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> > > > Maduri Grand

Maduri Grand

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  


3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Maduri Grand Reviews

good place gone really bad !

this place is an epitome of how bad service can ruin a good place. i remember the first time going to this place some 2-3 years back for a weekend lunch.. the place was jam packed. had to wait for 15-20 mins to get a seat. order was taken quickly. i still remember after serving a chicken dish we ordered, the waiter came and told, "sir, the pieces are small, let me replace them" !! and he came back with bigger pieces.... that was the story then

today u go for a weekend lunch, you will see half the tables are empty. waiters lazily standing and peeking out through the windows. U got to find a place by yourselves and call them up to take the order. sometimes you got to call them up even to bring the menu. The fact is food quality is same over the years and price have gone up only once. Recommended dishes - lemon chicken, Andhra style chilli chicken (this is a stomach burning spicy dish). Coming to the service, horrible would be a word that wont be enough to describe. If you want some extra rice or side dish, you will get fed up asking them again and again and finally leave after eating what you had....

and if you are sitting in the bar make sure your beverages bill is correct !

its a good place for authentic Andhra style food. but the kind of service they provide, one may not visit again.


ruharish - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 17,2008


Awful customer service & lousy food quality

I've been their customer for more than 3 yrs & recently (around 6 months), there is a drastic drop in their service & as well the quality...especially, when they started raising the bill amount for anything you order! On the other day, when I asked "where is the kaju in this kaju masala curry", his response was that "we count & put 10 kajus in it, so, there is no way you miss them". I guess, I don't have to speak anything more than that.

I may be forced to visit it again, only because of its locational advantage, but nothing else.



A Horrible Expereince

Last saturday i had been with a group of three for a beer and food.It has been five long years i am a regular visitor to this place.I book a table, i have my food, food is okay, but, the service is so bad now a days.This has been my first bad experience since last five years.The waiters can even go upto bad mouthing guests.You write a complaint and the service manager frowns at you inspite.So better be prepared if you planning for a visit.For the restaurant, kindly try and live upto to the hopes and please revamp your crew for a decent behaviour atleast.