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Mainland China

Church StreetCentral Bangalore    & IN 6 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 25597722
  • 14 Church Street, Bangalore
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

37 Reviews / 38 Ratings

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Mainland China Reviews






Good enough!

My parents, old school, trust Mainland for their authentic Chinese food, and on their trip here, we had visited this branch. The service and menu is exemplary, and the dumplings are as soft as ever, as are the rice and chicken. The lamb was a little on the rough side, and not as tender as we would like. But the General Tao's Chicken is perhaps their best, as is their pot rice.


Beware !!

One of Bangalores older Chinese restaurants it seems to have maintained some consistency over the years through all the revamps and overhauls it has seen. As is with any restaurant it really depends on your taste and palette and weather or not you are able to order the right stuff to satisfy your taste. On a table with 5 family members 2 were thrilled with the food where as the rest were mildly disappointed but that's always the case because of varying personal tastes. In my opinion its one of the best Chinese restaurants serving good food prepared with good ingredients. The only down side can be if you end up ordering something your not too familiar with you might get disappointed and the staff recommendations don't always turn out the way you imagine so beware.

Pros: - Good food extensive menu
Good ambience and decor
Plesant staff and service

Cons: - Location is not the best
There have been complaints of inconsistency


naveenrox - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 27,2013


Terrible experience on a Saturday dinner

I loved the food at the lunch buffet about a year back. But my experience yesterday at dinner was awful. The waiter could barely speak English. The service was painfully slow. Noodles and dimsums were OK. Nothing else seemed fresh. Place was too hot and stuffy. Repeated requests fell on deaf ears. Overall bad experience. Never going again unless something drastically improves.



Good experience

I have been to Mainland China (across the city in different locations) a handful of times and the experience has always been good. I personally am not a huge fan of Chinese cuisine but I can safely say that Mainland China serves the best Chinese food in town. They have a good range of starters and soups (even for the veggies) and the fried rice is always prepared exquisitely. They also have a lunch buffet where in the spread is quite good. Overall, I would recommend Mainland China as the place to head to if you are in the mood for some good Chinese food. The food might be slightly on the expensive side but you will not be disappointed.



best chinese buffet

i am a hard core chinese food eater and i loved their buffet
great value for money
the service is impeccable!
i loved their starters.. dimsuma and momos.. even their veg starters are really good though i prefer non veg
i love their smoked chicken fried rice and chopsuey
my all time favorite here is their crab meat soup.. absolutely delicious!!



Best dim sum in town

I think they have a good variety and taste in their Dim Sum...


Truly Chinese!

I have been a Mainland China loyalist for a while now. Though I mostly order from their al a carte menu, I opted for their lunch buffet this time around. Needless to say, the food was excellent, with a great range of flavours and dishes. I had the non vegetarian buffet, while my parents opted for the vegetarian selection.

The buffet commenced with a chicken noodle soup and chicken dimsums, both of which were distinctive and delicately flavoured. the main course had a wide variety of dishes such as tuna fried rice, chicken in yellow bean sauce, prawns done to perfection, squid in a spicy sauce. each dish was unique in its flavour and no dish tasted like the other. the vegetarian selection also had a clever variety, ranging from classic stir fry vegetables to chinese style eggplant.

the desserts were satisfying too, with brownies, honey coated noodles, ice cream, and pannacotta.

Oh and not to forget, the buffet has a complimentary cocktail along with it!

The experience was, as always, lovely. the staff was courteous and non-intrusive. Definitely recommend this one to all chinese food lovers!


outspoken2 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

September 16,2012


Buffet was average. Especially for the price.

Had been to the buffet a couple of months ago.
As someone said "Good start and finish, horrible middle".
The starter were really good. Even the desert was decent.
The main course was absolutely ordinary. after the starters, it was a let down.
The sauces were bland.
This applies both to veg and non-veg sections.
Price was expensive, if the main course was better, it would have been justified.
For the price they charged, unfortunately I can only give it 2/5 stars. If the price was like Rs100 lower, I would have given it three stars.



