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> > > > Limelight, Hotel Royal Orchid

Limelight, Hotel Royal Orchid

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  


10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Midnight Buffet Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Limelight brings to you Midnight Buffet. Indulge in their lavish buffet and desserts to satisfy your midnight cravings.
    Time: Starting 12am onwards

Love Thy Neighbour Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Limelight brings to you Friendly Neighborhood Lunches at Pocket friendly prices. Enjoy Wood Fired Pizzas + Buffet + Chaats + Beer & Soft Beverages.
    All You Can Eat Buffet: Rs. 999 only

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Limelight, Hotel Royal Orchid Reviews






Superb Buffet

Good ambiance, polite waiters and a great buffet spread!
Salad course is very good. Starters are limited (1 veg and 1 non-veg)
Chaats were also good.
Highlight is the dessert course. Continental desserts are yummy. Indian ones are not bad either.



Awesome place for candle light dinner

Very good ambiance. I had been here on my wife's birthday for a candle light dinner. Experience was superb. Waiters were very good.
Must visit places in Bangalore.



Buffet was quite average

I had a lunch buffet here. Neither the spread was bit nor the quality of food was remarkable. Overall it was quite average. On another occasion I went there and had a tiramisu. I quite liked it coz it has a tinge of bitterness - which suits my taste. Avoid it if u dont appreciate bitterness in your desserts.


aditisom - Burrp User


18 Reviews

December 28,2011


Warm, Cosy...perfect place for a Special Evening!

Been here on the 24th Dec evening..dim lights..candles to illuminate the table...just a perfect place to bring in Christmas. A group of children went around serenading carols...The ambiance as suggested was beautiful. They have this excellent buffet spread from soups/appetizers, to main course and the dessert. 24th evening wine and beer was on the house. To begin with the starters apart from chicken (quiet ggod) paneer (was ok, nothing great) and the excellent turkey, they had chats (dahi chaat and pani puri) - quiet weird to be served with wine..however you can give it a pass. Their main course (chicken, pork, prawns, veges, rice, etc etc.) spread was huge along with different breads/dinner roll, salads, cold meat, turkey...wooooh could be a good odd 15 dishes more or less...then the dessert, again a spread of some 10-12 desserts beautifully arranged, weak in remembering the name, as by then i was done! One needs to really have a large appetite to do justice to the awesome food spread...the money is worth what you eat, just have a large appetite! cheers!! :)



high expectation low satisfaction

they serve only two types of starts one veg ( nothing but potato ) one non veg ( fried oily mutton sheek ) no options for chicken lovers. Salads not so great. Food again no much choice for chicken lovers. They had one mutton biryani , one chicken curry two fish dishes. But taste is not so great. Yes they do have good variety of dessert which u can enjoy. But not worth 900 bucks for dinner. Other restos have better taste and variety for less amount / same ambience. buffet is hardly worth 200 rs.



