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> > > Laa Jawaab

Laa Jawaab

CMH Road  

  • 08042173232, 08042183232
  • No. 516, 1st Floor, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Indian, North Indian, Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 700

35 Reviews / 37 Ratings

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Laa Jawaab Reviews






Pathetic Service in Valet Parking

People responsible for the valet parking give pathetic service. They don't bother to take care of your car while parking. They keep the battery on with lights and park. When the battery drains completely and the car does not start, they give a simple comment saying that your car is not a good one.

Pathetic behavior.


Best Daal Makhni Ever !

that's what I order all the time when I visit them. Been here more than 4 times and each time I had good eating experience.

The ambience, the hospitality and over all set up of the place needs a revamp. The staff is rude and show no courtesy while you are waiting for your seat or when placing order. That's the only draw back and can drive people away much before they taste the tasty food !

I will 4/5 ONLY for the food!


Good for buffet near Indiranagar area at 300-340

Decent place when you are having Buffet in mind around Indiranagar at price as less as 320-330 with the taxes. I am surprised that some people have disliked t he place entirely.

The buffet menu generally consists of salads, two veg and non-veg starters and two veg and non veg curries. Rice items were not that great though, specially because they didn’t have the Biryani which was a disappointment. (Not sure if they have it on other days, have been twice and they didn’t have it) The starters were good and so were the mutton curry that they had. White rice and dal that I generally end the buffets with was another delight. Finally the dessert – big disappointment because they has just this two desserts. But since one of that was this rabdi that I love I kind of did not complaint.

Wouldn’t suggest to you if you are not savings minded, there are better places around in Indiranagar. But if you plan to eat a buffet all the while paying less than 350 You should head to this place.


Not so Laa Jawaab

We went there on recommendation and I must confess that I was neither disappointed nor very elated. We decided to have the buffet which was reasonably priced just below Rs 500. The starter was not great and main course was average too. Chickens were delicious but the best part was desserts. They were just awesome, especially the Shahi Tukda. Service is bit tardy but you can ignore it while having buffet. Once in a blue moon, this place can be visited.



no great food, costly and have service charge

Beware: They have 5% service charge BUT they don't mention it anywhere menu card or anywhere. I had additionally paid tips, overlooking bill details and they didnt show courtesy of returning that unlike Berbeque nation.

Food was ok - Kababs were better but very spicy. Biriyani and subj polau are aweful, palau is lfull of oil ( not ghee ), biriyani was like stirred rice in meat curry. I expected they would serve awadhi biriyani with safron and ghee ! ( not justified for Rs 295 ).

Cost for two without drinks: 900


Gr8 place for north indian food lovers...

Tried a starter foulaadi kabab contained spinach and cheese filled inside redifined spinaach tastefor me :P the fish tikka was also good and in the main corse paneer lababdaar is a must try gr8 tasteagain and also chicken tikka masalla is a gr8 dish and in the desert the baked gulaab jaamun were a bit different here with small jamuns in rabadi aahhh was a perfect ending to a gr8 dinner all in all a place with gr8 decor and ausumn food!!!


Rude staff and slow service..

Been to this place a month back with 2 other friends.
Decided to visit this place after reading the tag line -- Laa Jawaab, with its chic classy look, claims to serve the authentic Delhi food..!!
1. Food:-We ordered for chicken tikka/alu tikki as starters - that tasted good.
for main course we ordered butter naan /few rotis and chicken masala, and the time they took was 35 minutes to serve...!!!zzzzz and by then chris gayle was done with his innings (were watchin IPL )and later on ordered for veg biryani.
2. Ambience - Is pretty descent .
3. Service - Is not up to the mark as they have one guy catering your needs who is confused big time..
4. value for money -Felt its quite expensive as per the bad service/taste and ambience.
5. Last but not the least - When we asked the waiter to know as to how much time it would take for the biryani to be served he said as 15 mins.Then with in a minute we have asked him to cancel it and choose to have the bill.
But there starts the trouble the person appears after 5 more mins and says biryani is ready and it cannot be cancelled.After we requested him to have a word with the manager in charge.We were shocked to know that he hardly knows as to how one has to behave with the customers.And what they are talking about.
Was a big letdown to the poor service ..



The legacy of its past is just not there

I have been visiting Laa Jawaab since last 3-4 years since its opening . Have been a frequent visitor as its' food used to be good and the place is very near to my office.

My recent visit which happened on my Birthday , we were a group of 5 visiting the place . This visit was after a long interval for me . I was really disappointed with the taste of food . I used to recommend this place for a good North Indian taste but i guess not any more .