Great Chinese Food slightly expensive

Good chinese food but slightly on a higher cost side, but if you are really into Chinese go for it! Similar chinese food at other places is a tough bargain, as other places its priced slightly less.


Good for a work Lunch

MainLand China, Church street... literally the building right next to my office, so quite a few friday lunches are here :P The lunch buffet is good, but make sure you have a reservation if you don't wanna wait your brains out..!! Nice Ambience, deeeelish food, Good Service, though it may be a little on the pricey side.

The only problem id that there isnt much innovation there, I swear by Chinese ( with a weakness for the Indian inspired chinese :P ) , after few visits..there isnt anything that stands out on your plate :(

I enjoy the salad platter (the crisp spicy cabbage salad is yummmmm) and the sea-food flavoured chips, Desserts are okay, the cheesecake is good. Flavours are authentic, but it is high time they make some innovations!


May 19, 2012response from management at Mainland China:

Dear Guest,

Kindly share your contact details on so that we can get the detailed feedback.


Good by all means

I had been to this place along with my family. Good reception, friendly,quality service and also a quality food in simple terms. Well on the price part, yeah its a little expensive, but wouldn't mind if the service, food quality and quantity remains the same...



Best Chinese I have ever had

Great food each time I visit. So I love experimenting here. Go ahead have fun guys!


narasimha - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 19,2011


Good food!! But Insanely Expensive!!

Reading all the previous reviews, me and my friend went with lot of expectations to this place. Food was tasty, but not worth the money that you pay. Insanely expensive i must say!! No value for Money!! I would definitely not recommend it to anyone!! Unless you want to have decent food at whatever the price maybe!!


November 19, 2011response from management at Mainland China:

Dear Guest,

Kindly share your contact details on so that we can get the detailed feedback.


rajnig - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 10,2011



The place keeps up to its name and quality..... I only wish they brink back their signature soup " Manchow Soup". I miss it...



Good Food

Good food.. But A little expensive. Ambiance is superb


not worth the money you pay...

It was my first visit to MainLand China, Church street...had heard about this place before. went for lunch buffet with my team. Ambiance is excellent. Service is good. But I have to say that the variety for lunch buffet was not that great considering you are paying Rs.580/- + tax . Soup was not that good. Starters in non-veg had 2 chicken dishes and 3 veg dishes. Well, they were good. Coming to main course, selection even reduces...theres a noodle, fried rice, one chicken dish & a shrimp dish. Desserts also didnt have nothing great to speak about. Overall I can say food is good; but not worth the money you pay.



Good food, great Customer Service

I had high expectations from this place. Reserved for two on a Saturday afternoon and opted for Buffet. They gave Prawn Coriander Soup which was good. Starters started comin in. There were fried crispy veg, steamed chicken momos, fried dimsums, some chicken starter and fish starter. Don’t ask me the names :) I eat only chicken. Steamed chicken momos were great among all these. There was complimentary Herbal Tea too which is nothin but tea leaves in hot water, but I still liked it and got it refilled a few times.

For main course, there was Prawn Fried Rice which was just plain rice with some prawns n egg thrown in. It was absolutely bland and tasteless. Then there was Noodles, which was li’l better than the Fried Rice with some colour and taste. There were chicken, prawn and fish gravies to go with the Noodles and Rice and some dry crab dish. All of these were very average and tasteless. I don’t know what exactly was missing. It was not just the spice that was missing.

The waiter noticed us trying hard to eat the main course and said"Hope you are enjoyin the food" to which we replied "Kind of. Starters were good but cant say the same about the main course". He immediately informed his manager who came to us and asked if he could send some other dishes(not on the buffet menu) and insisted on it. I didn’t wanna trouble them but my friend agreed to the manager’s suggestion coz we deserve it for the kind of money we are payin. Then followed Noodles and Fried rice which had some spice and taste this time, Ginseng Chicken which was good, some Prawn gravy which was great and some Fish gravy which my friend said was good too. The Manager’s manager too came to us to ask if we liked the new dishes. This is Customer Service at it’s best, not because they gave us new dishes, but because they followed up on those dishes too!

