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KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 25635000
  • J.T Plaza, No. 487, 5th Block, Jyoti Nivas Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Mexican, Lebanese
  • Meal for 2 - 300

26 Reviews / 27 Ratings

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Lebmex Reviews

 - Burrp User

1 Reviews

July 13,2015








i guess Kormangala one is closed. I went yesterday insearch of this hotel, but could not locate it at all.



Big na na by any standards

Prices are high, place is big turn off interms of ambience even the food tasted stale. Nothing was fresh on a weekend!!!


ad_an80 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

September 27,2012


utter confusion

We went to the Koramangala joint for dinner.. The menu and concept looks good on papers, but very poorly executed and what you end up with your plate is an utter confusion.
The burrito bowl was nothing mexican or Leb about it. It tasted like Pulau!

The service was good, but that alone cannot carry a place. They will seriously have to revamp the menu to reflect the cuisine.



Worst dining experience!!

we had one of our worst dining experiences in the Lavelle road Lebmex...most of the dishes in the menu were not available and whatever they served does not worth the money. Starters were given in Main course but priced perfectly. One has to ask for water, else it is not served primarily. Roll was served without cutlery.

In the menu it is clearly written that the prices are inclusive of VAT, but the biller still added VAT and he was trying to convince that it was an old menu. He dint even oblige to admit their mistake and cut down the price. AWFUL, WORST, DISGUSTING (customer experience). Stay away


It was amazing ...!!

On a typical Bangalorean evening, with an awesome erratic weather, only thing a person wishes for is good company, good place to hangout and awesome food to satisfy the taste buds of a foodaholic vegetarian like me. I already had a good company of my new amigos and good place and awesome food part was covered by Lebmex. We went at their Koramangala outlet, which looked pretty decent from outside and was pretty cool from the inside too. We just wanted to hog on some cool veg munchies, but we ended up having around four various delicacies, which included Tacos, Mediterranean Nachos and Falafel. Overall, the hog fest was amazing and I would recommend this place to every single person in Bengaluru!



Great ambiance and good service..

One of the best mexican combos i have ever had. I chose the combo i wanted. It had mexican fries, horchata with salsa and some sour cream. It was tasty. filling and worth the money. Great ambiance and good service. Im gonna definitely visit again... cheers


Loved the food

Ordered the burrito bowl, french fries salad, original falafel and nachos and absolutely loved the food. The Burrito bowl is extremely filling. Price is also decent.



Best Lebanese & Mexican place

A very cool place to hang out with friends, one of the best lebanese &mexican food i have ever had. I tried Hummus with mushrooms & pita bread. Wow the hummus was one of the best i have ever had. It reminded me of my trip to Israel and the food over there. I mean this place serves authentic stuff. Last but not the least, their mexican food was equally delicious. My friends ordered fajitas and nachos with original toppings. I must say im totally in love with this place. I would totally recommend this place to all my friends.. cheers



Worst Food I have ever tasted in my Life

We ordered for home delivery three items :: Original Hummus , Mediterranean Nachos and Mexican Falafel. All 3 items seemed to be stale, tasted horrible , inedible and puke inducing. Please do not order from this place unless you want to waste your precious money for a stomach upset. Would have rated 0 if it was possible



Different and pretty good

Delivery was fast. I liked the hummus, but the nachos were sub par. I wish they had non-veg and were a little cheaper



Hummus Burrito.... not for me

With a lot of expectation I had been to Lebmex with my family.... We were all hungry since it was pretty late ion evening that we reached missing our lunch... The pics at the counter was tantalizing.... We ordered a burrito bowl, Hummus platter... original falafel, bullets, salsa...well that was all I should say... but to all of our disappointment... the food was not what we expected it to taste .... well we may not be used to the Lebanese- Mexican food....( the Lebanese food I tasted while in middle east was what I expected to have here too) but this was a tragic end a great picture... Food was left half way... wallet a little light...

The service was pleasant and fast.....

An ice cream from Naturals was needed to better our Sunday evening....

Final verdict:- Ambiance : Neat & organised, Service: pleasant, Food: Not for my palate


Bedlum - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 15,2011


French fries in a burrito???!!!!

The mexican food at this place is horrible. The tortilla is really dry, they don't wrap it properly and they put french fries in it (????). Tasted terrible. The nachos are really bad too. Not sure what cheese they use but it does not taste good.