Another good place for north indian food

We found the place to be good in terms of food quality and service both a la carte and buffet.



Ethnic food!

Food is good at this restaurant! their Tengri chicken is simply mouth watering. U just cant have enough of it! Their's Baked Gulab Jamoon is must try!
Nice place to have a lunch when u dnt have the mind to cook! :D



Rude Manager

I called in for home delivery and requested the manager (Name: Ismail) taking the order to make the food spicy. Inspite of highlighting that as a request, the manager appeared very rude. He would simply not allow me to talk. Finally, i had too much of him and had to disconnect when I realized that I had spent enough time listening to his crap than placing the order.

I have been to the restaurant a few times already. I do a few dishes (only a select few), but the home delivery aspect has been always pathetic. For the price and customer service, this place SUCKS.


Quite fine

Laajawab - fine name for a restaurant :) but the food was 'Almost there - Laajawab'

The restaurant is on the first floor, the good part is it has valet parking :)
The ambiance is strictly okay, the tables are too crammed, there is hardly any space to move within the restaurant.

There is the lunch buffet and the a la carte.

Had the a la carte in perfect punjabi style. Tried the lahori aloo and the kadhai veg. The lahori aloo and the dal tadka were really good, a must have! Do try the amritsari kulcha - although one is enough and can be very heavy. The lachha paratha is also pretty decent. Average cost per dish should be around 200. The service was a little slow, but overall not a bad indian food experience.


Have you tasted the worlds best gulabjamoon?

Its called baked gulabjamoon. it is easily the best dish here. They make gulabjamoon with sweetened khoa and fry it and serve it immersed in basundhi.I am at loss ofwords to describe about this dish here. It is just eternal bliss !!. They charge 95 bucks for it. never mind i will eat 2 plates for 200bucks. It is easily the worlds best gulabjamoon..........take my word for it !!.


Mouth Watering chicken chaat

I am visiting this place since last all tym fav is Chicken chaat n stuffed mushroom..each tym i visit, its a diffrnt experience..i simply luv the food..though its bit costly.but it keeps calling me coz of its taste..


Buffet but only for the starters

Ask anyone who has gone for the a la carte menu and they are going to echo one thing, it is expensine. I hesitantly went for the buffet which seemed VFM at 300 bucks. This place is a fav for team lunches and hence is packed. Even though we had tables reserved ( too close for comfort) we had to wait for 10 minutes.
The soups as mentioned before can be skipped. The best part of the meal were the starters (skipped all the salads :) ) The achari murg and lahori tikka was really good. The worst part is waiting in line for your food as they have only one service counter. People are usually pushing and cutting the line to get to their food. The gravies were good too but the rice items dont deserve any mention. The Rotis and naans take too long to arrive.
So if you dont mind pushing your way around the buffet table, the noise and the cramped quarters go ahead and give the buffet a try



Not worth the menu prices

An average restaurant with a little expensive menu list. They dont have any USP. Ambience is okay. Service is good.


AlphaFoodie - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 31,2010


Good North Indian food!

This place never surprises me. ll jus go thru the menu for buffet here:
1) the soup is ok, non-veg soup is not that great. never tried the veg soup.
2) the chicken starters are done very well.
3) the veg starters good, especially the paneer one.
4) u need to be lucky with roti/naan. most often you don get freshly made ones, but the side-dishes are very good, both veg and non-veg.
5) never had the rice items here.
6) vanilla ice cream is standard and so is halwa/jamoon.

the drinks are done well and overall a good experience. nothin out of the ordinary.


aman.ajmani - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 30,2010


Below Standard

Went to this place quite sometime back with a couple of friends.
Food is really good. amazing north indian taste to all the items that we orderd.
However, I have never been back since and will never go to this place again.

My friend had a bad throat, and asked for some hot water after the meal.

The waiter got him hot water as requested, when he was drinking the water, i notice some floating particals in the water.

Also instantly saw the waiters were giggling, i stopped him from drinking the water to realize these jerks had served him the finger bowl water.

They realized the mistake but rather than informing us they were having a laugh of thier own.

I raised an alarm the Chef did come out and try to sort things out, however i was not in for a free meal but it is disgusting to go through this experience.

Will NOT go back ever!


combobox  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 30,2010


Good place for North Indian food

This one is on the list if I want to have North Indian food. I have tried veg items more so the review is more from vegetarian food perspective. In there lunch buffet I did try their non-veg starters and I was not impressed. But if you are looking for a place where you get nice ambiance and good north Indian vegetarian food, with prompt service, this could be one destination worth visiting. I have specially liked their Lahori Aloo.