Desserts were the usual fare- Chocolate brownie, fresh fruits, Stawberry Mouse, Cakes, Vanilla,Mango and Chocolate ice creams with chocolate sauce, nuts and raisins as add ons which were all great. This seems to be the norm in all buffets- good/great starters and desserts, average main course. That’s why I always fill myself up with starters and desserts and almost pass the main course.

I doubt if Mainland China’s food appeals to the Indian tastebuds. Its best for Westerners who prefer subtler tastes. I love my food hot and spicy. For a whopping Rs. 655/head, I’d not call this place VFM unless you get different dishes not on buffet like us. On this count, I would rate Aromas of China better anyday. I love their buffets(costs around Rs.450 on weekends) and the food is neither bland nor spicy and totally VFM. They even have better ambience and interiors but not-so-great Customer Service.

Would I go to Mainland again? Maybe yes, maybe no.
Would I opt for their buffet again? No, it has to be a-la-Carte the next time around.



I have always had a great time in Mainland China. I love the lunch buffet. Good variety, good ambience, tasteful food and nice service.



Most favorite place.

You wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me for Chinese food, I will say Mainland China. A regular at this restaurant, everytime I go, I am so tempted to eat what I ordered last time. That is because, it is so delicious. I have never tasted their buffet even once, as I love ordering from their Alacarte' menu.
Authentic chinese (Indianised, I must admit), but closest to the authentic version, as I have been to HongKong.
One request - if possible, please add the Roast Peking Duck to your menu.



Simply One Of The Best

Ate there for the first time a couple of weeks ago (a friends birthday treat) and what can I say..awesome food, awesome variety..great ambience.. Love the place and highly recommend it.. cheers :)




I was a huge fan of Mainland china 4yrs ago. It was my favorite restaurant in Bangalore.I visited this place ( the church street one ) 2 months ago after a long gap.I went on a Saturday with my friend. The place was filled and the tables were placed so close to one and another( i felt there were lesser tables in the restaurant few years back which was obviously better ! ). The service is good and the food was good too.It was too CONGESTED , that was the only problem.

meal for two ll cost around 1.5k

MUST TRY : momos


The Killer Stench Outside The Main Door

As usual, no Bangalore trip of mine is complete till I visited Mainland China at least once. The quality of food and the excellent service keeps pulling me back time and again. So on 25 April 10 I am my Scientist buddy visited the place. The meal as usual was excellent.

Each time after the visit we usually have a car waiting for us hence, we would briefly get the terribly foul smell which is probably from the sewage below on the main road just outside the restaurant. This time since we had to wait for around 15 minutes for the cab, which the hotel people so kindly helped to organize we had to wait outside the restaurant gate as it was after 11 PM and the restaurant was closing.

This is where the good time ended. Thirty seconds after we stepped outside the smell hit us and it got worse as time went by. After 15 minutes we could hardly breathe. The smell was worse than being inside a gas chamber.

My advice to people who visit this place especially for dinner to take those unused swine flu masks along. That way you will not have to vomit out the food as I did on the 25 April night.

I am unlikely to visit MC Church Street ever again till they clean up the outside stench. Had I spent another 15 min there I would have probably died of suffocation.

I request the management to seriously take a note of this. Since then I have consulted other friends and colleague and they too prefer the Indiranagar outlet because of this killer smell outside.


May 3, 2010response from management at Mainland China:

Dear Mr. Maitra

At the onset I would like to profusely apologise to you for the discomfort. Your observations have been duely noted and conveyed to the people concerned.

I would request you to share your telephone number at so that we can contact you and know more about the experience.



Based on the television commercial I had a feeling this place was going to be a disappointment, but I decided to check it out anyway. I was on work near church street and decided I want to have some Chinese. So i called a friend and we booked a table at Mainland China.

Yes, I have never been there before in all my years of existence. Yes, what a shocker. And after this experience, I should have stuck with my instincts.

Everything was just crap. And I mean crap. It wasnt even decent Indian Chinese. It was niether here nor there. If they had just stuck to being an indian chinese place, i think they would have been pretty decent. But they are going on the lines of being authentic and they just got lost on their way there. I ended up leaving most of my food, which I hate doing.