Not upto the Mark

Having worked too late to make dinner at any restaurant other than a 24 hrs place and having been to all the other 24 hrs places within a radius of 10 km, I suggested to my friend that we try Limelight. We drove to the Royal Orchid Hotel, parked our car on a back street and strolled into the hotel. We asked for directions to Limelight and a few minutes later entered. Noone came forward to greet us so we ambled in and found ourselves a quiet table at one side of the restaurant. The hostess came to our table a minute later and presented us with the menus. After carefully looking through the fairly diverse range on offer and deciding against the buffet as the hostess told us that it closes at 11:00 (it was 10:30 pm already) we chose a glass of canned Orange Juice (my favorite drink), a bowl of French Onion soup, a Handi Ghost Biriyani and a plate of Fish and Chips. Wondering if it would be better to order dessert at the same time, in case the kitchen closed, I checked with the hostess who informed me that the kitchen was 24 hrs and we could order dessert at our leisure after the main course. Thanking her, we placed our order and settled back to an interminable wait. Finally the soup and Orange Juice arrived. Then came another interminable wait which wasnt even broken by the presence of a bread basket. I did however enjoy my juice and sipped it slowly. I looked askance at my friend's French Onion soup but he seemed to like it. Much much later, soup and juice long finished and watching with open mouths the arrival of the midnight buffet (if only the hostess had mentioned that there was one, we would have waited for it) our food arrived. The waiter helped me with serving the Biriyani and Raitha and we slowly began our respective dishes. The food was ok - quite mediocre actually when you consider that this is a star establishment. Meal over, we requested the dessert menu. The waiter (as the hostess had long since disappeared) who handed it to us, also informed us that orders from the a la carte menu for dessert wouldnt be taken since it was past 11. However, when I mentioned that I had checked with the hostess since I had feared this would happen and she had said we could order later on, the waiter obligingly smiled, apologized and requested us to look through the dessert menu and place our orders. We did so, ordering a Tiramisu and a Cheese Cake. These took a good twenty minutes to arrive and the Tiramisu was not a Tiramisu - sadly. The cheese cake was ok. We resignedly and indignantly (it was now two hours since we arrived) called for our bill and I requested that the night manager come by our table. I had been watching the service meted out to the other patrons and had noted that at three tables, the men at the table had gotten up to have a word with the waiters (one in fact had a very long, quite loud and clearly displeased word, lasting around 5 minutes). The table behind us had its occupants waiting patiently for five minutes to be given the menu and then around 10 minutes to place an order. One table however, got faultless service with the waiter almost falling over the patron (a fat man) in his desire to please him. I was very interested to note that every table, ours included which complained of poor service, were occupied by what I'd like to term as classy, educated and well-bred people while the one table which had the excellent service was occupied by a person who clearly didnt have very good table manners and the common courtesy to smile and say please and thank you to the waiters. This made me wonder if the way to get service at this particular restaurant was to be ill mannered and ignore the waiters when they serve you. Clearly a pleasant approach and waiting quietly for your order to be taken and your food to arrive doesn't seem to do the trick. The night manager, when he came to my table, was most charming, very courteous and very apologetic and I would be gratified if there is an improvement in service as a result. The ambience is quite nice. The lighting is fine. The food is mediocre but maybe the buffet would be better. The service is where the fault lay and again, it wasnt with all the waiters. Some, clearly hotel management trainees were very very nice and obliging. However, some seemed to forget the courtesy, attention and charm due to every patron in a top-class establishment. Would I go back? Yeah maybe and give their buffet a try.


abhi_akj - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 22,2010


Excellent Place

Though the starters were limited as the chicken starter they served I never got to see again. they made up for that in desserts. After seeing the dessert counter I saved some place in my tummy for desserts only. They had around 14-15 different items in desserts and all of them were very delicious.



Great place for Buffet

After having tried the lunch buffet at many premium places (like leela / lalit etc), I must say this is one of the best in Bangalore. The buffet is full of variety and the salads and desserts taste great. The staff there is friendly. The buffet is not too pricey if you compare it with other similar placed. A nice place to try, if you are a buffet freak and you love to have variety which tastes great!


Excellent , Awesome !

Been there on a Team Lunch and boy, we had a great time !
Excellent spread of starters, salad, main dishes and DESSERTS !! We went ga-ga on them :) The chat live counter was indeed great. Finally had some good chat like in Mumbai or Delhi! The location is awesome, we did take a stroll in the middle of the meal ( to make more space for starters ) It has a continental spread, so some dishes just go under the throat , but a great place to try !! Where else but a 5-star hotel :)


Nacho Baliye

Chefs Roberto and Sergio whip up not only good Mexican fare, they can entertain you with song and dance too. For more details


Good food, amazing desserts

Just like with Pinxx (which is also part of Royal Orchid), Limelight too has a buffet spread which is very good, and the desserts are simply amazing!

The spread has a mixture of Indian, Chinese, Thai and Arabian food, while the desserts (I know I can't stop raving about the desserts - I just love them) have an assortment of tarts, cakes, Indian sweets, souffles, and cakes...not to mention ice cream also.

The salads and appetizers are nice, and aren't the types that fill you and leave you wondering how you're gonna eat the main course and ... yes, desserts. There are several cold cuts in the appetizers, so if you're the type who isn't too comfy with this, it's best avoided. However, they did taste good, and I'm still in perfect health after eating them. Also, they served hummus with pita bread, which I had never eaten before, and I must say that it was particularly delightful.

Let me not rant and rave about the desserts any further; I'll just sign off saying that if you can eat all the food and all the desserts without wasting anything(a strict no-no for me), then bon appetit.

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