would be tortured by some long haired youngsters who would scream their lungs out. But the band which a consisted of a drummer, lead singer and guitarist played some nice foot tapping numbers which had us grooving to the music.
The evening was just turning out to be perfect when our main course arrived. The waiters were quite accommodating and let us order our main course from the second floor since most of us waned rotis and not continental food which is want is served on the third floor.
We had ordered rotis, Malai paneer saag and kadai Murgh Adrakwala which turned out to be the low point of the evening. The rotis were hard , the paneer was too watery and the Kadai Murgh had no flavor or spice in it. My friend who had ordered a lamb steak was the worst victim ? the meat was rancid - we did complain to the chef who was offended that his dish was brought back but was quite understanding about it. They ofcourse didn?t charge us for the dish and also gave a dessert on the house .
Overall Kyra Theatre which opened recently has a long way to go if they want to run a successful business. They have a few things going for them ? The ambience, courteous waiters and good performance but since this is a restaurant and the piece de résistance is the food they have to revive themselves in that department.


pavi77 - Burrp User


31 Reviews

September 11,2009


Good Theatre .. OK Food

This is a review of the Theatre and the food served there. Not about the restaurant.
We went with mixed feelings to the place after having ready the burrp reviews. But overall had a good experience.
The show started about 30 minutes late .. but we had starters served at the table and could order drinks too. So the wait did not seem bad. The show was good. The acoustics of the place is nice and the seating is not bad though it can be improved.
The food was buffet and mixture of Indian and continental. The food as buffets usually go, was quite enjoyable but nothing was very delicious or making us want to go for refills. The drinks were above 250. So not very cheap, though the cocktails were not bad .
Their main problem that I could see was controlling the crowds. The seating arrangements at times seems confusing, people seem to crowd around in groups at corners and as the place is small, makes moving around the place quite difficult.
Other than that if you enjoy the shows that they host I suggest you get urself couple of tickets and go enjoy the show. Do not go expecting great food though :)


September 11, 2009response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Ma'm it would be nice if u can tell us the show that u attended.
Thanks for your review.


bad customer service

they might have good artists but they're really really out of their depth when it comes to customer satisfaction.
- bad food (in the theater)
- can't take down a reservation properly
- incorrect information

I asked them to add 2 more people to the table my friend had already booked over the phone and they agreed. when i go there, they tell me that they can't and didn't let me get in. couldn't they have told me that on the phone?

With a play they said it'll start at 7. to confirm the timing i called them and they said it's been pushed to 9. when i got there at 9, the play had already started at 8:40. I mean come on, realize the guy taking phone calls is no good. They also said only buffet is available (you have to pay for before going in), but on going inside they were serving off the menu.

on top of all this, the manager isn't even willing to accept that they've made a mistake in both cases.


Thindipota - Burrp User


27 Reviews

September 07,2009


Another thing....

......some time back, when there was a concert in Kyra with some absurd price, the same set of performers played in Leela Galleria couple of days later. The entry was absolutely free!!!


September 7, 2009response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Artists take the gate collection at Kyra. Different places will have different business models and there will be a cost is a place tries to deliver entertainment 365days a year vs once in a while.

Thindipota - Burrp User


27 Reviews

September 07,2009


This is not a review....

.... but a comment on their theater. So

Being a fan of any sort of percussion music, I was pleasantly surprised to read about Trilok Gurtu's performance in Kyra. Called up the number promptly to enquire about the cover charges etc.,

The lady on the other side of the phone told that there are no cover charges for the evening but we have to buy a ticket. That was wonderful, I thought. when music is the food for the soul, who needs to eat or drink!!

But the feeling lasted a couple of seconds. The ticket is priced at Rs.1,500/- for the show + dinner later. The price goes up to Rs.3,000/- for show+ dinner+unlimited liquor. I asked this lady, if we can buy a ticket sans the food and liquor. She said no.

Now it made me thinking. Even at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, perhaps the best place in Bangalore concerts, for musical evenings of the likes of Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia, Jagjit Singh, Sivamani etc., the prices are never more than Rs.1,000/-.

So by this standards, the pricing seemed ridiculous. Even if they have loaded up the price with their food as a part of this show, it is still not worth it because the food at Kyra, is not really paying in the first place!


September 7, 2009response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Just for your info, Kyra does have a ticket only option at Rs750/-.

September 7, 2009response from management at Kyra Theatre & Restaurant:

Thanks for the information. But the lady who took the call did not mention this at all....

Gorified S***-Hole!