The lebanese food, on the other hand, is quite decent though not exceptional. They should stick to fixing lebanese.


prabhu006 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 10,2011


Authentic Lebanese Food

Tried their original Hummus platter and it tasted awesome and it was exactly the same taste as the Hummus I tried in Lebanese restaurants in US. When the food was served I thought the quantity could have been more but once I started eating I couldn't finish it and it was worth every penny. Going to try out their other dishes as well.

I would suggest that they should advertise their restaurant so that more people can try it.


value for money veg med / mex food

It is a small joint restaurant from outside but spacious with lot of roam on the mezzanine floor...
This is a pure veg no frills place more like a fast food the Mast Kalandar...order the food and pay at the counter and it is served at your table....
It has a menu which is a mix of Lebanese and Mexican choice...
Burritos, Nachos, Chalupas, Lebanese Falafel, Quesadillas etc

Interiors have vibrant colors...
Overall a great experience and excellent value for money...quick service...way to go....


Good mexican food - comes reasonable!

Been here thrice :) want to go more and more.
The whole point is, you get more than what you pay for, off late restaurants are busy ripping you with bird size portions and horrible quality food, well, i guess this restaurant doesn't follow the same mantra! thank god! i don't want them to follow it at all.
The quantity is great, one person needs quite an appetite to scoff it all up! and they are reasonable as i said earlier.
The people at the counter are helpful and they also make decent recommendations. I would certainly keep going there again and again, and just keep hoping that they don't mess up with their quality which most restaurants do.
I love their stuffed grapevine leaves, build your own burrito and the original falfel! awesome! oops I wanna go now...



Below average

I absolutely LOVE mexican food (chipotle being an all time favorite) and to get my fix I decided to go to lebmex. When I read the reviews on here they all seemed positive for the most part, so I was really excited!

I went to lebmex at night at around 8, it was fairly empty, I think there was only one table occupied aside from us.

They were very disorganized. I stood at the counter to tell them what I wanted (there are many ingredients that go into the 'burrito bowl' so I stood there looking at the different ingredients all and told them what to put in). There were 4 guys behind the counter, with absolutely no system so they were really disorganized. The manager kept telling me to go sit down and that they'd bring me the food. The burrito bowl they finally brought me was way below average. I'm not sure they really understand the concept of a burrito or burrito bowl, because it was all so wrong.

We also ordered some of the lebanese food which was much better than the burrito bowl but also very average.

All in all - below average food, they took way too long with our extremely simple orders, they were very disorganized. If you're really hungry and in the area I would say skip this place and head to thulp which is just a street away instead!

They also have a picture in their store of what 'their' burrito bowl looks like and they've simply copied the one from chipotle. Theirs looks NOTHING like that.


Hammus and Kaboos

Wow.. and was I blown away by the part cuisine that Leb Mex offered...Yes I was.

Leb Mex offers Lebanese and Mexican cusine and only Veg, yes only VEG.

Walked to this place in koramangala one evening and I felt I walked into unknown waters, because the menu on the wall looked all latin ...I was fine with the Mexican terms but the Leb terms was difficult to comprehend. So I asked the manager to suggest between Hammus and Kaboos, and he suggested for Hammus with mushrooms and one with falafel bullets.

My first reaction to the food was it's colorful, as the Hammus was served with Kaboos(Pita Bread) and Pink colored Vinegar salad and with a spicy chilli.Was not sure if it was filling, but when I finished the meal , I was way to full and sleepy.Took a parcel back to office, where a few Gulf returned Mallus tried the Hammus and said it was the best in town, which also led to a order for delivery for 10 people. And the delivery was on time and properly packed,

Overall a great place to try out a new cuisine and great value for money, a decent meal for 1 will be about +-Rs.150.

Definitely recommend to try the Leb cuisine.


blrkhana - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 19,2011



I went with my friend who insisted to have lunch at this place.Its quite a good place to have food,we ordered burrito, don't know why they didn't added cream and little black beans.Food prices are over-rated as there are very few for Mexican/Lebanese food,also looks like they have added a lot of water in Salsa.Take water with you when you come over to this place as they charge 110% tax on the bottle




