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> > > > Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Donuts

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore    & IN 5 MORE LOCATIONS


6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Mango Festival - Mango Donuts & Smoothies Apr 17 - Jun 14

  • With the onset of summer, comes the time to relish the seasons most loved fruit – the delightful mango! This summer, Mad Over Donuts introduces their ever popular & eagerly awaited array of Mango Donuts with a refreshing addition of Mango Smoothie. This pure mango delight is a part of their annual two-month, Mango Festival at Mad Over Donuts.

    The mango donuts range includes the simply delicious Mango Twist with mango Pulp and rich mango Chocolate, Mango Tango thathas lip-smacking mango butter cream and milk chocolate; and Mango Pulp Fiction that consists of rich white chocolate, along with a tangy mango pulp filling and mango chocolate shavings.

    Head to your nearest Mad Over Donuts store to indulge your senses with all things mangolicious! 

    Donuts: Rs. 59 each
    Smoothies: Rs. 110 each

Triple Thursday Apr 30 - May 31

  • Your voices have been heard, & they are getting Triple Thursdays back for you!  Drop by Mad Over Donuts this Thursday to avail the offer on some delicious donuts! Buy 3 donuts, get 3 donuts free.
    Day: Every Thursdays

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Mad Over Donuts Reviews






Could Improve

I used to love MOD donuts from the time I first tasted them in Mumbai but after coming to Bangalore, they just seem to be like normal donuts which taste pretty decent. It is still my most favorite place when I get the sudden urge to have a donut and I love the coffee combo. But I guess it tasted better in Mumbai. Still hoping that the donuts will be less greasy and more tasty in Bangalore too like in Mumbai. I will keep visiting this place. :)


Kick ass !

Replicating international brands like dunkin donuts and krispy kreme , MOD is catching up as one of the biggest donut brands inthe country. Their Dark Knight and Original Sin are something to die for. It really would be lovely if they waged a price war by reducing the prizes.


Walk Down And Hop In

Every time I pass MOD in Koramangala, I always end up entering here and having at least one donut :) Double-Trouble and Original Sin are superb milk chocolate donuts. The new oreo cookies donuts are nice too.. Pretty small place but anything is good for a donut :)


It's a Madening thought!!! M.O.D

Happened to be at the Blogger's Meet "Mad Over Donuts", koramangala, a Singaporean gourmet donut brand has created a niche for itself in the F&B segment!!! In fact I was getting crazy!! when I grappled my hands to set a donut with icing etc, !!! It’s vibrant, dam youthful, peppy.... customer experience. Watch out especially for the eggless offering. On completion of 5 successful years in India. As part of the celebrations, Mad Over Donuts has a line-up of exciting Anniversary Special Deals!!!


rajsraman - Burrp User


31 Reviews

February 26,2013



Been here on the opening ceremony day and got half a dozen donuts to taste in their inaugural offer. Well, not very much impressed with the softness of the donuts, it doesn't just melt away when we eat, kinda sticks to tongue and mouth, should bring in lot of improvements if want to survive between tough competitions from units like Krispe n Kreme etc., Have many varieties of donuts, but as I said, need lot of improvements. The jam and creams used for the top-ups are not so upto the mark.


Yummy donuts with lots of varied tastes

If you want to have donuts which are not overtly sweet but yet want to try out different varieties, you should try this out! Really liked the taste of few donuts like Choco Bomb, Dark Knight, Original Sin and Cool Blue Ice! Best have to these donuts fresh though. I tried heating them up later and eating them. It didn't have the taste like it had when it was fresh!