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> > > > Malgudi


Residency RoadCentral Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Malgudi Reviews

Never again

We couldn't get a place at the unusually crowded Nagarjuna so walked to Malgudi. Surprise! Surprise! There were too many empty seats, which we thought was a little unusual for Bangalore on a Saturday afternoon.

We could have killed for a bite so hopped in anyways and ordered the Veg Thali @ 90 rupees plus tax.

I don't think I will ever look at an Andhra Thali the same way was godawful and each morsel I ate, I thought of the wonderful food at Nagarjuna that I missed.


Malgudi - Sad Cuisine!

Energy and excitement were at peak when the all girl-friends group met last weekend!!
Half a day of shopping, growling stomachs and an impulsive decision landed us in Malgudi on Residency road.
Before I would get on to sharing my experiences at this restaurant, I would like to share some information.
This has been newly opened; it’s been close to 3 months. They have four branches each at Electronic City, Marathahalli, HSR layout and Residency road.
The quite famous restaurant Amaravathi that served Andra food has been branded Malgudi.

Coming to the experience we savored. Each one of us felt It could be so much better.
Soon after we entered, I noticed the interiors with deep dark wood which were very appealing.
Also there were nice paintings of RK Narayan’s very famous Malgudi days, something that was stealing attention where the colorful lamps hanging from the ceiling.
The place was pretty crowded and soon we occupied a big table. The menu was given to us by a waiter. He looked like he was in a hurry from start to end!
Soon after we were given the menu, He probably gave us 10-12 seconds to decide on what we’d like to eat and was ready to take the order.
And talking about deciding what to eat, we were a ‘girls’ group. Wonder how he thought we would be so quick!! :-)
The menu had 5 assortments with four offering the south Indian Cuisine inclusive of Taste of Andra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerela.
The other variety was named Malgudi where you got a mixture of the above cuisines and Thai food as well.

Sweet and salt lemon drink was wanted across the table and the order was placed for this. With a majority of them being veggies we quickly ordered Andra vegetarian Thali’s. A friend and I preferred to have Chilly chicken for starters. The service was quick.
The thali contained quite a number of items. It had kheer, Chapathi, few curries and rice. One of vegetable curries was a Bitter gourd curry that none of us touched.
There was a vegetable stew, sambar, rasam and a cup of thick curd. A platter of assorted Crispi’s was placed. This was possibly the only thing I liked.
After chapathi, we had to ask for rice and this came to our plates only after a wait. The wait also continued for finger bowls.
The delay was because they kept moving the word from person to person, but no one got into the action to serve.

Soon after we paid and left the place, we discussed it was a place we would not go again. The experience of relishing a delicious meal was far away.
The service and taste of food need to scale up. The ambiance can be rated very well with comfortable seating arrangements and artistic interiors.
Am not sure on the positives I have heard about the other branches, but this one definitely needs to improve.