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> > > > Lido, Hyatt Bangalore

Lido, Hyatt Bangalore

MG RoadCentral Bangalore  


13 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Sunday Brunch Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon with delectable anniversary special menu and some refreshing drinks at Lido restaurant. Their chefs have crafted an extensive buffet covering the best of international cuisines, and some exquisite desserts by the poolside will surely make you crave for more.

    Day: Every Sunday

    Time: 12 noon - 3pm

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Lido, Hyatt Bangalore Reviews



i happened to go to this place for a sunday brunch... well in simple a big disappointment.. there were flies everywhere, nevertheless to make the day worse as soon as i was over in minutes i had a very bad food poisoning... i was frustrated....i called to complain.....they didn't bother...i also told them that how can there b flies everywhere?? they said "sir since its an open area v can't do much n v also hav a person vid the insect bat" well that doesn't help much n i don't care wat the excuse is..... so in short don't go no matter what offer they throw at you!!!!


Riajm - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 05,2011


Very Disappointing

Went to Lido in Ishta on the 2nd of Jan. It was my parents anniversary so we wanted to go for a Sunday brunch and Lido looked like a good option as we had gone there a few times and were very happy.
The brunch however was a big disappointment. Only 2 of the 6 starters were good, the main course was below average and the dessert was bad. Also they charged us a different rate from what the waiter told us and refused to change it when we asked for a clarification.
I dont think I will ever go back there again - It seems as though they are cutting corners on the buffet.



Nice spot poolside

Now that metro construction has cleared up by the Ista Hotel, I wanted to try Lido. It was a relaxing lunch by the pool. Could still hear Bangalore traffic but you are up high enough in the hotel that you feel removed from the hustle and bustle and can get a nice breeze. The food and service was very good. Wait staff was friendly and competent, which I appreciate. Lots of different options on the menu that would please anybody.


Brunch at Lido

Great service, ambience and price for a sunday brunch! The starters are off the grill and excellent! And the main course is off a select menu so you dont have 25 dishes on the buffet getting cold and stale. Loved the service and ambience.... am definitely going back!


Fair Enough

The day was 9th April 2010, and it was my girlfriend’s birthday. The day began with lunch at Little Italy, Koramangala (oh the review of which will be posted shortly), then we did some shopping, then a round trip of the famous Bangalore ring road, and by the time we reached this place, we were quite tired. All we needed was a good evening and a good end to her day.
The valet greeted us with a typical “Namaste,” that was good. The entrance had the metal detectors. It’s got lots and lots of bamboo tress around the building. 2 fountains on each side of the main entrance, even though it did not look the typical grand main gate any 5 star hotel has. May be this was the side entrance or something, whatever. The lobby is not that big, but the carpet in the lobby was super smooth, nice, and comfy.
At the restaurant, we were greeted again with the “Namaste.” We chose the outside seating area near the pool. Damn, these people should have put some tables next to the pool. The lady at the restaurant door guided us to our table. She helped my girl sit, which was good.
Now, the last thing I needed was to shout at these people for anything. Since, we have visited many other restaurants; we expected this place to be perfect in terms of everything.
First confusion, what do we eat? There were very less vegetarian choices, which was weird. We called the waiter to help us with the order. He suggested vegetarian kebabs for the starter. I had my eyes fixed on the teriyaki duck in pokchoy sauce. We were told that it will take 10-15 minutes for the starters. The ambiance was super nice for a beautiful evening. The music was mellow and nice. It wasn’t loud. We were served breads, cheese, and butter first. The waiters were confused as to what to serve at which table. I don’t know why that was.
When the starters came, it was the first disappointment. My teriyaki duck was not with the pokchoy, instead it was with spinach. If it was any other day, that dude was dead. On top of that, he had the audacity to come up and explain to me that they ran out of the pokchoy and instead they have given me spinach. Since it was my girl’s day, I just said kept quite.
The veg starter was another disaster. It was bland and there was no taste. We decided to order the main courses. We ordered a Hyderabadi chicken biryani and fried rice in a sizzler (can you believe that?). It took some time for them to get the main courses, and when we asked why it was late, the reply came that we should have ordered the main course along with the starters. Damn. I mean, man, you could get yourself killed for that reply. They took such a long time that we even had the time to walk around the pool.
While all these were happening, the best part was yet to come.
When we finally asked for the bill, they came up with a small birthday cake for my girl. That was a surprise for her but not for me, I knew about it. After that, we had a good conversation with one of the steward who was good enough to apologize for what happened with the food and order.
All in all, it was a pleasant experience. We liked the place and may give it a second shot which normally do not do.
Now, the ratings
FOOD: 3 out of 5
AMBIANCE: 5 out of 5
MUSIC: 4 out of 5
PRICE: expensive
Last note: go to this place only on special occasions.