Not so good experience

we have been in this restaurant on thursday.....Restaurant is on first floor, though valet parking is available, it was not that pleasant welcome as we had expected;-) We ordered paneer and a biriyani along with some naan. Naan was not find so good, it was almost like a tandoori roti could be due to was not fresh? Paneer was just fine, biriyani was good. I find difficult to get waiter....... and most of the time we need to ask for the water, need to call to waiter for different items.... Over all experience was wellbelow the expectations!!!!


Ok Place

This was our choice of place for a team lunch today. Thirteen of us turned up in small batches at the restaurant and were pleased to find that there was a table all ready and waiting for us. The interiors of the restaurant are very well done and I particularly liked the lanterns and the attractively upholstered chairs. The waiter for our table presented each of us with a drinks menu. Flipping through it, I noted that there was quite an assortment of liquor on offer. Reluctantly placing it aside, I turned my attention to the buffet on offer. There was quite a fair spread available for Rs 283. It began with a selection of salads, papads, pickle, raitha, and curd rice, and went on to soups, appetizers with an accompanying sauce, main courses and desserts. Not liking the look of the salads much, I hastened by that part of the buffet, grabbed a papad, and a bowl of Raitha and walked to the soup section. Once there, I collected a bowl of Chicken soup, politely filled for me by the server, popped two appetizers with the accompanying mint sauce on my plate and then made my way back to our table. Ten minutes later, soup and papad over and appetizers half-eaten (I didn't like the taste of them), I returned to the buffet tables and filled my plate with rice and a mutton curry, which goes by the name of Mutton Rogan Josh. I am a complete non-vegetarian and hence had very little choice as the majority of the buffet catered to the vegetarian palate. The mutton curry however, was excellently done and the rice was well..rice. I skipped dessert as the options didn't appeal. My general thoughts were that though the spread was good for the low price charged, the buffet was not authentic enough. Curd rice is a South Indian dish and therefore should have no place in the buffet of a North Indian restaurant which markets itself as "authentic". The ambience is good however and the service is polite but a tad slow, especially when it comes to providing the bill. The music, though in keeping with the Indian theme was too loud and not to my liking. The crowd was ok. Would I return? Probably, ... just to see how well they can mix an alcoholic drink and to try their a la carte.



Laa Jawaab!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon(May 9th) we decided to go out for lunch. I had been to laa Jawaab a few months ago with my boss and was quite impressed with the food and the beverages they offered. Though we didn’t eat much that evening, I remember the starters were awesome and the drinks just fine.
So this time we went again.

Interiors are not extravagant but not plain Jane as well. However if you visit during the day, one will not fail to notice the amount of daylight the restaurant makes use of! Very very few eateries actually lets the sunlight through the entire two of its sides like Laa Jawaab does! Talk about plenty of natural light, conserving electricity and being kind to nature!

A waiter walked across with a smile and gave a little rose to my sister and said “Happy mother’s day". Yes she was carrying her little kid and that told them she is a new mother! :)

Our starters were the Non veg platter and mushroom stuffed with Cheese. Yummy! the meats were soft and well cooked, rightly spicy to our tastes and the mushrooms really good.

We ordered the regular citrus mock tail and it met our expectations as well.

The rice and the mutton rogan gosh were awesome the previous time but wanted to try the biryani this time. The biryani was well done but a little too greasy for our tastes a little bland if you love spicy food. However the meat in it was very tender and so well done that it compensated for the rice! However I can’t complain much as this is not the "Biryani place"!

Service was its best. They noticed my 6 month old niece was getting restless and offered to switch our chairs to the seating on the opposite side so she could rest on the sofa. All the waiters were friendly, eager to help in spite of the Sunday rush.

At 450 per head without alcohol, I would say its priced reasonable given to the nice food and nicer service! And we don’t eat out every weekend!

We didn’t have the appetite for sweets, but this is a place I would visit again.


Excellent North Indian Food, bit pricey

Other than the Biriyani we loved all other dishes we ordered. Specially Mutton Rohan Josh and Butter Naaan is one of the best we had in Bangalore. If you are in Indiranagar and love North Indian Food a must visit place.



Authentic Delhi food -- No way.

I went there to celebrate on of my most imp b day's. The food was not good at all. We ordered a long island iced tea which was quite good. The mutton chops had absolutely no flavour. There was hardly any garlic in the garlic naan and the butte chicken was tasteless. I will not be goin there again. Not only was the food bad, it was expensive too. So not worth the prices.