What a waste of money! Useless in every sense of the word. Was there for the Kryptos show yesterday , which was a very good show by the way. Service was nothing to write home about.
Arrogant managers :-( Had ordered for a plate of fries, which didn't turn up inspite of ordering it a couple of times. That was definitely the first & last time we'll be visiting kyra.
I'd rather spend the same amount of money at Shiro.
Really hope the management at kyra read this.


Best example of how starved we are in Bangalore

I should first say that I had a wonderful evening!! But this was because of the MIDIvil PunditZ show. Incredible!! And I think that it goes to show that we NEED this in Bangalore. I went to the Blue Frog in Bombay the week before, so perhaps it was the fault of comparison that leads me to such a low review in stars, but that is a true venue for performing arts. Nonetheless, I am so encouraged that we are getting acts like the MIDIvil PunditZ in Bangalore!

I walked in and was shocked. It felt like I had walked into a school dining hall!! There were all of these rectangular tables looking as inviting as a roomful of rocking chairs to a long tailed cat. The lighting is horrendous and seems to make the ugly tables even more obvious and the color scheme and gloss looks like a 60's diner mated with an operation room.

The sound system rocked though, and once the show started I had not a moment to be concerned with the surroundings. They have obviously built the technical side for performers.

We had planned to stay and eat, but the empty restaurant coupled with the shock of the bill gave us second thoughts and we went elsewhere so I will save that review for another time. I did peak into the restaurant below and it was far more tastefully decorated. We would have had more in terms of drinks and snacks but the waiter only found his way back to us at the last song so we did not. Glad for that slow service actually. OUr bill for 2 large absolute vodka's with mixers, 2 pints of beers and two bottles of water was Rs 1600 ~ perhaps Bisleri has gone up since I last bought it. They have a nice idea of selling the whole bottle of Vodka, and that is a good idea, especially given the speed of the waiters. I would probably go that route next time:-) Entry for the show was Rs 400, and that was totally worth it!!

In all, I am really happy that Kyra is around, and I will certainly be back for the shows, and hope that I am able to write something more favorable on another visit!


Awesome Service

We took a candle light dinner package for two at Kyra. It was the most awesome service I have ever seen. The food was awesome too. They gave a bouquet, champagne, amazing starters, soup, salad, yummy Kyra chips and the main course was absolutely mouth watering. We also cut a lip smacking cake and got discount coupons for future visits. They gave us truly royal treatment. It was very flattering.

Thank you Kyra for making it so special.


Pathetic restaurant

While shopping for my kids birthday, recently I landed in Kyra for food. It was spur of the moment decision. I had not noticed the place earlier.

The restaurant is located on 100ft Indiranagar road, and has parking available on road also.

Ambience was okay, and got the restaurant the one star given. From then on, it was steeply downhill. And slippery.

Service was below average and indifferent. Thankfully it was not hurried.

Food was pathetic. Could not eat it. The curries smelled of some horrible burnt oil. Rotis were served cold. So they either became like 'non-masala papad' or became 'rubber chappal'. The 'rubber chappal' roti landed in my plate. It was horrible. The only thing in restaurant I could gulp down was water and biryani.

Bill was huge. A VAT and service charge (adding neat 25% to the bill) did not help things.

Not a value for money proposition at all - even for people who like 'rubber chappal' rotis.

There was some restaurant in the same building earlier, which I think did not survive. I doubt the chances of kyra given the fact they are surrounded by at least ten very good restaurants (Nandini, BBQ nation, restaurants in carlton towers, shiok)
Un related to this restaurant I am now wary of restaurants that have started adding service charge upfront.
To me it shows that restaurants want tip upfront, because they know nobody would pay a dime after having tasted the food.



Classy. Yes. Classy

I happened to visit Kyra again last week for the Jazz Night : the great God of Harmonica Ji-Hui played to the sashying of a most upscale crowd to witness the virtuoso perform. The dinner that night ( Supper club style ) was cajun and very jazzed out! Loved the paradox , the scalability that Kyra demonstrated.

I then got on to Burrp to write my review and was bemused to see comments from some "tindi " who thought I was part of Kyra and then abused his review rights by sniggering at a comment made b a fellow blogger on the Kumar night at Kyra. To me Tindi seems to be the one with vested interests ( could it be BBQ nation,, they are infamous for this ) since he found everything about his next door neighbour rather amusing.....Burrp is for reviews and not for personal agendas

Tindi : I am not a part of Kyra ; but believe me alot of us art an performance enthusiasts would rather watch a genuine attempt to entertain and dine customers than having to grill our own 20 count prawns or sip insipid guava cocktails with aniseed.

I have been a known food critic for years, know the business pretty well. And certainly can make out a discerning one from an upstart one



I thought only the food sucked... looks like even their USP sucks!!!!

A restaurant is predominantly there to serve food, the rest are incidental. When this basic parameter of good food is not met, what is the use of frills???