Good food, but costs on the higher side

The food and service here at Ista was very good. The veg and non-veg dishes were good and filling. We ordered a-la-carte during a weekday and didn't try out their buffet lunch.

Prices here are on the higher side, so be warned if you're planning to take a whole gang out for a treat here. :)



My husband, much as he would like to believe otherwise, is not a hardcore romantic. He's a realist. Completely! So I was rather surprised when I entered Lido@Ista for my birthday dinner last night, surprised because it was handpicked by him. And boy was it pretty (and romantic, much as I am embarrassed using this word - don't know why)!

Ambience is one of the most important things about Ista. The pool side, the palm trees, the jazz music, the greens all around, the dim lights, the flicker of candles (that we missed on our table because we sat right next to the pool and the candle just wouldn't stay!)... The works! The road from our house to Lido is a very crowded one. And it's funny how right in the middle of all the buzz of the town, right next to a cinema theatre, there it is - this peaceful, green, pretty, breezy little restaurant. I can just go on...

We stuck to non alcoholic drinks because of all the checking that happens at way too many places between Ista and where we live. I didn't mind though - the mocktails here were exquisite. Pretty and totally refreshing. The food wasn't anything to die for - prawns in 6 different dips was mediocre, the mutton starter was brilliant, and the main course just about met expectations. The menu didn't have too many options, but whatever they had was strictly decent. That said, the ambience makes up for anything that Ista may lack. Not exorbitant (also because we stayed off alcohol) if you go there to celebrate something. Otherwise, maybe. By my standards at least.
I also took a sneak peek into the bar at Ista and it looked quite exotic - open air and very inviting. I will have to plan to go there really soon.

Lido @ Ista is totally 4 on 5 for me. And the time I had there yesterday - priceless! :)

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Midnight buffet sucks here!

We were all excited to try out the mid-night buffet at Lido after a hardcore partying session one Friday not long back...n so we troop into Lido @ Ista at about 1am hoping to satiate the somersaulting rats in our tummy....well, first things first...the ambiance is very nice, specially the outer deck area with lots of greenery around. Alas! that's the only good thing about this place. We seated ourselves in one of the corner tables and kept waiting for someone to attend to us...after a patient 10mins wait followed by some frantic gesticulation someone had the good sense to serve us some water and lay out the table for, lets come to the much celebrated 'midnight buffet'....well, to be precise it was an 'apology' for a buffet, infact, I haven't come across a crappier spread anywhere, there was altogether exactly 4 entree items on the spread and a dessert....we wanted to know how it works, whether we can order some starters from the menu but nobody was interested in guiding us. Later when I demanded that I get to speak to the manager, some assistant manager dude on duty condescendingly told us 'the spread that we see on the table was it' (guess he did not like my perfume). It was way too late to try out another place, so we just ended up tucking the crap in (the food tasted yuck) and managed to gulp it down with some jasmine tea that we ordered..we paid some 750 (plus taxes) or was it 650 (plus taxes) per head for the buffet. What a shame! This is one place I'd never go back for the midnight buffet or much else, if I'm hungry around midnight I'll much prefer The Park instead for their yummy street food, conti and indian spread and above all considerate service.