My friend and I were actually en route to another restaurant for dinner, when this place caught our eye and we decided to pull over and see what it had to offer. A far cry from the usual "hoity toity" places which we go to, this place was casual with a simple ambience. We peered at the meunus smilingly proffered to us by the cashier and settled on a Falafel, Hummus with Pickled Vegetables, Labneh and Kuboos. To drink, we ordered a Horchata and a Lemonade. The cashier pleasantly told us to find a seat and said that she would bring our meal when it was ready. Cheerfully, we walked up to the first floor and sat down at our favorite arrangement of furniture - a table between a sofa and two hard backed chairs. A few minutes later, our trays were deposited in front of us and we set to work to polish off all their contents. We loved the Falafel and Labneh. Also the Kuboos. The Hummus with Pickled Vegetables wasn't a hit with us but it certainly wasn't badly prepared. My friend enjoyed his lemonade and I, my Horchata. For dessert, I ordered Chocolate Quesadillas and enjoyed every mouthful. Its been a long time since I tasted anything so chocolaty and rich. The bill was very very reasonable - a couple of hundreds only (but this reasonableness is in view of the fact that we often run up bills of 2000 Rs plus). All in all, we enjoyed our meal and the casualness, simplicity and cheeriness of the place have made us determined to come back here many many more times.


ezbzbee - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 26,2011


finally a good option for mexican in bangalore!

a refreshing break from all the fine-dine restaurants and fast-food chains mushrooming over the town. this place is somewhere in between. quick great tasting food at honest prices in a cheerful ambiance. the taste may not be exactly like how you had it overseas, but pretty close and tasty at that.
we had a quesadilla and a plate of nachos, both were excellent. the ratatouille salad could do with lesser oil and milder flavor. this place is 100% veg, but i did not miss the meats here. definitely worth a try if you love leb/mex food.



Authentic Flavours

Went to LEBMEX at koramangala after reading the mirror article. tried the original falafel which was yummy... also liked the concept of make your own burritos which was quite close to Chipotle in taste. New concept and flavours in bangalore.


sherin75 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 25,2010


Confused in-between

Was actually looking forward to experiment with some new cuisine. Ordered the hummus and pita bread which was fresh;y baked and straight off the oven. We had the classic hummus, mexican hummus, black bean hummus and falafel. The classic one was fine; the mexican flavours definitely did not go with the hummus. As regards the falafel, the consistency and texture just didn't match up. The biggest letdown was the burritos - the fillings was a disaster and no sign whatsoever of the sour cream.

Definitely not a place I am going to go back to


filltummy - Burrp User


27 Reviews

December 06,2010



Did not enjoy anything here. Ambience is cramped, service is okay, food portions are small and is terribly expensive. Would advise you to try Mezze in the Oasis Mall nearby for Lebanese food.

Lebmex is new so they do not have a card reader so please have cash handy if you go to eat here. The food tastes just about okay.

Would not go here again.



Not Impressed

Went to Lebmex after reading the great reviews posted here on burrp. I am totally unhappy with the food I had from here. Here's my experience. Decide for yourself

This place is vegetarian but that is not the problem that i faced.

We wanted to have something light. So we ordered an assorted nachos plate, a fajita ( fa-hee-ta ) and also had lemonade... To be frank, we could only drink the lemonade.

The nachos were horribly cooked. The nachos we get in Fame Cinemas and Inox are a gazillion times better and they are also of the same rate (100 bucks)..They did not have any sauce to have the nachos with... At the movies, they atleast give us salsa sauce and cheese dips.:(
Moreover it was not assorted.. It tasted like semi fried chips over which they poured some cheese and some small pieces of tomatoes .. Disappointed.

Took one bite of the fajita and left the remaining on my plate.. Its nothing but a big chappathi filled with vegetables... It's not like the fajita's i've had elsewhere.. Its B.A.D

The lebanese folk are gonna be pretty irritated about the fact that there's a veg place with their name on it :P..
Just kidding...

All in all.. they have good quantity... But i will not say its worth it..

Don't sit on the top floor. "Due to technical difficulties, the top floor AC does not work :) "


fannie24 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 30,2010


Worth It..

I dropped into Lebmex with a fr of mine who seems to associated with them for some mktg..Well initially I was sceptical, nt much of a lebanese food person bt i gave it a shot and to my suprise I really seemed to enjoy the food.. We had the burrito, the mexican falafel..really awesome..the pineapple salsa was grt too..the food was fresh though we wnt for dinner and the prices really moderate..u shud also try their chocolate quesadilla..Plan to head there sometime soon again..


Komallath - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 13,2010



Its YUMMM from the word go..the menu, ambience and food is one of the best I have ever had! Comfortable on the pocket too, this place has some of the best made falafels, hummus and salads....must visit and repeats sure to happen! Highl recommended for people who wan to try some authentic lip-smacking food...


The new BIG CHEESE in town

Brilliant! simply great mexican and lebanese food. Moderately priced with a menu that goes beyond the regular joints. The food doesnt only look good on the menu but is truly tasty on the plate too.
Place has a very chill atmosphere with great service. The nachos and falafel are probably the best I have had in the longest time.