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> > > > Legends of Rock

Legends of Rock

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


30 Reviews / 32 Ratings

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Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Legends of Rock presents to you Happy Hours. Enjoy 30% off on all alcoholic beverages from Monday to Friday at 11am to 7:30pm & Saturday to Sunday at 11am to 6pm.

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Legends of Rock Reviews






This Place Seriously ROCKS !

Ambiance :- Fair enough
Sitting :- Couch + Chairs (Comfortable and cozy) - Tables are bit small though.
Lighting :- Apt and soothing
Drinks:- Mostly Indian brands. Nominal price as per a bar
Food:- Not great. Bit expensive
Staff Behaviour :- Not bad.

This is a place for ROCK lovers and I had a GREAT evening always !!


cityrocks - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 15,2013


Legends Never Die!!!

On of the oldest pub in town. Once upon a time It use to be our favorite hangout child beer, seafood basket and Great classic rock. today we are back in Bangalore after 4 years, straight away airport to LOR, Hummmm nothing changed, Still place rocks and still i can challenge my friends the only place know the real music not only head banging. After all legends never Die..... We are back lor we are back in town.



For Rock Lovers

Finally got chance to visit this place call legends of rock in this busy days along with my dad. good collection of music videos you will like it if you old timers. Ambiance is good i was seating in loud section latter i went to upper level was less noise. Less food in the menu tried great Indian feast and chicken lollipop was good. staff's are warm n friendly and service is good. price is ok pitcher of beer 350/- bucks. only to give 4 star is they don't have lift else the place is good. you will like it only if you are into rock........



new year party

At a time where the whole city brought the new year's to lame hip hop and party music one place played some legendary musi c videos with brilliant food and alcohol clearly the best way to bring in the new year for a rock listener .... LOR rocks !!!!!


neetosneham - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 31,2012


worst than a local permit room

Guys, never enter this low class Pub. I did not see any quality of a Pub in this place. After reading the reviews i had been to this place but to my surprise I saw the place to be worst than a local permit room in a wine shop.
Very expensive. Food quality is not up to the mark. Today i ended 2012 with this sad experience.


Raj99000 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 29,2012


Great Place..

One Word........ This Place Rock's and made for Rock Lovers.
The only place where you can meet Legend. B B King, Grand funk, Gery More and many more and plays only Music Videos. Service Good. Food - Good. Music - Excellent.
Level one - For those who love Loud Music.
Level Two - For those Who wants to Hide :)
Level Three - For those Love Sports.


Rock the Floor

Music is good. There are two or three levels in this place. Smoking is allowed on top floor. Drinks are marginally expensive but overall its a good place. Shots are must try especially Flaming Lamborghini.


anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 15,2012


Value for money

I visited LOR about 5-6 times in the last 3 years.. The location is a big plus, being very close to sony world.. and I always find the place to be good value. Apart from that, the ambience, food and drinks meet the expectations. The service is pretty good as well. The staff is quite warm and friendly.


rastachef - Burrp User


46 Reviews

November 13,2012


Legendary by itself

Despite its rather nascent existence in comparison to other Pubs in town, LoR has cemented its place in Bangalore's pub culture. The music here is fantastic as it is a collection of great rock tracks. The place has been known to host upcoming and unknown bands and record labels. The food here is great too.


Love Rock music and Drinks :) Your place!

very nice place to come and can have super cool drinks ..all brands. Legend of rock is the Place. can go to top most Floor and have chilly experiance ..everything is just nice



not worth of money

We went on 1 Sep 2012 to celebrate the success of two of the team members. Its not that good, as its name and price are. It has two floor, we were offered to get the first floor, Place is very congested and infrastructure is not so comfortable to chill out. Unattentive services, no attractive or soothing lightnings even music was not so good as we heard. Price wise it was so so not that expensive but every price was more than which has been showing here in Burrp's Menu.
I found Moscow in kormangla and Rubys in Brigade road far better then this.



Top floor!

I love going here and going to the topmost floor. Its open air :)
Great service, beer, and the potato basket - combine all of those, and it'll be a fantastic experience



Excellent Place!!!!!!

Good place to hang out. Chilled Beer, good food lovely Potato Basket. Excellent ambience and great service!!



Awesome Experience @LOR

had an awesome time at legends of rock last weekend. it was indeed the best weekend and with such fab music it really made my weekend even more rocking.amazing customer experience and the ambience along with the music will surely gear u up for the night.been there for the first time but u guys gave me the best time of my life. would recommend everyone to visit there at least once.friendly staff alongwith the affordable price was an icing on the cake .it made me revive my college days ... U GUYS ROCK m/
the three sections esp with the variation in the music took care of friends who are not fond of loud music .
last but definitely not the least it is decent and the manager along with the owner who makes u feel so comfortable . u guys deserve a thumbs up ...