Understand before you go!

Sigh! I feel sad about this. I don't quite like being the bringer of bad news, but I cannot lie when it comes to food! I know I'm the only one saying so on this page, but the Sunday brunch at Ista just didn't match up to standards.

We went to Ista last Sunday to celebrate Father's Day. We reached about 15 minutes early, but were promptly seated. (This is where the good part ends!) After a while, the server came and explained the whole starters-soup-food stages in the brunch. This was rather confusing - we spent some 10 minutes trying to figure out the 'stages.' Finally, we realised we wanted to opt for the Rs. 999 Revitaliser Brunch.

After this rocky start, our server perhaps decided we weren't smart enough to be attended to, so he would come to our table only when beckoned. Even when we called out to him, he would flash an artificial smile at us and say he'd be with us in a while. The 'while' could be anything from one to ten minutes.

The food was not up to the mark either. We were served stale fish from the grill and in spite of mentioning it in the feedback form, not even an apology was rendered. Orders were goofed up - a drink ordered without ice never came and when it did, it was the wrong one.

The desserts were good, as were the starters. I wish we had opted for the soup-starters brunch which was for Rs. 550!

So basically, all was wrong with Ista that afternoon. And my problem was that if I'm paying a premium to get a service, the least I expect is good service. If you can't make sure of that, then at least make sure your food is so good that you make me forget about the horrid service! Neither happened at Ista, and I am so disappointed.

The icing on the cake: We had pre-ordered a cake for Father's Day. Usually, most star restaurants provide the cake as a complimentary add-on, if you ask them for it in advance. Ista promptly informed me that they charge Rs.450 for a 1/2 kg cake, and I'm sure you've guessed - it wasn't even fresh! (Unfortunately, we didn't eat any at the restaurant and realised this only after we ate some at home.)

Finally, a few good words: Only our particular server had an attitude issue with us - the rest of the staff was kind and courteous. The location of Sunday brunch was superb. (I definitely recommend sitting on the outer deck on a breezy day.) The hotel itself is magnificently done up. I especially loved the fact that the restrooms had cloth towels! Hurrah for that!

My parting advice to aspiring Ista-brunchers: Please understand the 'stages' of the brunch very well before you go. Apparently, that can be a deciding factor in the kind of service you get during the course of your brunch!



ALAS!!! Something good

I have visited this place quite a few time and each time I have been there I've had a memorable experience.The food here is impeccably good and so are the spirits.Do try out the wines.The ambiance is top notch with some excellent soothing live music.Do reserve a place when you go there.The staff is friendly.This place is worth a visit if you want to have a relaxing brunch on a weekend with your loved one.


Satiate all your senses at Ista's Sunday brunch...

While most Bangaloreans enjoying brunching their Sunday's away, unperturbed by the sky-rocketing prices most restaurants demand, I'm not just ready to dip into my college fund to feed my extravagant cravings every weekend. After several calls, comparison of offers from every angle, there was little to discuss and debate. Since my partner Sameer does not drink alcohol it just did not seem fair to be paying the same levy of those drinking, a.k.a ME! The Ista Hotel was the only place offering a reasonable deal: Rs. 1250 inclusive of tax for the Vodka Brunch and Rs. 950 inclusive of tax for the Revitalise Non-Alcoholic Brunch.

It seemed tailor-made for us, and since the price did not dictate we mortgage any property we made reservations, skipped breakfast and slipped into something that could bare the food baby I would be carrying on the way out!

We settled in for a relaxing afternoon, enjoying specials ordered from the menu and picking on options from the soup and salad bar as well as a range of entrees that went something like this...

Three-tiered aubergine with tzaziki, moutable and caramelised onion atop, poached fish on an orange segment, fig and asparagus wrapped parma ham, broccoli and bacon salad, pickled zucchini and roasted bell pepper with cherry tomatoes. Washed down with a refreshing strawberry mojito.