I was almost inspired by the the television commercial and wanted to see the chef, so that I could ask him WHY????

If it werent for the friendly and efficient service, this place would have gotten a lower rating from me.



Good Gesture

This was the second time I was walking to the Mainland China 1st floor seating area. After having made the reservation and reaching there on time getting the desired seating was easy. We were there to celebrate our manager's promotion.
Amazing part was the service manager identified us (I went there after probably a 3-4 months) and was very warm in providing any help.
This time again we settled to go for buffet and the starters (option of 3 veg & 3 n.veg) especially the veg fried wonton (being veg) was delicious and went well with the drinks we had. The buffet as always had a lot of options in the choices of curries. Though I would like some better options in salads. Had a scrumptious lunch there.

The best part was here when we were just about to have our desserts the service manager walked to us with a bottle of sparkling wine and gave us as complimentary from their end.

We all were delighted with this gesture from them and all of us will really remember this.

Overall it was a pleasant experience being there. Already planning to be there again soon :-)


Didn't meet up the expectations!!

I had been planning to go to Mainland China for long but, had heard from everyone that its better to book your table from before to go there and somehow we always make spontaneous decisions to eat so, we never had a chance. We finally planned for it and booked a table for Valentine's Day.
I had always heard many good things about this place so, I had high expectations and when I entered the restaurant there was a long wait but, thankfully we got our table after 10 mins. As soon as we entered the first floor dining area it was buzzing with crowd!! The place was soo crowded that it kindda took away the romantic feel of Valentine day!!

The table that we got was right next to the door and at a very odd place. We spoke to the guy and got it changed to another one. Everything that was placed on our table had to be pleaded for. "Please clear the table", "Please get us some tissue", "Please get us our plates", "Please can you help us with some cutlery", "Please can you get us some water". It took them close to an hour to bring us our starter. Apparently they missed our order and after half an hour the waiter came and asked us "What's your order?" I didn't want to get irritated and spoil my mood so, I just glared at him and told him that we had already ordered 20 minutes back!!
After an hour our soup and starter arrived. We ordered our maincourse soon too as they were very slow in service.
The food was good but, because of so much delay it was not enjoyed very well by us.
The point is that when you plan to go to an expensive restaurant for a special occasion which is pretty famous you expect everything about the place to be perfect. Mainland China lacked everything in service!! I am sure being so old in business and giving such big ads about giving the "Best Chinese Experience" they should know well how to handle a crowded restaurant.
Overall didn't have a nice experience the place was too crowded and the waiters were running around like headless chickens!!!


February 26, 2010response from management at Mainland China:

Dear Wafarizv

We are extremely sorry for the experience you had at our outlet. We would like to know more about the service gaps which help us improve. Could you please share your contact details at Kindly consider the request.


machchaaan - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 11,2009


Fall in love with Chinese all over again

Don't you just hate it when Chinese restaurants serve you Gobi Manchurian, call it authentic, and then hike up their prices, and employ northeast staff so you still think you are having a Chinese experience?

I have decided enough is enough and I have to go and review all the truly good quality restaurants who have MAINTAINED their quality.

Mainland China scores 5/5 on Food, Ambience, Presentation. Their starters are out of this world. Seriously good stuff that makes you want to try everything on the menu! 3/5 only for service... the stewards seem lost most of the time and you have to depend on the manager to get what you want.

Don't want to be discouraging because of service. I still maintain I will go here as often as I can in the future.


Very good food/service.. but pricey here too

Had been here atleast five times before the Indiranagar branch opened. Dont remember all the dishes we had so far.. but the Taipei chicken and chicken hargao(dimsum) as starters were just amazing - and if we go again there sure would go for these starters. Ahh yes, just remember the Big bhetki fish main course we had in the main course in 2005 which was just excellent.

Overall the service is excellent and ambience very good too.