Kyra Theatre showed how to do a disappearing act

Kyra Theatre that is currently showcasing stand-up comedy by Kumar showed us what a disappearing act means, and no, we are not laughing.

Not many people would know that just above the restaurant Kyra, is the Kyra Theatre where one can witness stage shows such as Jazz nights or stand-up comedy. For my first visit to Kyra Theatre the event was Kumar’s stand-up comedy. The comedian who dresses up like a woman (umm, transvestite I guess) is from Singapore and the event’s posters proclaimed him to be someone who eats Russell Peters for breakfast.

I promptly bought tickets to the show for two hoping to be entertained and enthralled. I was in for a surprise though.

Best seats were already taken, so we settled for a balcony view right above the stage. We tried to get a clear view through the medley of wires and cables hanging from the ceiling, not a pretty sight to display to the audience I must say.

However, the setting seemed promising as we saw food being served at the tables while show was in progress. But it turned out the staff didn’t pay attention to us. We didn’t get any service till the end of the show. So much for the concept of enjoying a stand-up while munching away.

Coming to the stand-up, it was mostly fun especially for the ‘exotic’ dancers – the fat singer and a skinny one. Kumar himself set the stage on fire with his ‘in-the-face’ humour which mind you wasn’t family entertainment.

The idea was refreshing but the jokes weren’t. Nearly 60% of his material was old school, jokes that we had heard before in our college days. And when Kumar tried to come up with original material he would pepper words such as “Recession is so bad you know, try to have fun” or “Go home and do something different like sleep with your mother-in-law.. she will thank you for it,”

I am not sure if I got my money's worth (Rs 500 per ticket) for listening to a guy dressed up as a woman and cracking jokes which we’ve already heard and who disappears on us without a goodbye.

Yes, the show abruptly ended after 45 minutes even though the duration of the show was 1hour 30 minutes as advertised online.

Little did we know that the funny dance routine by the fat singer who was milling with the audience (and trying to smash the guys’ faces with her bosom), had come to an end with what we thought, a snack break. It turned out that that wasn’t the break at all – it was the end of the show.

There were no show-end highlights, nor was there any signature signing off from Kumar, and worse, no acknowledgement or announcement to the audience that the show had ended. We stuck around till our snacks got over, confused why some tables were empty, even the waiters didn’t know the show had ended.

A good 20 minutes later one of the Kyra Managemnt guys, sporting earrings, came to us and explained what seemed like a shoddy explanation of why the show abruptly ended. “The dancer wasn’t supposed to go down the stage and dance around”, “What just happened was illegal”, he told us. He confessed that he wasn’t aware what the show would turn out to be and it seemed like they were responsible for the disappearing act by Kumar and his troupe with no proper good-byes.

Ok so are we short changed then? He ineptly shrugged off saying, “atleast I am being honest.”

How about some honesty from the audience? Here it is.

1. Poor stage management and floor management as place was crowded and not everyone gets a good view of the stage.
2. Poor service from staff, bd luck if you are not in their sightline.
3. Lack of homework about the act by the Management. No point complaining to audience that they didnt see the event's video before selling tickets.
4. What could be worse than ending a show abruptly before time and make no announcements.

However, I am not dismissing the fact that its cool to have concepts such as Kyra Theatre and Opus where one gets to enjoy shows while dining. But for god’s sake don’t expect us to settle for a shoddy service and a disappearing act.

Kyra, you showed us what it meant when you said “Catch Kumar before she is gone in a poof”; yeah, she went off in a poof alright, so will the audience, if you don’t get your act together.



North Indian Head right here..

Kyra..the name is unique and so is this place.Newly opened but dont expect the waiters to fumble and serve.They know their job well.Service is exceptional.

Food is excellent from the Chicken tikka to the Paneer tikka for our vegetarians.What i personally liked about the maincourse is the way rotis and naan was served.They are not oddly cut into two pieces but made into two small baby sizes which makes soo much of a difference visually and not only looks good but tastes great too..the softest rotis i have had since a long long time..not overdone or underdone.Just right.

Coming to the ambience, no frill kinda place..nothing too fancy.Very cosy and they have a special seperate dining place for a small group say around 10 to 15 which i was informed has a seperate menu.

They have a huge menu for wine and alcohol but they havnt stocked everything yet which we were informed before placing our order.

They have jazz nites and theatre nites on some particular dates which have to be pre booked, which im yet to try.

What did put me off though was when i called to make reservations i was not received by a informed person.When i asked them to make resrvations for eight ppl i was asked if i needed to book table number 8???Now how do i know how many ppl can dine in table number 8..and when i asked what cuisine they serve i was told NORMAL cuisine!!! I was skeptical bout visiting this place after my conversation with this person but i took my chances and wasnt disappointed.