Oh and did I mention the the grill counter featuring a live BBQ station with lamb and beef cutlets, pork ribs and chicken fillets. HELLO!

Find out what we ordered off the menu and the rest of the cocktails and mocktails we sampled:


Ista Tumba Ishta!!

3 years of planning, and this new year brought us together! Finally! Unanimously we decided, we’d go to Ista.
After initial confusion between Zaman and Lido, foodyfoodpecker’s review helped me zero-in on Lido @ Ista.

We entered the beautiful restaurant which opens up to the sky and some greenery, a blue pool in addition to it, making it even a better place for the candle light dinner!

The courteous staff welcomed us and made us very comfortable in our respective tables. They have different sections where we could chose to dine-in. One, very close to the pool, which could get really cold by the night especially in this season and the other which slightly interior and is warmer. We chose something in-between.

We were served the complimentary Italian bun with the olive oil which was the usual! I opted for the Mojito and the gentleman settled for the simple Tender Coconut Water.
The mushroom and the asparagus soup made my day! One of the best soups I’ve ever had and it left me wanting for more. This one is highly recommended and not be missed!! While taking the orders, the waiters kneel down on the floor and take the orders.
My friend, who been a regular here, suggested we should have fried rice with garlic sauce sizzler as this is one of the best. So, blindly went by his suggestion and I realized, at times being blind to suggestions is good. “It was the best” could be an understatement. They served us the rice with the sizzler and the French fries. The combination was excellent that I could ever ask for. It was the pasta time and we opted the spaghetti (tomato based) – the perfect one to amaze us!

For the dessert they had collection - different ones from all over the world. I wanted to try which was had the combination of 3 desserts but, unfortunately that wasn’t available that day! So, I settled for the all time favorite Tiramisu. Such a Sinful Indulgence!!

Definitely, an expensive restaurant. So, to treat / reward ourselves rarely choose this place!!



Best Brunch in Bangalore

A lazy sunday afternoon and a generous host added to us landing at this place to celebrate a birthday. And celebrate we did....

The place is awesome- open, airy and right by the pool on the 4th floor of Ista. The view is blocked due to the wall ...but what the heck there were several things to look at...the food being one of them.

This brunch priced at Rs.1250 + VAT for alcoholic brunch (I would say that is the only way to brunch..though some people disagree and that includes my wife) and Rs.950 + VAT for a non alcoholic brunch. Believe me this Rs.300 extra is worth it. Beers served were my beloved 'Corona' and that imitation of a beer 'Budweiser'.There were quite a few vodka based cocktails.
The theme for 3rd February was Strawberry and there was strawberry in everything except thank god the beer.

The brunch was a classic brunch menu- grills, salads, cold cuts, pastas, desserts all with strawberry. Then there was appetisers, entree's and main course from the main kitchen and again (Why am i not surprised) with strawberries.

Hats off to the team- most of the stuff with strawberries was nice or rather the non vegetarian stuff was nice. For the vegetarian ones I can only offer hear say and that would be strictly inadmissible in this court.

The service was good, the live music soothing, the beer chilled, the food delicious, the company mostly silent because the mouths were busy and the cheque very very diet ( remember it was a treat) and what else could you ask for.

Wait ....I forgot ....there was this huge thing on which what seemed like thousands of strawberries were stuck. There were ones coated with white chocolate ( my daughters brunch for the day), dark chocolate coated ones and of course tonnes of plain ones to be had with cream, strawberry cream, dips of brandy, rum , powdered sugar and I forget the rest :-)

Left satiated at 3.00 p.m.

I recommend this experience strongly. Must do things in Bangalore would include a Sunday brunch at Lido , The poolside cafe at the Ista.

Psst: It would be great treat for oneself - Just go there by yourself with a book, ask for a corner table and spend some a few hours...That is next on my list...Till then