Very expensive here too.. for 2 of us we had our NewYear dinner on Jan 1st, 2008 at 2000 bucks!


indian1 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 07,2009


You are truly the best in Bangalore

A couple of days back I read in the Mid Day that you guys have been voted as the best and most popular chinese restaurant in the city. I decided to check you out. Heres what I felt.
1) I was very warmly welcomed by a somewhat stout gentlemen who immediately made me feel at ease and escorted me to a table though I did not have a prior reservation.I was a bit sceptical on getting a table as it was a saturday, It was a huge relief and this set the tone for the evening.
2) I travel a lot to South East Asia and was really missing the Dimsums that I virtually survived on, just thought of checking it out. I should say that this took me right back to the streets and food courts of Singapore... it almost brought a tear to my eye.I loved the peppery lemon soup as well, it just helped wash down my appetizers. The crispy prawn with chilli plum was mind blowing.
3) We decided to order a whole Bekti with Sichuan Chilli sauce, Pan fried chicken with celery, Chinese greens some rice and noodles.I just couldnt believe Bangalore actually served such good food.
4) Though all the waiters dont speak really fluent English, I should mention that they are always willing to help and make you feel comfortable.....and super efficient.Hospitality and warmth has no language.
It was my moms birthday and they so sweetly brought out a cake and celebrated her birthday and was surrounded by the waiters and a guitarist who sang Happy Birthday for her. It made my 68 year old mom feel young all over again.
Finally as I paid the bill the only feeling I had was TOTAL PAISA VASOOL


fauzia31 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 01,2008


awful everything

i visited ur restaurant for the first time around 4 yrs back and i thought that there was no other place which could serve better chinese food.even my 2 small kids who do not enjoy chinese fare actually enjoyed the food thanx to the quality,taste and above all the hospitality of the staff who offered a complementary plain steamed rice when my son simply refused to eat fried rice with all the vegs.but during my next few visits,the quality,taste and the hospitality deteriorated to such an extent that after having the buffet last year(which was again totally cold and tasteless)i do not have the heart to go back there again!its been a year since i dined here and i really wish that i could have the taste of my very first meal



Nasty Customer Experience

At the outset, it is a wonderful food and earlier equally good "customer experience" that has driven me to this joint once again.
But only to be met with unexpected and absolutely distasteful experience; which I thought must be shared.

1. Please update your website with a provision to provide online feedback/comments/suggestions
2. Food: is good; but then it is increasingly becoming a hygience factor. What counts most is the consistent positive and exhiliarating customer experience: which I think your joint has owfully missed out
3. Following is a mix of suggestions cum experience
4. We have specifically reserved for a quieter place ; which we were told would be provided during the course of the booking; but of no avail despite specifically asking for it after reaching the joint. Then am not sure what the purpose of being committed upfront while reserving a place for quiter place.
5. We were seated. 2 Foreigner guests and one Indian host. But we get only 2 sets of Drinks Menu and 2 sets of Dinner Menu( completely losing out on the Indian Host)
6. Hope you folks understand who the host is and who the guests are under any given circumstances
7. Now, there is ample "push" to provide the "mineral" water despite the fact that we have been firmly and repeatedly telling the attendant that we "need" just plain cold water.
8. Then comes the absolute non-chalance; despite sufficient attendants are grouped and hanging around. None of them would proactively approach the customer and explain what the menu is, what the choices, what the preferences are, what the delicacies would be: in your own interest.
9. Everytime throughout the course of the dining, we need to reach out to the attendant and ordertaking person to tell what we need: much like any third rate ordinary roadside joint
10. Now, am not sure what this bending over back, "attending" to foreign guests to the complete exclusion of the Indian host who is actually ordering the food and trying to get things organized?????
11. If you think you serve only the foreigners, just have aboard hanging infront of the gate and make the business. It is squarely revolting to experience this pandemic obsequious servile attitude to the foreigners to the much emarassment of the local Host to the extent that even the foreigners are wondering in loud as to why this restaruarant is behaving the way it is behaving!!!!
12. For God's sake wake up.... You are in India and are serving Indian for the sake of your own sheer survival and growth. Hope you would appreciate it.
13. Now, never ever, would any of the attendant or the order taking person would even ask what would be required next or if at all is required except only once for the desserts...
14. Feedback: that so called form for the feedback, you *must* ensure that you get it from the person who is actually paying the check and then get around & get from any of the customers in a group. It would provide you the right story of the experience

