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> > > > Mama Mia! Gelato

Mama Mia! Gelato

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 41149423
  • 6th Main, 4th Cross, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Mama Mia! Gelato Reviews


Worst CAKE I ever had.

They charge premium rates for cakes, but cake was atleast 7 days old, they kept it in Freezer, so It was not possible to even cut the Cake at the time of birthday celebration, taste was awful, we threw the whole cake in dustbin, even bread of cake was very hard and not at all eatable. I went back to their store with the complain and they just said "Sorry", nothing else.


puja123 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 10,2010


Amazzzzzzing gelato & frozen yogurt

Went to Mama Mia!last week and I was dizzy with the number of cool gelato flavours and sundaes they have. I had the chocolate overload sundae which was a hot mud pie with my choice of gelato-Baileys!It was yummmmy- way better than corner house dbc. My friend had the new strawberry frozen yogurt (they call is froyo!) with fresh fruits which was really refreshing and light. Had fun playing jenga and foosball as well!!



Difference between sorbet and gelato

My husband loves sorbet. He does not like ice cream or gelato (anything with dairy). Mama Mia employees/managers don't seem to understand the difference between their own products and whether they contain dairy or not. I've been to Mama Mia several times and have not gotten straight answers. I also agree the prices seem very high. For a few scoops of sorbet we paid over Rs. 300. I've enjoyed the Lemon sorbet and After Eight gelato. I have also tried the Blueberry and Strawberry, which are supposedly sorbets, and they are fine tasting but they are not sorbets, as I wanted or was told.


Very overrated

This gelato is very overrated...the fat free stuff was awful...all three of us threw ours away in about five minutes...the stuff tasted like sugar and ice...without even the taste of sugar

and very expensive too!



Gelato yummy

mama mia has good gelato, the flavors change often. I just think it is a bit expensive, but they have good flavours, chilly chocolate and snickers.


Gelato Ice cream

Italian gelatos and frozen pastries served here. And please indulge they are supposed to be 98% fat free.
Well some of the items like the yoghurt flavoured gelato are definitely less in fat content.

P.S- They have a foosball table too.