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> > > > Le Rock Pub Cafe

Le Rock Pub Cafe

Brigade RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 08041231001, 09900025048
  • 3 Rest House Road, Off Brigade Road, Brigade Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 1700

10 Reviews / 13 Ratings

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Le Rock Pub Cafe Reviews






“very unprofessional place and rude staff”

The waiters drink and smoke in the bar. You can imagine the they would behave with customers. They use very bad language and don't hesitate in getting physical with customers. Worst experience in a restaurant so far..!







Brilliant and consistent

One of the classic old places of young Bangalore, this is still one of my favorite go to destinations in the area. They play loud and good music, and serve liquor quite cheap in the centre of Bangalore, definitely making it a coveted destination. They have a good selection of starters, especially in chicken. And good variety of beer and cocktail pitchers. Given how other places of the era have become dilapidated, I am glad Le Rock has not lost its flavor of classic rock and good, inexpensive watering hole.


Pub for the lovers of rock

I like the beer served here as its served in long pint size glasses. Also the decor of the place is really nice. They have a barber's shop chair here which adds to the grunge decor of the place. Food is not too bad but avoid the top seating area unless you smoke. Downstairs is perfectly safe even for single women to have a nice drink.




Awesm place.Hav bin goin to dis waterin hole for a couple of years now .Da beer ya is fab stuff.Generally go wit collz mates n v share a beer tower or too.Da prawns here are heavenly.try da beer batter prawns cooked in budweiser beer.truly amazin!!!!!also da flamers in dis place stand out.don give em a miss.overall a gr8 place.pretty much worth da money.n last i gotta tell ya da music is outstandin.became a total heavy metal fan after comin here.
sit upstairs in da smokin area .


watz up wid da sitting arrangement????

Hmm..this is quite a place...
luv the soothing atmosphere...the bike is quite a heck of an idea...luv the guitars hung der..

the price is so v much affordable...

but watz up wid dis place issue...v wer 3 frends dat had gone onna weekend...1st v wer made 2 sit in a chair,which was literally wobbling ,

2nd v wer made 2 sit in a place,after a few mins sum guy came up asking us 2 get up frm der as it was a place meant for 4 kaga hua tha kya???

3rd place-got a place finally but it was not that comfortable,,,

n ya dey need 2 stack up a variety of cigarets n not juzz 1 cheap brand,gosh,limits


praveench - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 12,2009


Used to be Good

This place has every this going for it.. Location, acoustics, good menu.. Was a place where you can take your wife to if you feel like listening to good rock and not have her fussy about a completely run down pub with crazy air guitarists. But alas! no longer the place it used to be. Guess what.. it is a Saturday, Dec 5 09, again I go for a visit after quite some time.. and there was no DJ!!! WTF?! are you kidding?


lE rOcK

now this is a right place for a complete weekend fun....
Its has everything u want or rather wat u get is al u want...
now this place right from the entrance gives a good impression wit a bike hanged on the top which gives a feel of rock n roll and the seating is fine , apart from few, upstairs is really cool but most of the tables are for a group which means if u wanto be there wit er girl or guy u better book er table upstairs...
Be there this weekend... have fun n ya tell me how it was


foodrink - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 24,2008



m a north indian workin in mumbai. Had heard a lot abt night life of bangalore. as my bangalore team suggested, me and my boss went to LeRock.
M not much into rock, but once being here, started gettin some interest in it. Good music, gr8 food and good chioce of drinks.
as my boss is more of a beer person, ordered a beer tube. It is literally 3 ltrs of beer in a huge glass tube and had a tap attached to it. awesome.
ended it with a flaming cocktail, lamborghini i guess and it turned out to be an experience worth mention.
Now everytime i go to bangalore, i make it a point to go to LeRock at least once.


Le Decent Rock

If you are passing through Brigade road, don't miss this place. Opposite to pecos and next to Guzzlers, Le Rock has a perfect ambience with big screen TV's that show the music videos.

Food is amazing. I had a chicken sandwich and one helping was more than enough. It's a perfect getaway, especially on a hot sunny afternoon for a pitcher and some good food, not to forget the efficient service.


Legend  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 05,2007


Rocking Place in the Heart of the City

Firstly the 9 of 10 stars is cause there is always room for improvement. Having said that we had a wonderful time once we settled down. The ambiance is simply awesome well lit (may not be an attraction to cosy couples) the women in our group were dressed up for the evening and were happy with the lighting arrangements as it meant that their outfits were noticeable (unlike other dark and dingy rock pubs).
The music was a variation but within the rock genre from classic to prog rock, alternative and even modern rock . The amazing thing is that all this music is on videos and hence at times when the women were gossiping amongst themselves we guys were engrossed in this visual experience.
The food is great very different from what you get elsewhere, the starters and even the main course is very very cool and moderately priced. If you are looking for peanut masala and wafers chips sorry its not there.
The booze - well standard kingfisher draught but served in good looking glasses and whats even better the glasses have a mark so you can see if they are short changing you. The women had cocktails and were happy "HAPPY" at the end of the evening. We splurged on our last round of drinks and had a recommendation, a flaming Lamborghini. This cocktail is out of this world, The whole pub was looking at our table during this ritual of flaming, serving and finally sipping.
Value for money and good location on Rest House Road off Brigades right opposite Pecos