Authentic Delhi food -- No way.

We kept reading about this place in saturday times for weeks. I'm usually very skeptical about upmarket north indian restaurants. Most are upmarket on decor, upmarket on price & downmarket on taste - Jalsa, Angeethi & Oye Amritsar being the only notable exceptions. Laajawab (LJ from here on) did nothing to change my opinion. They've done above average on decor - pity the food is so bad.
Against our better judgement, we landed @ LJ one afternoon in June & opted for the lunch buffet(I think it was 325 inclusive of taxes). The chicken starter was undercooked, bland & without much flavor. The mutton seekh kabab was nothing to write home about either. The salads & the rest of the starters were nondescript at best.
Now onto the main course. The daal makhani was sweet - anyone who has had daal makhani in knows that it is NOT supposed to be sweet. If you're going to advertise yourself as a Delhi restaurant at least get try getting the signature Delhi dish right. We kept on biting on some hard foreign particles in the daal - a sure sign it wasn't cleaned properly. The gravies were heavy & loaded with cream - how about a little flavor to go with all that fat?
The dessert was baked gulab jamuns with rabdi - marbles would be softer than those gulab jamuns. With a couple of chipped teeth already thanks to the daal, we really didn't dare try more than half a jamun each.
The place was mostly empty - thanks to tasty food I'm sure.
Do not make the mistake of leaving your phone number with them - I get text messages from them advertising their "Tasty North Indian Food". Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.



Tasty...but expensive..!!!

We visited this place yesterday night as it was my sister's birthday treat from her hubby.Again we were group of 10 and it was 9 when we reached there,the ambience was not of any theme oriented,there is a seperate section for drinks and smoking..
we had shorba ..they were good as you get in punjabi..khana hotels.I was disappointed with murgh was nothing but flavoured chicken broth.Aallu chat was good reminded me of our childhood chole in bun ..while coming back from school in Ludhiana..the taste was really authentic.

Then came our platter of veg starters and non veg starters...not very spicy but one could make out that the base used is hung curd as it was slightly more on sour side and killed the meat taste.Veg starters were ok too.

For main course we had paneer kadai and maa ki dal or dal makhani as called this side..(would like to refer this as it was awesome)and rotis were also good but felt that they could have stayed in tandoor for few more seonds..may be it was getting late for the cook it was almost 10:30pm...last but not least we had chicken biryani and veg biryani..not much as usual but the meat was good and tender.
Need to mention the quality of paneer which was exceptionally good..

Servings were ok.need to have not only punjabi taste but also attitude to forget counting calories.

For all other they gave a plate of salad ..but to our place it was not received even after we requested for punjabi food is complete without raw onion and green chillies!!

Price:Expensive 300/head without drinks,desert and no ambience!!


indianbelly - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 13,2009


Finally some authentic north indian food!!

after having planned to dine here, we finally managed to visit this place last night. was a plesant surprise considering the lack of places that serve authentic north indian punju food. The pindi chole was fantastic (actually prepared with tea leaves!!).. the best i hv had in bangalore so far, the amristari kulcha were as authentic as you can get, the rest of the stuff we ordered was good too. That included some panner dishes , starters & naan. all in all a place i would pakka recommend.


Not again!

Last night I went to Laa Jawaab along with my friend who had returned back from abroad. We went in search for a restaurant on 100 ft road, on CMH we took right turn and there we located this restaurant and decided to go.

With Unpleasant welcome we entered the restaurant. After browsing through the menu we ordered for Naan and a Paneer based sabji suggested by the restaurant manager claiming that it is spicy but we did not see even 1% of spicy quality in that. Naan was so pathetic, it was almost like a tandoori roti, so hard and it was terribly hot hahahahahah actually it was so cold.

Beware if you are going with gorgeous girls ;-) all most all the waiters will be staring at your table from all the corners of the restaurant along with a side effect (gossip) :-).

I have decided not to visit again.


whizkid - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 01,2009


Most definitely just "About Average"

The title is self explanatory.

The Kebabs were good.

Out of the 3 main courses ordered the RARA Mutton was excellent. However the Butter Chicken was sad and the Veg Koftas not great.

The quality of the Rotis was not too good.

The service is good. The place was not too crowded although it was a Sunday afternoon.

And finally the prices....well found them to be a bit on the higher side...which is understandable keeping in mind the rents on CMH Road + cost of staff in the "upmarket area".