Party @ LOR :-)

wen't to this place on Wednesday for karaoke, it was packed, i requested for 5 songs out of 5 i got 4 to sing, after every song i got vodka shot free.
Order for Devild Chicken, Spicy Crispy Veg, it was awesome.
Service is very fast, staffs are good.

LOVED - the security advice me Sir please don't go from sony single Drink and drive Checking is going on there.

after all great experience

Bill : 4k for 5 ppl

This place has my recommendation.



heavy metal fans just beware

heavy metal fans out there. Just beware if you are going to this place called "Legends of rock" bangalore, don't go to the dj and ask him to play thrash metal. All i did was this, i went to the dj and asked him to play thrash metal, they took me to the floor above that bar and all those guys out there who calls you "sir how you are you?" were with them, they beat me up like i was "some kind of monster" and i had to go to the hospital to fix my bleeding head



Mediocre place!!!

Was looking for a place for night out in blore. And I got to know about this new rule of no dance - an order for police :-(( not suitable for somebody from Mumbai. Went to this place as it was nearby and had good review!!! Food and drink - good!!! But music was ok!! Place got shut @ 11 pm!!! Boring!!!


burrpian - Burrp User


9 Reviews

December 24,2011


Very Good - Large Group Friendly

Been there last night, and its a good place if u wanna listen to awesome rock songs.
The rates shown in menu uploaded here are outdated, and you wanna add Rs 35~40 per 30ml of liq. The food is OK kind and the its all about rock ambience.

Bill : 16k for 11 ppl



continues to be Good

Comfortable Rooftop ambiance, Spirited cocktails and Mouthwatering Starters !! Best thing is ... It continues to be this way for years now ... Great meeting place for close buddies to share a chat and Drink !! :-)


If you don't find chicks - Bring your own Chick :)

Amazing place!! Love the White Rum pitcher!! :)
And for those who've been cribbing about no chicks on the level 1, you seriously gotta be kidding me... Or maybe I've been lucky! ;)
And well, there was just this one problem we had one... We were kinda passing drinks to chicks who my bunch of friends found interesting ;) and after a couple of coronas and cocktails, the waiter kinda refused to do so... :(
We love the place anyway!! :) :)



The Definitive Legend

I've been going to this place from 2007, I absolutely love this place and enjoy everything it has to offer. The music can get repetitive, well, there are always numbers enjoyed thoroughly by one and all, so this place manages to give the essential numbers a sure spin. Otherwise, the choice of music is good and this place never disappoints. Check it out for sure.

I love it's definitive Bangalore pub outlook, hope it'll always stay that way,



A great cosy place to chill out.

I have now been here on several occasions (myself & with friends) and have never been disappointed. As the name suggests .. It's a house for rock music fans !!

The ambience is of "Hard Rock Cafe" concept, lovely posters & nice musical instruments adorn the walls. There is a lower & upper area to choose from (if u like it loud stay down & go up if less loud is your thing).

They host local bands from time to time, DJ plays a fantastic selection of songs that will get your head bogging every often. Just awesome !!

The crowd tends to be more of the 'Y Gen' but you do get a good a mix of others too. Great as everyone there is just having energetic fun.

Prices are reasonable & the snacks are great too.

Legends of Rock has my recommendation !!!!!



LoR Veg Review

Visited LoR on weekdays.
Bill: 11K bill for 7 ppl. (had Teachers,cocktails,veg,nonveg snacks)

Plus-es :
-Potato Basket ,Chilly Mushroom -The best veg snacks.
-Non veg snacks is good
-Long island ice tea - is very strong and good.
- Rock music played on LCD screens
-good ambience.
-Service is good.
Minus-es :
- No DJ
- The Topmost floor is clumsy
- 1st floor is good but crowd(gals) is v. less.
- Mojito -not well prepared.


January 12, 2011response from management at Legends of Rock:

Dear ataraxi123
Thanks for all the positives you have written. Replying to the minus-es let me clarify
- DJ is there 7 days a week on Level 1, Level 1 & 2 same rock music on LCD screens is played LOUD on Level 1 & softer on Level 2.
- Top most floor is Level 3 which is the terrace Bar with an absolute casual sitting where only soft back ground music is played. The ambiance is comforting for some people
- Legends OF Rock is a rock pub, male clients will always be in majority in any rock pub.
- Mojito commented noted & will m

Boys will be Boys

Unfortunately that also means we like to see girls every now and then. If you want to sing and dance to 80s rock videos with a bunch of dudes, you could do it here along with cheap beer/booze. But if you want a nice view (and I'm not talking about city lights), I'd pass. Fun place though, good crowd, just no chicks.


anupmankar - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 18,2009


The best rock pub around ... hands down!