And what i also liked was the element of surprise added in the end when i took my car back from d valet..they had a left a small lil box of chocolate, which added a sense of personal touch and made a difference.

A nice cosy place to take your family out for dinner.



Honestly, this was truly the best

For those that know that Uduppi joints are great but not right up there in the gourmet pyramid and know that BBQ nations of the world are so darn mass market....if youre looking out for an uber experience, it is Kyra.Kyra.Kyra.

Unique food, outstanding ambience, good smart service... the whole experience to me and my team of 20 including 10 expats : a range of taste buds : not one of us differed on this evalutaion.

I loved the way that the staff are unobstrusive and that the food is prepared without a single artifical colour or chemical nor dripping with oil and all so greasy.

What the Kyra people could learn a bit more from is ensuring they keep up the standards : it is so easy in this biz to slip into mediocricty and I truly hope they dont. Its time Bangalore had its Gourmet Fine Dine and I think Kyra is there...



Change in the name does not mean.....

There was this place called India Gate.. at the same place where Kyra is now. Now, this restaurant, India Gate, served some decent north indian stuff at not so decent a price. Because they priced their dishes way too expensive and nothing really to differentiate them and a number of other restaurants, they shut the shop.

A new place comes up in its place. And surprise, surprise.. they too serve the same north indian kabab/curry/biriyani routine with the same exorbitant pricing!!! And just to show they are different, there are some 6-7 dishes which they claim are from Morocco!! Since I can safely say that majority of us have never ever been to morocco, the authenticity of these dishes are quite questionable!!!!

Anyways, I had been to this place a couple of days back. At first look, the place looked good with neat interiors. But after that it was completely downhill...

I really wonder how a restaurant can open its doors to customers without printing the menu!! In this case, the bar menu was not available. The captain said that he can get any drink we want though the menu is not printed. But by then I had already looked at their food menu and considering the prices they were charging, safely assumed that bar will be a rip off. Still, hot afternoon made me order a Kingfisher. No big bottle, only a pint. This is priced at 135!!! Crazy. If this is what they price for a KF Pint, i shudder to think what would have been the price for vodka/whisky/rum.....

Coming to the food, we placed an order for their Moroccan speciality. Tajine with chicken and veggies and mushroom. And since we didnt know what this would be like, we asked the Captain two questions. 1. Would this be spicy? The answer was YES. 2 Would you recommend rice or roti with this? The answer was Roti.

Then we waited..and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. there was no sign of tajine..reminded the captain twice.. and finally after a wait of something like 45 minutes, the stuff came. In a clay pot brightly painted... i wish the brightness had its effect on the food too.. because contrary to what the Captain said, this was BLAND. And was too watery for Roti.. may be rice would have been a better option...

Deeply disappointed, we ordered for the biriyani. This somehow tasted very similar to the India Gate biriyani. Served with two raithas. Strictly okay, not deserving the Rs.245 price tag they had put for this.

And we sweated it out to compelte our lunch. No jokes. The AC was not working. Rather, the AC in one part of the restaurant was not working. And none in the staff had the presence of mind to direct the customers to the side where the AC was working!!!

And here comes the best part. When I mentioned to the Captain that we didnt like the Tajine, he told me that he too didnt like it!!! Two questions came to my mind immediately. 1. If the stuff is so bad that even the staff dont like it, why are they keeping it in the menu in the first place? 2. I wondered whether this Captain was telling the truth. Somehow I think that if I had told him that the dish was good, he would have given me an entirely different spin!!!

Now the damages.

2 KF - 270
1 Tajine -325
1 biriyani - 245.
1 paratha and one naan - 90

Totalling to 930. Plus the Vat on this @ 12%. This I can understand. But they also have SERVICE CHARGES. At 10%!!! This, I think, is criminal.


There are umpteen other restaurnts which serve North Indian food at a much better price point.. so this could be completely avoided!



A pleasant experience !!!

I along with my friend had been to this place yesterday..he had won a free lunch voucher to "kyra" and so we were kinda excited about the whole free lunch thing !! I had been speculating a lot actually...on reaching there, I found the ambience pretty good with a good seating arrangement and pleasant surroundings !!The waiters were also courteous enough...

upon telling the waiter about the voucher that we were carrying,we were told that would have to go by the fixed menu that would mainly be the "chef's special"...i was a little disappointed on hearing really don't get 2 chose anything !!!

all in all it was good...we started with a mock tail..followed by soup n starters that had a lot of variety ...main course too had a no of dishes n lastly dessert !!! though i really don't like sweets but the gulab jamun was really good ...... so in total it was a good experience !!!!!