Standard Buffet Fare

Being one of the few places in Indiranagar that offers a lunch buffet, this place seems to be popular with the office crowd and we were no different. As many people have already mentioned, the place is quite small and they have cramped in as many tables as they possibly could. We didn't have to reserve a table on a Friday afternoon though. The ambience doesn't deserve much mention and the music being played was just plain bad, rather terrible.

A look at the food at offer and I was kind of disappointed to see the same old familiar dishes. The salad counter was as good as non existent (not that I particularly like salads) although there were veg. and non veg options for both the soup and the starters. I opted for the Mutton shorba, which was not the greatest, it was a bit too thin and watery for my liking and lacked any punch. The starters had the usual grilled vegetables,some random tikki, tandoori chicken and fish sheekh kabab. All decent although the sheekh kabab hardly tasted like fish.

The main course had a chicken dish, one mutton dish and a couple of veg ones as well,one of which I recall being Palak Paneer. The rotis and naans served on the table were quite good while the Peas pulav was particularly ordinary. The dishes were again palatable, and only the mutton curry stood out as being really good.

The dessert section though was the biggest disappointment, all they had was vanilla ice cream, baked gulab jamun and cut fruits. Though I must admit those jamuns were one of the best one's i've had in a long time!

At Rs.250 plus taxes, I guess it's not bad value for money and a decently safe option, but the place is certainly not inviting nor exciting enough for a second visit.



Stuck in the middle

It's neither good nor bad. Just comfortably perched in the middle with no effort to move either ways. Average.

We tried the buffet for lunch. Nothing outstanding. Nothing to go ga-ga about. A good variety with equal vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The aloo gobi was sweet while the lasuun palak was bland. The vegetarian starters were better than the non-veg ones. The Fish kofta curry was a pleasant surprise as I'd never heard of Fish koftas. The desserts included sugarless kheer and baked gulab jamun with icecream.

The comment that pongo made about the close tables holds water and is a little annoying, especially if you have to squeeze between tables to get to your seat. The ambience is good. The music could be better. They should stay away from Bollywood instrumental. Takes a bit away from the charm.

The buffet cost approx Rs 300 (inclusive of taxes).

This place doesn't really compel me to visit it soon. At least not while I have the choice other outstanding restaurants in the area.


Second Time...Still Good!

We visited Laa Jawaab second time..and it is still as good as it was the first time!
The quantity for main course seems to have reduced a little..but taste is excellent so no complaints!


Mildly overrated

The Good:
- Main courses
- Rotis and naans are well made
- Attentive service

The Bad:
- Tables too closely spaced. You can hear everyone around, and your conversation can likewise be heard by all
- Furniture looks cheap
- Uneven use of spices - some mildly flavored, some dishes killed by the level of spice used
- More expensive than it warrants to be

What To Eat:
The pindi chana had pieces of paneer in it, and was not the dark brown one would expect it to be, but the dish worked well enough for a repeat order the next time

What to Avoid:
The Lucknowi rajma based starter - Could not taste the ingredients beyond the spice, ended up leaving most of the dish uneaten


Good food but nothing "hat ke"

I went with my family to Laa Jawaab Sunday night. I made an appointment over the phone and was a little surprised that the person taking the appointment could understand only Hindi and not English and wondered if the dinner was going to be a shady affair. I need not have worried on that head. The experience was overall favorable.

Service: Good. Ready-at-hand service and that with a smile.

Food: I am a veggie. Went with Palak kabab and Pudina paneer tikka for starters, Kadai veg and Pindi chhole as main course with assortment of breads. The starters were very good. Different and delicious. The kabab was primarily palak mixed with cheese. It was awesome. The quality of the main course was good. The Pidni chhole left me slightly disappointed though. I was hoping for a more authentic Delhi ka chhole but that was not to be. But it was ok.

The biggest disappointment for me was that there was nothing unique about the place. There is nothing very new in the menu, at least for the veggies. Its the standard set of 15-20 sabjis and 5-6 starters. Absolutely nothing novel or interesting.

Overall, the place is worth a visit. You can rest assured of a good satisfying dinner but dont go looking for anything new.


Excellent Food-A must visit

This is what I was waiting for! There was a serious lack of good North Indian restaurants around Indiranagar..
True to its name it is 'Laa Jawaab',
Excellent food!! Ambience is nice and the staff is courteous ( a little over courteous...but given it was first week since its opening it was understandable) .
It was little expensive, but given the taste and the portions you wouldn't mind paying a little extra!!
A must visit for all North Indian food-lovers .