I visited Legends of Rock (LoR) in 2004 when it first opened and I haven't been to any other pub ever since. Ok ... I may have been to a few others in the last 5 years, but LoR has been my regular haunt. And just to make my definition of "regular" clear, I mean almost everyday for 3 years and twice a week for the remaining period of time.

So then let's get down to the brass tacks, shall we?

Music: 5/5
Hands down the best music in town. Ashish, the guy who runs the show, is extremely passionate about music himself. He personally makes sure that the quality of music, levels of volume and tempo of songs do justice to the name. From Pink Floyd to Foo Fighters, from Metallica to Meatloaf every classic rocker (and not shrieking kids who can rap a little) will find his/her/their place in the play list here.

Food: 4/5

I have only taken 1 point away because LoR is just a teensy bit away from having a full-fledged menu. They have "the" best finger food served in any pub in Bangalore. The only pub other than LoR that has better food than LoR is Le Rock Pub Cafe which incidentally is also owned by the same group and is overseen, again, by Ashish. I stand by my vote for LoR and am open to any debate about it, at any time. Take my word. LoR is the best when it comes to food.

Drinks: 4/5

The bartenders here make pretty good cocktails. The owners make sure each of them observes previous bartenders for at least 2-3 months before being promoted. So they know what they're doing.

Service: 5/5

Very courteous staff. Of course you can't expect them to treat you well if you're dancing on the table with your top off. But 9 out of 10 times you'll walk out of that place promising yourself to return there next weekend.

Price: 4/5

Prices have shot up recently but this is still a wallet-friendly place. I would give it 2.5 out of 5 if 5 is very expensive and 1 is cheap.

I have to cut this review short so someone else will have to fill out the details here. But I guess you get the point. "The point" being, if you're looking for a watering hole, git yer ass to LoR!



Never gets old!

Legends of Rock was where hundreds of evenings were spent drinking and headbanging... a good five years or so ago. Don't stay in that part of the city anymore, so don't get to visit often. But whenever I do, I still feel the same. Energized, happy, and probably a little younger.
Fabulous music. The beer, like it used to be five years ago, is not excellent or anything, but not bad either.


A Classic Rock Heaven

My trip to Bangalore is never complete unless Ive made atleast one visit to LOR. I love the place for many reasons. The drinks prices are reasonable. Food is great yet moderately priced (I agree with one of the reviewers here that their chili chicken is outstanding).

I love the cozy decor even though its a small place. I love to look at the guitars on the wall autographed by amongst others by Mark Knopfler, Joe Satriani and even our very own Usha Uttup. Love the big screen and the Bose Hi-Fi audio system. I love the DJ who knows when to play what music. Last but not the least, I love Ashish, the owner, who makes you feel at home.

I love the place so much and its so decent that Ive even taken my daughters there. If you love classic rock then this is a Classic Rock Heaven.


place for the ppl who luv Classic Rock...

I had been to this place with my girl and i was wondering whether to get in or it was a rock pub n i thought basically it wld b a gay crowd !! lol.. But i guess i was totally wrong... The entry was just amazing...u have to check out the doors.. awesome is nt the word for it...!! its something which cannot be described..

lemme sum it up...

Ambience : Good place with nice interiors...also available are the flat screen plasma tv's... bar is pretty small but then that is how the pub is...definitely can take yo girl out this place has a mixture of gals n aint that crowded also...

Food: tasty and moderately priced.. But do hv their chilly chicken...its just superb !

Booze : beer is quite cheap...and they do have foster's tap..
ranged about 275 for a pitcher,,, and 100 for a pint of KF or Fosters.

Service : most of them here are "chinkis" and the service was not that bad...pretty gud..

Music : They play only Classic...but yea at around 10 he plays some Metallica Tracks.... But don expect any death or black metal to be played here...


Best rock pub in Bangalore...

One of the best rock bars in the town. They do live shows on some weekends. These guys know their music well. The drinks and all are appropriately priced. Try the terrace if you need a break from the loud music. Even the matchboxes they serve are collectibles, which have the pictures of famous rockstars of all ages....


mail2vks - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 18,2006


Music will blow you out

Absolutely rocking ... Hearing nirvana play in purple smoke and a pitcher of beer right in front of you is an experiance in itself and L'O'R gurantees that you enjoy it all. Music is great, they have BOSE speaks installed and from time to time there are live shows as well. Though you dont get much to eat, ordering a Potato basket will definitely be economical. No Entry Fees here. Weekends the place is Jam packed so make sure that you arrive early.