What we liked: Food, ofcourse
What we didnt like and we consummately abhor is: disgusting customer experience that we were put thru this journey of culinary experience....coupled with dimlit frontage and dining area

What we suggest: is provided already
What we hope : you would take it in the right perspective by empathizing this obnoxious disposition and attendant to it instead of just chaperoning the customers.
Thanks for understanding
Good Luck
** in the hindisght we were left with the lingering feeling that had we shelled out a few thousand bugs, we would have got better ambience and absolutely much better customer experience.


Chinese at its best

This is one of the finest places in Bangalore for Chinese food. Great ambience and some typical chinese music adds to the experience. The soups are wonderful, especially the lemon coriander thick soup and the peppery lemon soup. The sweet and spicy crispy chicken is a delight and so is the sichuan babycorn. The main course stuff is brilliant too with each rice or noodles item made to good taste. The best part of the meal would perhaps be the hot chocolate rolls which are like chocholate filled spring rolls. They are so surprisingly tasty and fulfilling. Overall, the place does contribute to a memorable dining experience.


Buffet at Mainland China

Myself and a couple of my colleagues decided to tuck into some good chineese food on a nice Saturday afternoon. Our destination, 'the buffet at Mainland China'.

We were welcomed to an ambience which was anything but Chinese, except for some Chinese painting at far corners of the wall.

We started off with some prawn crackers, which were nice and crunchy without any strong fishy flavour. the crackers were followed by hot chicken clear soup, which one may want to completely forget about. The whiff of the chicken was very strong. The chicken dimsum was tender and cooked to perfection. The very spicy pepper sauce is a perfect accompaniment. But make sure you don’t douse the dimsum in the sauce, as I said earlier, it is indeed very spicy.

A very refreshing mocktail is also served with the buffet. It is a blend of , which is infused with really delicate flavour of mint, lemon and a dash of honey. Tea lovers might also want to try some jasmine tea. However, for those of you, who like their tea sweet, be warned, the jasmine concoction has a very negligible amount of sugar.

The dimsum was followed by chicken wings brushed with some honey again, which gave it a very nice hot and sweet flavour. It would have tasted better had they been served straight out of the wok, piping hot.

Main course was an assortment of fish in oyster sauce, squid tossed with bell peppers, prawns in sichuan sauce, lamb cooked with cumin and some chicken in white sauce. Other than for the prawns which had very nice and subtle taste to it, the others were passable. I tucked in a good helping of the prawns. The chicken fried rice was not very appetizing, but the chicken noodle was good.

Desert was an assortment of seasonal fruits, fruit moose that had an overdose of vanilla essence, ice cream and sweetened flat noodles.

To sum up, the service is very courteous and the food is good.


manthiram  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 18,2007


great place

this is a great place to have dinner...the ambience is wonderful and the food is good...the service is great...what more do you need?
the crispy corn starter is excellent and i have yet to taste better soya sauce.

the only problem is the size of the tends to get very noisy just at the time that you want to hae a quiet dinner.

i find the service here better than the service @ mumbai.



Safe chienese Food !

Well I was disappointed by the food. The food was not as good as they serve in their buffet. But after having some scary expierice of chienese nonveg food; I can say this food is that way preety safe. Decor is good. Waiting time is minimum 10-15 mins. The place is normally very crowded.



Not bad. For a chain.

It's not bad, is a safe choice and is big. But you'll still have to wait for a table.

It's also politically correct, so no pork or beef. Some good Chinamen are rolling in their graves at such a travesty.


quayler - Burrp User


31 Reviews

January 08,2007


Nice place

This place is like any large high end American chain restaurant - like P.F. Chang's, if I have the name correct. The food is good but at the end of the day it was a little pricey for its type. Nothing exceptional. I guess another selling point is that it is huge.


Awesome buffet!

The lunch buffet is awesome - very nice Chinese food, not the usual gobi manchurian. Very very crowded, so do make reservations. The decor is very neat and classy.